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Camille Build Guide by Persicum777

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Persi's Complete Camille Guide

By Persicum777 | Updated on September 16, 2020
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Runes: Pta-resolve

1 2 3 4 5 6
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Shield Bash
Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Standard spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

Persi's Complete Camille Guide

By Persicum777
Introduction Back to Top
Hey! I'm just a common guy who loves Camille and felt like all the other guides I found didn't meet my standards. I've been playing league of legends for about a year and Camille for about 9, before league I played paragon for about 2 years and almost went professional in that game, so I came into league with a strong sense of how mobas work! This let me focus more of my time and energy into learning champions and most namely perfecting match ups for my champion, Camille. My main goals in league is to become the best Camille Player in the world, although I have a long road ahead me! I've completed all of the match ups I have planned for CamilleI have completed all top lane match up and A - C, cheese match ups, and information on how to deal with those champs in other stages of the game and I plan on completing more in the patch up, I will also be going into how synergistic all champs in the game are with game in all roles, this will take time though because I am maintaining a streaming schedule and constantly trying to improve myself still. Either way thank you for stopping by. :) And, a big thank you for who ever cleared up my name, as I said before it's latin for peach :).
Why choose Camille? and how do you play her? Back to Top
Now this is a question that racked my brain for a long time because I dont even know myself why i was so drawn to her kit, but after a few weeks of self reflection, evolution, and evaluation. I realized I was looking too deep into this.

Camille's strength's lie in her Bruiser nature, coupled with her high mobility and flexibility in a match! She has a very high skill ceiling that lets you outplay some of her hardest matchups, which most other champs cannot do. And, how your laning goes can define your role for the match up your in. She can get out of tricky situations and reengage like its no problem while always keeping the advantage with proper foresight, and patience. I classify her greatly as a hunter, resilient to the tempo of a match and able to chase and lock down certain champs or objectives with so much pressure it forces the enemy team to react. In short, if your ahead you can control team fights with carefully timed dives, and massive displacement, or you can simply split push and take down towers faster then most other champs can dream, not to mention with vision and pressure you should never get caught out with how much mobility you have, and if they send just one after you? oh well! Your ability to duel especially late game is second only to a fiora!(Don't let anyone know I said that)

on the other hand... getting behind on camille is akin to getting behind on lets say a rengar. You can still excel, you can still get a S+ but.. it wont feel the same. You have to play safe, Camille relies on gold more then many other champs especially topside, and once your behind you need to make plays with your team to get back in the game proper. But, in general, if your behind adn you can move around the map the way you want your job changes from hunter, to warden, clear waves, start pushes, play safe, and every team fight, when that xin or rek dives your adc or fed mvps, dash stun combo ult, keep them alive and peel like there is no tomorrow! also if your ahead building some nice damage is fun and rewarding! When your behind, get chunky! omens, spirit, gage, those sorts of things, the other hydra may be important but that will kill your lategame dueling potential.
What to rush Back to Top
Now for early game there are a lot of options for what to rush and while my individual guilds may help, there is a lot of variance and there will always be outliers so to give a idea of how to approach what to rush here are some go tos:

Do you need clear pressure: Now this is your typical defeat, camilles clear is.. to say very weak early on her only aoe ability is meant more to poke then cs, and at most your gonna use it to thin waves then straight up anything else, if your having to farm under tower against fed foes, or fighting enemies that will want to roam and you can punish grab tiamat, it also contributes a lot of damage so its kinda a middle of the ground piece
Do you need mobility: In general, boots are solid, they are cheap, get you to lane faster, let you roam faster, can mean the difference in a gank both against and for you, and even just let you get to lane faster, you can also settle on swords and boots if your building towards tiamat! also if you ever see your opponent has boots get them your next shop visit, you dont want to move slower then them.

Do you need kill pressure: So your winning lane? or your in a lane where wave management just isnt important? then get your sheen, heck if your snowballing get trinity!(and boots :P) alot of"Won" lanes for camille can become truly done by getting a early sheen or a early trinity, for camille levels dont define power spikes items do so camilles first tru power spike really is sheen! also its typically a bad idea to build mana crystal only get sheen if youve got 1050g to get it.
Abilities Back to Top
Now most people just copy stuff from the wiki here but I'd rather let you do that on your own time and give you some actual Feed back on each of Camille's abilities.

