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Not Updated For Current Season

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Quinn Build Guide by Dr Irelia

AD Carry Quinn - Jungle Hunter

AD Carry Quinn - Jungle Hunter

Updated on February 26, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dr Irelia Build Guide By Dr Irelia 12,243 Views 2 Comments
12,243 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dr Irelia Quinn Build Guide By Dr Irelia Updated on February 26, 2014
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Hello and welcome to my guide for Quinn and Valor: Demacia's Wings.

For the longest time I mocked Quinn players, I never truly saw her (and probably still don't) as an ADC, to me she was always a Top laner who could be built anywhere on the spectrum of Bruiser-Fighter.

I started to gain more respect for Quinn when a friend of mine started playing her, he played mostly top lane with the occasional Mid or ADC, However I was surprised one time to see him lock in with smite.
I was surprised about how well Quinn worked in the jungle, Quinns slow clear speeds were made up for by her powerful ganks; Any over-extended lane was almost a sure kill, Quinns blind also made some difficulty for the opposing lanes if they tried to fight back.

After seeing this I decided to try it out for myself and in the first game with guidance from my friend I was able to pull off 10-1 and force the enemy team into an early surrender; Since then I adapted what I was told to build into one I found suitable for use in most conditions with some slight variations depending on compositions.

I hope this guide will inspire some players to try out some Quinn jungle or perhaps just pick-up Quinn.
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Pros / Cons


+ Strong Gap closer for Ganking
+ Provides good CC with a skillshot blind
+ Excellent chases and escapes
+ Switchable melee and ranged fighter
+ A strong early-game duelist


As listed above Quinn has many Strong points, I was debating counting Vault as a gap closer due to her self knockback. In the end I listed it here as it is best used when coming up from behind as you do close in by 250 units (750 when using Tag Team)

If you meet any squishy enemy junglers in your jungle early-game or any which are Auto-attack based then you should have a good time dueling them early on. Vault Will apply Harrier Giving some bonus damage and Blinding Assault should temporarily prevent them from fighting back.

- Slow Clear speeds
- Can struggle when ganking opponents with more than 1 Gap-closer ( Renekton)
- Her Vault is bugged.


So yeah, Quinns clear speed Isn't nice and if you're not careful a poorly executed Vault may take cause Jungle creeps to stop being aggressive and start regenerating.
Blinding Assault Does deal an area blind so make sure that the creeps at the camps are withing close proximity of each other to make sure you get that area damage on them.
I also stated that Quinns Vault Is buggy, I've noticed that the jump on Vault is not always applied and you may just end up standing next to who you targeted.
The opposite is true during Tag Team as you may find yourself being knocked back instead of appearing next to the target.
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As you can see I have gone for some heavy damage with my masteries, the first point has gone into Double-Edged Sword this gives us some extra damage at the expense of taking more ourselves, this mastery is slightly more rewarding if you go for the more tanky option but almost equally as strong for when you go damage.

We have 4 points in Fury (It's free attack speed!) and a point in Butcher to help speed up the clears. Brute Force and Martial Mastery Gives us some extra AD and Feast helps us sustain at the early levels.

The rest of our offensive masteries are all damage amplifiers. We have 3 points in both Executioner and Warlord . Executioner will increase our damage dealt to champions below 50% health by 5%, This carn turn your second cast of Tag team Into a deadly finisher, whereas Warlord will increase our bonus attack damage by 5%
with 3 points in Devastating Strikes we are able to get 6% Armor and magic penetration, this is useful to have before you build your Youmuu's Ghostblade or Last Whisper.
Our last mastery point of-course goes into Havoc for our 3% Increased damage


Our remaining 9 points we put into the defensive tree, I chose the defense over the utility tree for the early survivability in the jungle.

Our first 2 points go into Enchanted Armor This gives us a total of 5% increased bonus Armor and Magic resist, it wont have much effect until we get our Randuin's Omen or Guardian Angel but will help beef us up when we start to get slightly tanky.

Our next two points go into Tough Skin This is much like the reverse of Butcher It will mean that our jungle creeps won't be hitting us as hard as they could be and while it wont make our clears faster it will help us sustain at early levels.

