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Kennen Build Guide by Vuliev

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vuliev


Vuliev Last updated on June 14, 2011
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AP Support


Pseudo-Hybrid Carry

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This my take on a champion adored by his fans and absolutely loathed by his enemies. ;)

Kennen is, in my opinion, one of the most rewarding and fulfilling characters in League of Legends, by virtue of his power, his fairly intuitive play, and his beast breakdancing skills.

There are two guides in here, each with their own build: the main guide, intended for those just starting to learn Kennen, and an advanced guide for those who understand Kennen and want to sharpen their game. The main guide focuses on AP and Kennen's wonderful area-of-effect support, and the advanced guide focuses on a hybrid Kennen designed to greatly improve his power as a carry while sacrificing as little of his support as possible.

Please comment and vote!

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4/04/11: Removed Will of the Ancients from AP Support items because it's bad news bears for AOE spells. :(

5/2/11: Updated the Masteries to reflect my change of preference, and updated Tips/Tactics to cover Flash/Maelstrom more in-depth.

5/3/11: Some cleanup, and expanded the Pseudo-Hybrid items, tentatively re-adding Will of the Ancients.

6/14/11: Added my preferred build to the Carry side.

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Pros / Cons

Excellent early game harassment
Can sprint like a boss
Can farm like a boss
Can mid/endgame carry like a boss
Can completely reverse the direction of a team fight (and wreck enemy morale in the process)
Breakdances like a boss!

Can be squishy even into late game, and susceptibility to crowd control exacerbates this
Aggressive Kennen play is brutally punished if the other team has two brain cells to rub together
Once you're rolling, the enemy team will often focus you down whenever they see you

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is a great spell, one that I use more or less on every champion. With Kennen, Ghost combos with Lightning Rush to let him tear across the map with insane speed, enabling you to dash into that team fight (or get the hell out of there when things go bad.) If you're under level 30, you should ALWAYS get the mastery point in Haste when using Ghost--that extra speed and duration makes an enormous difference.

I've seen several Kennen guides that say "you already have Lightning Rush, you don't need Ghost!" I cannot stress enough how misguided of an assumption this is. Ghost lasts almost four times as long as Rush, and while the boost isn't as large, the longer duration more than compensates. Rush, on the other hand, lasts for four seconds and has a fairly lengthy cooldown for an ability. As I said, Ghost plus Rush gives Kennen massive sprinting capability, which is why it's (in my mind) a must-have for every Kennen player.

AP Support
I highly recommend this spell because it will help you ease into his squishy-ness (if you're not used to squishy champions) and because your lane partner will love it when you keep them alive with this.

It's more debatable for you guys. Until recently, I used Heal because it let me lane longer in mid, helped me bait enemies into overextending, and most importantly, saved my team from losing a fight on many occasions. That last reason is why I recommend it for newer Kennen carries. Now, if your team already has a couple people with heals, by all means switch to another spell (one appropriate for Kennen, of course :P).

What I've found is that many people prefer either Flash or Ghost, regardless of champion. Flash is definitely useful, allowing you to pop into the jungle and sprint away from enemies, or pop behind a turret to get that last hit in on an enemy champion.

AP Support
I don't like it because the cooldown is longer than Ghost's, and it doesn't let me sprint into team fights when I'm across the map clearing minions. I recommend either sticking with Ghost or swapping Heal with Flash.

If you want to use this, I definitely recommend using it alongside Ghost. Flash is very effective at giving you the distance you need to sprint away with Ghost and Lightning Rush, and it's also amazing at countering an enemy that's flashed out of your Slicing Maelstrom.

I switched to Flash a couple months ago (Mar 2011), and was very pleased at the results. A Flashed Slicing Maelstrom is incredibly effective, and, from personal experience of having it used against me, it scares the bajeezus out of your opponents. I'll go more into the particulars of this maneuver later, but if you've got experience with carrying using Heal, definitely try Flash and see how it goes.

