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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Senna Build Guide by QueerJunk

Support QueerJunks Prestige Senna Guide (Support | Fasting ADC)

Support QueerJunks Prestige Senna Guide (Support | Fasting ADC)

Updated on September 25, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author QueerJunk Build Guide By QueerJunk 11 0 46,975 Views 0 Comments
11 0 46,975 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author QueerJunk Senna Build Guide By QueerJunk Updated on September 25, 2020
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Runes: Standard

1 2
Glacial Augment
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Support Role Ranked #26 in
Support Role
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

QueerJunks Prestige Senna Guide (Support | Fasting ADC)

By QueerJunk

+ Incredible Healing & Damage
+ Great CC from &
+ Team Invisibility Buff
+ Insanely long AA range (When Stacked!)
+ High Skill Ceiling
+ High Carry Potential

Senna has had a strong presence in the professional meta since her inception, as both an ADC and a Support. Despite riots attempts to ruin ADC senna, she is still viable in the right hands. She can easily provide as much damage as her ADC, while simultaneously healing as much as . When mastered, her range, is oppressive, the only champion I know of that can outrange a turret if she gets enough stacks.She can scale infinitely into the late game as their is no cap on her ultimate is game breaking, and can win lanes you aren't even in, while you continue to build stacks in your lane. Senna is very similar to champions such as etc. Meaning she is incredibly strong in the right hands, and downright garbage in the wrong ones. Senna can easily carry a game, but learning how to use her kit without dying can be challenging for new players.

- Gets 1shot FREQUENTLY
- Requires strong game-mechanics, & proper positioning.
- Garbage early game, needs stacks.
- Frequently counterpicked

Senna is a feeding champion. Her early game is garbage and abunch of noobs watch pro players and think she's OP and then surrender when they get 1shot for standing in the wrong position. Senna is similar to meaning that standing in the wrong place for 2 seconds will throw a fight and possibly the game. Even with survivability items Senna is as squishy as or . If senna fails to get her stacks or gets tilted before the late game, she will be useless, because senna REQUIRES a decent range in order to participate in fights safely. Like she is a late-game scaling champion, who is weak early and destroys if stacked properly. If you don't know how to attack move this isn't the champion for you! Even with a lead, without proper mechanics, you'll just end up getting 1shot and dealing no damage, because Senna requires multiple AAs and extended fights in order to truly shine from multiple procs of Percing Darkness That means you need to be auto attacking the correct targets, and kiting, for the entire game, and even with a lead you'll just throw.
As most people already know senna is a support ADC. What this means is that she is a primarily auto attack based champion. Yes her abilities are strong and can carry games on their own, but senna becomes truly oppressive when she kites and auto attacks effectively.

Orb Walking-Attack Moving
These are terms given to the process of moving in between your auto attacks. This is ESSENTIAL to playing any ADC, and Senna is no exception. Learning how to execute this technique properly will make you able to play most ADCs, considering their kits are just different ways to do damage with your auto attacks. This means that if you aren't auto attacking with Senna, you are missing our the majority of her damage. This technique is what seperates challenger Sennas from bronze Sennas. It's a very simple concept, in between your auto attacks, move your character to get into a better position. When you are in danger, you want to kite backwards, which enables you to do damage while retreating simultaneously. When they are retreating, or you are you have the advantage, you want to move closer to them in between Auto Attacks in order to land more Attacks overall. By executing this technique, you will stay in range for a longer period of time which will enable you to deal more damage.

This is simply the process of Attack moving away from whoever is pursuing you. This will enable you to deal damage while retreating simultaneously. It is extremely important that you Orb Walk instead of simply retreating because this is the main source of your damage. Attack moving provides pressure which can easily turn the situation around and net you kills, or scare the enemy team off of their primary kill target. The only time you shouldn't be Orb Walking is when standing still will get you killed, because you are actively the focus target. By kiting instead of retreating, you provide damage that can create opportunities for your teammates.It is also important to switch to pursuing the target with your attack moving when they begin to retreat. This is how you secure kills as an ADC while maintaining optimal positioning, think of it like a dance. Imagine the maximum range of your characters AA(or literally look at it using in game features) you always want to be keeping enemies at that exact range, because it enables you to deal damage while providing you with the most safety simultaneously. Mastering this technique will make you deal tons of damage while maintaining a safer distance and is an essential component to positioning properly. Part of maintaining your proper positioning is being at your maximum auto attack range for as long as possible to maintain DPS uptime.