First off her passive is Essential to play around in the laning phase. It starts out with 16 second cd and will be that way for most of the laning phase so your safe fights will be that long apart, Now her shield is equal to 20% of her max health but can only block 1 type of damage and that damage is based on how much of each type of damage the enemy champion you auto has done that match and that changes drastically how you fight in lane, You can very well abuse minion agro by diving into there caster Creep's back line if your fighting someone with a orange symbol next to them(Physical), most will simply trade AA's but Your shield will put you ahead and them behind, now for when your passive is not up your trade's should be much more shorter, played around your minions, the same is true if your passive symbol is blue(Ability).

Next up is camille's most important ability for fighting, Her Q. Now beyond it being Empowered auto attack that you can reset your basic AA with that you can do 2 times in a row, Set up so the more impacting one hits, and allows you tear through Objectives stupid fast. There isn't much to say about it. You should always have it maxed by level 11 but never max it first, It deals 40% true damage on the empowered hit level 1 and gains more true damage until level 16 when it deals 100% true damage. It is your cheapest ability gives you more AA range so its easy to spam verse's your other abilities. And one full cycle of your abilities should be able to kill most things simply due it.

Now your W is prolly the weirdest part of your kit, A Aoe cone that you can cast during most other abilities That if you land the outer half, Does amplified damage, heals for the difference, and slows!... Champs. This is a strong laning tool, and nice utility for your kit is almost as flexible as your ult, and Deals a bonus 1% max health damage for every 100 ad you build, its a good time.

Your E is maybe, kinda, prolly the defining feature of your kit. Allowing you Cover insane amounts of ground in hot pursuit of your target, both you starting point choice and angle of dash can highly impact your opponents options of retreat and it deals damage on hit, amplifies your attack speed if you hit something, lets you go over terrain, and can be extended by your flash! This Ability for me defines camille as the hunter/trapper that she is and is mechanically my Favorite part of league of legends.

But, Lets not forget THE big ability, the part of her kit that most would say defines her. Cause whats a trapper without a trap? Well can I tell you something? I am the trap! Camille's ult creates a hexagonal field on her target that they cannot leave until she dies or the ult ends, most don't realize this but she also does a small amount of ap damage to her target in the field that is percent health based, and at level 16 her ult lasts 4 seconds, oof. But that's all well and good but maybe not the best thing ever, I mean yah this means you 2v1 anyone and win at almost any stage of the game but whats the real play maker? During the cast time of camille's ult she is intangible. So not only can you stop them from getting away you interrupt and stop them from making there big move or cc! Karthus ult? Ult him or anyone else as the damage goes through, Sion ult? Ult him make him stop and if he tried to ult onto you and he canceled it into you you'll dodge the stun! You can outplay anyone in the game(*cough* *cough* spell shields) Almost anyone in the game and secure kills for your time, not to mention you displace anyone in the field besides your target at the start so you have a strong tactic to help your team fight there~!
Combos Back to Top
Now for the most parts her combos are simple but landing them and doing the optimal order is important!

First we have the basics,

AA -> Q -> AA -> Q this is your bread and butter, you get about 15% of your damage(dont quote me on percentiles if someone wants to give me the actual percent feel free to do so lol) from the AA -> Q -> AA the other 85% is that final Q this is especially true in the late game(level 16) when it does 100% true damage! making sure you time that second Q so camille does that satisfying backflip is vital for full damage but if they are about to get away and your auto is enough dont be afraid to use it again!

Next we have another component,
W -> E , This simply lets you outplay your opponent, first you get a nice slow, and percentile damage and life steal! and you e to the wall of your choice but where your e is what your next thought she be over! Do they have flash? what mobility spells do they have up? you can go for a easy wall or a farther one to further mess with them and get control over a situation just take note each second gives them more time to react and more time to try and outguess you next for the angle of your dash go if your gut are they gonna flash? if you see it or just know dash towards where they are going! in general if they have a short dash its not a bad idea to dash right in front of them or behind them and in general try to angle it so youll hit either way! also be sure if they regularly dodge your dash to mix it up on whether your instantly e onto wall then out or if you delay it

Next is simple, E -> Flash
during your jump you can greatly extend your dash range by going into a wall then during your bounce off the wall flashing away the best part is you dont have to go the same direction! as long as you make contact with the enemy they will take the damage, get stunned and you will get your attack speed!

