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Urgot Build Guide by RSG Dyros

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RSG Dyros

[PRE SEASON 7.24] Urgot - General Toplane Guide

RSG Dyros Last updated on December 7, 2017
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Bruiser Build

Urgot Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Press the Attack
Press the Attack
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Tenacity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Zombie Ward
Zombie Ward

+9% attack speed and +10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive

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Threats to Urgot with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Nasus Especially in lane you are a nightmare for him. Poke poke poke and be aggressive when he tries to farm. A 1v1 like that is always favorable for you.
Galio Try to ward well and push him in, he is not that good of a farmer as he was after rework. Make him lose farm and punish when he walks up. Ward well and you should be fine
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Greetings reader!

My name is Dyros and I hereby present you a guide for Urgot. Please note that this guide is completely my own play style and I do not claim this guide to be the best or so in any way. Everyone has their own preferred way of playing and this is mine.

I play him in lane with most of my focus on farm and looking out for engages of my opponent. I play him relatively defensive and wait for my enemy laner to make a mistake, rather than engaging and pressuring lane a lot.

Late I play him as a disruptive bruiser. I try to look for kills with my Fear Beyond Death and try to peel for my ADcarry if necessary. I try to secure kills with my Fear Beyond Death unless I am 100% sure that one of my carrier is able to safely take it. They deal the main damage, not me, you gotta respect that when playing as a team. Late I also tend to avoid all open team-fights but prefer to search for enemies that are out of position. But do note that I always try to stay teamed in case someone does get caught.

Please keep in mind that I want to keep it simple and don't post huge pages full of text. Everything regarding pages and skills has notes, hover over them with your mouse to see my motivations. Basic information about what abilities do can be found when clicking on the champion in your client. This guide is made for people that try to build on basic knowledge that is already there.

Furthermore, I believe that the new runes do quite well on Urgot. Looking at his early potential with Press the Attack. This has a perfect synergy with his Purge, that touches the 3 attack mark relatively easy the moment you are able to cast this ability. This combined with Sudden Impact will definitely result in a scary amount of damage when you hit your Disdain More about this in the rune section. The moment I got more info on how he generally feels I will update this guide. Good luck fellow top laners!

Patch 7.24 did not bring any significant changes to Urgot or this guide. Please do note that with the changes of Bramble Vest (stacking on bonus armor) you do not only want to build Bramble Vest anymore, consider an alternative or build with extra armor in general.

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Pros / Cons

Generally when you want to play Urgot you want to know what you are up against. He can be very dominant but vs. certain champions he can be completely useless. Therefore I also do not recommend him as a blind pick since you are relatively easy counter-picked and are not a flex pick at all.

+ Has great execution power
+ Easily under estimated
+ %Max health damage on AA's
+ Shreds tanks relatively easy
+ If mastered, can provide quite some disruption
+ If mastered, can 'dodge' stuns and snares with E
+ Strong mid-game

- Small mistakes easily punished early
- Will get kited if E misses
- Ult is a relatively hard skill shot
- Loses a lot of value in deep-late
- Item reliant
- Often still seen as a 'troll pick'
- Low natural mobility

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I think that Press the Attack would be the best option for Urgot. Note that the '3 attack rule' applies to Purge. Since it will be a damage meta this will mean hard lane dominance for Urgot since he can proc it so easily.

Triumph and Legend: Tenacity allow you to gain a little more extra benefit from kills in the laning phase. On an average game you will always be able to have at least a few kills with Urgot. Triumph also adds a little extra gold to takedowns and some extra tenacity is always nice since you are a low mobile champion revolving around being mobile.

Coup de Grace makes sure that you take your opponents down a little faster. The faster you get your enemies low, the sooner you can recast your ult for the execute. Often your combo does just enough damage that you can barely actually recast your ult vs bruisers. This runes should enable you to make this road a little less bumpy.

Sudden Impact is really the best option to go with since your all-in with your Disdain and this triggers the effect. There is not much more to say about it, its good, take it :)

For some reason I am also a big fan of the Zombie Ward. Not only does it place a ward when you clear your opponent's, it also replaces your own ward with an extra one once it is expired. Since Urgot is so vulnerable to ganks to really helps with the extended amounts of vision you get from it. Another small benefit is that you can now afford to help to ward your own jungle as well. Potentially foreseeing an enemy invade.