Back The F**K Up
It is important that you are in range to contribute auto attack damage and your abilities to team fights and small skirmishes. Senna has an extremely long range which allows her to do this without risking poor positioning. Senna is one of the squishiest supports available, and unfortunately being in the wrong position for 2 seconds will easily get you 1shot. You do not want to engage fights with your body, you want to back up engages with your extremely long range. Try to take part in as many skirmishes and teamfights as possible, but from the longest range, and the most conservative positioning. You want your DPS and Healing uptime to be as high as possible(Meaning you are putting out as much damage and healing as you can) but you don't want to feed, which is very easy as Senna considering you have almost no health. If you play to passively, and fail to auto attack, and contribute to fights with your long range, you are throwing the game. Conservative positioning and staying as far away as possible does not mean refusing to fight and watching your allies die from a safe distance. It means landing your abilities and auto attacks from the maximum range available. You do not need to be in the middle of the fight to contribute Damage and Healing to a skirmish, you need to land your abilities and auto attacks. On a character with long range like senna, you can provide massive support for your team from a distance. This is preferable to being in the middle of the fight because getting hit by 1 Hard CC ability or assassin combo will immediately remove you from the fight, preventing you from healing your team, or contributing insane amounts of damage. Senna excels at picking off low health enemies from a distance once she has enough stacks.

Aggressive Positioning
Their are times when you will want to be near your frontline to attempt to land CC with your W or to harass with your Autos. This is usually when you have an advantage
that leads you to believe you aren't going to get immediately one shot before the fight starts by standing in the front. In most situations, the goal is to land your W to engage a fight. It is important to notice if after landing your CC you should follow up to gain stacks and damage, or retreat to a safer position and hope your team capitalizes on the opportunity. When you are in the front line, know what abilities will evaporate you instantly if they land, since you are in the frontline, you need to sidestep as much damage and CC as possible. It is possible to be safe in an aggressive position by actively dodging threatening abilities, however this is a ton of pressure and puts you in the greatest risk for making mistakes. When you are snowballing a lead, your poke can provide tons of pressure, but you are trading off safety for that pressure. You will win games slower by having passive positioning, however you will die less often while still contributing to fights, which overall will make it more difficult for the team to regain control of the match. By not dying, you are able to continue to gain stacks, deal damage, and heal your team, you are also gaining experience, which will snowball your lead and make it very difficult for the enemy team to recover.

Play around & with your teammates!
Senna is a squishy ADC-Support, so don't even try to go 1v1 the in his jungle. The optimal position for Senna will ALWAYS be near her allies. You want to stay near your ADC so that you can Kite whoever is chasing them TOGETHER if both of you Kite at the same time, the damage is very oppressive, this is generally how Senna peels outside of you peel by killing whoever trys to kill your teammates! This is because most champions can only use their Auto Attacks & Abilities on one target at a time! This is ideal for Senna because it means they can't use them on YOU! While they are hitting your allies is the easiest time to land free damage and healing, and in doing so you can easily turn the tides of a fight and net free kills. The worst thing low-elo sennas do is run around without auto attacking anything and by themselves. You aren't helping your teammates or standing in the right position if you aren't auto attacking. Running away without contributing any pressure makes it much easier to kill your lane partner, and fails to utilize the slows provided by &

Attack whoever is closest to you!
This is a general rule for all ADCs, but especially true for ADCs like & Who deal % health damage. Because you are so squishy, unless you have extremely long range, it will be difficult to focus low targets in the backline of your enemy team. If you try, you will walk straight into the frontline, who will thank you for making it so easy to 1shot you. You can't kite back melee champions from your maximum range if you are running straight into them. This is also exacerbated by the cooldown of which is similar to and rewards ripping the souls out of as many targets as possible as compared to focusing down a single target. The most important thing when fighting is that you survive to heal your teammates and pick up the leftovers with your insane range. If an enemy gets away and backs, because you didn't run straight into the , but you kill without dying instead, you are free to transition into objectives like dragon, towers, or baron, and you can heal your entire team to full while you do so by abusing your and attacking on cooldown to get the most uptime possible.

This item is a no-brainer when going support. Lethality is sennas strongest damage stat, and the gold you gain for poking is necessary to keep up to the other players. It also provides you with wards with allows you to upgrade your trinket into which is essential for maintaining proper vision.