Flash will usually let you avoid the amount of crowd control that Cleanse removes, and more often than not, Ghost/Rush will let you run away from it. It's still useful, though, so give it a whirl if you want.

I've taken to using Cleanse/Flash now, and while there are times that I wish I had Ghost, it makes my early laning against CC a breeze. One game in particular was against a Fiddle, and every time he feared me I'd Cleanse and then punish him for fearing me.

As for the other spells you might consider, just no.
- Teleport has a huge cooldown compared to Ghost, and you're fast enough that you won't need it to get back to your lane. While it's strictly faster than Ghost when it comes to getting to a team fight, it's more or less a warning siren saying KENNEN IS COMING, EITHER GTFO OR BE PREPARED TO STUN THE EVERLOVING BAJEEZUS OUT OF HIM IF YOU WANT TO LIVE. Better to have the complete drop on a team at the expense of a few extra seconds of travel time.

- Exhaust is, in the end, worse for Kennen than Heal. At best, it'll let you get that last hit in (which is why we have Ghost/ Flash and Lightning Rush), and at worst, you're prolonging your death without the benefit of healing yourself.

- Ignite is generally a good spell, but on Kennen it's more of a hindrance. Usually, you'd take Ignite to take advantage of Burning Embers and maybe get that 100HP runner, but you're displacing a spell (regardless of whether it's Ghost, Heal, or Flash) that's often crucial to your survival. Ignite is best on hard carries and tanks, and we're neither of those. Don't take Ignite.

- It should be pretty obvious why you shouldn't take the other spells, but feel free to ask in the comments anyway if you're genuinely unsure as to why.

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Every bit of magic pierce helps, as I'll explain in the Core Items section.

Scaling AP helps give your abilities more punch late game, which is especially important for the pseudo-hybrid because you don't have as much AP from items.

These are for our early game, increasing our harassment potential.

Greater Seal of Defense
I ran some numbers, and these won out over Greater Seal of Vitality in every case. More armor means more damage they have to do--each Defense seal gives us effectively +2.7% of our base health against physical, nearly twice as much as Vitality seals do. I know that people will have armor penetration, but having more armor means that they'll have to pierce more, once again winning out over Vitality seals.

Unfortunately, these runes are completely shafted by heavy AP teams, defending you really only against Lich Bane procs. While you have no means of knowing the enemy team composition beforehand, most teams will try to have a balance between physical and AP, so Defense seals should still benefit you more than Vitality in the long run. I'll try and collect some data to get a more definitive answer.

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Archmage's Savvy , because every bit of AP helps
Deadliness , so I can get to the next tier
Sorcery, letting me get more stuns out with my abilities
Archaic Knowledge , because every bit of magic pierce helps

Mender's Faith , to let me use Heal more (obviously, don't get this if you don't use Heal.)
Everything else in this tree is geared toward maxing out your survivability. The point in Evasion is simply to get to the later-tier masteries; I tried going a few games with the usual 4 Evasion/1 Nimbleness and didn't see a single dodge. Not one. Don't put your points in these masteries--you want every bit of damage reduction you can get.

The Defensive Mastery mastery is great for your mid-game farming, since there are many times where you'll draw aggro on an entire wave, and taking 2 less damage from about 20-30 attacks is well worth it.

Recommended Progression For Defense (Points 11-23)
1) Alternate Resistance/Hardiness
2) Mender's Faith
3) Evasion (1 point)
4) Harden Skin
5) Defensive Mastery

1 Point in Haste , because it makes Ghost that much more awesome

A couple of tips for those players under level 11:
Focus on your Offense first; those nine points will stay there even until level 30.
Make sure you get Haste as soon as Offense is done.

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What the hell does pseudo-hybrid mean??

Up to a few weeks ago, I followed the build I've labeled as "AP Support," focusing on getting as much damage out of Kennen's abilities as possible. It worked (and still works) well, though there were times I felt a little lackluster, times where I wish I'd had another charged passive of Electrical Surge but didn't.