We also have 3 points going into Veteran Scars to give us 36 extra Health.
We also want to put a point into Bladed Armor This will return damage to the jungle creeps to increase our clear speed.

Our final mastery point goes into Juggernaut which increase our maximum health by 3% Not much, but it's useful.

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Before I start explaining I'd like to say that these runes are not necessarily the best runes to get but are the most suited for my own play style and the play style that this particular guide is focused on.

With Quinn I like to take 2x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed I build Quinn to be highly mobile and this 3% movement speed helps you get from camps to camps and from your jungle to lane.
The last Quint I use is Greater Quintessence of Life Steal I take this quint as I like to try for early skirmishes on my own or my opponents jungle, on top of this it provides sustain in the jungle at early levels, If early fights is something you're trying to avoid then I would recommend taking either another Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed or a Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

There is no better seals than flat armor so grab 9 lots of Greater Seal of Armor This will allow us to take considerably more hits in the jungle.
We will also be taking 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Even if your entire enemy team is composed of an entire AD team they WILL have some sort of magic damage and the difference in magic reduction that a bonus 12 magic resist gives is well worth the investment.

Because we took no form of Attack Damage in our quints we are going to get all of our bonus AD from 9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage Now we should at least be able to kill something at the start
2x Greater Quintessence of Movement speed
1x Greater Quintessence of Life steal
9x Greater Seal of Armor
9x Greater Glyph of Magic resist
9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage
+4.5% Movement Speed
+2% Life Steal
+12.69 Armor
+11.98 Magic Resist
+8.55 Attack Damage
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Summoner Spells

Smite is a must have for almost any jungler, Secures buffs and speeds up your clears, I wouldn't take ANYTHING else in it's place.
I'm sure that those reading this already know how to use smite but but here's some tips on using it:

Don't smite at the start: Sure you are going to do a lot of damage at the start if you smite it, but remember that you have a leash for a reason, Your top lane should be dealing a fair bit of damage to the ancient golem and that they will leave closer to the end. If you smite early you leave yourself open to your buffs being stolen.

Know your damage: Make sure you check and double check your smite damage, remember that smite will scale with your level starting at 390 and ending on 1000.
The scaling is very simple:
Champion Level
Level 1 - 4
Level 4 - 9
Level 9 - 14
Level 14 - 18
Damage Per Level

Ghost is an alternative to flash but I wouldn't really reccomend it, Quinn gets a free movement speed boost on her ult and with your Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and gap closer getting into the lane for a gank or chasing down enemies shouldn't be a problem.
Ignite is a really niche pick, I would really only recommend taking it if nobody else in your team has an ignite and your enemy team is running champions like Nasus or Dr. Mundo. Personally. I'd still always take Flash

Don't take these. Please
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Abilities And Ability Order

tag team


Harrier: If we were laning with Quinn I would ramble on for hours why Harrier is an extremely strong passive against squishy lane opponents, as we are jungling the aspect of how we use this passive is slightly different.

Harrier Will mark nearby targets, the priority is first whoever Quinn is currently attacking, If Quinn has not attacked anyone in 10 seconds (3 if you just activated the mark) then the lowest health opponent with champions taking priority over minions. This means that when we go to do our first buff the ancient golem should get marked.
This is great for us, every 3 seconds we will be hitting an extra 30 damage.
Harrier can be used in conjunction with Quinns other abilities and I'll cover those interactions there.
Harrier is disabled when you use tag team

Blinding Assault: Blinding Assault will be our damage dealer, Blinding assault is a skill-shot that collides with the first unit it encounters, upon hitting the target the shot will detonate and deal damage in an area, all enemies affected by the damage will also be blinded making any of their auto-attacks miss.

Blinding assault is Quinns strongest skill. It scales very well with leveling and Attack damage and can be used to temporarily shut down auto-attack reliant carries in a team fight. I like to use Blinding Assault as a snipe when an opponent tries to make an escape on low health. Many people underestimate the damage that Blinding Assault deals.