This item is absolutely incredible on Senna! It's incredibly broken, and is the only purchasable items outside of the support starters that provides vision control. To make things even more exciting it detects wards AUTOMATICALLY but that's not all folks! It also allows you to 1-shot wards Buy this item and watch your vision score soar through the roof as you mindlessly 1shot wards while roaming the map. This honestly requires no skill, but adds a huge amount of pressure to the map via vision dominance. Did I mention it also gives Lethality and gives u a noticeable power spike? This item gives you everything you want and more, I couldn't imagine a reasonable excuse to avoid buying it every game unless your entire team is so good at warding and clearing wards that it is extra.(Which is hardly a problem) After you purchase this item is when you decide how you will itemize further into the game. I almost always rush this item as fast as possible to start pissing off the enemy support by instantly evaporating all of their wards in lane, causing their ADC to rage at them for being a "noob support who doesn't ward".

This item is very strong on Senna, It provides MR, gives u near infinite mana via regen, and massively boosts your heal, in a way that naturally synergizes with Sennas kit. An often overlooked effect of this item is the extra healing you get from doing damage before casting your heal. Since senna is an ADC, is is often doing damage via her auto attacks, you build this effect naturally, and without even thinking proc the extra healing. You can also intentionally do this for even more bonus healing! When combined with you are extremely well-rounded. You deal decent damage, have strong vision control, and have strong heals. The reason I believe these two items are core is because with them combined you amp up sennas entire kit, rather then focusing on being a glass cannon or a Utility healer. In certain circumstances it may be better to go into or for the unique effects they provide, since they also provide a noticeable boost to Sennas healing.

You will usually be deciding between these and The main choice is between whether or not you want more out-of-combat MS to get to fights, or if you want more in combat MS to kite more effectively, dodge skillshots, and build stacks. The reason I generally prefer is because it makes it easier for senna to stack her passive, especially when combined with With mobis, you can roam more aggressively, but once you land your first auto attack you will get a noticeable decrease in MS which will make it more difficult to follow up to stack your passive. I also think that its very important for senna to be able to outrun enemies who are focusing her and dodge incoming skillshots, since she is such juicy bait to enemy champions. They are both strong options, that are better in different circumstances.

While this isn't the strongest damage option available the utility it provides via and the Resurrection passive is appreciated on a character this squishy. If you have strong carries, and don't need to do more damage, but are still a high priority target for the enemy team this item gives u abit of damage and a decent chunk of survive-ability. Make no mistake however, this is a defensive purchase. You buy GA for the Resurrection passive and access to The damage is just a convenient bonus! This is because this item provides less damage then any lethality item you could build. I generally buy this item if I am dying to often, to try and improve my KDA, building pure damage is a terrible choice when you are behind or feeding. Unless that is because no one on your team is dealing damage. Knowing when to build damage when behind is a tricky decision, when making it, realize that it is almost always the wrong choice to build damage when your feeding, because you aren't dealing any damage when you are dead. Any amount of increased uptime is preferable to more damage stats on someone dying before the fight even starts.

This item is EXTREMELYsituational, the bonus healing is nice for Senna, however, this item overall is less efficient then other choices available. You only build this item when you need the active due to an out of control or any character with Hard CC like Hardly anyone uses this item, but it effectively counters a sizeable pool of champions. When it's a good idea to build this item, it is a GREAT idea. It will shock and frustrate the enemy carries and can easily stop them from snowballing. Don't build it unless you need the active!

This is mainly included because this is a support guide. This item isn't incredible on Senna, however, it is an essential support item that has unique inteactions with other support items such as . If you are opting for a more Utility focus build, especailly if you didn't build an because you hate damage and oppressive vision control, Locket can be a solid choice. If you build no damage, by the time you approach late game, its no longer worth itemizing. This is because your damage will be terrible, but since Senna is broken she scales off bonus healing like other supports, meaning your heals will be MASSIVE. The utility provided from the sizeable AoE shield when the active is timed correctly will be very useful. Only build this item if you are going Full-support Senna and opting out of the damage route entirely in favor of a more traditional support style.

