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Middle [Patch 12.6] Master Lee Sin Full AD Mid Guide Season 11

Middle [Patch 12.6] Master Lee Sin Full AD Mid Guide Season 11

Updated on April 4, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hienaa Build Guide By Hienaa 117 9 645,753 Views 3 Comments
117 9 645,753 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hienaa Build Guide By Hienaa Updated on April 4, 2022
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Runes: Default Rune Page

1 2
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


Always take these
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[Patch 12.6] Master Lee Sin Full AD Mid Guide Season 11

By Hienaa
Hello guys, welcome to my Lee Sin Mid guide, I've been a Diamond mid laner for 2 years now, and this season I peaked Master 91LP with this pick, its very, very strong, specially in low ELO. I've been playing league since season 3, I've always enjoyed Lee Sin, but didn't pick him up hardcore until this season.

I've always enjoyed assassins, they are very flashy and mechanically intensive which I really enjoy. Not only that, but I used to main Katarina and Rengar back in seasons 8, 9 and 10. And this all lead to playing Lee Sin mid, arguably the most mechanical champion in the game, and full AD.

With this guide, I hope to bring more light to this super fun champion, and how he can be played in other roles and as an assassin.

I also stream on twitch, so feel free to step by, and ask any questions, i've been working on some slight changes to the build so ask if you want!, I'm always available, I love you guys.

Also, HappyChimeNoises made a video of me and this super fun pick, so if you want go drop by and leave a like, the video is super well-made, it was very fun to watch:
Check it out here!

Enjoy the guide!
I've mained mid lane for 3 seasons now, and I've always had a massive interest on assassins, and mechanical picks, and there are very few champions that are as mechanical as Lee Sin, so I've always had a big interest on him, so throughout season 10 I played some games on lee mid, never really picking it up, but always getting very fed.

On season 11 with the new item changes and the introduction of Prowler's Claw, I just fell in love with this pick and how cheesy and fun it is, so I did my best to try to make it work mid and I guess it just did, and I'll explain how in this guide.
- Easy to get a lead
- Very snowbally pick
- Can affect the entire map with roams
- Easy to get priority
- Easy to one shot the back line
- Insanely strong early game
- Useless if you fall behind
- Can get countered easily if they know you are mid
- You are not a hyper carry, so you are still a bit team dependent

You always go Domination

Very good for short trades, and to one shot people. Synergizes very well with your Sonic Wave and Tempest, will talk more about that on the section on how to approach the game.
You always get the extra lethality in all your combos since all of them involve Sonic Wave or Safeguard / Iron Will or Prowler's Claw.
Good for snowballing, since it involves champion takedowns.
The build does not involve a lot of lifesteal so it helps a lot in that department. Rest of that tree is pretty much useless, maybe Ingenious Hunter would be ok, but the healing is just too good.


Good overall for solo kills and going around the map killing people while staying healthy.
Good for finishing off people with your Sonic Wave and to just one shot combo. (Can always be swapped for Legend: Tenacity into heavy cc teams).


Bone Plating: Good into bad match ups that all in you, like Renekton.

Second Wind: Good into bad match ups that poke you, like Syndra, Heimerdinger.
Just good overall to stack some hp.

Flash Is your standard summoner spell, also allows for a lot of combos on Lee Sin and also lets you be even more flashy.
Ignite Your entire gameplan is focused on snowballing so having ignite just adds a lot more kill pressure to get the game going.
Starting items:

Health Potion I like taking this over refillable potion, because it gives you more sustain, wich you need since you will be trading a lot.

Long Sword Gets you closer to Serrated Dirk and Prowler's Claw , which you want to get ASAP.

First buy:

Serrated Dirk Gives you an insane early damage lead, since lethality is more valuable the earlier the game is, since the enemy has less armor. Also gets you closer to Prowler's Claw which, again, you want ASAP.

Core build:

From all my experience so far, this is the ideal build, the other items dont feel as good as prowler, and im also a very flashy player so it just helps out in that regard too.

Prowler's Claw You get it before getting any other item, even boots, unless you’re struggling a lot, which can happen in certain match ups.

Edge of Night gives you a spell shield, wich is very useful for you to enter a fight safely, so you can't get insta cc'ed, and also gives you some HP so you are a little tankier.

Sterak's Gage This item makes you nearly unkillable, with the hp regen it gives, plus the shield from the passive, while still oferring enough ad for you to still be able to one shot anyone.

Guardian Angel With this not only are you unkillable, but you also revive if you somehow suicide, also gives you some armor and ad, so you never miss out on damage, makes you unpickable in fights, and if they focus you, your team has a lot of time to fight back while they focus you.

Chempunk Chainsword This is the most common last item, since it gives you AD, HP and ability haste, wich Lee Sin really likes, plus it has anti heal, and the game right now has a ton of healing so it will almost always be worth it.

Serylda's Grudge This is very good if the enemy has a lot of tanks, or if your team is full ad, and the enemy is building a lot of armor.

Death's Dance Build this into heavy AD comps.

Spirit Visage Build this into heavy AP comps.

Ravenous Hydra If somehow none of the other 4 items apply, take ravenous. Gives you AD, ability haste and sustain, all good stats for Lee Sin.


Mercury's Treads Build this into Heavy CC comps, or into Lissandra, Syndra, Heimerdinger, lanes that are only playable with this item.

Plated Steelcaps Build this into Heavy AD comps, or into Renekton, Camille, Wukong, since you wont win lane but with this you can survive it.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity Most common boots that you'll get, they are cheap, give you ability haste, and reduce your Flash and Ignite cooldowns, very strong boots overall.

If you are behind:

In case you go behind, there is no coming back with this pick, so just change your entire build to play for your team.

