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Viktor Build Guide by Draczor

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Draczor

[Patch 8.4] [Diamond] How to emerge victorious with Viktor

Draczor Last updated on February 23, 2018
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Viktor Carry Build

Viktor Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Summon Aery
Summon Aery
LoL Rune: Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band
LoL Rune: Transcendence
LoL Rune: Scorch

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Magical Footwear
Magical Footwear
LoL Rune: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

+12 Attack Damage or +20 Ability Power, Adaptive

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Win 48%
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Threats to Viktor with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twisted Fate Easy lane, he won't be able to win trades against you. Pressure him from farming and poke him a lot but try not to fight too long with him and avoid getting hit by his W. Simply doing Q + AA and E is enough. Make sure to push hard if his ultimate is up to make it harder for him to roam. You can push tower and make him lose cs if he tries to make a gank with his ultimate and try not to forget pinging your other laners if he is missing. You can follow up if he tries to roam bot with ult but that depends on the situation, otherwise just push mid. I recommend taking Cleanse in this matchup since a stun from him might put you in a bad spot.
Ziggs Ziggs is no threat since he probably will only focus on pushing or poking you while keeping a distance from you as he knows that he won't win a trade against you. But you are able to poke him too with your laser. In the early game, pressure him enough so that he won't be able to farm unless he uses spells. Naturally, if he comes close poke him with Q and E otherwise try to kill him if you have ult and Ghost up. If he is low enough do not be afraid to Flash and use your combo to kill him. In this matchup it is better to take Deathfire Touch instead of Thunderlords since you won't or rarely be able to proc it. And lastly you can consider taking Luden's Echo instead of Lich Bane to increase your poke dmg.
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Hello lads.

I have made this guide since I didn't see any updated viktor guides on this site for quite a while with the item changes in the patch somewhere in season 7, so I decided to make one myself. This is also my first guide based on my experiences with Viktor.

About myself.

Right now I am a Diamond Viktor main in EUW and my summoner name is Draczor.
The first time I started playing league was somewhere near the end of season 2 ( Kha'Zix release).
I first started playing Viktor in season 5 and started to main him in season 6. I ended up in diamond with Viktor in season 6 and from that point on I have mostly been playing him in the mid lane in almost every ranked game.

Feel free to add me for questions regarding Viktor and if you want you can join my Big****torClub with 'V1KTO' as clan tag together with some other Viktor players/mains.

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Why pick Viktor?

Because he is OP.

Very good scaling, the ability to two shot ad carries/squishies.
Can be played as an assassin and a control mage.
Good teamfight champion with high AOE burst.
Insane kite potential and pretty good splitpusher.
Being able to dish out huge amounts of damage every few seconds.
Very good wave clear, strong laner and very good late game champ.

Although Viktor isn't as popular as it was before it's still a very strong champion that shouldn't be underestimated.
Most people tend to underestimate his damage and won't realize it before they already are below half hp.
I love Viktor's playstyle which made me main him. He is good in most situations because of his kit and is very annoying to play against. He also has outplay potential in 1v1 situations.

If I had to say one thing Viktor struggles with then it's a way to run away or escape since he doesn't have any dashes but he does have a lot of movement speed.

Viktor isn't easy to master and play to his full potential. He has to micromanage a lot to be played to his full extent and it's also hard to fully control Death Ray to cast it however you want. I would like to say he isn't extremely hard to master but he is also not easy to play.

In short, the learning curve shouldn't be too high for him.

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Summoner Spells

There are 6 summoner spells that Viktor can take but most of the time I
take Ghost and Flash.

Ofcourse you take Flash since you don't have any other kind of dash or ability to get out of a bad situation.

Ghost is by far the best summoner spell on Viktor. I choose it 90% of the time. It gives you a lot more kite potential and the ability to chase someone while keeping your Chaos Storm on them. It's also great if you are planning to roam to another lane or get to fights faster, but it's also good for running away from ganks. Together with your augment upgraded Siphon Power you will become the fastest cyborg alive.

The only reason you might want to take Cleanse is if you are facing an enemy/laner with cc, like Twisted Fate or Veigar (and possibly if the enemy team has too much cc). It will also let you get out of sticky situations or ganks if you ever get stunned or slowed.

If you are up against an AD laner or assassin then I would recommend taking Exhaust. A good example is a Zed, Talon or Yasuo matchup. It's a very good summoner spell that most of the time will save your life or help you kill someone.

Barrier is very useful against champions with high burst damage. I only ever take it against Syndra or LeBlanc as it most of the time saves your life and helps you greatly in lane. Also, it guarantees you surviving most ganks.

I rarely see people taking Ignite on Viktor but it's not very bad. It gives you a lot more kill pressure as Viktor is known for his lane pressure and poke. You probably won't be taking this unless you really want to kill your mid lane opponent. As the game goes on, Ignite becomes more irrelevant and most of the time you will find yourself in a situation where it could have been more useful if you took another summoner spell like Ghost.

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Alright now we are getting to the important stuff.