I came up with the Kennen pseudo-hybrid on an in-game burst of curiosity, and to my surprise it was incredibly effective. I'd followed the usual AP build, but decided I wanted just a little more attack speed to charge Surge faster. I went for Nashor's Tooth, starting with Stinger, and was blown away at how much easier it was to charge and land stuns. I realized that the massive boost to AS, landing me at about 1.43, would go very well with a Frozen Mallet, so I bought one--and it was GLORIOUS.

So, a tl;dr definition:
(Kennen) pseudo-hybrid: a build that focuses on AP until mid-game, then follows a AP/AS hybrid-carry path. Uses Frozen Mallet, an item mostly seen on harder AD ranged carries.

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Core Items

Main Idea
Kennen's abilities, being either highly spammable ( Thundering Shuriken) or area-of-effect (everything else), naturally have fairly poor AP scaling. On casters like Kennen, the easy mistake to make is to just grab all the flat AP you can--and what ends up happening is that you end up wasting a huge chunk of that AP on the enemy's magic resistance. I believe I've found a good balance between AP and MP on Kennen, and that's the idea behind this core set of items. These are items that both tracks should start with, without question.

Doran's Shield is especially important for those new to Kennen because it provides a wonderful amount of early game (well, tbh, entire game) survivability. Health, armor, and health regen are very important for you, since you generally need to lane for a while early game. I invariably keep my Doran's until I'm ready to buy my 6th item, and that rarely happens.

Kennen thrives on magic penetration, and Sorcerer's Shoes provide a good amount of it.

Situational Option: Mercury's Treads
Mercury's Treads are for when you play against either magic-heavy or CC-heavy teams, since they usually don't stack MR at all. If a CC (but not Magic) heavy team has more than 45-55 MR on average, stick with Sorcerer's boots (or switch back once you have the money) since the more important thing to focus on is dealing as much damage as you can with your abilities.

As I've said, Kennen needs and loves magic pierce. Abyssal Scepter is better than that--it gives a MR reduction aura! The 57MR is just a wonderful bonus. Since your Slicing Maelstrom is centered on you, having Abyssal Scepter alongside the Shoes and magic pierce Marks means that you're dealing close to full damage with your ultimate and subsequent abilities.

I went and found the range of the Scepter's debuff aura, and guess what: it's 1000, or greater range than all of your abilities. To me, that means that Abyssal Scepter is a no-questions must on Kennen.

This is the most ballingest caster item in the game, especially for manaless casters. 155 flat AP, plus that overall 30% boost to AP, lets you hit like a train during mid-game.

Never go on to the next items until you have finished these--they're very important to how both the AP Support and Pseudo-Hybrid play.

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Why isn't Rylai's in your Core Build?

This is a major bone of contention between me and just about every player that I talk to, even ones that haven't ever played Kennen. It's not that Rylai's is bad; far from it, actually. My ire is drawn when it's placed second or third in Kennen's core build. In my experience, that priority that Rylai's receives is wholly undeserved, and it only serves to cripple your mid-game damage output compared to my core build.

The Slow
The slow is usually the first thing I hear when asking about Rylai's. Here's why the slow is not a good reason to rush Rylai's:
- 1.5s 15% slow for multi-target spells
THREE OF YOUR FOUR SPELLS ARE MULTI-TARGET. A 15% slow is pitiful--almost every other slow in the game does more. Moreover, why slow when you can stun-lock? The only people I have a problem chasing are Nunu, Singed, and maybe Trundle, and guess what--each of them has a 50% or greater slow, and each of those last FAR longer than Rylai's.

The Health
One of my friends is absolutely adamant that every champion should by a health item, and he's right (mostly). Again, that's not the issue--it's the priority that said health item recieves. The 1110g spent on Giant's Belt is far better spent on maximizing your mid-game damage output through Rabadon's Deathcap, and wrecking the enemy team in mid-game is worth a hell of a lot more than 500 health.

