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Jhin Build Guide by matek1207

ADC gold

[Patch 10.19] Jhin, Beatiful One Shot Carry

By matek1207 | Updated on September 15, 2020
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Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

[Patch 10.19] Jhin, Beatiful One Shot Carry

By matek1207

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Some informations about me and guide.

2. Pros and Cons
Intormations about advantages and disadvantages of Jhin.

3. Runes
More about runes.

4. Summoners
Quick about summoner spells.

5. Abilities
Briefly about skill sequence.
6. Items
Build order, cores, situationals, example full build.

7. Champions
More about counters, match-ups and synergies.

8. Tips and Tricks
Tricky stuff.

9. Other Guides
Mine other guides.

Hello everyone, I'm HG White
from EUNE. I'm playing league since 2012 but I still learn about this game. I'll give you some tips/advices about Jhin. Maybe he is really hard to master, but after seeing this guide you should know what you're doing. Please give me your feedback to improve my guides :D.


+ Very long-range poke
+ Always crit with 4th attack
+ Good scaling
+ With criticals really good kiting
+ High damage

Jhin has got single target burst damage. Remember that crits give you movement speed. When you are reloding you can't attack so use spells (generally Dancing Grenade) to farm while doing this.

- Low early mobility
- Can't do anything with basics when reloading
- Easy to catch with gap closers
- Skillshots
- Paper

Jhin is hard to master champion. You can't last hit with basics while you are reloading so you have to spent mana. Jhin doesn't have any mobility except his basic attacks (critical strike). He is susceptible to gap closers.

Fleet Footwork

  • 5.4 Attack Damage (adaptive) - some amount of damage that helps killing creeps in early, fighting and scaling your abilities (every ability scale with AD)
  • 5.4 Attack Damage (adaptive) - same as above
  • 6 Armor - in my opinion armor in this meta is the best choice on bot lane (lot of ad junglers and also agressive bot laners). (15-90) Health (by lvl) or 8 Magic Resist can be taken in some situations. Health against mixed damage carries like Ezreal and magic resist against lot of magic damage (especially adc and support like Kai'Sa, Brand etc.

Fleet Footwork vs Press the Attack vs Lethal Tempo vs Conqueror - Fleet is more suitable cause works well with Rapid Firecannon and gives Jhin sustain. Other runes are just ok or bad. Press the Attack isn't that good cause of low attack speed. Lethal Tempo is just bad because jhin does not have profit of attack speed cap remove. Conqueror gives a bit "burst" and it could be good but not that much because jhins attack speed is very low.

Presence of Mind is acctually best rune for jhin due to his mana problems. +500 maximum mana after 5 takedowns and also mana in teamfights after that helps a lot. Also with that you don't have to rush essence reaver.
Triumph can give you high advantage in duels especially against Ignite or damage over time spells, also it gives bonus gold for takedowns - good rune.
But Overheal it's bit better after changes because it works well with Fleet Footwork, Legend: Bloodline, Taste of Blood, Ravenous Hunter, supports with Relic Shield and supports with heal like Sona, Soraka etc.

Legend: Tenacity is not recommended on adc. Legend: Alacrity doesn't work good as Legend: Bloodline (especially after changes 10 -> 20 stacks BUT 8 -> 12% life steal) on Jhin (for me of course) because this champ doesn't got additional attack speed. Attack speed cannot be improved and it transforms into attack damage - (0,25 % AD per 1% attack speed so - 4,5% at 18% of alacrity). So you'll tell: Hey White it's 4,5% bonus AD! It's insane value. In my opinion 4,5% damage < 12% lifesteal.

Quick math for some amounts:
  • 100AD + 4,5% AD + 0% lifesteal = 104,5 AD and 0 healing from each attack
    100AD + 0% AD + 12% lifesteal = 100 AD and 12 health from each attack
  • 300AD + 4,5% AD + 0% lifesteal = 313,5 AD and 0 healing from each attack
    300AD + 0% AD + 12% lifesteal = 300 AD and 36 healing from each attack
As you can see amount of healing is bit bigger than amount of attack damage. League is not only about dealing damage it's also about surviving damage.

Coup de Grace [7%], Cut Down [4-10%] and Last Stand [5-11%] - what should you choose? I think it depends on team compositions. If your opponents have got 2 tanks and off tank or 3+ tanks you should choose Cut Down. If your team has got incredibly shielding and enemies has got mostly off tanks you should take Last Stand cause they can't execute you and Jhin is going to deal high damage at low or even medium health. Other options should be Coup de Grace because it's good rune almost always.

Second runes:
nimbys cloak
Gathering Storm


For better positioning in teamfights, for escaping, for doing some tricks or just dodge something. Just most useful spell and in my opinion should be taken always.


Heal is primary spell for every ADC, but in meta of everything on bot it isn't the only spell that can be taken. Heal gives you high early potential to win early game. It heals you and your botmate. I think if you don't want to think too much you can take it always. But in some situations it's better to take Barrier or Cleanse.


You can take barrier if your support already has taken Heal. It's also good if you know that enemies gonna take a lot of grievous wounds - Ignites, build Morellonomicon, Mortal Reminder, Thornmail, etc.


You can take cleanse if enemies has got early hard cc (like Morgana, Thresh etc.) or that much cc that Mercurial Scimitar isn't enough. If you've taken that ask support if he can take Heal (not necessary if support has healing like Soraka, Sona etc.).


