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Nami Build Guide by Llaera

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Llaera

Private Nami guide

Llaera Last updated on March 31, 2013
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Nami Build

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This is just a simple guide I created for myself to remember some little tips and tricks. It's also a work in progress. If you happen to stumble across this don't use it as a full guide!

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Early game


- to land Q either harass adc with w and stun them as they move away OR stun them when trying to last hit
- autoattack! Twice as important if you have the pickpocket mastery. 1 AA every 10 secs is worth as much as 3 quintessences of gold
- exhaust is also great to land a q


- get vision wards. Destroying their ward = 75 gold, your vision = 75 gold, destroying their ward = 25 gold; already pays back more than buying a vision ward costs (not to mention the free ganks!)
- if opponents get sight-stone maybe change tactic. sightstone wards are cheap to replace. Only keep buying vision wards if your jungler is ganking well
- To check if a bush is warded simply stand in it when enemy minions approach. If it is warded, they will attack you.
- if your opponents are buying vision wards do the same, but try to ward right after they do. Destroying their vision ward already makes it the money worth. However, before you do that you should buy the sight-stone item. You still need wards to check bushes and don't want to waste your vision wards for that
- keep track of their warding. done. (maybe use an app)

Skill awareness

- check the cooldowns and manacosts of your opponents spells, especially if they have stuns like taric
- it's worth using an ulti just for burning a summoner-spell, since cooldowns are much higher