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Jinx General Guide by Onlycosimbanned

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Onlycosimbanned

[PATCH 5.22] Death Machine FOR LIFE

Onlycosimbanned Last updated on November 26, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Jinx with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kog'Maw lol Kog'waw... You have more early damage and more range, still don't get too cocky but you should win this easily
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Hey, I'm Hope 99 a Platinum V player in the Oceanic region. This is my first guide but seeing as the changes for pre-season have come out and I've seen some very 'special' jinx builds out there recently, i thought i would help out. I've played for 2 seasons, main ad carry and have mastered jinx on 3 accounts so at the very least you can assume I've played a lot of her and have too much spare time. I will be going as in depth as possible below but if your just looking for a quick simple guide as to what to build look above, but for the jinx veterans read below !!!!

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Pros / Cons


  • Long range with 'Q'
  • Hyper Carry late
  • Good clean up with Passive and 'R'
  • Has okay Crowd Control


  • Almost no burst potential early
  • Very immobile without passive
  • limited escapes
  • Somewhat reliant on peel

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Standard marksman rune page (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR JINX).

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed x3
Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9

Little more AD, good but seen less than the standard runes

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed x2
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x1
Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9

Little extra attack speed in lane if you feel you need it for farming or whatever

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed x3
Greater Mark of Attack Damage x6
Greater Mark of Attack Speed x3
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9

If no real AP threat in lane/game and need more than more Attack Speed (USUALLY TAKEN ON KALISTA MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE)

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed x3
Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed x9

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The masteries listed above are stock standard for jinx and in general should no change with exception to possibly oppressor and bounty hunter. The masteries for ad carry's tend to vary depending on their category of marksman but not always the case.
[*] Hyper carry
[*] Utility
[*] Bully
[*] AD Caster
I would see no reason to sway from these masteries for Jinx as they are

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Infinity Edge

First item to build on jinx, gives damage and crit, this is a must. Goes great with Warlords bloodlust (the mastery) and jinx has no need for Cooldown reduction so Essence reaver is a negatory.

Berserker's Greaves - Furor

Attack speed boots are essentially a must for all marksman excluding AD casters. I go Furor on most of my ad carries as single target spells or attacks grant 12% movement speed for 2 seconds so it just really helps with the kite and even these chase.

Statikk Shiv

Statikk Shiv gives Jinx a little AOE damage which is good with her 'Q' (Switcheroo) as well as some AP damage, movement speed, crit and attack speed. The wave clear is always nice and allows jinx to do more damage to more targets without getting out of position in the fight.

Rapid Firecannon

Rapid Firecannon is one of the new items, the passive energize is gained by moving around which works extremely well with Jinx's passive 'Get Excited' and when fully energized gives her BONUS range synergizing with her 'Q' passive and also more bonus AP damage.

Phantom Dancer

Look, this item is definitely not bad per say but i just don't think the passive synergizes as well with jinx as some others do according to my particular play style. I have not tested this item well enough yet but the passives bother look super OP if used correctly, possibly on vayne.

Lord Dominik's Regards

There are now two kinds of Last whisper's (Armour Pen. items), one applies grievous wounds and the other works best if you have less health than the other, this ones for you. If they have no tanks and you are literally shredding them already don't bother with it, maybe you could purchase more sustain, damage or defensive items that will work betetr for you during the game.

The Bloodthirster

This is better than BORK especially after its nerf, its really nice for the extra AD and sustain but i usually swap this out for a defensive item if I'm finding it hard to survive the teamfights

Banshee's Veil

Buy this if your being bursted by anything AP related whether it be Le Blanc or Vlad. This is also good to stop things like blitzcrank hooks if you're finding yourself to be a super magnet, still good against certain types of cc

Guardian Angel

If you're dying to all kinds of things you may want to consider buying yourself a GA, at least this way you have a second chance. Just say that Le blanc insta burst your, then olaf jumped on your face then a tryn ulted and killed you either buy armour/MR to what ever is most fitting but if they are really aiming you and you're going to continue dying buy GA. They might just decide its not worth jumping on you when they see it but at least you will respawn if they do.

Mercurial Scimitar

If its crowd control that's killing you buy a QSS, for Malzahar amumu atc. If you're not good with actives and know your not going to use it, don't waste your money and buy some armour/MR instead.

Farsight Alteration

This is your blue trinket that lets you ward from a far distance but is weaker. you will want to be getting this after the laning faze concludes and be sure to upgrade your trinket at lvl 9 for free. If your team does not ward what so ever just keep the yellow trinket upgrade it and do it yourself. The blue is nice to check for baron, baron baits, dragon and unwarded bushes/area keeping a very safe distance away.

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You have to take this summoner on jinx because she has no mobility without her passive and flash get you out of those sticky situations when you mess up.


You generally want to take heal as well because this increased heal/movement speed helps for self peel/surviving in lane and team fights.


Sometimes if you get a 'special' support who takes heal instead of exhaust or ignite you can take this because heal doesn't stack and is now useless to you in lane, try to convince your support to take something else.


Yeah great for in lane pressure and kill/cheese potential but not worth it for jinx at all, you will get destroyed if you die with it in lane and its really no help later in team fights because you shouldn't find yourself being that close to anyone.


Never tried it but i can assume its bad as well. You need the heal/barrier for survival and you really just do not need teleport.

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At lvl 1, you are usually going to want to take your 'Q' (Switcheroo) and continue maxing it later on in the game. This is because you gain a base of 75 range and with every extra point in your 'Q' you gain another 25 on top of that. This makes trading in lane insanely easy with short ranged champions such as graves and makes trading with long ranged champions much easier. It also slightly increases your damage. From here you will want to take your 'E" (Flame Chompers) next as they help for a lvl 2 engage if used correctly and when placed well completely disengage from a gank depending on the champion. So essentially you give up the slow and damage from your 'W' (Zap) for a more safe lane early. Your going to then want to max your 'W' next for slows and damage then 'E' maxing your ultimate when you can obviously.

Alternative Skill sequence

You can take 'W' (Zap) lvl 1 or 2 which ever you choose and continue to max your 'W'. I haven't just tried this once or twice i have done it easily 20 + and i have to say it does a LOT of damage to the enemy, you do not want to get hit by it. Problem is they higher the elo/skill of the opposing laners the harder it is. 'W' (Zap) is a skill shot which creates lots of room for error and if they stay behind minions and/or side step your 'W' you are now at a huge disadvantage. I go for the above sequence maxing 'Q" but feel free to try this as it has its advantage and maybe it will work for you :)

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Support counters/support synergy

[*] Tahm Kench
[*] Janna
[*] Morgana
[*] Soraka
[*] Alistar

Anyone with peel/crowd control and can assist you in surviving lane with some kill potential i find goes well with jinx. everytime your support gets cc on the enemy throw traps, E.g. Morgana stun hits throw traps on them, Tahm Kench eats their Adc you can throw traps and he can puke them on the traps, lots of stun duration for trades whilst saying safe.

BAD With
[*] Leona
[*] Annie
[*] Blitzcrank
[*] Thresh
[*] Nautilus

I hate versing anyone with HARD crowd control, range or super burst. This makes escaping quite hard and i have to play cautiously losing farm against Hard engage champs, and burst is just a personal difficult lane for me. Anyone with hooks is hard because you have no way to escape them so unless you have summoners up you are essentially dead, obviously stay behind minions and don't go in for the one minion near an un warded bush.

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This is completely excluding Supports/skill

This is a very easy match-up for jinx, once he has lvl'd his 'W' up 3 times you will be equal in range assuming hes using 'W' and you maxed and are using 'Q'. Therefore before lvl 5 you out range him at all times, at lvl 5 trade when his 'W' is down for easy harass. You also have a range advantage in mini gun, Kog'Maw has 500 range to Jinx's 525, also very handy. You do more damage than him early and he is one of the few marksman with less escapes than jinx so freeze the lane and ask for ganks and if you dont kill him, you will at the very least get his flash.
[SIDE NOTE] Most Kog'Maw's aren't competent with this champion so watch out for this and use it to your advantage.

Varus has a lot of range with his 'Q' does a decent amount of damage with this so for starters dodge it, its quite easy as he must charge it so you have plenty of time for a side step. He out ranged you with his basic auto attacks but you out ranged him with your 'Q'. His 'E' is a slow which isn't fatal but if you get caught in his ultimate which is a root with his support around your considerably dead unless you have an appropriate support to take action. he doesn't do that much damage and if he misses his ultimate he is probably going to lose the fight. This isn't a hard match up as you outrange him and out scale him. Dodge his ability's and you're going to win the lane.

Caitlyn has a strong early game and dominates lane using her long range as her main advantage, but at lvl 5 whilst maxing 'Q' (Switcheroo) you will now match her range. Anytime after lvl 7 you out range her with 'Q' and can trade confidently. DONT step on her traps, DONT get poked down early and do you're best to dodge her 'Q' and 'E' and you will win lane and out scale her. You do better with farm than she does so if you're very hesitant going into this lane pick up the item Cull, sit back and farm till 15 minutes.

Sivir is around the middle in terms of difficulty in lane for jinx, her spell shield if used correctly can completely counter one of your ability's but in lanes its key to make her burn it on the wrong one. For example if she burns her spell shield to absorb your 'W' (Zap) your in the clear but if she absorbs your 'E' (Flame Chompers) or your ultimate it can completely turn around the fight. Stay away from her 'W' (ricochet) as best you can, dodge her 'Q' (boomerang) and play mind games with her in lane to get her to burn that spell shield and you should definitely come out on top. She has a short range so trading in lane and team fights are naturally in your favor especially if you toggle on your 'Q' (Switcheroo).

Ashe has essentially infinite slows so you never want to find yourself trying to out run her, you have a shorter range than her but with lvl 1 'Q' (Switcheroo) you both have an even 600, put one more lvl into 'Q' and your'e all set for your in lane trades. She tends to do a fair bit of damage so try your best to trade when her 'Q' is down or she has no stacks on it and you should definitely come out on top. Careful about positioning because her ultimate can easily catch you out and is almost certain death so please burn your flash if you must to avoid it and will almost definitely win the fight. This is a medium match up for jinx.

Lucian has been buffed and now does A LOT of damage with his ultimate and he rushes cooldown reduction so be weary of this. I find his "Q' hard to dodge and he has a gap closer which is always difficult for jinx to chase and escape from. He has a small auto attack range, smaller than yours so that is good fro trades but as i mentioned its not uncommon for him to take half your health bar with one ult if he hits it all on you. I dont like this match up but it is not the worst.

Tristana is a rough match up for Jinx as she has a good late game, and tends to trade better early. Her 'E' out trades you almost always so try avoid taking additional auto attacks after it has been cast on you. She has a high mobility that jinx lacks and has a higher auto attack range but you can out range her throughout the game with your 'Q'. Her 'E' passive makes it impossible for her not to push the wave so this is really the only advantage you have, try to slowly out trade her with your 'Q' range and engage if she has no 'E' or 'W', watch for her 'W' cooldown reset after an assist or kill as shes goes all leap frog on your Sh*t and can clean up easily

Twitch has a longer range than jinx normally but less when she is using her 'Q' (switcheroo), use this to your advantage. He scales well later in the game and can out trade you with his poison and his 'E' in lane. H well and truly out ranged you with his ult and does damage as well so either stay away from him when he ults but if your close don't try and run because his range is just too far. You can get out of his 'E' range fairly easily but in general i don't like this match up. He can cheese you very easily with his 'Q' so if you kill him or he recalls and your shoving your lane on low health he may pop up behind you when you least expect it and kill you so don't let this happen

Graves is a disgusting match up for graves but possibly a little more forgiving now with his recent changes. He is no longer a super bursty early game champion but becomes super burst none the less. Jinx cannot handle any champion with burst potential so it is important to take advantage of his weakness and short range early as later his 1v1 will beat you almost always as his gap closer can jump your traps if he is quick enough and puts him in range to AA you. Dodge his 'Q' on the way back because this is a lot of him damage. His 'W" is now buffed so you cannot see out of the smoke screen so be sure not to fight inside of it. try to out farm him, and later on remember your range and crowd control is your biggest advantage.

Her 'Q' damage after executing a minion is RIDICULOUS! lvl 1 this will take 25% off your health so if you don't get hit by this that would give you a good chance at this lane. Her ultimate was buffed and now does a lot of damage and her passive was changed too which will give her increased damage when she attacks a new target. She has a lot of burst which jinx hates can chase with her slow and has self buffs, be very careful in this match up because her damage always surprises me. She has a longer base range than you but you have a longer range at all levels with your 'Q', you can trade with this. Don't sit in her ultimate and do not find yourself 1v1'ing her at all in the earlier levels.

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Junglers (Threats)

Lee Sin Smite

Super early i find him easy to kite around in the minion wave, he cannot land a clean 'Q' and i will often win the fight 3v2 with minion agro. After 6 when he gets his kick, if you get caught out by a decent lee sin you are dead without flash.

Xin Zhao Smite

He has a knock up, slow a lot of damage and gets quite tanky later on. With peel later on in the game he's nothing to worry about with your long range but early on he is a nightmare. Wait for him to 'E' onto you and then flash otherwise you will not survive.

Master Yi Smite

Super early he is not too bad as he is not super fast, doesn't have too much damage and has zero CC. But post 6 he will kill you super quick if he gets onto you, only chance is to trap him, flash a wall, hope your team is super close or get under a tower and later on in the game, you will still die. Don't get caught out because again, your range is your friend and if he's building damage, you can shred him too.

Jax Smite

He just deletes you, when he's about to jump, drop your traps on yourself and flash before he lands. He will then be stunned there as you kite or run away, i recommend run. He can dodge your auto attacks and stun you so steer clear of this but agin you have your range in team fights, make sure he burns his combo ons someone else before you go in for some damage. Again he does SOOOO much damage this patch and will eventually get tanky too, dont mess with him.

Rammus Smite

Quite OP this patch because of his armour, he does a fair chunk of damage for a tank though, just try to stay out of his way. Ward and flash if you need in lane and deal with him later in fights as he doesn't do a extremely threatening amount of damage, just lots of CC.

Vi Smite

Her ultimate is very dangerous as is her damage throughout the entire game, she also gets quite beefy. She's very kiteable but you must make sure you side step her 'Q' otherwise you're in for it.

Elise Smite

Meh, if she hits her combo you're dead, but she cannot get on you well through your team if you are positioned correctly. Watch out for her early game because she will stun you with her her 'E' and burst you down quickly, not too much to worry abut though, kitable without Rylai's Crystal Scepter and fairly useless without her combo up.

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This is most of what you need to know when playing jinx in the bottom lane, it is not completely finished yet but should definitely assist you in preparing for the game and winning it none the less.


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