You'll still have Prowler's Claw as your first item, because even if a game goes wrong, you shouldn't sell items, so because it started off wrong, finish the item you started.

Knight's Vow Gives you ability haste and you are a bit tankier, while also peeling your main carry.

Build 1:

Ardent Censer Redemption Mikael's Blessing This items are entirely focused on peeling your carry, and you only go for this if you have an hyper carry, like Twitch, Kai'Sa, etc..

Build 2:

Dead Man's Plate Gargoyle Stoneplate Force of Nature This build is when you dont have a super hyper carry, but you still go tanky, front line for you carry, and just save kicks to peel your carries.
Serrated Dirk :
You can kill anyone with a full spell rotation with this spell, its insane:
Example gif:

Prowler's Claw :

Once you get it you can one shot anyone, and i mean ANYONE, specially if you’re hard snowballing, biggest spike by far, the sooner you get it the sooner you take over the game.

Example gif of how strong the Prowler's Claw spike is:
I only used Prowler's Claw > Tempest > Ignite and he died.

Levels 1 to 5:

Lvl 1:

I ALWAYS call for an invade when im playing Lee Sin, always invade top when you are blue side, and always invade bot when you are red side, you hug the wall just like this (it might seem unimportant, but ALWAYS ping your team to hug the wall, the enemy team will see you like 1 entire second later compared to if you just go through the river), the yellow dots is where you most of the time will find enemies, once you find them, insta level up Sonic Wave (yes dont level up any abilities until you find someone, will explain that after) and Sonic Wave the enemy, and hold it, if you hold your Sonic Wave on them, they cant Flash, and they just die, and you can finish them off with your Sonic Wave, as you can see the snowballing starts right away at level 1, and its VERY important to snowball:
After this invade you go to lane, if you did find someone you should have your Sonic Wave leveled up, if you didnt you still have a choice to make, to go Tempest or Sonic Wave first:

Into ranged champions, going Sonic Wave is almost always the best option, not only you cant ever hit Tempest on them, but you can farm safely with Sonic Wave, and if you do hit a Sonic Wave you can almost always follow up, since almost no ranged champions go for their early CC at lvl 1, so they cant punish you even if you take your Sonic Wave and proc eletrocute, even if you lose the trade by some hp, remember that your Sonic Wave does execution damage, so even bad trades (video example of a bad trade after this paragraph), are good for you to have early kill pressure (video of a resulting kill after a bad trade), you also have 3 Health Potion from your starting items, so you always outsustain people.

Bad trade, got tower shotted, but got her super low:

Bad trade resulting in a 1 for 1, which then snowballed me out of control. Giving me prowler before almost anyone even had items.

Into melee champions its way easier to play the lane out, you get Tempest first, and you can proc eletrocute with Auto > Tempest > Tempest, most people dont know this but your second E procs eletrocute, just like Zilean Time Warp can proc eletrocute. This combo chunks around 30-40% of the enemy’s health while only giving them space to auto you once, its always a winning trade.

Remember this: Going 1 for 1 in lane is always worth it, the sooner you get the prowlers claw the sooner the game ends, i cant stress it enough how big of a spike prowler is for you, get it ASAP.

Lvl 2:
Here is when you can start looking for a solo kill, if you played level 1 right, they should be a bit chuncked and you can kill almost any champion just by hitting Sonic Wave.

Lvl 3-5:
Every trade is super one sided, you just Sonic Wave + Sonic Wave + Tempest ( Electrocute proc) and you can Safeguard / Iron Will out.

Lvl 6:
When you unlock level 6 is also when you unlock every combo, every possibility for you, you can shove and roam, look for invades on the enemy jungler or look for a kill, into melee champions you can almost certainly get a kill at level 6, so its really up to you to make the call on what you want to do.
As Lee Sin you won't be placing a lot of vision, since most of your Stealth Ward and Control Ward will be used to make plays and to escape with your Safeguard / Iron Will, but if you have 2 Stealth Ward available you can always go place one on the enemy raptor camp to try to spot the enemy jungler, since when you get level 6 you will be trying to hunt the enemy jungler down.
Your mid game starts very early, the moment you get your prowler claw, laning phase ends for you, you will be perma invading and roaming, disregarding your laner, or just perma killing your laner to then roam.

You play both mid and late game the same way, hopefully most games won’t last till late game, but you mainly look for picks (like an assassin) with your one shot combo with prowler, there are a lot of variations, you can Prowler's Claw + Tempest + Dragon's Rage + Sonic Wave, example: (sorry for the cringe editing and the tiktok earrape but i couldn’t find the original clip)

You can Sonic Wave + Prowler's Claw + Dragon's Rage + Sonic Wave + Tempest, example: (sorry again)

But the beauty of Lee Sin is that there isn't a “right” combo, it's just situational, and there are so many ways to combo as Lee Sin, it's up to you most of the time.
With these picks you try to translate them into leads, getting baron, getting towers, drakes, forcing 4v5 fights.

In case you can't get a pick and a 5v5 fight breaks out, you always look for the backline patiently, and try to one shot the carries, most of the time you won't even need to ult to kill them, Sonic Wave + Tempest + AA is usually enough (i know it sounds crazy but it does so much damage).

Like i mentioned before, in the event that you are very far behind, dont force yourself into buying more on the normal build, focus all your gold on buying knights vow and tanky items and peel your carries, give them all the resources, if you fall too behind sadly there is no coming back.
Thanks for reading my guide, if you have any questions feel free to drop by my stream @, or leave a comment, i'll try to get to each and everyone of them.

Have fun with Lee Sin mid and keep one shotting dirty yone players.

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[Patch 12.6] Master Lee Sin Full AD Mid Guide Season 11

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