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Pantheon Build Guide by Polop148

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Polop148

Pantheon Zeus and Hades Builds

Polop148 Last updated on November 27, 2012
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Tanky DPS (Hades)


Tankier DPS (Zeus)

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Not Updated For Current Season

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I. Introduction

Pantheon has to be by far the most fun champion I may have ever played his ability to decimate his opponents along with his tankiness is just not fair in ranked game play as well as normals and of course custom's (because if you can't kill a bot than that's just sad).

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II Pros/Cons

+ Very strong in lane
+ Great at shredding down ad/ap carries
+ His tankiness allows him to do the above
+ Has quite possibly the best turret dives in the game
- If focused early game you can be screwed over end game
- Ult is hard to hit without a heavy CC team ex. Leona
- Hard to master his combo
- Needs a bunch of cs to fully exploit the uses of his skills

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III.I Hades' Runes

These ruins are great for maximizing early game damage and keeping you decently tanky. In my mind to build Pantheon you have to be very tanky dps if you go too tanky you have zero damage if you have too much damage you can get one hit which is why I get these runes on my more dps build.

greater mark of desolation The armor penetration this gives makes your spears hurt even the tankiest of champs early game and later on in the game when you get your Last Whisper

Basic armor runes that make you decently tanky early onin the game to avoid basic harass without suffering much

These are good to avoid early game harass from champions like Nidalee or Cho'Gath it also helps a little with bursty champs like Veigar

Which like the armor pen marks help your spears do great damage right away and if you can push your opponent out of cs while keeping it for your self than your set for the match

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III.II Zeus' Runes

This part really only includes one new rune so if you want to save some time just look at the above runes

These are good not just for early game but also for late game giving you that extra hp boost allows more punishment to be absorbed

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IV.I The Powerful Hades Masteries

With the masteries on the more dps side of Pantheon I build very similar to a AD carry of sorts.


I prefer to go with these masteries gives me great damage as well as a decent bit of tankiness

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IV.II The Indestructible Zeus Masteries

With these masteries I go a lot more tanky trying to survive in team fights and being an unkillable pest.

These are good for playing the role of a tank and keeping the carries at bay without them being able to do much

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V.I Items Of The Underworld

Doran's Blade A great starting game item post nerf it has lost it's appeal to most but I still like it. It does wonders for Pantheon and other champs early on.

Berserker's Greaves If your going more damage there is no need to get defensive boots that's why I get zerkers greaves

Warmog's Armor Now you might be saying " If this is a dps build why a warmog's " in which to you I say health never hurts anybody especially on assassins it's always good to know that if you jump in there that you won't be bursted down in a second.

Atma's Impaler This item synchronizes well with warmog's hence the term "atmog's" ( which is when you get Atma's Impaler and Warmog's Armor this gives you a bunch of extra damage as well as some crit chance and armor too boot.

Infinity Edge Now this item is great on pantheon with his Certain Death passive it allows his crits to be really strong so when you get someone weakened you are gonna get a kill.

Youmuu's Ghostblade This item builds out of your The Brutalizer so no reason to get rid of that especially when the ghostblade offers great passives armor pen attack damage what's not to love? Plus, that passive is ridiculous if a team fight goes wrong and you need to gtfo as fast as possible.

Last Whisper This gives great armor pen and attack damage at this point armor will count for nothing against you and you can punish people like it's your job for making a minor screw-up.

Some other items to consider

The Bloodthirster This gives you great lifesteal and damage allowing you to survive for a long time in team fights.

The Black Cleaver This is good in combination with your armor pen you will make them have literally zero armor and that attack speed and damage is just ridiculous

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V.II Items Of The Heavens

Boots of Speed and Health Potion Is great for starting out as a tankier champ because you can dodge harass with early movement speed and should you take some then you just pop a quick health pot

Mercury's Treads I like to rush these because CC can really hurt Pantheon the MR and Tenacity can really help Panth early and late

Warmog's Armor Is great on most champs so if you are playing a tanky champ and you aren't getting this than you aren't building right.

Atma's Impaler Extra armor and you need to do damage in team fights can't be completely useless.

Aegis of the Legion This is a good item gives you armor MR health and a bit of damage what's not to love this also helps out your team which they will love you for.

Maw of Malmortius This item is very good gives damage mr plus that lower health you are the more damage you get passive and the anti-burst passive which makes this item perfect for Pantheon giving him damage and making him even tankier.

Last Whisper Notice this is a tanky dps build DPS so yes I do get some extra damage to help me succeed at doing DPS.

Some other items to consider

Frozen Mallet This item is good but I would much rather have more damage and a Warmog's over this

Force of Nature This is a great item helps keep you alive but also gives you some Movement Speed and MR to boot great item swap this in for The Maw of Malmortius if they aren't bursty AP ex. Veigar Gragas LeBlanc

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VI Abilities of Pantheon

For this I am going pure early game harass then when you have some items initiation and damage skills

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Idealy you want to go

>>> They should be decently low after that at which point you want to spam your "Q" while basic attacking until they are dead.

Now if your ult is on CD ( cool down )


This won't do the same damage but if your team is behind you you can pick up a kill or two as long as you focus the squishy AD or AP carries

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VII.I Some Summoner Spells From Hell

This spell is great to make sure you get those tough to get kills against dr.mundo or Volibear.

This is great for your turret dives if something goes wrong then BAM have a good chunk of health back then you throw a spear and the kill is yours


Now you might be wondering hmm Ignite and Heal that means you have zero outs. Au contraire when you have level 2 boots as pantheon you get 400 movement speed which is a pretty high base movement speed then if you combine that with the passive on youmouu's ghostblade you will be gone before they can catch you.

Some other spells to consider

This is good for helping you escape while you ahve your youmouu's and 400 movement speed good for newer players to Pantheon

This is also good like flash is but I would recommend flash over this.

Yes that's right Cleanse it is great for keeping the CC off you which is what counters you by a great deal

I would only recommend this on damage Pantheon if they other team has multiple AD carries or nobody on your team has it when you really should have it if there is a Vayne or Graves on the other team.

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VII.II Some Summoner Spells From Olympus

This is great for you to land a crucial initiate or to run away from the other team after a failure of a team fight at Baron or Dragon.

This is good when your main goal is to stay alive not to deal damage it also helps your team greatly when exhausting an AD carry.

Some other spells to consider

This is good to have in laning phase as well as if your carries lose health way too fast then you can just hit D/F and BAM they are able to pump out a bit more damage before dying

This is ok if the other team has a lot of pushers ex. Yorick or Mordekaiser this way if they push a lane then you can be there and stop them before they take they turret other than that though I see no reason to get it.

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In summary I hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I enjoyed making it I also hope that you come to enjoy Pantheon as much as I do.
Please Hit That Thumbs Up Button If You Would Like To See More Builds Don't Forget To Comment I Love Hearing Feedback From You Guys

Goodbye and remember don't f*** with Pantheon The Artisan Of War