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Thresh Build Guide by Intackes

Support Protect. Harass. Dominate

Support Protect. Harass. Dominate

Updated on February 1, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Intackes Build Guide By Intackes 22,172 Views 5 Comments
22,172 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Intackes Thresh Build Guide By Intackes Updated on February 1, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Thresh - The Chain Warden

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Hello guys my Name is Intackes (Summoner Name: Good Guy Support) and i play on EUW. As a main support and a main Thresh, I thought of making a guide to help out some guys who are new to Thresh :). In Season IV i ended in Silver I but right now i am Gold III with the goal to Platinum. My Ranked MMR is about Gold III to Platinum IV (I play a lot of DuoQ so i can't really say my exact MMR).

My Stats:

My Stats with Thresh:

Here you can see my Champion Stats
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The Champion

Thresh is a twisted reaper whose hungry chains ensnare the souls of the living. A moment's hesitation at the sight of his ghostly visage and there is no escape. He leaves in his wake hollow corpses, their souls ripped loose and trapped in the sickly green light of his lantern. The Chain Warden takes sadistic joy in tormenting his victims, both before and after their deaths. His grim task is never complete, and he stalks the land for ever more resolute spirits to unravel.
"There are few things as invigorating as taking a mind apart, piece by piece."
― Thresh
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Thresh's Passive ( Damnation) is a stacking Passive.
He collects the souls of Cannon Minions or Enemie Champions. For each soul you get 0.75 AP and Armor

The "Q" ( Death Sentence) throws his scythe. If he hits a champion he can press "Q" a second time to jump to the enemy
Cooldown is reduced by 3 second if he hits an enemy

Thresh's "W" ( Dark Passage) is the lantern. Thresh and allies nearby gain a shield that holds for 4 seconds. The lantern can be clicked and the player will be pulled to Thresh

His "E" ( Flay) has a passive and an active.
Passive: His next auto attack deals bonus magic damage based on how much souls he has and the time since he has hit the last auto attack
Active:Thresh sweeps his chain in a broad line towards a target direction. Enemies hit take magic damage, are knocked in the same direction as the chains, and are slowed afterwards for 1 second.

The Ulti ( The Box) creates (like the ability name says) a box that has 5 walls.
If an enemy hits a wall he gets slowed by 99% for 2 seconds.But one enemy can't get hit by multiple walls
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Pros / Cons

+ Pros
+ Good engage
+ Can peel very well
+ Strong "E"
+ High Utility
- Cons
- Hard to master
- Ult can be flashed
- Relies on Death Sentence
- Dark Passage can be body blocked
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Thresh has a strong Level 2. If you get Level 2 first, you can easily engage, but you have to be careful if you are playing against an Alistar or a similar champion.
He can kick you easily into the tower (if he's good).
Normally if you can't get the first Blood, you are able to make a enemy use a summoner spell, even if it's just the exhaust of the Support or the heal of the ADC, it's something that can help you to win the lane.
Not becoming Level 2 first is not a tragedy, your " Flay" (E) can deny a engage easily without wasting any Summoners.
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Why I use Flash?
Flash is very useful to make for example a flash hook or even a flash flay.
Also it can be used to flash over the wall. Afterwards you give your adc the lantern to escape

Example Flash Lantern

Exhaust is really strong against ADC's (except casters like Ezreal), it reduces the Attack Damage by 40%. The slow caused by exhaust is a pretty side effect :). Because of the steal of the Resistance, you deal the ADC even more Damage
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I really recommend using these Masteries, it has two important things which a good Thresh needs, defense and utility. You are tanky enough for the laning phase and you have enough Utility, so you are not behind with the items. I don't really have to explain the points in the Defense Tree because they explain themselves. The Mastery Scavenger will give you 1 Gold everytime your ADC kills a minion. Meditation will give you the Mana you need, so you don't run out of Mana too fast. I've put a point in Inspiration so you don't fall behind in leveling.
The Mastery Culinary Master can help you in very tricky situations or it can help out with the Mana (even if it's not much). Fleet of Foot is a good Mastery on Thresh for chasing or running away. This is the reason why i also like to buy Mobility Boots. Alchemist reduces the cool down of your Summoner Spells, which is very effective in connection with exhaust. Intelligence is useful in combination with your Death Sentence and all the Items you'll buy. Last but not least the Point Wanderer . This can help you to roam a little bit or for example if an ally is split pushing and the enemy is going to stop him. You will easily walk to your teammate and help him out
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

These are the rune that i recommend to use.
There are more armor runes ( Greater Seal of Armor, Greater Mark of Armor) than Greater Glyph of Magic Resist rune because of the damage that the adc can deal.
Normally the support does damage but it isn't that much
Also the Greater Quintessence of Health make you a little tanky aswell.
You can put in Greater Quintessence of Gold but i don't really like so this is your choice
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I prefer maxing firstly the "E" because of the passive of( Flay). You can deal some damage in the Lane and harass the enemy ADC.
Secondly i max the "Q"( Death Sentence). With the cooldown reduction you will can hook shortly after you hooked someone
I don't recommend maxing the "W" ( Dark Passage) just because of the shield. The shield won't be strong enough in the lane. Only in Late Game the combination of Face of the Mountain and Locket of the Iron Solari (if bought) can be very useful to save somebody.But this is your opinion if you want to max the "W" ( Dark Passage) before the "Q" ( Death Sentence).
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face of the mountain Face of the Mountain has a really strong passive, the shield.
It not only gives your mates sustain and helps them to survive, it also deals some nice amount of damage.