The other side of the health issue: in my experience, just stacking health is almost useless without the resistances to back it up--that's why I have scaling armor runes, MR items, and an entire Defense tree to back up my Frozen Mallet.

So, you'll see Rylai's in the Situational Items for the AP Support, since it is a good item and definitely worth considering as your 5th or 6th item, but not before.

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Items: AP Support

The actual purchase order of these is very flexible, and will often depend on what you want/need once the core is done. I'll provide some tips on that in the Game Progression section.

Lich Bane is a wonderful item on many AP champs, and Kennen is no exception. With this build path, you'll end up with 600ish AP, so Lich Bane's unique passive alone makes this item worth buying. Add in some survivability and move speed on top of its 80AP, and Lich Bane will let you tear apart enemy turrets (not to mention enemies) without trying.

The Hourglass is Rabadon's partner in destruction--100AP is huge. The armor gives your survivability a huge boost, and the active is amazing--don't forget about it! Keep in mind that since your ultimate isn't channeled, you can pop the Maelstrom, then activate Zhonya's to make sure you don't get focused down.

Situational Items

Void Staff is great against teams that are smart enough to stack some MR against you. A good rule of thumb to decide whether or not to buy it: if more than 3 enemies (2, if they're harder tanks like Rammus or Mordekaiser) have 70-90MR, buy it. Otherwise, your Shoes, Scepter, and Marks should be enough.

Snowball items are always high-risk, high reward. I strongly suggest playing with Kennen for a good while before trying Mejai's, but you should ultimately try it. A rule of thumb on using Mejai's: if you can't stay above 7-8 stacks, swap it out for something else as soon as possible. The worst thing you can do is hold on to it, hoping that "you'll get more assists/kills later, I just need some more time!"

As I promised, here it is. Again, the slows aren't that much, unless you can hit every Shuriken you throw, but it will certainly help your team clean up the enemy if a few of them get away with low health.

Note: I've seen a few Kennens make an early Rylai's useful by quickly charging a Mejai's Soulstealer. You need roughly 8-10 stacks to justify getting the Rylai's, but it definitely works. I don't recommend this for you AP Support guys because it depends on getting a snowball item half-charged within the first 20 minutes or so, but for those of you up to the challenge, give it a whirl.

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Items: Pseudo-Hybrid Carry

Since it gives AP, AS, and CDR, it's a great item for filling almost every role you could want on Kennen. That AS really helps charge Kennen's passive, letting you stun quicker and more reliably, and should you get Lich Bane as your last item, it'll help you land that proc faster. Always get Stinger first--you need the AS and CDR more than AP.

This is my answer to Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Mallet has more health and a much better and more consistent slow even without Nashor's. That said, only get Mallet if you have Nashor's--you want the attack speed of Nashor's before the health of Frozen Mallet, and that extra attack speed really brings out the slow and extra AD that Mallet gives.

The Gunblade is a wonderful item for any AP/AD champion, and it's a wonderful last item for the pseudo-hybrid. The AP is nice, and the damage/lifesteal help us make the most of Nashor's AS boost. The spell vamp rounds us out the hybrid-ness, and we end up with significant staying power in team fights.

Situational Items

As I said for the APs, this plus Rabadon's turns you into a devastating AOE nuke. If you haven't had much trouble staying alive, but feel like your teamfight damage output is a little lackluster, get this after Nashor's Tooth. Personally, I've recently started getting Zhonya's for that exact reason, and it's worked out well.

I haven't yet tested this, but it seems to me that you could swap Mallet for Will of the Ancients or rush the Gunblade and end up with enough spell vamp to actually benefit from it. Now, I have a feeling that it would only be worth it if you were able to get both Will and the Gunblade (or, if you're really fed, double Gunblades), but I'm not quite sure. If anyone feels like trying this, please let me know your results! I'll be sure to test it myself.

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Skill Sequence

The main idea for both styles is to maximize your damage output at every moment in game, and that's achieved by the sequences shown in the summaries. For early game (level 1-6), we get get one point in everything to make sure we can run, harass, and combo off on an overextended champion. We go for 3 points in Thundering Shuriken to maximize harassment potential, since Kennen is godlike at it in the early game.

