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Shaco Build Guide by TheBlur115

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBlur115

[PLAT V] Shaco, Patch 4.18 "Jungle clear is magic"

TheBlur115 Last updated on October 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Patch 1.2

*My main reached Plat so I have the means to rewrite the guide and redo the build to meta.
*Build Updated
*Reasons Added
*Minor Details
*Runes Fixed
*New Title

Patch 1.1
*Color was added!

Patch 1.0
*Guide was released

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Hello, my name is Blur. I main jungle and love Shaco and Elise. Shaco fits in with certain team comps making him a situational champ. Like if there was a Malphite top and a Swain mid, Shaco would not be the right man for the job, but, bot lane is usual always squishy, and the task would be focusing bot lane. Shaco speed is similar to the junglers like Hecarim or Rammus, but with a lot of burst like Elise or Diana.

Shaco's Two-Shiv Poison is like having Frozen Mallet's Passive, it slows the target struck by basic attacks, this effect can stack, but only occurs while statikk shiv is off cool down and ready to use.
However, if you can not land a basic attack on an enemy to catch up to them. Throwing your Two-Shiv Poison may be awnser, as it does slow the target and do a hefty amount of damage with only around a 5 second cooldown at max level.

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Why pick which item?

Item Sequence

Boots of Mobility

Enchantment: Homeguard

Feral Flare

Randuin's Omen

Trinity Force

Infinity Edge
When to chooseFeral Flare?
*The urge to counter jungle
*You want to win late game.
*1 or no tanks.

When to choose Elder Lizzard
*2 or more tanks.

When choose BORK?
*You are ahead and the laners are constantly over extending and the slow and heal is useful to gank.
*There is 2 or more tanks.

When choose Hydra?
*Not much action and bot lane seems to be losing or even.
*Need to clear fast.

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Pros / Cons

+ Fast Early Clear Time
+ Good Early Game
+ Can juke people making death not an option :D
+ Doesn't need a leash at Ancient golem
- Squishy
- Can be shut down early
- Hard to master

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The Runes are set up to be able to take some damage early game, and not get bursted down late game. That is why the magic resist is scaling and not flat because you won't be in lane to get poked down, and Buffs an mini camps like Elder Lizard & Wraiths do not do magic damage. If you are getting in unexpected engagements, investing in a dorans blade and movement speed may be helpful.

Due to Shaco's natural mobility you will not need to put any masteries or runes into movement speed. Also Statikk Shiv movement speed bonus is enough to make Shaco super fast with Boots of Mobility.

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Using your Deceive to initiate is a risk you have to take in most situations. If someone is over extended you can probally just set up a Jack In The Box in their common escape path an just run up to them and slap in the face till they hurt and run home to their Mommy, and get scared because you put down a Chuck Norris in the box on the ground and give them the PIMP HAND ( Two-Shiv Poison ).

Team Fights

Your job as an assassin in team fights is to focus the ADC (AttackDamage Carry) or APC (AbilityPowerCarry), however if that APC is Fizz, Good Luck focusing that. The best way to win a team fight is to wait for them to do a minor initiate and run right into the middle of that fight ult and get the clone all up on the tank and run right to the ADC and push them out the fight. If you get "cc'd" (Crowd Controlled) Deceive away. If their ADC is not in the fight, it is a fight won.

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Major Counters

Never face, fight, or chase a warwick, they are faster then you, stronger then you and can hunt you down an instant with his ultimate Infinite Duress. He also not as squishy as you.

Fighting Lee Sin is situational, You must have your ultimate Hallucinate and hope he doesn't have his, he also must be at lower health then you, if you're going to fight him, fight him lvl 6 or up and keep vision of him in his jungle and strike him when he is low.

NEVER FIGHT TANKS like Malphite Malphite or Shen Shen. Unless you go BORK blade of ruined king.

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This is my first guide, I hope you all enjoyed it. I may have not of nagged you by writing books on Shaco , but there is only so much you should read and so much you should play :D