This is a very strong item on Senna, how strong it is, is largely dependent on how good you are at landing the active. A well timed Can turn the tides of a teamfight. It heals all allies while simultaneously dealing damage to all enemies in the same area. This means if you land it consistently on all 10 teammates the output is ridiculous. It also provides bonus healing which has strong synergy with our kit. When you want more healing, I usually build this right after with both of these items your heals will be very bursty and on a short cooldown if you AA correctly. The best thing about redemption is that it can be used even after you're dead! This makes it another strong choice if you are dying frequently so you can still provide utility to your team. This is one of the strongest items on any support and Senna is no exception. Downright required if you are building a more Utility oriented Senna.

So even though Senna is an ADC, she is also an enchanter support. All enchanters benefit from Censer, it provides, MS, CDR, Bonus healing, and also a strong AA buff for any allies effected by your heal, that is also applied by and You build censer when your team-comp is primarily Auto Attack based champions, since they can get a huge benefit from the Passive applied via your healing. It is an aggressive buy, and an alternative to or as your heal boosting item.

This is probably the strongest damage item on Senna, due to the passive which naturally synergizes with . You will deal bonus damage when attacking someone from out of sight, which is easy for you to manage. This item provide more damage then But doesn't provide nearly as much Utility. If your goal is to do as much damage as possible this is your go to option aside from Infinite Edge When you go Lethality senna you usually decide which item to buy based on the unique effect. Duskblade is the option for getting the most burst damage off in a single rotation.

Yoomu's is a great lethality option, which you usually build because you want the active effect which provides a healthy dose of MS. This provides the most movement out of all the Lethality options and pairs very nicely with . When you build into Lethality you are committing heavily to damage dealing at the expense of survive-ability, The MS effects on this item will slightly offset that and can be used to reposition yourself or get to a fight at the last second. Remember to actively take advantage of how quickly you run and how much damage you deal, or risk throwing by being way to squishy.

The core item of the build. Recreates the effects of making it easier to stack your passive. The CC from the slow is essential since your damage and healing output is lower then normal. This needs to be rushed, since once completed it provides a SIGNIFICANT power spike. Provides tons of health that synergizes perfectly with your rune selection.

The 2nd core of item of the build. Provides even more health,a decent chunk of CDR, and makes your attacks reduce armor which provides utility to your team. You will also gain bursts of MS from the Rage effect which procs on each attack, assist, and kill, which will make kiting with a no brainer.

Fasting Senna
"Fasting" Senna is just a new playstyle that has emerged in the korean pro scene.
You pair with *preferably* a melee support and que as an ADC, However you build and give up CS to your support in the early game. You do this so you can build stacks of your passive faster. Once you finish upgrading your support item, you take the melee minions as often as possible so you aren't getting the gold de-buff. You can't take the cannons because they guarantee you a soul stack if you don't CS them. This strat is about stacking as fast as possible so don't CS more then necessary(as this lowers the drop-rate for

This strategy is essentially the new "ADC" Senna
Make sure you are building damage if you are trying this out, because you are not support. You want to build straight Lethality, but you can consider buying first item if you are committed to upgrading it ASAP(by spamming spells). You can also consider buying for the insane burst. It's not recommended to build into the support path unless you are far behind and have fed carries on your team.

Some potential synergies stated by the r/sennamains reddit are:

Their are so many combinations for you to try! Melle supports make it easier to stack your passive, and CC is important for you to synergize well. Ideally you want a support who benefits from the CS they are taking.
Grasp (Tank) Senna
Senna has a new build, and it's too broken to avoid needing to update this guide! In most of my games, I am now running and building into , . Rushing Mallet is essential since it recreates the effects of making it easier to stack your passive and to provide utility to your team through CC. The health & effects on these items is essential for synergizing with your rune selection, and if you are going for this build their isn't room for customization in the core build.

This build has Pros and Cons.
You Become Ridiculously Tanky, (3k Health) While dealing decent damage.
Positioning becomes way less important, your almost impossible to 1shot which baits a lot of misplays because senna is supposed to be one of the squishiest characters in the game.
If you get a significant lead, you become almost impossible to deal with.

Takes much longer to scale, since you know require both and to be stacked before you can be useful.
The build is EXPENSIVE! if you fall behind you won't be tanky,deal damage, and your heals are pitiful.
If you don't build into support items after your core your healing & shielding is weak, and you have no utility items.
You wont 1shot wards without Umbrail Glaive so you are sacrificing vision control unless you are decent with your
Deal less damage then lethality Senna. You are trading burst damage for sustained damage and survivability.

