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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stealth Ops


Stealth Ops Last updated on October 27, 2011
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Okay... I know there are more than 6 final items in the build above, there is a reason for this. I put them there because they are situational items depending on the team you are against.

NOTE: I know the The Black Cleaver is before the Sheen I have only done this because I myself usually get fed enough to get the The Black Cleaver fast enough to get the Sheen afterwards.

The 8 means that the items above and below the 8 are innerchangeable depending on the enemy team.

Mercury's Treads - Buy if against a lot of CC or heavy AP
Ninja Tabi - Buy if against a lot of AD

Chain Vest - Buy if against a heavy AD team; you are working toward Randuin's Omen
Negatron Cloak - Buy if against a heavy AP team; you are working toward Force of Nature

Randuin's Omen - If you bought Chain Vest buy this instead of Force of Nature
Force of Nature - If you bought Negatron Cloak buy this instead of Randuin's Omen

Warmog's Armor - This item is great for survivability if you are already fed.
Warmog's Armor can be changed to any item that you or your team is needing; AN EXAMPLE is if your team needs some extra movement for chasing or in initiation then grab Shurelya's Reverie

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Yes, the build has too many items- please read the introduction if you are lost :).

Guardian Angel - has great survivability and is phenomenal for late game.

Trinity Force - great all around item.


Frozen Heart - Phenomenal item when against heavy AD/attack speed team. The CDR is good as well.

Frozen Mallet - Need some extra health/slow and damage? This is your item.

Banshee's Veil - Is good for many many many things. Good amount of MR/Negates an attack such as Requiem/Health and Mana.

Last Whisper - against a VERY HEAVY armor team? -not a highly recommended item for Irelia.

Sunfire Cape - not getting focused a lot and have long team fights, grab this item.

Hextech Gunblade - I personally have yet to buy this item with Irelia but I have seen many use it well for slowing an enemy down with it's activation. The damage and LS/SV doesn't hurt either :).

Atma's Impaler - you have grabbed one or two items with health, get this. Make sure to get Atma's Impaler AFTER you have bought one to two items with health (not including Tri-Force), don't plan to buy this before HP items.

Youmouu's Ghostblade - is one of my favorite items and now that Irelia 's Q is Physical Damage this is a viable item. It's activation is a plus for fleeing, chasing, and bursting.

There are many other situational items that can be used to assist your team towards victory! Good off-tanks control games!

OH and... if you have some extra gold wards are extremely helpful-trust awareness!

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The runes are just basic AD/Defensive runes. You can use any runes you like. I am just giving basic rune usage.

Possible Changes

Set 1; - Balanced offensive glyph set.
Glyphs: 9 Cooldown Reduction
Marks: 9 Armor Penenetration
Seals: 9 Attack Speed
Quintessences: 3 Armor Penetration

Set 2; - This set could be very good for early game if you get Hiten Style and lane with a champion who has level one capable Crowd Control (CC).
Glyphs: 9 Attack Speed
Marks: 9 Armor Penetration
Seals: 9 Attack Speed
Quintessences: 3 Attack Speed

Set 3; - Survival set; it's great for early game
Glyphs: 4 .54 Health per level / 5 .31 Mana regen per 5 seconds
Marks: 9 .54 Health per level
Seals: 9 .75% Dodge
Quintessences: 3 +26 Health

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Team Work


99% of losses are because there is much lack of teamwork. Almost any team can come back and win if they stop and think of a way to counter the enemy, buy the correct items to counter the enemy, and farm when possible (even the jungle). Make sure that you or your team (particularly the support or tank) wards parts of your own jungle because many players that you face will make their way to your jungle.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite - Great for many situations such as: Ganking/Finishing a kill/Negating Healing
Ghost - Escape/Chase/Initiate/Pushing/Saving

Optional summoner spells are:
Exhaust - Great for shutting down carries or ganking/escaping.
Flash - Same list as Ghost yet Ghost last longer but does not provide an initial 'get away' like flash does
Teleport - Irelia is everywhere! "OH NOES!"
Cleanse - Great for getting out of Crowd Control (CC) (basically you cannot be stopped when you have the ability to use it)
Smite - This is if you decide to jungle.

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I made this guide rather fast. This guide is to help those who need guidance in their item build for certain enemy teams. Now... GO out fellow summoners and win you and your team some games! But remember, WORK TOGETHER, COMMUNICATE, EXECUTE!


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