Because of the the damage scaling on our Blinding Assault we will max it first with taking our first point at level 1, It will also help us with our early level clears.
Tips and Tricks
  • Blinding Assault is an area blind when you are taking camps try and get the creeps to be close to each other to get the most out of the skill
  • The blind status is a useful tool when taking buffs, you can reduce the amount of damage you take if you land your blind
  • Blinding Assault deals the damage in an area with the first unit it collided with, try and come from the side when ganking to stop champions hiding behind minions

During Tag Team Blinding Assault changes from a skill-shot AoE to an AoE around Valor. It will maintain the same blind-range and damage as if Quinn used the skill.

Heightened Senses: Heightened Senses Has two parts: A passive and active, The passive effect on this ability grants Quinn Bonus attack speed upon basic attacking an enemy marked with Harrier

The active effect of this ability reveals an area with a 2100 radius around Quinn granting vision, The active on Heightened Senses can be used to counter-jungle or check the clears on enemy camps from afar.

Heightened Senses Is a great utility spell to have on Quinn. If you are intending to counter jungle you should get a point in this second, otherwise put the point into Vault. Heightened Senses should be maxed second to make the most of the bonus attack speed and movement speed.

Tips and Tricks
  • The reveal does not effect invisible units so beware of a wild Evelynn or a Teemo
  • Heightened Senses Makes for an excellent siege tool if maxed second, when attacking towers make sure to basic attack an enemy minion as soon as it is marked to get a short burst of attack speed
  • Be careful when using Heightened Senses to try and counter jungle enemies can see if you are nearby if they caught within the range of the active.

During Tag Team Heightened Senses will grant bonus attack speed up to 80%

Vault: Vault is our engage skill for when we gank, Vault will cause you to dive towards an enemy causing them to be disrupted and will apply a self-knockback to Quinn.
In addition to this, Vault will also apply an additional instance of Harrier to the target. (Replaces if you target someone who is already marked)

We want to put our second point into Vault It will improve our clear speed by applying an extra Harrier mark and giving us some bonus damage (and attack speed when we take Heightened Senses)

Tips and Tricks
  • When you vault to someone make sure you let a basic attack go off, the knock-back will put you within basic attack range of your opponent.
  • Beware the Yasuo he can use his Last Breath when you Vault
  • Vault allows for some good over the wall escapes, make your enemies think they've cornered you and then Vault to safety

During Tag Team Vault will still jump to the target and apply the disrupt but won't return to Quinns basic attack range.

Tag Team Tag Team: Tag team will replace Quinn with Valor. On the rift Valor will have his own set of skills which are modified versions of the one Quinn gets.
Tag team has two casts the first switches Quinn with Valor and the second casts Skystrike to deal damage in an area and returns Quinn to the battlefield.

We want to take a point in Tag team/ Skystrike as soon as it's possible so levels 6/11/16

Tips and Tricks
  • Bird-Mode forces you into melee, it is best used as an assassination technique, Using your tag team Vault to a low health champion then mash Blinding Assault and Skystrike to make sure that squishy is gibbed.
  • Tag team grants 80% bonus attack speed this is slightly more than you get from consuming Harrier marks.
  • I've witnessed a few bugs during tag team sometimes Vault will apply a knock-back when it shouldn't so beware.
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When it comes down to items there is only one start we really want, and thats 5x Health Potion and a Hunter's Machete this gives us the early damage and sustain we need for our early jungling.

My core items for Quinn are as follows:

What we want to build first is our Spirit of the Elder Lizard this gives 30 AD, A slow, true damage over time and most importantly health/mana regeneration whilst killing jungle creeps.

Our next item is our Mobility Boots this will give us some great mobility whilst going camp-to-camp and coming to lane for a surprise gank. The Mobility Boots also synergizes very well with tag team significantly increasing our chase potential.

Our third item is a Blade of the Ruined King. With the current meta in our top lanes we are going to need the health percentage damage that the blade offers with your slows and gap closes combine with the power of the blade you should have no problem chipping away at those health stackers.

From here what we build now depends on our success

If we are doing well then what we want is our Infinity Edge, this is a great damage item which not only gives us critical strike chance it also makes those critical hits do 250% damage.
If we are ahead this will be pushing us even further.