Absolution (Passive)

This passive should define how you play Senna, Focusing on getting the most stacks will help you do more damage,get more range, and scale harder into the late game faster!

This passive has multiple components, first, it does bonus damage(1-16% of the targents current health!) to rip the soul out of an enemy. This means you want to focus on ripping souls out of as many targets as you can as compared to focusing one target exclusively. That doesn't mean don't get kills, but you will do more damage by getting as many procs of your passive as possible in a single fight, since you cannot rip the soul out of the same target for a few seconds. Each stack grants bonus AD, every 20 grant bonus range, and critical strike, upon exceeding 100% crit the 35% of the excess converts into lifesteal. Sennas attacks also steal the targets movement speed and grant it to Senna for 0.5 seconds. Sennas shielding provided by her ult also scales with the amount of stacks she has, (+1.5dmg per stack) so getting this number as high as possible is your Number One Priority

Piercing Darkness (Q)

RANGE: 600
COST: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110
The spammable damage heal that Senna is known for! It deals damage to enemies and heals allies at the same time! It is a skillshot so proper aim is essential! Their is a unique interaction with your passive that allows you to collect stacks using your Q! Take advantage of this fact! The cooldown is also lowered for each Auto Attack!

Using this ability properly is essential to playing Senna, ideally you want to hit as many allies and enemies at the same time with each cast. You do this by trying to line targets up in a straight line with your positioning. It is essential that you do this as often as possible. Since the cooldown is lowered for each Auto Attack it is imperative that you AA as much as possible to cast more Q's per skirmish. Use to quickly proc your after landing your Auto for free stacks!

  • The eternal for Senna rewards hitting champions indirectly with this ability!
  • Don't forget each cast heals you! Use it to heal yourself when necessary!
  • You can use wards to extend the range for clutch shots!

Last Embrace (W)

RANGE: 1175
COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70
Sennas big engage, her "hook" if you will. This ability is very similar to or It is a narrow linear skillshot that roots the target(after a brief windup), and landing it consistently will set up advantageous situations for your team!

One of the strongest aspects of this ability is how it spreads to multiple targets if they run into their allies after it lands on them. It is a strong intiate if you land it from a distance, after the root goes off, you will almost always want to follow up by ripping the soul out of the target for extra stacks/dmg. Remember that you don't need to engage every time you land this ability! Land it as often as possible to see if your teammates can create an advantageous situation, but don't over-commit to a bad fight because you landed CC on a full health tank. This ability has an incredibly long range! Take advantage of that and try to land max range Hooks when you can't risk poor positioning!

  • Use from a bush or on a target that is chasing to land it more consistently!
  • Is your strongest CC! Use it to save teammates or yourself in tough situations!
  • Don't forget to synergize with your teammates! Use when allies are already CC'd to create a CC chain with your teammates!
  • Consider leveling this ability first if going for an early invade!

Curse of the Black Mist (E)

RANGE: 800
COST: 70
COOLDOWN: 26/24.5/23/21.5/20
This ability is tricky to use, but once mastered really messes with the enemy team. Essentially, allies are completely invisible when they are inside of your circle, and if they leave your circle appear as weird monsters so your allies don't know who it is for a few seconds. Anyone who touches your circle will also be given 20% MS for a short duration. This ability is deceptively strong, the flat MS bonus it provides is significant, so don't be afraid to use it to increase how effectively you can kite!

This ability makes it very difficult to dodge skill shots launches from your concealed invisible allies. Use it every time you come back to lane with your ADC, for free poke, and occasionally smuggle a jungler or a mid laner in, because they can't see how many people are inside your circle. Most people don't know how this ability works, so it's important you time it properly and force your allies to take advantage of it. While your allies are completely invisible you can still be seen and hit with skillshots so be careful! This ability has a long cooldown and a short duration so it is important you use it right before combat begins to get the most use out of it! A lot of Sennas never use this ability, It is broken! Don't forget to use a broken ability!

  • Be creative! Make your invisible when he comes to gank or help an ally retreat to safety!
  • Don't forget about the bonus MS! Use this ability to secure kills or retreat in dicey situations!
  • Don't be afraid to explain how this ability works to your teammates! It requires successful coordination to be broken!

Dawning Shadow (R)

RANGE: Global
COST: 100
COOLDOWN: 160 / 140 / 120
A global ultimate similar to or however it provides a huge shield to all of your allies it hits and deals equal damage to all targets! The beam will only do damage if they are hit with the center which has a narrow range, so aim carefully!