Now some standard combos with tia is
W -> tia
This can let you burst someone from afar but is more niche then anything else, maybe good for catching someone with low hp but your missing out on another auto reset :P

AA -> Q -> AA -> Tia -> AA -> Q
This is one of the most efficient ways of using Tia aggressively, since it gives your the perfect window to blend in between your Q's and is super efficient at activating Conc.

Q -> E -> E -> Q -> W
I find this one to be good at fighting bad jax's, Q them with your passive as they go to stun E away into a bush then E back out stun then and hit with empowered E and as you disengage or you all in you can use your W to slow him down after he jumps.

W -> E- > AA/Q combo
This is the Generic camille combo, You slow with W, you hit stun with E, you do your bread and butter(with or without tia), this is your generic all in trade and it also lets your proc Conc or pta easy.

Q(c) -> E -> Q(p)
This is your burst trade, it can be done with or without a W or W/tia, and is simple. You Q a (c)reep then e onto them using your empowered Q on the (p)layer and using your enhanced mobility from your Q to disengage, this is your generic burst combo and is good for front-lining damage

This is the mobile piece of any combo, now you may be restricted in use because of its small cast radius you need to work around that but in all in's, skirmishes and team-fights, This is your trump card. You need to do it in reaction to someone else's abilities and as long you successful use it they can do anything and they wont be able to stop you, they can flash and if you use it mid flash they will literally just drag you with them(which can be good and bad) but besides for catching mobility based champs with a literal field of you can not leave, It has another purpose something far crueler. You can essentially dodge skill shots. While your jumping onto them you can not be targeted by effects or abilities, IF xerath throws his stun you can just ult him and his stun will go threw you, and he will have no outs, and what separates that good camille's from the bad is one foresight in baiting all in's and using your ult to turn the table as soon as they do.
Runes: in-depth Back to Top
Now for runes I've covered alot in the notes about the logic of what to grab you should know that these runes are for safe matches. If your a experienced camille, whos looking to expand her options there are plenty because the more you learn and master the basics of camille, the more you can abuse the rules to your advantage!

First off, just about 90% of challenger camille games that I watch do not take resolve secondary. They know they can dodge the skill shots, they know how to take control of there lane and excel, and they know what advantage they can gleam from there runes.

Sorcery Secondary: This is what i see about 60%(Its now closer to 35/40ish) of the time on camille, mana band lets you poke more early, absolute focus is so strong against champions you know you will beat and get fed off of! Transcendence is so nice on camille, cause she rarely gets that full 40 cdr, and finally scorch helps her early game against other brawlers alot, and what id call the hidden weapon of challenger camilles, Gathering storm. I don't myself know why i see that excel on her so much but its strong when the enemy team has xeraths, kayles, any champion that may outscale camille without it she will now outscale them 30-40 mins, but I would make sure you can last that long against scaling champions before planning this route.

Next about 30%(more like 50/60%) of games I see Inspiration took as a secondary on her,
in lanes where you may be behind goldwise this is a very easy way to keep on the curb, magical boots do just that innately, while also giving a small ms boost for the whole game, future's market, when pair with boots can take a winning lane into a 20-25 minute snowball getting your trinity early, with tiamat, and free boots, and biscuit gives you a ton of free in lane sustain with some max mana! insight is nice for the small bit of cdr and can be a strong filler if you dont want anything else.