After level 6, we alternate between Electrical Surge and Lightning Rush to maximize our effectiveness in team fights. Making sure we can do as much damage as possible to as many enemies as possible is crucial to your success as either the Carry or AP Support, as I'll explain later.

AP Support
Once you have your ultimate, you want to max out your AOE skills, as your job is to come into a team fight after the first round of disables and wreck everything.

Once you have 3 points in your main skills, you want to level them evenly to make sure you can not only do significant damage in team fight but also chase down and kill low-HP runners.

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General Skill Use



Something many players, new or experienced, may not realize is that Shift+Q/W/E/R will use that ability on its current target. For skill shots, it fires the shot at your cursor. I abuse Shift+Q with Thundering Shuriken. If you master this, it will greatly improve your deadliness with Kennen. It's faster than aim-clicking, and you'll have faster and more accurate reactions during your harassing, which leads to more damage, see where this is going. I highly, highly recommend developing this skill, especially if you want Kennen as your main.

Something that Trojan995 recommended was actually binding q itself to Smart Cast (i.e. Shift-Q), and I have to say that it's a lot better than actually using Shift-Q. Definitely use the default Shift-Q first, then switch your key bindings. It's awesome. :D

Basically, you should be using this whenever you're just moving around the map. It's a massive (albeit temporary) speed boost, and lets you get everywhere faster. When running to team fights, though, keep an eye on both your energy and Rush's cooldown. Rush needs to be ready once you get to the fight, and you need enough energy to drop Surge, Rush, and Maelstrom one right after the other.

Something that I haven't really seen brought up in any Kennen guide is the boost to armor and MR that Rush gives you (10/20/30/40/50 each!) If you ever get snared, pop Lightning Rush immediately, especially if you're about to get focus-fired. Rush's speed boost will last a couple seconds longer than the snare, and the damage that it shields will keep you alive longer to Ghost + Rush out of there. This only works for snares, though, so watch out for suppression/stuns and avoid them.

Using this is fairly easy to pick up. When harassing, use it whenever you can get another mark on an enemy, especially if it'll land a stun. The range on Surge is key, though, allowing you to automatically land Marks on every Marked unit in range. Kennen needs to stay at range to survive.

In a team fight, Rush in, Maelstrom, WAIT UNTIL YOU'VE LANDED A STUN AND ANOTHER MARK ON MULTIPLE CHAMPS, then Surge. I cannot emphasize how important it is to wait on that Surge. If you do it too early, you risk missing extra marks/stuns which could determine how many champions, allied or not, die in that fight. Once the enemy team is running, chuck Shurikens to stun runners and rack up more assists/kills.

In team fights, Maelstrom is excellent--it deals a ton of damage, makes lots of noise and confusion, the works. But bear in mind that using it on a single enemy can be beneficial. You'll often land a stun in under a second, with a second waiting on another Shuriken. You can use this offensively and defensively; stun-locking is wonderful for both escaping from a persistent enemy and keeping an enemy from running.

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- Stay ranged as much as possible. Be very careful about overextending with Lightning Rush; it's a great farming tool, but you never want to be caught without it ready to use.

- Farm as much as you can. Much of the success of this build comes from Kennen's ability to stay ahead of the enemy in income, so go clear minion waves whenever you have a chance.

- Whenever you have a charged Electrical Surge passive, try as hard as you can to land it on an enemy champion and immediately cast Surge. This is especially important during early game since its a potent harassment tool.
One of my favorite things to do with Electrical Surge early game is land the Mark from its passive, hang back a bit, and then Lightning Rush into the first few enemy creeps and cast Surge to land a second Mark on my target. This easy little maneuver does considerable damage and will piss your target off to no end, especially if you can follow it up with a third Mark into a stun.

