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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Whyte

Rammus: The Battle Tank

Whyte Last updated on April 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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(This Build is for full physical enemy teams only)

This is my first build suggestion and I hope it helps. This Rammus is built around facing off with those annoying full physical teams that just love armor penetration. I have played this build a few times and it's always fun to play.

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I spread the runes around cause you never really know what you will end up being teamed against. I like the Greater Quintessence of Health cause there has been many a time where I just barely made it out of a fight with 12hp. Runes, of course were Greater Mark of Armor you take less AD (Attack Damage) and you put out more AD and more magic damage with Defensive Ball Curl. Seals I went for Greater Seal of Evasion, the less damage you take the healthier you tend to be and with the Ninja Tabi your looking at missing out on 18% of the dmg. Glyphs I decided upon Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because if you wind up in a match against AP (Ability Power) enemies or a mixed team you will still have some extra magic resist to keep you up and going.

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I'm going to do something for masteries that none of the other guides on this site seem to do I'm going to break these points down by summoner levels because I think guides should be used not only by level 30's but also by people trying to get to level 30.

Level 1-5
3 points into Hardness is mandatory. (More armor equals more AD)
2 points into Resistance. (For those hard hitting AP users)

Level 6-10
1 point into Resistance
2 points into Strength of Spirit
2 points into evasion

Level 11-15
2 points into Evasion
1 point into Nimbleness
2 points into Perseverence

Level 16-20
1 point into Perseverence
1 point into Haste
3 points into Awareness

1 point into Awareness
4 points into Expanded mind

1 point into Meditation
1 point into Blink of an Eye
3 points into Quickness

Under this mastery build you should be able to survive longer if you play smart and defensively, remember you are a tank not indestructible don't over extend your stay in a group of enemy champs they can destroy you no matter what your defenses are.

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First item to buy is going to be Cloth Armor and Health Potion x2. When you have 475g-675g go back and buy Ruby Crystal and Heart of Gold. Next up is boots, I usually buy the Boots of Speed first and then wait til I have 500g to go finish out the Ninja Tabi but your welcome to build them how you feel is right. Get up to 700g and buy Chain Vest get up to 1300g and go back for your Thornmail. Gotta get Sunfire Cape here for farming purposes, the minions you can kill the more exp and gold the stronger you will be. Next up is Warden's Mail, I just save up the 1350g and then buy it and when you get 600g finish up your Randuin's Omen. The last three items are your choice; if your constantly out of mana or the enemies have such high attack speeds that your dying too fast buy Frozen Heart or if their 2/3 AD and 1/3 AP go for Guardian's Angel it's all situational so experiment and find what works best for you.

Special thanks to Kuniv and SpicyRice for the advice on getting Sunfire cape and the reason why.

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Skill Sequence

As you can see above I went with:

Always put a point into [[Powerball] first, it gets you into combat faster, to allies in need faster, away from ganks faster, and in extreme cases does a little extra damage to minions.

I tend to build up my Defensive Ball Curl first because it increases your Armor which increases your AD.

Now your remaining levels are split up between Puncturing Taunt and Tremors, Tremors takes priority over Puncturing Taunt always.

Finally finish out your levels in Powerball, so priority should be

Defensive Ball Curl
Puncturing Taunt

One note I will add to this is if your going against people who attack your turret and ignore you while their minions are in range consider putting extra points into Puncturing Taunt to force them to hit you and your turret to hit them.

Method to combat:
Powerball the enemy champion immediately hit them with Puncturing Taunt and turn on your Defensive Ball Curl, you can turn on Tremors while your Powerball is picking up speed or after you have turned on Defensive Ball Curl.

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Summoner Spells

Heal (Extends laning and helps out in ganks)
Fortify (Great for getting quick kills on dummies chasing you too far or taunted Champs who thought they could destroy your turret before you destroy them)

Other Good Options:
Flash ( Powerball Lasts through a Flash allowing you to jump minions(Requires good timing which I fail at LoL))
Teleport (Allows you to get allies/turrets in need)
Ghost (Gets you further or closer to enemies just that much faster)
Exhaust (Gets you that much closer or that much further from enemies)

In between:
Revive (Now normally I would suggest this but recently I was in a match where a Rammus had speced into this and I'll tell you nothing scares the **** out of you more than a Rammus you just killed coming at you faster than **** with more health than the last time you saw him)

Bad Options:
Cleanse (Never found it helpful)
Clairvoyance (Great way to have a sight ward that lasts for less than half the time and has a cooldown)
Clarity (Late game this never pulls through and you find yourself wishing you had something else)
Ignite (Your job isnt to kill the enemies its to keep them from killing your allies)
Rally (The CD makes the temporary boost not really worth it)
Smite (Your not a Jungler nuff said)

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For my first time guide I hope this really stands out and helps people get what they need out of Rammus: The BAMF of tanks.