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
We want to max out Dancing Grenade, because it's our main damage dealer. Also it hasn't got long cooldown so it help with last hitting while reloading. Then Deadly Flourish, because it allows you to make higher damage from range and longer root duration. We level up Captive Audience last because we don't need this that much early cause it's easy to dodge.

Early game try to poke enemies with Dancing Grenade but don't comne to them and use that Q. Try to make minions health low and then use Q on one of them - damage increase for each kill (up to 105% bonus damage). It can deal insane damage as Miss Fortune's Double Up, example:

Don't waste Deadly Flourish to deal a bit amount of damage (unless you've got Manaflow Band or someone stepped on your trap) - it has 14 sec cooldown. If your jungler is going to gank, hold it and use just in time to root for about 1 sec (early).
Captive Audience - level up this at 5 or even later (sometimes I level up this at 13). You should use it as a wards, traps and sometimes in fight. Wards:

Start of the Game

Doran's Blade and Health Potion
This set should be choosen if you does not struggle with last hitting and poking.
List of champs against whom I take it

Doran's Shield and Health Potion
This set should be choosen if you opponent is more agressive than you or has got range advantage.
List of champs against whom I take it

Early Game

Boots of Swiftness
Gives you weak of Jhin - a lot of movement speed and slow resistance. For me just best pick. You can also go for Ninja Tabi or Ionian Boots of Lucidity (more in match-up section).

Infinity Edge
In 9.3 riot reworked back infinity into old one. So it's better as first item than Stormrazor now. Your criticals will deal more damage and you've got earlier crits with that (25%). With your energized items you are like glass cannon.
Control Ward
For bonus vision and also to clear wards (for example: you can use that when you are doing Dragon to check if there is vision or no).

Mid Game

Farsight Alteration
After getting 9th level you should instantly change trinket into this. For adc it's safer and also can check if someone is doing Baron Nashor or Dragon . Sometimes you can use that to snipe low health opponent with Deadly Flourish or Curtain Call.
After patch 9.3 it's better with Rapid Firecannon and Statikk Shiv together. Because your energized attacks are better (it affect everything so lightining from statikk too).
Rapid Firecannon
Rapid Firecannon is the best critical change item for Jhin. Works pretty well with Fleet Footwork and also it gives you additional range and burst. Do not forget that after changes it gives less critical chance but more damage ( Stormrazor's passive

Late Game / Situational Items

Statikk Shiv
Since patch 9.3 when energized items are better together, you can build it with Stormrazor and Rapid Firecannon it'll make your damage more like one shot. Also it gives you some crit chance, movement and damage (attack speed into damage).
Mercurial Scimitar
It's must have against a lot of crowd control. You should buy Quicksilver Sash even before Infinity Edge. Also it gives a bit life steal so you don't need Bloodthirster if you have this item.
Lord Dominik's Regards vs Mortal Reminder
Of course it depends on enemies. You should build Last Whisper items against high armor compositions. If they have a lot of healing/life steal ( Soraka, Sona, Dr. Mundo, champs who build Bloodthirster/ Death's Dance etc.) you should build Mortal Reminder. In other cases against high armor champs you should choose Lord Dominik's Regards.
Guardian Angel
Against high burst champs or just against ad compositions because it gives a bit of armor. It's one of that items that you can build if you don't know what to build.
If you can position well or your team has got protections you can choose that item. It's high value item if you can do basics. Do not build it against Teemo! NEVER EVER.
Maw of Malmortius
Build it against Karthus or high burst ap champs like LeBlanc, Fizz or Lux etc. It's free 350 health shield against them and also gives you spell vamp and life steal.
Edge of Night
For Comet Jhin it's pretty good item cause of lethality and unique passive. You can survive some ults like Zed's Death Mark or Karthus' Requiem (ofc if noone deals damage to you). Also you can use it before fight to "dodge" some cc like Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab or Lux's Light Binding.
Duskblade of Draktharr
For Comet Jhin it's pretty good item cause of lethality and unique passive. You can deal even higher damage when entering the combat (after being unseen fro a while). I love this item against paper mid laners or adcs.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
You can take it in Arcane Comet build, but change you bonus from 1-10% cooldown to 9 adaptive damage. Cause you'll have 40% damage. Or if you expect that you will reach late you can change Transcendence into Gathering Storm.
Phantom Dancer
Since it's like Maw of Malmortius and critical item. You can buy it situationally to get 100% critical and incredibly high shield (up to 600).

*still getting database



Ashe, Caitlyn, Corki, Draven SUPPORTS WILL BE HERE



starting items:

build changes:



starting items:

build changes:
no changes



starting items:

build changes:
no changes



starting items:

build changes:
-> / * -> *


More about Jhin

1. Use your Q Dancing Grenade to poke enemy champions, but use it when minions are low (it will increase damage by 35% per minion killed (up to 105% - 3 kills).

2. While using ultimate Curtain Call care about assassins and high crowd control like Leona or Nautilus. You should look at enemies to shot then at yourself to watch out for hunters (on you of course).

More about ADC role

1. Use wards. Your support isn't the only person in team that should buy Control Wards. Don't be scare to spend 75 gold, it's about 3 melee minions - it can save you from enemy jungler or roaming midlaner. It's better to spend 75 gold than give 300 gold to enemy and lose farm.

Change Log
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matek1207 Jhin Guide
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