A Sightstone is a must-have item on a Supporter. Warding can prevent your and the ADC's death.

With Randuins Omen you are able to tank some damage dealt to you. But most importantly this item has a slow, so casing enemies gets very easy.

Mikael's is always good if the opponent has much CC like Morgana or Leona.
It also has a heal that can help as well.

For this Item i can only say: OP SHIELD. It gives you and your nearby allies magic resistance.

I always prefer these boots as a Thresh, they give you a nice amount of mobility.
Sometimes I also like to play with Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

The Upgraded Sweeper can be really useful if you are playing against champions that can go into stealth, because the sweeper will reveal them. And of course it's very useful for clearing up wards placed by enemies.
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= Very Easy
= Easy
= Medium
= Difficult
= Very Difficult


Miss Fortune
Ashe has her very strong Ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow and has 2 slows but still has no escape. So with Thresh this matchup should be easy Varus only has his Chain of Corruption. So his variety of CC is really low.He only has a slow ( Hail of Arrows). It's the same like Ashe and Varus. She has no escape but she does some damage with her Impure Shots. You can use the lack of CC for your advantage. Has no escape. But the slow Zap! and the triple stun Flame Chompers!. Also she can harass well with the Switcheroo!. Try always to harass her. Not the other way round.
Kog'Maw is similar to Varus and Jinx. He can poke you, because of the Bio-Arcane Barrage. Still has only a slow Void Ooze and no other escape "possibility". Corki got nerfed in the latest patch. He still got his Valkyrie to escape easily. You can still deny it with your Flay. But this is not so easy as it might look. Long range and her stun Yordle Snap Trap(So be careful while walking into bushes. When they have much CC like Leona). Also has a slow/dash 90 Caliber Net. Very Strong because of Spinning Axe. Blood Rush gives him a high mobility and has a good deny for engages Stand Aside.Still no escape so this matchup should be easy
Graves is very hard matchup. He is currently a really powerful ADC. His burst of Buckshot and Collateral Damage is incredible.His Quickdraw aswell with Cooldown reduction on AAs. Kalista hasn't much CC only her Rend to slow you. But i think this matchup shouldn't be that easy, because she can jump every AA . You can only predict where she could jump. Vayne can do a lot of damage with her Silver Bolts. She also can make herself invisible with Final Hour. But still her tumble is easy to hit the hook. This matchup should be medium Tristana was nerfed so her damage isn't quite that problem. It's more because of her Rocket Jump. This This matchup should be like Corki's. You can deny it with Flay. Her ultimate Buster Shot can be problem for Thresh.
Good poking in Lane (thanks to his Mystic Shot). If not too behind he can burst like graves with his Trueshot Barrage. The biggest problem would be the Arcane Shift. Only prediction can help to win this lane. I've given Sivir Medium because she has high damage. The only problem will be her "E" ( Spell Shield). It denies the hook not like Morganas Black Shield. Her ability still lets you jump to the target (Sivir doesn't). Not a really good to play aginst Thresh. Doesn't deal a lot of damage. And her jump Vault can be easily denied with Flay. She can be only be annoying with her Blinding Assault. Can't tell much about Urgot. No escape possiblites. His damage is ok but i wouldn't consider him as an ADC, because you play more like an Offtank.
Twitch is a little bit like Sivir. It's not that she doesn't do damage. It's more his "Q" Ambush that can be a challenge. If you aren't that good this will be miracle to land the hook. But his Poison Deadly Venom is annoying aswell.


Leona is a middle matchup. Even though you can deny her Zenith Blade. Pre 6 this is a easy Matchup, but after 6 six her Solar Flare is a lot stronger then your Ult. Try to win your lane before you get the Ult so you don't fall back in late game. Blitzcrank should be a very easy matchup. If he uses his Rocket Grab you can throw a lantern. Except you fail it. Be careful, because it can be body blocked as i mentioned in Pro's/Con's. Still he has almost no peel potential. Or something to save his ADC Nami has a strong poking potential. But in the lane she only has her Aqua Prison as CC. One problem could be her "E" Tidecaller's Blessing, because this can sometimes make a turnaround. Does have a lot of disengage but isn't really strong in the current Meta (at least i think so). So if the ADC isn't that hard to catch this matchup should be easy. If the ADC has escape i would say middle. Eye Of The Storm is a good trade method so be aware.

(Rest in Progress)
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Finally i want to say "Thank You" that you have read my guide. Hopefully I was able to help you :).

This is one of my first Guides and i have put a lot of work in it so i would appreciate if you would leave a comment or a vote.

Thanks to TheUnknowndon2 for helping me with the guide.
And emoriam,jmirsk and Vynertje for their helpful comments

- Intackes
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- Release of the Guide
- Added the "Laning" Chapter
- Edited the Chapters
- Added the Chapters "Abilites" /"The Champion"
- Rune changes
- Added the Chapter "Runes"
- Edited some points
- Masteries Change
- Point "The Champion" changed
- Added the Video Example Flash Lantern
- Added the Chapter "Matchups"
- Caitlyn, Corki and Draven added to "Matchups"
- Graves aswell
- Kalista and Vayne added to "Matchups"
- Tristana and Ezreal added to "Matchups"
- Sivir, Quinn and Urgot added to "Matchups"
- Twitch aswell
- Section Support in "Matchups"
- Added Leona and Blitzcrank to "Matchups"
- Added Nami to "Matchups"
- Added Janna to "Matchups"
- Introduction changes

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