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Quinn Build Guide by Jakovlewich

Quinn and Valor, 4 Eyes, 1 Mind ( Jungle Build)

Quinn and Valor, 4 Eyes, 1 Mind ( Jungle Build)

Updated on June 15, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jakovlewich Build Guide By Jakovlewich 7 1 93,023 Views 3 Comments
7 1 93,023 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jakovlewich Quinn Build Guide By Jakovlewich Updated on June 15, 2014
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Hi Guys, I am a great Fan of Quinn so I wanted to share my Experience with her with all of you. Since she is underplayed a lot maybe you can surprise your teammates with some plays with her. I am currently sitting in low elo (it`s because you suxxxxxxx (-.-)) but I am working at it. Please don't judge this guide because of my elo pleeeeaaaseee :D.

Note this is my first Guide so please give me feedback! :). Also is English not my main language, so let me know if there are some mistakes ( because I know there will be a lot).
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Pros / Cons

Why should I go with Quinn in the Jungle? That`s maybe the biggest Question for you here so let me tell you the Cons and Pros:

+ Great slow including a dash
+ Good damage with the passive and Blind
+ You can grant vision so a escape through
the bush will be harder

+ Great Ganks after hitting Level 6
+ Great Mobility
+ hard to fall back
+ good pusher

- Squishy
- can be hard to counter-jungle pre 6
- can be countered hard by good counter-jungling

When to pick Quinn as Jungler ?

Well you can pick Quinn as jungle when you have a tank as toplaner. So you can balance out the damage output. When your toplaner choosed an champion like Fiora, Master Yi or Aatrox you should not pick Quinn as a jungler. If your midlaner will choose Zed, Talon or Kha´Zix as champion, you will have to much AD-Dmg Output when you choose Quinn as jungler.
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Blinding Assault

Great Skill with an AoE-Blind. Max it out first for your damage output. Great for farming, or clearing minionswaves fast. Remember, you can blind/hit your enemy when you are hitting minions/champions near him.

Heightened Senses

Grants Vision arround you for a short time, what can be as jungler great.For Example you can check the enemy`s red or blue buff without going into deep in the jungle and risk your life and time. The Passive of this skill is the main reason why you max it out the second. It grants you attack speed for 3 seconds when you hit an enemey with your passive. It also gives you in Tag Team a great constant attack speed boost. With this you can burn down the healthbar of you opponent even faster, isn´t this great? Remember: If you are building Trinity Force you should activate this skill when you are engaging. Why? Because it grants you also like other abilities Sheen´s passive. Dealing more Damage is always good.


This is your Slow, Escape, Gab Closer and you should it use it smart! A slow about 50% for 2 sec is really strong (even more if you have a redbuff), when ganking you even have a dash. You are dealing great damage because Valor will mark the opponent who is hit by Vault and grants you some extra Damage. However this skill just stacks with only 20% of your AD so you should max it out the last. But in all cases you should start with this skill at Lv 1, because your passive is strong early game. Remember: With combination with Heightened Senses you can dash trough walls. Really helpful when chasing and a good escape if done right. You can dash to Jungle Monsters or Minions and get out of difficult situations. Playing as Quinn it has the range of 750, but you are landing away at your maximal range. It happened sometimes that I dashed back trough a wall, so be aware of it. As Valor it is an normal dash, how you probably know it from other champions. Also you are dashing to enemies even if they have flashed, this can be good thing, but also can bring you into bad situations.

Tag Team

I my Opinion one of the coolest Ultis in the hole game. You get an great speed boost and (depending on Heightened Senses) you get an attack speed boost too. Your Slow from Vault is now even stronger (70%). No one can escape you now, go catch ´em all! Otherwise it is a good escape. Prees R again to execute enemies, even under the tower. Remember: Fighting someone as Valor doesn`t make you a tank. And be sure that you have always enough time as Valor.
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Items Early Game

Hunter's Machete + 5x Health Potions are the standard opening items on Junglers as they give you sustain and extra Damage against Junglecreeps.

Do not wait too long to get boots, so you can gank faster and better. Upgrade them fast for faster ganks and clearing time. I recommend for this use Mobility Boots or Berserker's Greaves.

Your Jungler Item, giving sustain, great Damage and a gold boost. Just build. DO IT NOW.Alternative you could go on the tanky side building Spirit of the accent Golem.
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Later Items

Infinity Edge is one of your most important Damage Items, you should buy it in any case. Granting high Crits are important for Marksman like Quinn. It goes very well with your passive too. Even if its not that popular in S4 like it was in S3, because of the tanky meta that is popular at the moment.

Goes in my Opinion really well with Quinn. With Vault + Crit you are doing good damage and if you are using your other abilities too you have a great burst damage. With your Ult it`s even better because you can activate it 2 Times. When your abilities are on Cooldown you are having no hard Damage output.

I like this Item, especially in this meta. Helps a lot going trough the enemy`s armor. Just build it. You need Penetration? You buy Penetration. "Prepare your Anus".

Go for it if you have to split push. Synergy between your E/Passive is strong in this one. Think about it.

Strong slow active with a decent heal, life steal,Speed, Dmg and a great Passive against Tanks. In my opinion a really good item. If you don`t like it go for the Bloodthirster.
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Classic Quinn

Go for Statikk Shiv, because it works really well with your Passive and Vault. Rush a Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King if the Enemy stacks health. Build after that a defensive Item I listed up there. But i wouldn't recommend such a squishy build, because of the current meta going more tanky. You can still do it when you are lacking some damage in your team composition.
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Trinity Quinn/ Sheen Quinn

With Trinity Force you can build Quinn more tanky, so you can focus straight the ADC in teamfights. Because of your Damage Output the ADC can`t ignore you and have to face you first. Even if you die, your ADC has free time to deal DMG on the Enemy Team. If you want to be complete troll tanky just build Iceborn Gauntlet and go for the kiting. Build always the Blade of the Ruined King in if you are going for this build. Works great with the speed buff from the passive of Heightened Senses. I recommend this because you just can be more of a Jungler than an ADC.
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Feral Flare or Spiritstone ?

It dependes on your play style. Feral Flare synergies better with Quinn into the Late Game, but you will miss out the large manaregen you get with the Spiritstoneline. With the Feral Flare you have to farm up more in the Jungle, meaning you do not have the early Power to make Plays like you have it with the Spiritstone.

- If you want to make some early plays and more sustain in the Jungle ==> Spiritstone
- If you want to go for the mid game power ==> Feral Flare
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28.11.13- Well i was working on this guide before S4 so there are some changes I have to do. I still don`t figured out how to jungle the best with the recent jungle changes. I will update this soon. I have to add some Items like Trinkets. In the next Update I will talk about positioning, ganks and warding. I will record some Videos and some screenshots so it will take some time. Thanks for reading my Guide, don`t forget to give me some advice for the future.

2.12.13- Masteries are up to date.

24.01.14- Just made some changes on this build for the current season. Worked out for me better this way. I have to link some Videos and Screenshots to explain some things like useful warding places and how to use your E-Skill to escape over walls.

10.02.2014- Updated the Builds a bit after experimenting a lot agaaaaaiiinn.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jakovlewich
Jakovlewich Quinn Guide
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Quinn and Valor, 4 Eyes, 1 Mind ( Jungle Build)

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