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Rammus Build Guide by amaloflama

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author amaloflama

Rammus the Armordillo: A 3v3 guide Ok.

amaloflama Last updated on October 10, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my very first guide on my very favorite champion: Rammus!

This Guide is intended solely for the Twisted Treeline (aimed at high ranked 3v3 mostly) as I play him quite differently on Summoner's Rift, so check out other guides if 3v3 is not your thing!

I've played Rammus for over 2 years now and so far ended up each season with a ridiculously high win/loss ratio compared to my other mains, and he is still underplayed... WHY!?

But... Let's face it: Rammus' strength hides in his everlasting taunt. But the way you will build Rammus, you're going to be more than just a mere taunt machine. You are able to even do the most damage in your team if everything plays out correctly!

Well no more rambling and boring talk, let's get to the important stuff!

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How to maximize early jungle efficiency

If you've got the exact same runes/masteries as I do, there is a certain pattern in the first few minutes which will allways happen (unless the enemy team pushes far early game and invades your jungle :( ). It goes like this:

1. Start at wolves, use your W just before they start attacking you. Poof the bush to see if the enemy jungler isn't lurking and waiting to steal. Make sure to auto-attack the big wolf untill it's dead, then attack the top small wolf, it will take 3 AA's, then the small one, that one will take 2 AA's because of your masteries.

2. Move on to Wraiths, still lvl 1.

3. Lvl 2, roll towards the golems, smite should allmost be back up and you should use it on the golems.

4. Now an awkward 5-7 seconds come as you don't have taunt yet to effectively gank and the wolves haven't spawned yet and the altar hasn't opened yet. What I do is simply start rolling after a few seconds at the wolves camp and take them out quickly, then take altar.

5. From here on out, the game can go anywhere, did enemy top or bot push alot? Gank them, it's easy with rammus! Otherwise continue in jungle untill you reach 850 gold, buy Kindlegem.

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Passive: There's not much to say about Rammus' passive except that playing against a heavy AD team will work in his favor, turning 25% of his armor in to AD. However, most of Rammus' damage will come from his sunfire cape, roll and ult, AP. Therefore the passive isn't too great.

Powerball (roll): This spell is best used before showing your spiky body to the opponent. What some may not know is that Rammus literally accelerates. The first few seconds of the 7 seconds that he can roll, his speed is allmost similar to the average speed, especially in the early game when all the movement speed you have comes mostly from your Quints. Sometimes, when I'm fairly close the the target already (brushes), I wait untill the duration is halfway over and then show my face, making it allmost impossible to get out unscratched. It is also important to note that it also slows the opponent after it gets knocked up and that you can decide the direction the opponent get knocked up towards!

Defensive Ball Curl: Basically an in-built thornmail which also gives you magic resistance! In addition, it will deal extra damage back the more armor you have (10% or armor). One of the two reasons why building armor is very important for a Rammus! (other is his passive)

Puncturing taunt: It is very very important to use this ability in teamfights to the most squishy and dangerous champion (e.g. lucian, fizz, katarina etc.). When I play with people over Skype or a different program, it is crucial to tell them who and when I taunt. In normal games with strangers, it is often frustrating to see players not seeing who I have taunted (usually free kill) and eventually losing teamfights due to this. Oh and in addition to taunting 1.5-2.25 seconds, it reduces the target's armor so you do even more damage, people tend to oversee it :)

Tremors: Quite a simple ultimate ability. Simply stand close to many enemy champions and deal 8 times magic damage to all champions. This ability scales extremely well with AP, about 2.4 ability power ratio (0.3 per shockwave). Important to note that while invulnerable from Wooglet's this spell will persist doing damage. Other than damaging players, it can also hit towers or inhibitors, making it an excellent, low cooldown pushing ability.

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I have not much to say about items, except that Wooglet's will usually be optional while I find moonfair's spellblade absolutely essential. As rammus, I will never go Mercury's treads, simply because ninja tabi and boots of mobility are highly superior on Rammus.

If you are playing against a heavy AP team, you might consider replacing Wooglet's Witchcap for Abyssal scepter. If the AP champion on your team has already bought this, consider either spirit visage, or Banshee's Veil.

An important note is that typical 3v3 opponents will play heavy CC champions. Therefore the missing tenacity from merc's will have to be replaced by moonfair's spellblade. Everything about moonfair on Rammus on 3v3 is perfect. The tenacity, armor, magic resistance (which you didn't have at all yet before buying this) and ability power work very well on Rammus.

Another note on the last item: Rylai's crystal Scepter. The health and AP give rammus more tankiness and damage than it had before but it's passive works exceptionally well with Rammus. By this point (end game), your ult will have a cooldown of approximately 40 seconds, making it available for use every teamfight. Combined with this item, it will slow all enemy champions like a permanent Randuin's Omen: OP.