If we aren't doing so well we probably want our Randuin's Omen Quinn is not only good at chasing but also escaping, the active effect of Randuins helps get us away if needed and gives us a bank of armor and health so we have some survivability

The last item I build is a rather topical one, Youmuu's Ghostblade is in my build mostly because it's my favorite item. BUT, it stacks extremely well on Quinn, by providing armor penetration, attack damage and critical strike chance with an active that increases our attack speed and movement speed it becomes an all-round good item on Quinn

The rest of the items are very situational depending on the enemy teams compilation. I'll list some of the items I build and when I'd use them.
Eventually the passive that Spirit of the Elder Lizard gives you becomes near redundant. A Trinity Force will give you useful bonus stats at the cost of the slow.

If you got first blood you may want to get Bloodthirster It will only help you get more kills easier.

I expect most people aren't comfortable with the armor pen in my build, swap our for Last Whisper and I won't judge you

Sometimes when you dive in during Tag team You don't last long enough for the assassinate, Guardian Angel will give you that second wind

If you're getting caught out by the enemy team's crowd control then build Mercury's Treads Then sell them later for a Zephyr

Statikk Shiv combined with Infinity Edge and Harrier creats some mean damagme, you wont even be needing the armor pen from Youmuu's Ghostblade
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Getting Buffs

In jungle we want to be starting at blue, this will give us mana regeneration and Cooldown reduction to help clear our other camps.

I typically go for this order for ganking top:
Blue >>> Wolves >>> Red >>> Wraiths >>> Wight >>> Top

I typically go for this order for ganking mid:
Blue >>> Wolves >>> Red >>> Golems >>> Wraiths >>> Mid

I typically go for this order for ganking bot:
Blue >>> Wolves >>> Red >>> Wraiths >>> Golems >>> Bot

Early Ganks

With Quinn you want to gank as soon as you can, Look for lanes that have over extended, head to that lane and use Vault to engage The slow from the red buff should guarantee a kill for whoever you decide gets it. As soon as you are done waste not time and go back to clearing camps.
Try to get either a second gank on that lane or make your way to Top or Mid whilst clearing camps and before your red buff runs out.

Your first recall

When's the best time to recall? If your ganks have gone well then try and save up 1700g before you recall to straight out get your Spirit of the Elder Lizard and a few Health Potions.
If you've given the kills you may not be able to save enough gold, To buy the components will cost 1120 Gold. Make sure you ALWAYS have enough money to grab a few potions and/or a ward

Second Buff

Who gets the second buff is always a controversial topic and you need to keep a few things in mind.
  1. Do you have your Spirit of the Elder Lizard?
    If you have this then there is very little need for you to get blue, the new passive allows you to gain a lot of mana back from basic attacking creeps
  2. Will mid benefit from it?
    Check your mid laners progress, Are they katarina? If so you'd benefit more than she would with the buff.
    Maybe your mid is constantly dying. You don't want the enemy to have the buff.
  3. Can you get theirs?
    I'm no master invader and typically stay away from it, but Quinn makes taking buffs very easy with Smite and Heightened Senses

Laning has finished, what now?

Quinn is immensely mobile, grab wards and place them in the enemy jungle and just split push. You have the mobility to return to other lanes if the enemy team goes aggressive you can return to mid in no time at all.


Your role in teamfights is to take out the Squishy carries when they get low. Activate Tag team and either fly in or use Vault onto the low health target, hit your Q to help prevent the enemies getting some hits on you and then activate Skystrike.
Remember that Skystrike Is a powerful execute that will deal MORE damage to LOWER health opponents.
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Overall we've learned that Quinns jungling capabilities are certainly a Viable option.
She can get an easy early lead and out-trade most enemy junglers who wander into your jungle, she starts as an early damage dealer and can become a monstrous late-game split pusher or assassin.

I'd like to put a few thanks out there to some people.

First off to Frozen XS who showed me the wonders of Quinn Jungle, and although how I ended up playing jungle completely different It's something that wouldn't have occurred without him.

I'd also like to put a thanks out to jhoijhoi (Who probably wont ever read this) For producing such a great guide to writing guides. Any budding guide writers should really go check it out.

Please leave comments and criticisms so that I can not only help improve others play but also help improve my own.
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I'm not imaginative enough to come up with questions that people might ask. If you have any queries or questions then comment and I will respond, If I think the question is good then I'll tag it onto this section.
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