- Heal will keep you and your team alive. It can single-handedly turn the tide of a team fight; make sure you snag as much of your team as possible with it. DO NOT Heal champs like Dr. Mundo, Vladimir, or other champs heavily reliant on lifesteal/heath regen--it will KILL THEM by obliterating their healing output.

- Flash comboed with Slicing Maelstrom is a potent tool for catching unsuspecting enemies off guard. More often than not, it will result in a kill. In arranged matches, preferably ones where you're in the same room as the rest of your team, coordination of this maneuver alongside other ultimates like Cataclysm, Absolute Zero, Bullet Time, or other large AOE ultimates will absolutely obliterate an enemy team in seconds.
The best combo (and I mean BEST FOR ****ING EVER OMG DOUBLE RAINBOW WHAT DOES IT MEAN) is a simultaneous Flash + Curse of the Sad Mummy + Slicing Maelstrom. Once Amumu's root is done, your stuns will go off, keeping an entire team in place for 3+ seconds. That's like a max-range Enchanted Crystal Arrow hitting everyone on their team at the same time.

AP Support
- When going to a team fight, try to come from the side as much as possible. The sudden Charlie Foxtrot of Maelstrom, Rush, and Surge is a wonderful distraction, often causing the team to temporarily switch to you just as you land a stun on all of them.

- Similarly, never initiate. You will get CC'd, and more often than not, you will die without doing enough to make your death worth it. Let your tanks or hard carries initiate, and then run through and wreck everything.

- While the main purpose of this path is to be the "artillery support", if you're familiar enough with Kennen it can also carry very well. Generally, though, you need mid to have the income to carry--so if you're up to it, go ahead and take mid if there isn't a better person to go there.

- Once you're around level 14-15, be there for every team fight possible. I can't tell you how many times my teammates have gotten into fights without me and end up either getting pantsed or even wiped because I wasn't there to stun and fry everything. If you need to, use Ghost Rush to get there as fast as you can.

- Use Thundering Shuriken to last-hit minions; it's spammability makes it a great farming tool throughout the entire game. Generally, I can shoot a caster minion from half-health once I have 3 ranks in Shuriken.

- Take mid. You absolutely need the money to get through your core and into the hybrid items as fast as you can.

- Until you hit Nashor's Tooth, you're a support carry--your job is similar to the AP Support, but you're also responsible for chasing and killing runners.

- Once you have Nashor's (really, even once you get Stinger), you can backdoor turrets fairly well. If you're backdooring, make sure you clear out the fresh minion waves that come, as your minions will attack them and not the turret. The faster your minions get back to attacking the turret, the faster you can bring it down.

- Since you're carrying, you will often have to decide when to initiate. In solo queue, it's not the best idea for you to initiate, unless you and your team have been working well together. In arranged matches, though, you can initiate as well as (if not better than) Rammus, Malphite, Amumu, and many other champions. I can't tell you how many times I've done a Flash-Maelstrom into the enemy team and yelled "NOW!!" to my buddies and destroyed the enemy team because of it. Knowing when to initiate like that takes experience and good instincts--not to mention a group of friends that you work well with--but I guarantee you it's the most exhilarating feeling possible when you pull it off.

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Game Progression: AP Support

If you're going mid, follow the Carry game progression up until Nashor's.

Early Game
Grab Doran's Shield, then head to one of the outside lanes, preferably one with a tank or another stun/slow. Harass constantly; you should use Shuriken every time it's off cooldown, and once you get Surge use that as well. If the enemy overextends, work with your lane partner to punish them immediately. Stun, stun, stun until they're dead or recalling. This is a great way to get fed and deprive enemy champs of money/XP.