Domination Viktor Rune Page


Keystone: Electrocute

Works like the old Thunderlord's and same reason to take it. Helps with trading and improves your damage output.

Second rune: Taste of Blood

Extra sustain to help you out in the laning phase.

Third rune: Zombie Ward

Places a ward when killing wards or when your wards expire. This rune is pretty good since vision is very important, and having more of it is always good.

Fourth rune: Ravenous Hunter

Gives you even more sustain in lane by damage from your abilities. The other 2 options compared to this one are worse in my opinion.


First rune: Transcendence

Choosing this rune will put Viktor at 30% CDR in late and with blue buff you will be able to reach 40% CDR.

Second rune: Gathering Storm OR Manaflow Band

Although this rune isn't very effective in early it will the longer the game drags out. At 40 minutes this rune will start being good. This rune should help if you happen to play long games often.

Manaflow Band Is a good way to deal with Viktor's mana problems. Cast your E whenever Manaflow Band is up so you get the most value out of it.

Sorcery Viktor Rune Page


keystone: Summon Aery

I think it's a very good keystone good since it improves trading potential and makes laning feel easier. It deals extra damage whenever you damage them with a spell if it's up.

Second rune: Manaflow Band

I know Viktor has mana issues so using this rune and then casting your laser should help you out a bit with your mana.

Third rune: Transcendence

Choosing this rune will put Viktor at 30% CDR in late and with blue buff you will be able to reach 40% CDR.

Fourth rune: Scorch

Scorch makes you deal more damage and will help with poking/trading. Gathering Storm is also good but I feel like it doesn't have that much of in impact and it also takes a while for it to be good.


First rune: Magical Footwear OR Perfect Timing

Free boots or free Zhonya's effect. Choose boots if you don't need the stopwatch otherwise you choose stopwatch.

Second rune: Cosmic Insight, Future's Market OR Time Warp Tonic

Cosmic Insight Is just a good rune to take for the extra CDR.
Future's Market Helps with getting items earlier or if you are missing that 100g for an item. You do have to pay a 50g toll fee though.
Time Warp Tonic Seems to be a pretty good rune for Viktor since more sustain and movement speed are ideal him.

Banktor Rune Page


Keystone: Kleptomancy

Why Kleptomancy? I tested this keystone a couple of games with Viktor and needless to say I was very impressed by how well this works. Kleptomancy doesn't only provide money for landing a basic attack after you use an ability, it also gives you a random consumable which can help you out very much in lane. And now you might be wondering what kinds of consumables. Click on the following link to see the consumables you might get.
With this keystone you are able to get quite a bunch of money. It's very easy to land a basic attack after an ability because of your Q and even more so because after using an ability, your next basic attack within 10 seconds has 25 bonus range.
And now we are getting to the good part, THE CONSUMABLES!
There is a chance to get a consumable instead of gold. The consumable is the reason why this keystone is awesome. You could get a SACK of gold which gives you 40 to 110 gold depending on your luck. BUT that's not all, you are also able to get elixers that gives you AP, AD, Health and Mana. You could also get wards like a blue trinket and an Oracle potion. There's also an elixer of skill that grant's 1 skill point, IF you are able to get one before you are lvl 6 then you will have a pretty huge advantage simply because you have your ult earlier than your enemy. You can also sell the consumables for even more money and if you have no item slots left the consumable will automatically activate.

In short, you get a bunch of money that makes you get your items a lot faster which is very crucial for Viktor and your laning phase improves because of the consumables.

Second rune: Biscuit Delivery OR Perfect Timing

With Biscuit Delivery you will have even more sustain in lane so you can stay longer to earn the moneys.

On the other hand, Perfect Timing gives you a Replica Stopwatch at minute 6. This might be very useful for Viktor to survive crucial situations. With this rune you pay 300 less gold for item recipes building from the Stopwatch. It also grants 15% CDR for Zhonya's Hourglass and 3 other items. Definitely a good rune and a must have if you are up against for example Zed or a burst champion.

Third rune: Magical Footwear

Because it technically gives you 350 gold. You will receive free boots at minute 10 and the next boots upgrade cost 50 gold less. I don't think having no boots before minute 10 is much of an impact on Viktor and you even get rewarded with 10 more bonus movement speed on your boots as a passive, So I think this rune is pretty nice.

Fourth rune: Cosmic Insight

The other 2 rune options aren't as tempting as this one. It basically gives you 5% CDR on everything and I am a fan of CDR.


The second path is the same as the one above in the first rune page.

First rune: Transcendence

Second rune: Gathering Storm

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My usual mastery tree

Masteries are gone so this chapter became useless. Still keeping it here though.

Here I am gonna explain why Thunderlord's Decree is the keystone I take most of the time on Viktor.

First of all you can proc it easy and second, it makes trading with the enemy laner a hundred times better. Being able to deal a bit more damage improves your lane pressure while making your burst damage even more unexpected and scary. Hence improving his early game a lot.

Now obviously not everyone takes Thunderlord's Decree ,
I also see a bunch of players taking Deathfire Touch .

I almost never use this but from what I know, you probably only take it when you can't get in range to use your Siphon Power. Deathfire Touch makes your Death Ray deal even more dmg which improves your poke power in lane. Taking this keystone is good against enemy laners that can farm from far away while not wanting to get in ur Q range.
A very good example would be Ziggs. Champions like him will never come close to you and will only try to farm/poke from a distance. In this situation you probably will only land your Death Ray which makes Deathfire Touch better than Thunderlords.
Also it seems that in the late game Deathfire Touch beats Thunderlord's Decree, so if you think thunderlords wont help much in the early game and you wanna focus more on the late game, then you can go ahead and take Deathfire Touch.

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Small combo guide

Basic (trade) combo:
-> AA ->
Easy to pull off and the dmg is instant while proccing
Thunderlord's Decree resulting in an unexpected burst dmg.

Full dmg combo:
-> -> -> AA
Also easy to pull off. You basically use Death Ray instantly together with Chaos Storm and then use
Siphon Power with an autoattack. Using Chaos Storm early is important since it takes some time to deal the full amount of dmg from it to the enemy. This is most of the time more than enough to one shot a carry.

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Roams and Ganks


If you are planning to make a roam somewhere then push your wave first.
Doing so will let you get in time for your next wave after a roam.

You have to look at the situation in another lane first before you make a roam. If the enemey is too deep in lane you can roam, but you can also roam if your teammates have good vision control. If their bot lane is sticking too much to their turret you can plan to make a dive. Make sure your own bot lane pushes wave first before you dive BUT, never stay too long because otherwise your own midlaner will follow up and worst-case scenario, kill you all.


If your jungler is planning to gank your enemy mid laner then you gotta set up a good gank for him.
Most people tend to stand diagonally to you. For example if you stand on the left side of the lane the enemy would stand on the right side. That's one way to set up a gank but you can also bait him into fighting you. If he does so then be careful to survive and let your jungler come to kill him. Also put a control ward on the side of the bush where your jungler is.

What if you get ganked?
If it's an enemy jungler with no dash you can simply put a gravity field between you and him to cut off the path so you can walk away. Most of the time that would do the trick.
Apart from this you don't really have anything else to escape with except with your Flash or Ghost. Stand on the side where your jungler is so if you get ganked you can walk towards him.

Now you have to predict or ward when and how the enemy jungler will gank you.
Most of the time a jungler makes their first gank around minute 3 in mid lane, so around that time don't stand too deep in lane or go and ward.
You can also notice from your enemy mid laner's movement if you are getting ganked. If the enemy mid laner walks towards you, which he probably wouldn't do cause that would let him get freely poked then you are most likely getting ganked. Put deep wards in good spots after you pushed your wave to know where he is because it's very beneficial for your team to know where the enemy jungler is.

Tip: If you are gonna ward after you pushed, walk behind instead of to the side to get out of vision. The enemy midlaner won't know you went to ward and will be confused and spamm missing pings.

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Early Game / Laning Phase

Viktor is known for his strong trading potential and lane pressure.

On level 1 you want to start with Siphon Power to proc Thunderlord's Decree to win trades easily by using this ability + AA on your opponent especially if you are up against melee champions.

After that you want to focus on making your opponent lose farm. If he goes for the last hit on a minion you can poke him with Siphon Power and Death Ray. This ensures that your opponent will have to choose between getting farm and getting poked or trading back and losing farm. Whereas the most case is your opponent going for farm and getting poked.
If he get's too low then you can simply kill him with Q + AA and E. Don't be afraid to use Flash if necessary to kill him.

Viktor is pretty mana hungry so do not use your Death Ray too much just for a simple poke if you are almost low on mana. Best to use it together with Siphon Power to proc Thunderlord's Decree .

If you successfully gained lane dominance or an advantage you can pressure him by just walking towards him. He will walk back since it's natural that you don't want to get poked. If he does so he will lose farm and maybe even experience if he's too far away from the creeps. Pressure isn't all about winning trades but also making your opponent afraid to come close to get farm.

Now you don't want to get too close or getting in extended fights. If you get too close you risk getting to die since you don't have the potential to kill someone quickly before they kill you. Keep good attention to the distance between you and him.
Do not prolong a trade after you used your abilities. If you do then you will most likely end up losing the trade making you the one with lower hp. It's never good to already be low on health in the early game as Viktor since it makes it harder for you to stay long enough to earn enough money for items.
Simply use your Siphon Power + AA and Death Ray to proc thunderlords and walk away. Most of the time that's all you gotta do to win the trade since you can almost instantly cast it.

Viktor also has extremely good waveclear. Once you get augment upgrade on your Death Ray you can clear the whole backwave. Now you simply want to push the lane 24/7 so your opponent has to farm under turret and lose cs or facetank the entire wave.
Not only does this give you a lead, it also makes sure your opponent won't go anywhere. He will have to stick around his tower to get his cs and if he doesn't and decides to roam he will lose farm while you are damaging his tower. If he doesn't get anything out of the roam he will only be put at an even bigger disadvantage.