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Flash is without a doubt a must for Urgot. He little mobility and his Disdain] is in fact not a wall-cross. It also enables you to make some unexpected Flash + Disdain plays for some cheeky picks.

Since he already lacks quite some mobility and global presence I would definitely suggest Teleport as a secondary summoner spell. Do keep in mind that his Teleport ganks at bot are relatively easily avoided. The best way to use it is to keep up with levels and farm at top and perhaps for some sneaky split-pushes.

A good alternative for Teleport is Ghost. Do keep in mind that you stick to your team in mid-game if you chose this. You are already a toplaner with little mobility so try to stay grouped and grow from there. Ghost provides you with a lot of mobility in teamfights and allows you to keep up with chases and get to targets in combination with Righteous Glory.

As long as you play Urgot seriously I wouldn't go for any other summoner spells such as heal or barrier. Although Ignite can make you very, very scary in lane vs snowball reliant champions such as Riven, Kayn, Jax or Irelia.

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As always, try to focus on the farm with you AA's and try to poke with your Corrosive Charge this doesn't trigger the enemy minions to attack you and it can be really annoying for your enemy. Also try to keep track of your passive on the legs, if you ignore this it can really mess up your farm or a trade.

when you have all your Echoing Flames up, try to proc one early in the wave. If you wait to last hit you will hit the other 2 minions next to it and will miss them because they were too low. If you proced one, try to remain farming with that side so you don't proc any other. This makes sure that you maximize your damage during unexpected trades. Once the enemy walks up to farm, try to rotate is such a way that you do proc another for it does %-health damage and it really adds up.

Generally, early, you do not want to be the one engaging. Them running away makes you proc no legs and if the jungler comes there is no escape. Try to bait out their engages and Disdain them to your side of the minions. While walking back to your side of the minions use Purge to rotate past them for maximum damage (while walking to safety) and pop a Corrosive Charge to finish it off. If possible you can off course go for the all in by kiting them back to their own side and ult them. Do keep in mind that minion damage adds up and a jungler might destroy your plans.

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Team Work

As mentioned, try to focus in lane on farm so you can roam a bit early. Try to walk with your team since you are easily picked off with your low mobility.

In team fights, try to avoid the first initiation from both teams. All the CC that flies around can shut you down, unable to Purge] or Disdain for safety. Once the tank engaged try to get him off your ADcarry with your Disdain and shred him with Purge. While doing this, try to keep an eye out for the enemy health bars. If possible try to finish one off with your ult. This is easiest when they just flashed away. If not, try to Fear Beyond Death the tank since it kill instant when <25% is left, regardless of health or resistance. After that, proceed the fight as a secondary tank providing disruption for your back line while chasing the enemy.

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Simple Mechanics

The moment a snare, root or stun hits you, do your Disdain. It stops you from starting any abilities but your E will finish its dashing animation. Even though wen stunned. This results in you making a distance and by the time you land from you dash, most stuns are already over. This is especially useful if you want to surprise a twisted fate running at you with a stun card or when you can tell a Sona's Crescendo is coming. Please note that this does not work against displacements/knock-ups such as a Lee Sin Dragon's Rage, Sion's Death Surge or Yasuo's Steel Tempest. The effect will take place at the moment of impact, regardless of the process of your Disdain. Putting in on CD without any benefit for you.

Your Fear Beyond Death slows as well, although it is an execute. If you fire it without any chases of your target becoming lower than 25% health, but a team member will be able to catch up after. It is still worth firing it. This is better than not using it at all and a potential pick running away. A kill is a kill

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Final Notes

As I said, I like to keep it simple. Nobody likes or reads entire pages of text that everyone knows already. I tried only to tell the things that are not always straight forward while learning this unique champion.

I am no pro, I still learn. Feedback is much appreciated and I love a good discussion if any of you disagree on something. Love to hear your thoughts!

Hope to encounter you all at some point on the rift.

Best regards from top,