If you have a spare bit of gold, always buy a Sight Ward or two to ward your lane's gank spots.
First Recall: At least 1300g and Level 7-8
- Boots of Speed and Blasting Wand
- If you have enough money, get your Sorcerer's Shoes too
Second Recall: At least 740g
- Negatron Cloak

Mid Game
This is where you need to kick your farming into high gear--it's imperative that you get Abyssal Mask and Rabadon's Deathcap as fast as possible, and they're expensive. Mid game is also where you need to have keen map awareness, as team fights are crucial for you here--done right, they'll provide you with kill/assist gold while putting significant pressure on the other team. For most games, following the recall order below is a good idea:
- 1050g: Abyssal Mask
- 860g: Blasting Wand
- 1600g: Needlessly Large Rod
- 1140g: Rabadon's Deathcap
It's not unusual, though, for my farming (including kills/assists) to go well during mid game, and on those occasions I usually go for Needlessly Large Rod, then buy Rabadon's Deathcap outright.
Make sure that you're recalling during relative lulls in the game, and not when your team needs you. Once your core is finished, mid game is done.

End Game
It's go time. Stick with your team, push, and wreck the enemy. What items you buy here are dependent on what you need. If you need Void Staff, get it. If your team is behind on turret kills, work for Lich Bane, buying Sheen first. If you're against a primarily physical team, or the enemy team consistently CC's you down before you can do anything, work on Zhonya's Hourglass.

For me, the game usually ends either before or just after I finish my 5th item on this path.

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Game Progression: Pseudo-Hybrid Carry

The recall sequences listed for the core items in the AP Support game progression are what I use on the Carry.

Early Game
Grab Doran's Shield, then head to mid. Harass constantly; you should use Shuriken every time it's off cooldown, and once you get Surge use that as well. Don't hesistate to combo off on your opponent it they overextend in the slightest, but make sure you have a charged Surge passive before you do. Put as much pressure on mid as you can. Never stop moving, never stop attacking--you should be on your opponent's side of mid as much as possible.

Something to keep in mind, especially if you use Flash: if your opponent is down to 1/3 to 1/4 health, a Ghost/ Lightning Rush plus full-combo tower dive is very effective, but incredibly dangerous. If they have Flash or ANY CC at all, get them to use it before you dive them. Pulling the dive off will shake your opponent's confidence considerably, and might make them more vulnerable to mistakes that you can exploit for further kills.

Remember to cover for another lane if they die. If a lane's opponents are down to 1/3 health or below, gank away--just let your teammates know first.

Mid Game
Again, this is where you need to kick your farming into high gear--it's imperative that you get Abyssal Mask and Rabadon's Deathcap as fast as possible, and they're expensive. For you, mid game is about helping your team snipe out-of-place enemies. If you do this properly, you'll finish your core early and be in end-game mode well before the other team is ready to handle that.

End Game
Depending on how fast you got here, you're either facerolling the other team or are engaged in a heated, close match. If it's the former, you should be able to clear minion waves and be separated from your team for longer periods. If it's the latter, stick to your team and win as many team fights as you can, but also keep a weather eye on how well the enemy's minions are pushing. If you see a blob of 10 or more minions and you're not too far away (or it won't put you too far out of place), go take it out.

My Usual Recall Sequence
- 1140-1600g: Stinger and/or Amplifying Tome
- 1310g: Nashor's Tooth

I'm still working out which order to build Frozen Mallet. I've tried both Phage and Giant's Belt first, and I'm not sure which one I prefer. For now, I'd say get Giant's Belt first, as it will make your Armor seals happy. Try, if you can, to buy Mallet outright after you get the first piece. Again, my games usually end before I can finish Mallet, so I can't offer too much advice there.

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Final Things

Some tl;dr:
- Shift+Q !!
- Harass, harass, harass
- Sprint everywhere

Something else to keep in mind is that while you can easily get kills when playing well, it's just as likely you'll get a TON of assists, but few kills. This is perfectly fine. Each of those assists is at least 1-1.5k worth of damage, and often when your team most needed it. Keep practicing with Kennen, practice that Shift+Q, and find your own harmony with Kennen. Once you do, you're a great asset to any team. :)

Again, this is my first guide, and I've tried to tailor it to mid-level players and players new to Kennen. If there's anything that needs improvement, or if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments!