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Udyr Build Guide by leesingodbuilds

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League of Legends Build Guide Author leesingodbuilds

Phoenix Udyr Season 5 Jungle Guide [5.16] - Trick2G Inspired

leesingodbuilds Last updated on September 1, 2015
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Hello, my name is CC Ruins Games (Stay Bronze), I am currently Diamond 4 on the Oceanic server and play alot of Udyr jungle, mainly Phoenix Stance. I started playing Udyr after I watched Trick2g's video on "Udyr My Way" for the preseason 4.




This guide will be fairly straight forward as it is my first guide, but I thought I'd give it a shot!


AD = Attack Damage
AP = Ability Power
MR = Magic Resistance
AR = Armor
AoE = Area of Effect
CC = Crowd Control
OP = Overpowered

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When to choose Udyr

There are many reasons you can play Udyr.

-If your team needs a heavy AD Offtank
-A fast jungle clearer
-Want to play someone "off the meta" and fun

Note: Udyr Takes a while to learn, even though many people think you can just spam skills, it is all about timing and your Monkey's Agility passive

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Pros / Cons

-VERY fast jungle
-Strong ganks especially if they have no slows/flash etc
-Become a monster late game, near unkillable if you build tank + Trinity Force for some damage
-Can be considered a Lee Sin counter, one of the strongest jungler's in game
-Multiple stun enemy champions in a very short amount of time.
-Highly tanky and still deals damage
-Spirit Guard <3

-Easily one of the most CC prone champions in the game, abilities such as Reckoning slow or getaways like Nidalee's Pounce are some of the things Udyr has trouble with
-If counter jungled, falls behind very hard
-Can be squishier than he looks

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Main rune set

Greater Mark of Attack Speed
There's really nothing else you should use as marks, without Attack Speed marks your clear time is significantly slower.

Greater Seal of Armor
Armor is essential on Udyr, along with his Turtle Stance he is pretty tanky at low levels. The Greater Seal of Armor are also good for sustaining the jungle at lower levels too.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Everybody needs MR...If you try to gank mid against an AP carry, you will get destroyed by them if you have no Magic Resist, take flat MR or Scaling, it doesn't matter.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Movement Speed quints are also essential with Udyr if you want to do suitable ganks. Without these quints you are pretty slow until you get Boots of Swiftness. If you take these quints + Boots of Swiftness - Alacrity you will be very fast.

Other runes worth considering

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
You can sacrifice all 3 or maybe just 2 of your Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed for some damage if you would like a faster jungle clear.

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I take Flash over Ghost because I would rather a more reliable escape over walls or a Flash + Bear Stance gank. Flash is a life saver and can also be the difference between killing an enemy or letting them run away without being damaged.

Smite is essential for all junglers to secure Baron Nashor , Dragon or red or blue buffs. You can't really run anything else as you would die from the jungle clear or would give away free buffs/dragons.

Many Udyr players take Ghost because of the synergy with his Bear Stance making him very fast, but I hardly ever take it because it doesn't really secure ganks or you can't use it to steal a buff etc.

Taking Flash or Ghost is all personal preference.

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Skill Sequence

Maxxing Phoenix Stance as soon as possible is key to doing damage and clearing the jungle quicker and quicker.
Maxxing Turtle Stance allows for great survivability when fighting in teamfights.
Get one point in Bear Stance obviously for the stun when you're ganking. Remember to use this alongside your Monkey's Agility 3 stacks to get maximum gank potential.

Ezch level you put into any stance lowers the mana cost of the ability, meaning you don't need blues as much and you won't run out of mana as quick in the midgame when you become a monster.

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Starting Items

Hunter's Machete
Hunter's Machete is the usual starting item for any jungle, it is also the starter into your first core item Ranger's Trailblazer

Health Potion
Helps you stay alive during your first jungle clear, not really necessary as it get's later on into the game.

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Core Items

Ranger's Trailblazer - Devourer
You want to get Devourer in this patch because of the insane effect the Sated version has. After you stack your devourer to 30 it becomes Sated, making any 2nd hit apply on-hits twice meaning Phoenix stance will be hitting every SECOND hit instead of THIRD. This is seriously broken.

Remember Large Monsters give 1 stack, Epic monsters (Dragon/Baron) give 5 STACKS, Champion kill/assists give you 1 stack and the Rift Scuttler gives you 2 stacks.

As soon as you reach 30 stacks your ghost dog fuses with you and your Devourer turned into Sated Devourer. Pretty much GG :)

Mercury's Treads
You want these over [Ninja Tabi] because of the tenacity and MR. If the enemy team is all AD you can still run Tabi's but the tenacity from Merc's is still just as good.

Spectre's Cowl
Get one of these if you need MR, or if you are planning to build Spirit Visage as your second core item.

Chain Vest
I pretty much always build Chain Vest because I want to get a Sunfire Cape very quickly. It offers protection from the jungle monster's + any AD carries or AD top laners that may be in your match.

Trinity Force
Trinity Force is a great item if you want to do some damage. It has pretty much all of the stats Udyr feasts on (Maybe not critical chance) and offers a movement speed increase on-hit, great for catching enemies, or keeping up with enemies.

