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Pantheon Build Guide by DarkLordAvenger1337

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkLordAvenger1337

Pantheon - The Tank

DarkLordAvenger1337 Last updated on August 8, 2012
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Welcome to my Pantheon guide.In this guide I'm going to show you how I play Pantheon. I also use this same build when i play Hecarim. This build focuses on increasing Pantheon's health and attack damage with runes,masteries and items.I have also noticed that Pantheon runs out of mana very quickly so i fixed that with the Greater Glyph of knowledge and Expanded Mind .This is my first guide and I hope you like it.Please rate and comment!

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You should have 13 runes that increase health,13 that increase attack damage and 4 that increase mana.It's also very important that you buy runes that increase health/mana/a.d. PER LEVEL(and not runes that JUST INCREASE) because they give more health/mana/a.d. at the 18th level than runes that just increase.(for example Greater Mark of Vitality is better than Greater Mark of Health.)

For example,In this guide i took:
3 Greater Quintessence of Vitality
9 Greater Mark of Vitality
9 Greater Seal of Scaling Attack Damage
1 Greater Glyph of Vitality
4 Greater Glyph of Scaling Attack Damage
4 Greater Glyph of Knowledge

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In the mastery trees i upgraded mostly attack damage and health,just like in the rune book.I also upgraded Expanded Mind because i always run out of mana. if you think you have enough mana,you can upgrade Vigor and Lethality instead.

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When you spawn the first items you should buy are Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion if you play defensive or a Doran's Blade if you play offensive(but then you'll have to sell it later to make place for better items). The next thing you should buy is a Ruby Crystal for your health and The Brutalizer for attack damage. Now it's time to upgrade your boots of speed(or buy them if you didn't). The best choice is Mercury's Treads because they reduce the duration of stuns,fears,taunts etc. and those things can be really annoying.Then buy Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler.THey are the perfect combination because Warmog's Armor gives you 980 max health and increases your max health for every minion,champion and monster you kill and Atma's Impaler increases your damage depending on your max health.Then upgrade The Brutalizer to Youmuu's Ghostblade and at the end buy the Frozen Mallet and the Infinity Edge.

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Aegis Protection
This is the Pantheon's passive ability.It's very useful because it blocks Enemy attacks and even turret attacks.

Spear Shot
In the early game stay out of battle,and use Spear Shot to finish minions and to annoy enemies.

The deadly combination
When you attack an enemy first stun him with Aegis of Zeonia ,than hit him with the Heartseeker Strike and Spear Shot. Then let pantheon do his basic attack and watch the enemy's health drop.You can use Heartseeker Strike and Spear Shot again when they cool down. If the enemy tries to escape,stun him again with the Aegis of Zeonia.

The good thing about Heartseeker Strike and Spear Shot is that they deal physical damage instead of magic damage , so increasing your attack damage with masteries and runes will also improve these skills.

Grand Skyfall
This is the Pantheon's ultimate ability.You can use it to teleport into a battle and help your allies , or to teleport to a turret that is being attacked by an enemy,then stun him with the Aegis of Zeonia and kill him wit the help of the turret.

Summoner Spells
Your first summoner spell should be a spell that helps you to kill your enemy,like Exhaust or Ignite. Exhaust is better for Pantheon because it slows down your enemy and then you can hit him with your basic attack and take a big part of his health(because you upgraded your attack damage so much). You can also exhaust your enemy before you use the ''deadly combo'' on him and you will make a lot more damage.

Your second spell should be an escaping ability like Ghost or Flash.

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YouTube videos

Here are some YouTube videos that show Pantheon gameplay:

Thanks for reading my first guide, i hope you like it,please rate and comment!