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Poppy Build Guide by Argat

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Argat

Poppy-Sure Kill

Argat Last updated on August 14, 2011
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(1)Build published 7/30/2011
(2)Changed the ruins
(3)Added pro picture
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This is definitely a carry build. You will get many kills with this build as long as you have a good laning partner otherwise you are basically screwed. So don't lane with someone like Master Yi or Xin Zhao because you need some kills.

Well then just comment and vote please and thank you!!

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Doran's Shield is one way to start off the game. It is a really nice item to have early game because you can actually get in the fight harass. Then you wont need to worry about health issues.

Now the Boots of Speed with the 2 health pots and mana pot are good to because you CAN harass early game with these because you have the 2 health pots to restore you health and its nice to have the boots at the beginning because you can get you Boots of Swiftness earlier. Also you can then harass and escape with less damage taken because you move faster. The mana pot is useful because you can harass more with abilities because you will have more mana to spare, instead of just getting the Doran's Shield.

Boots of Swiftness are so AWESOME on Poppy there is no boots that are better on her, when you go DPS, especially because later on in the game you will have the speed from the 2 Zeals and then you have her ability Paragon of Demacia. Already with only that ability and the Boots of Swiftness there is no escape for enemies and when your in trouble you can get away easily. You can get other boots like Berserker's Greaves,Ionian Boots of Lucidity,Mercury's Treads, and possibly Boots of Mobility but overall I would pick Boots of Swiftness.

This is by far the easiest item to describe in this build. The main reason you get this item is to make Poppy's Devastating Blow do MASSIVE damage. Plus Sheen is also helpful for the mana because when I play Poppy I run out of mana fast. Sheen also gives a little bit of AP.

Zeals are another amazing item on DPS Poppy. Zeals are such a funny item on Poppy because you get so much movement speed and no one can barely catch you, the only champion that can is Master Yi. Also no one can get away from you that why I call this build 'Sure Kill'. Also Zeals give good attack speed which is nice on Poppy because she attacks pretty slow with out attack speed. That why I get two Zeal for the attack speed and movemenet speed, plus they get build in to some good items later on.

Trinity Force is just plain out necessary on Poppy if you go AD Poppy and you don't have this you messed up :). It is just an all-around amazing item on her.

Not much to talk about this but I like this item on Poppy because of the movement speed and the attack speed. Also the critical strike is nice because you will get Infinity Edge later on.

At this point in the game B.F.Sword is necessary. You NEED this damage so dont get any other items unless its the pickaxe that builds into Infinity Edge or Madred's Bloodrazor. But if you get pickaxe you should build it into IE not Madred's.

Infinity at this point in the game is really helpful because of all the damage and all the crit you have from the Phantom Dancer and Trinity Force.

Bloodthirster is a really nice item because of the stacks on damage and life-steal, which is nice because YOU GET MORE DAMAGE HURRAY!! Also the life-steal is nice so you dont die that easily. Especially when an enemy has Thornmail

Black Cleaver is awesome because it lowers enemy armor and you get lots more damage. Plus you even get more attack speed. So Black Cleaver is a really good all-around item on Poppy. But there is another item that kind of similar in my opinion and you can also get that item, and I will now explain that other item.

Recurve Bow is the first item you should get if you decide to build Madreds Bloodrazor instead of Black Cleaver. Why? Well because it gives a MASSIVE amount of attack speed which can never be bad.

Madred's Bloodrazor is the item i was talking about and it also gives a good amount of attack speed and attack damage. But instead of reducing enemy armor is converts 4% of an enemies maximum health into your damage. So you can get this item when people are building tanky.

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Other Items You May Need

You may need to get this if there are a lot of AP casters that do a lit of damage.

You can get this item too whatever is better suited.

If there are a lot of major DPS on the other team get this item.

You can get this item instead of Guardian Angel. Guardian Angle would probably be better though unless there is someone like Master Yi on the other team.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is definitely a summoner spell that can be used.

Ghost is a good choice of a summoner spell.

Heal is a summoner spell that can be used but not necessary.

Revive is kind of like heal it is not necessary but can be used.

Flash is definitely a summoner that can be used and if you dont go exhaust-ignite on Popppy it should be flash-ingite.

Ignite is one summoner that I always get


Smite is definitely a no and should not be used under any circumstances.

Teleport is an alright summoner spell because you can get to turrets faster but you dont need it because of all the movement speed you have.

Cleanse you do not need if there is a lot of CC on the other team you can pick up a Banshee's Veil.

Fortify is one you should let the support characters or tanks get.

Clarity wouldn't be bad early game but late game you are mostly auto attacking.

Rally is a summoner spell I NEVER get on anyone I play.

Clairvoyance is one that wouldnt be to bad but supports should get it.

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Ranked Play

This is a perfectly good ranked play build. Poppy is my main and I rarely have a bad game with her. The only time I have a terribly bad game is if my team completely blows and feeds the enemy team.

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Early Game

This is the only part of the game I decided to briefly explain because the rest is fairly simple. Early on make sure you try to stay on the sides of enemies. Why? Well because you want them to stay away from you so stay on the side closer to the bushes/brush so that they will be next to the walls. You wan them to be next to the walls so that you can stun then with Heroic Charge and then you use Devastating Blow. Then you wait for your mana to regen for a little bit then you do this again. After you can use a mana potion then you might be able to do that combo one more time.

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Once you have most of your items.

When you have all your items. Or close to having this build complete, you should run around picking people off that are alone for some extra gold. You should do this as much as possible.Why? Well you get more gold and sometimes it makes the enemy team pissed off at each other so when people get mad sometimes, like in my case, they may play worse. Just decided to give you guys that quick tip.

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Team Work

With team work you should try to save anyone you can by stunning enemies as much as possible.
This can be really helpful. And if you need to save some one by jumping in to the fight feel free to just ulti someone that does no damage at all and you will be fine.

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Unique Skills

There is one thing unique I have noticed about Poppy and its happened to me quite a few times.
When you use Heroic Charge you can stun enemies into minions which is cool. I'm not sure if this has been fixed or not.