This ability can turn around a fight instantly! It not only deals decent damage and can be used for sniping kills, but provides a strong shield to your entire team if aimed correctly! Help top win a trade they should've lost without leaving bot lane! In order to get the most out of this ability it needs to be timed properly! If you land this ult on both the entire enemy team and your entire team it is hard to lose the teamfight, especially if you are stacked and built decently.

  • Don't be afraid to snipe a low health enemy if you don't predict a team skirmish soon!
  • This ult has a short windup! Make sure to use it before your allies die!
  • Sennas eternal is stacked by getting a kill being generated within 3 seconds of an ally/enemy being hit by your ult. This help encourage proper timing!

Vision is an essential part of carrying as support. By securing vision you make it easy for assassins to catch unsuspecting pray, you avoid confrontations where you are outnumbered, and you give you team vision of bushes to enemies cant use them to hide. So I created this image to help illustrate the idea that where you should be warding is dependent on what state your game is in. "Standard Wards" should be taken when the lane is even "Defensive Wards" should be taken when you are behind, and "Aggressive Wards" should be taken when you are pushing their base or turrets. Making sure your support item has no available wards is a good way to make sure you are keeping up with vision.(So long as you are backing to recharge it) Any spot designated for a yellow ward can be used as a control ward, and you should be making this decision based on how often and where your allies are warding. When warding you want to be trying to think ahead, and predict where teamfights will be breaking out. Securing vision before a baron or dragon can have a massive impact on the outcome of the skirmish. You want to try and ward as you are roaming/already running through the enemy jungle, try to be as efficient as possible!

Control Wards are incredibly important, and you should always be picking up 1 to 2 with your leftover gold each back. Use them as mini objectives to start skirmishes, to secure permanent vision of a key area such as baron or dragon, or to generate extreme lane pressure. You should be using your red wards frequently, and aggressively, don't just let them sit in your inventory! Constantly check your ward count by hovering over it to see if you need to drop another one! Drop them in areas where you know the enemy has warded to secure vision and clear the ward simultaneously.

Oracles lens is Insanely! important, and for that reason needs to be upgraded as soon as possible!(Once you've completed your warding item) Use the active as you roam through the enemy jungle or the river. It can also be used defensively when you roam through your jungle if the opponents just backed after a large push. Their are commonly warded spots like the bushes to river/jungle in your lane that you should always scan to check for wards. Use this item as often as possible in the correct context, clearing out enemy wards is a great way to increase your vision score! Which you should be aiming to get as high as possible every game!
Flash over walls to get the most out of this spell. Flash to dodge big CC like and that will generally one-shot you if they land! Ping when your enemy flash is down and freeze your lane to get a great gank from your jungler! You can occasionally use flash to go in for a kill when the enemy adc is being greedy and wont back. Learn how to use this spell well, it will improve your gameplay with all champions!

+ To get those clutch stuns!
To reposition and land a good
Over a wall for maximum safety!

This is the standard rune for squishy support healers such as and . Since it is highly likely that you will be the first focus target, enables you to get out of situations where you should've died. Senna will get 1shot if she gets hit by 1 hook in lane, unlike most supports who need to be hit twice. Barrier gives more wiggle room to make mistakes. It often requires a combo to escape sticky situations, but doing so can often enable you to turn the fight by supporting your ADC from an extreme range if they go all-in. (Like they should if you are being focused)

The alternative to running barrier if you are afraid of breaking the Meta. Adds extra kill potential in lane at the cost of survivability. Try to use it BEFOREthe enemy heals to reduce the healing. Use it when your ADC goes all in and needs as much burst as possible. Especially useful for following up on a rogue that lands. Always E the nearest damage dealer when using this to amplify your all-in!

Take exhaust when the enemy comp has 3 or more auto attack based champions like etc If you hate the idea of taking Barrier. Exhaust used to be the go to summoner to pair with flash in the support role, Using it when the enemy ADC all-ins is just as effective as using ignite when going all-in if timed properly. Use it during teamfights on the biggest auto attack based carry on the enemy team to shut them down and turn the game!

You usually take Heal when you are going ADC, however it is a decent alternative to since it still provides sustainability and has the bonus of healing your lane partner. It generally doesn't provide enough sustain to keep Senna alive through a however, making it the less favorable option if your Goal is to survive burst.
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