And finally, the one I already have posted cause its my favorite of the alternative to resolve, Domination! Its used about 10%(these is what people take for camille jungle I guess rarely in lane anymore) of the time(keeping in mind these are all estimated percentiles) And mostly its here if you want to either build camille closer to a assassin then to a bruiser, or if you think you can get early roams and collect bounties, so this is better then the other two if your even with your laner, but oh boy that jungler and/or mid is looking tasty! Either way Sudden impact makes the most difference out of the top 3, the pen works nicely early game and if your willing to forgo some tankiness for a ghostblade it does scale into the midgame well too! now for your hunter perk I like ravenous, the sustain is strong and lets you get some early cause other wise, besides double a dorans strate, you wont get sustain til after gage, however this does make wounds hurt alot more to your entire kit, especially if you've been relying on it, so a strong alternative that may help is relentless hunter! the ms is kinda basic but boy you get early boots and 2 boutnies and the roams are really nice espeilly if you can push up lane but they are zoning you out of tower range for your plates, a invade with teh jungler Is nice and this can punish people who get wounds just for you thinking it will counter the ravenous AND it can really mess up people who have rotations down, getting to another lane or to a camp 3 or 4 seconds earlier then they thought can really open up e -> ult that you may have not had gotten otherwise, and ironically that is very strong with ghostblade as well, so if you do like this style of gameplay you can get a early ghost blade after trinity(so it'll be about the 10-20 minute mark) and really surprise a jungler or mid! However, ghostblade makes her significantly weaker late game, so you will need to get that snowballing going early and win with this rune setup.
Items: in-depth Back to Top
Early I talked about the times to go into each item and the reasoning why you would but You should know why you build what you build on her in what order.

As we discussed your typical build path is

tia->tier 1 boots->Trinity force->tier 2 boots->sterks gage->completed hydra.

And, this is both expensive forgos alot of camille early game if your not ahead but gives her the most scaling power but why do we build this? Dominate stragety tells us to build around camilles Q,it has two auto resets, does amplified damage, and at level 16 does true damage so it has a little count play. You can build blade of the ruin king on camille first item. You will hit fast but your damage will be sub par and you wont have enough health to tank. If you can execute enemies fast enough you can build duskblade first item on camille, dash out of a bush, play her like a assassin. But, She will be useless after about 25 minutes unless your snowballing a advantage and even then it's not as strong as her dominate path. She is a pure bruiser. So in general her kit only works with bruiser items, atleast to its fullest potential, but why do we pick the items we pick?

Trinity force: This is literally every stat we want on camille, besides lifesteal but that's a luxury! And the passives are more important for sure, First off we have the phage passive, that by itself is a god send for most bruisers, giving your a 20% speed boost when you last hit a minion, not to mention the bonus you get from camille's Q naturally, mixed with boots, you should be able to out kite and dodge any skill shot in lane! Not to mention the sheen effect, which is why we buy trinity force in the first place! Sheen amplifies your next basic attack by 100% of your base basic attack damage once every 1.5 seconds. So you get a sheen proc when you Q and you'll get one with your empowered Q! Whats important about this too is the sheen damage is counted in with your empowered true damage! it also solves camille's mana issue, gives cdr and when you build sheen into the trinity it gives 200% instead of 100! bumping your modest empowered Q into over 400 true damage you can pop off every few seconds!

Boots are mandatory on every champ I do believe you should rarely build boots before trinity since it is the most expensive item out there so your item spike will be late anyway and this is proven to be a problem since most popular top laners build bc right now and those who do build trinity don't build tia. :(

BUT, Steraks is almost as important as trinity! Slapping on a extra 450 hp in stats is just enough to give camille and her passive a run for its money, Not to mention the lifeline is essentially a second life in a first and against high burst teams i wouldn't engaged unless it was up! but those things as contributing aspects to this build path but not why you build steraks, you build steraks for giant's strength! It gives 50% of your base basic attack strength onto your base basic attack strength! Meaning also that your sheen proc has a extra 50% which totals your true damage to easily hit for 600 to 800 late game! and giving your total damage output a significant height over any other way to build her(Crit, lethality, etc)

Which brings us to why you finish your tiamat late. It's not until this point that you would need Hydra's healing for survivability. Camille survives duels not by sustain directly but by kiting and bursting her targets down before she gets killed and the amount of damage you have outputted will not be enough to sustain a fight over just build more base basic damage with empowered Q until this point. That's why after you build trinity and steraks you get hydra and build tanky items, if your snowballing you could go for like a GA with some attack and armor, but for the most part your damage is complete and your odds of winning a duel or at this point skirmish is base solely on whether you can get more empowered Q's off then they can get what ever they do onto you. Getting 2 or 3 Q's with the lifesteal and tankiness of spirt and randuin's will net you any kill on any champion that is a marksmen, mage, or assassin easily and with outplay tanks and other bruisers!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Persicum777
Persicum777 Camille Guide
Persi's Complete Camille Guide
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