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Hecarim Build Guide by Fuillerat

[PRE SEASON 8] Hecarim ONE Shoot / new JUNGLE route guide

By Fuillerat | Updated on November 21, 2017

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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Hecarim
    Pony One Shoot
  • LoL Champion: Hecarim
    Move Speed and vision


Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter



LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Current patch 7.23 (Pre-season 8)

Predator got buffed!!! 180-120 seg (1-18) -> 150-100 seg (1-18)
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New Jungle Guide for Pre-Season 8 / Routes

Its not my idea giving you a lot of numbers, this chapter is to tell you about the new Riot changes in the jungle to forget old routes for jungling. We need to learn new routes:


- Gromp 50% less experiencie in the first clear.
- You dont get lvl 2 with raptors at lvl 1.
- Blue golem and Red golem nerfed, lower experience than before.


- Wolves gives you now lvl 2 at lvl 1.

Extra info

- Now every camp counts like 4 minions.


- You get higher experience in the jungle if you are low of farming, so, its time for ganks!!!! and then you go to farm if you fall behind in exp.

NEW JUNGLE ROUTES I RECOMMEND for Good Junglers in early

- BLUE JUNGLE ROUTE: Wolves, Smite Blue golem, Raptors, Smite Red Golem, Scuttler. LVL 4 ROUTE.

- RED JUNGLE ROUTE: Red golem, Raptors, Smite Blue golem. LVL 3 ROUTE.

IMPORTANT Some champs with very fast cleaning need to use the second smite on different buff cause of they clean faster or slower than others.


Im still testing routes but I recommend you do the buff close to your bot lane, in case you start in red, you are gonna run out of mana in some point before blue golem.

- ROUTE 1 WITH HECA - Blue side -> Red golem pulled by bot lane, Smite blue golem, wolves, raptors. Gank, crab, Scuttler or go shopping.

- ROUTE 2 WITH HECA - Blue side -> Wolves, Smite Blue golem, Raptors. LVL 3. Go shopping boots, gank, crab, or wait to smite red golem.

- ROUTE 1 WITH HECA - Red Side -> Blue golem pulled by bot lane, wolves, raptors, Smite red golem. Gank, scuttler, crab + gank or go shopping.

- ROUTE 2 WITH HECA - Red Side -> Smite Red golem, raptors... (testing in progress)

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Runes... and why

Domination + Sorcery = Bonus: +11 Attack Damage or +18 Ability Power (Adaptive). You dont need attack speed because Hecarim works spamming Q Q Q Q Q Rampage.

Gives you E Devastating Charge combo, if you mix predator with your Ghost and E, you get heavy burst damage. This rune set gives you special boots when you buy them.

Because you activate it with your E or your Ultimate Onslaught of Shadows

Adaptative AD/AP after collecting enemies or wards. Build Zombie Ward if you wanna support your team (and yourself) with vision.

If you get many stacks you have map pressure and better Predator, E Devastating Charge, Ghost Combo! !

More movement speed and bonus AD/AP for Hecarim.

Bonus magic damage for one shoot combo / If you usually need extra mana.
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If you get early kills, always, ALWAYS, rush Trinity Force as first item.


+ always, mana regeneration and potions forever.

RUSH to Trinity

Rush the stalker's blade, boots and sheen as soon as possible. Then complete the rush into Trinity. You dont need to upgrade your jungle item with Cinderhulk right now. Stalker gives the final burst you need after your combo also you can slow and finish them.

+ for the first back. Get as soon as posible.
If you want to trade 1 vs 1 vs hard enemies, I recommend instead of Stalker's blade.

BOOTS and Cinderhulk

Finish and your boots, vs heavy AD or heavy AP/CC you need / . If you are ahead and you want more one shoot combo damage, build


It's your core item, 100% of games for this build, Hecarim benefits from all the item stats.
Magic resist, life and cooldown reduction, ignore this item if they haven't any AP champ (this is not usual)
Gives you extra speed and burst damage for your one shoot.
Mostly of your items give you HP so, with Sterak you transform your HP into Damage, and also extra tenacity when you use the passive of the Sterak.

EXTRA INFO ! ! ! !

After Trinity Force, following items may help and modify the final build. Mostly in MID/LATE game.

- If you need magic resist with CC protection: Banshee's Veil
- If you need CC protection without magic resist: Edge of Night
- If the enemy adc / Autoattack champ is feed: Randuin's Omen
- For safety in case you are the only front line: Guardian Angel
- For YOLO when you are ahead: Youmuu's Ghostblade
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Max Q > E > W


- You need early jungle cleaning at the beginning with you Q Rampage
- E Devastating Charge is your second one or mixed up with your Q because E is the reason for this build.

You can also (It's not my style):
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Second early point for E Devastating Charge may help if you clean properly.
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How you use Trinity Force ! !

This chapter is for beginners.

AA = Auto-attack

When you buy Sheen and Trinity Force you have two ways to attack the enemies. Remember the passive of those items. Cause of your AA is constanly charged by your Q Rampage and the rest of skills with extra damage.

- LONG FIGHT / MAX DAMAGE -> Q, AA, W, AA, Q, AA....... use AA between your skills.
- SHORT FIGHT / BURST -> Spam Q and the rest of skills like crazy...... use this when your target is low and you just want to delete him without any chance to escape.
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For this build I recommend Ghost + Smite 95% of games.

- Ghost improves your E Devastating Charge and chasing enemy champs.
- Smite is 100% necessary.

When I run Flash?

- Some people doesnt feel safe without flash, you can escape over the walls with flash and you can last hit that champion flashing over the wall.
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Pros / Cons


+ Burst damage vs squishies.
+ Engage Devastating Charge + disangage Onslaught of Shadows.
+ Beast if you are ahead / Good enough if your team is losing.


- Squishy in early game.
- Mana hungry.
- Hard CC can stop your BIG engage one shoot combo.
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Go to the chapter "New Jungle Guide and Routes" at the beginning if you want the know about the new routes and which one is better for Hecarim.

Hecarim is mana hungry so you have to follow the next rules for jungling:

- Blue Golem is your first camp.
- Red Golem is your first camp only if you receive a good pull and you dont spam your Q Rampage like crazy.

- Try not to spam your Q a lot Rampage when your blue is out to save mana.
- Ask your team to cover buffs vs aggressive junglers because Hecarim is squishy on early game.


- Active your W Spirit of Dread for healing in camps with many monsters.
- Raptors are very easy for cleaning, try to counterjungle this camp to the enemy jungler.
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Ganks pre-season 8

All you need to know is:

- Devastating Charge and Onslaught of Shadows are very easy skills but you have to know them very well, so pay attention because sometimes Devastating Charge can save the enemy.

- When you active the Predator boots mixed with E Devastating Charge + Ghost + extra Movement speed out of combat + Trinity Force passive buff + Dead Man's Plate + Sterak's Gage also your Stalker's Blade YOU INSTA DELETE any squishy champ.


Be carefoul, any damage/enemy skill taken cancel your extra movement speed. And hard CC like Annie, Leona, Janna, Morgana, Syndra, etc. stuns stop you completly. BE AWARE!! USE Banshee's Veil or Edge of Night to avoid the stuns.