Elixir of Sorcery
You can use [Elixir of Sorcery] for a bit more damage on-hit with your phoenix/tiger stance. I've tried it a few times and it works pretty nice for the extra damage and AP

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Preferred Items (MR)

Spirit Visage
Spirit Visage offers some CDR, health and magic resist and health regen. This item also works with your Turtle Stance life steal effect.
I usually take one of these if our team is the engaging type of team, or if you are going to be the initiator.

Banshee's Veil
Banshee's Veil offers Health, MR and a shield that blocks one enemy attack.
I usually get one of these if the enemy has a hard engage team or champions such as Ziggs, Nidalee or any other poke champion.

Wit's End
Wit's End is a great item if you can get away with being a damage dealer, if you have a tank top laner in other words. Wit's End makes your attack speed sky-rocker and also steals your enemies MR on-hit.
Very useful on a team that can't kite or if you are far ahead.

Maw of Malmortius
Maw of Malmortius is a great item if you find yourself dying very quickly, the shield can save you and it also offers a decent amount of AD and MR.

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Preferred Items (Armor)

Sunfire Cape
One of my favourite items on Udyr. One of these early can make you so tanky, near unkillable if you are ahead. It offers a lot of health and a decent amount of armor.
Also helps with jungle clear with the AoE magic damage per second.

Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart offers a LOT of armor + mana + CDR, the main things Udyr feeds off.
I usually build a Frozen Heart if the enemy team is a full AD team, or if their ADC or AD Mid carry is fed.
It also lowers the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20%, very good against Jinx, Tristana and most other ADC's.

Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen is a great item for catching enemies that are just too fast for you and your team or if you are trying to fight the enemy ADC, as it lowers their movement speed + attack speed.
Offers a decent amount of armor + heatlh.

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Udyr's Kit

Monkey's Agility

Monkey's Agility is a pretty strong passive for a jungler/ganker. If you keep it stacked to 3 you attack at near 1.00 at level 3 using Phoenix Stance
It is key to keep Monkey's Agility at 3 if you are looking for a fast jungle clear, it also offers movement speed which can be utilized for ganks or a speedy getaway.

Tips and tricks:

Q Tiger Stance

Tiger Stance can be used after hitting level 16 for a bit more damage onto your target as it applies a "Bleed" to the target. I usually open with Bear Stance pop one Tiger Stance onto them then switch to Phoenix Stance to do the most damage.

W Turtle Stance

Turtle Stance offers some lifesteal as well as a shield which is very helpful for clearing the jungle.
Turtle Stance can also save your life from various things such as Ignite, Toxic Shot etc.

Tips and tricks:

E Bear Stance

Bear Stance is what makes Udyr Udyr...The movement speed boost along with Monkey's Agility is what makes his ganks successful or can determine life or death.

Tips and tricks:
  • When chasing a target down, spam Bear Stance whenever it is up to catch the enemy.

  • If you are kiting an enemy, use Bear Stance, quickly auto attack the enemy, and keep running, abusing the movement speed + stun from the ability.

R Phoenix Stance

Phoenix Stance offers a lot of damage in the early stages of the game, especially on the ADC or AP mid, anyone squishy. Use it when clearing the jungle for the optimal clear time.

Tips and tricks:
  • Phoenix Stance has an AoE effect behind it, use it to your advantage if you can't catch a low enemy.

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Jungle Route/Tips and Tricks

Here's my preferred jungle route + some tips and tricks with Udyr

Jungle Route
As of Season 5 (Pre-Season) it is more viable to smite either the big Golem then to Red buff, or smite Gromp and do blue buff, depending which side you're on.

I usually go Gromp > Blue > Wolves > BACK > Red > Wraiths > Gank > Jungle clear again.
OR Golems > Red > Wraiths > BACK > Blue > Gromp > Gank > Jungle clear again.

It's hard to predict where the enemy jungle starts this season because it's viable to start anywhere. They will usually do whatevers bottom, so blue would start red and red would start blue confusing :D.

You want to gank from behind the enemy if possible, ganking mid through the little path from blue to midlane or wraiths to midlane is sufficient if the enemy mid laner is pushed over halfway.
For top lane, try and come from behind if you are on blue side through the tri-brush. If not you can try for a lane gank, but Udyr can't really utilize lane ganks as he has no jumps/gap closers.
For bottom lane, come from behind as usual, if you are on purple side, come through tri brush if they are pushed to halfway. IF you are on blue side, you can try your luck ganking through the river brush if it's not warded (which is most likely will be).
ALWAYS use common sense + listen to your teammates, if they tell you there is a ward, don't try gank (unless they are VERY far pushed).

Most of all, don't get too cocky as Udyr which I have done many times, and most of the time, it has gotten me killed...

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Udyr Videos!

4.21 Udyr Jungle My Way | Preseason | Season 5 BY TRICK2G

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This concludes my Udyr guide, Udyr is exremtly fun to play, hard to get used to, but it is so worth it.
Questions or comments about the guide, don't hesitate
An upvote would be appreciated, but a downvote will do if you think my guide doesn't suffice.

Happy jungling!

- CC Ruins Games (Stay Bronze)

Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here.

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Future Updates

-May be adding jungle matchups

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