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Rek'Sai Build Guide by Gumapac

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gumapac


Gumapac Last updated on February 21, 2016
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Rek'Sai Builds

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin

Resolve: 18

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In celebration of 100k views, I added a banner!
Thank you so much for 1 million views, it means so much to me! :-)

Rek'Sai is, so far, the newest Jungle champion that Riot has released, To put it in short, she's a highly mobile attack damage fighter champion who has Fury instead of Mana (like Tryndamere) uses a new burrow function which diminishes her vision to a small circle around her but basically turns her into a Jurassic Park dinosaur in the sense the she can see movements in a 1300-range around her, making the positions of all units in the fog of war known. Her unique tunnel function also makes her highly mobile as she can utilize them to quickly weave through the jungle and through walls to make unconventional ganking paths. Her tunnels also serve a second purpose as with her ult Void Rush, she burrows and quickly dashes to -any- of her available tunnels.

From the moment she was announced, I knew I'd love this champion, as my friends and I would call her "Noc 2.0", as I used to main Nocturne. I've been playing her on the PBE and decided to impart my knowledge about her to the players.

This guide is for junglers who are experienced and just want to know what to build on Rek'Sai and why, but I added some extra information for people who are new.

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Pros / Cons for this Champion/Build


+Highly Mobile Champion
+Easy for beginners to learn
+Very Good Burst potential
+Strong Backdoor Potential and Objective Control
+Does True Damage
+Good Sustain and Fast Clear
+Manaless Champion
+Strong Counterjungler
+Ult scares the **** out of enemies

-Only Hard CC on long cooldown (per target)
-Ult on extremely long cooldown
-Squishy early game
-Tunnels are easily found and destroyed
-Very item dependent.

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I build Rek'Sai in 21/9 fashion, as I like to do more damage than tank. If you would prefer to do Tank'Sai, use the 2nd guide for those masteries.


Double-Edged Sword: 0/1 - It's a good mastery, but I just don't use it out of personal preference. Take a point of out fury if you do want to use it.
Fury: 3/4 - Fury is a good mastery for Rek'Sai as she benefits from AS as it lets her use her Q more often.
Sorcery: 4/4 - Sorcery is a must on Rek'Sai; She has a really long ult cooldown and with my Runes/Build, sorcery takes her CDR up to max.
Butcher: 1/1 - Pretty much an essential mastery on junglers, it makes you do more damage in the jungle, helping that early clear time.
Feast: 1/1 - A decent mastery when in the jungle or taxing a lane to restore some health and mana. If you don't like it, swap it for Double-Edged Sword.
Expose Weakness, Mental Force, Arcane Mastery, Spell/Blade Weaving, Archmage, Arcane Blade: These masteries are better off on AP Champions/AD Casters and thus are not necessary on Rek'Sai.
Frenzy: 0/1 - Unless you're running Crit'Sai, this isn't necessary.
Warlord: 0/3 - This mastery scales with bonus Attack Damage, and since we're not building full AD, these mastery points can be used elsewhere. for more benefit.


Block: 2/2 - Makes champions do less damage. Makes your already squishy early game easier on you.
Tough Skin: 2/2 - Basically your go-to Defense option for junglers. It makes them do less damage.
Unyielding: 1/1 - Makes champions do even less damage.
Veteran Scars: 3/3 - With the jungle harder than before, you'll need as much HP as you can get so you don't die.
Juggernaut: 1/1 - Gives you even more health, with late game scaling. Wondrous.

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Preseason is introducing 3 new mastery skill trees, namelyRESOLVE (Damage), CUNNING (Generally Utility) FEROCITY (Tank).

The skills use a new point system, with 6 tiers each. Every odd-numbered tier has a 5 point limit, and every even-numbered tier has a 1 point limit, limiting you to up to 18 points in each tree. Also, at the end of every tree is a Keystone Mastery which is basically a hyped up mastery that gives you a cool bonus effect that you can choose based on your playstyle. Damage Rek'Sai will benefit most putting 18 points into Resolve, and 12 points into either Cunning or Ferocity depending on whether you want extra damage or tank stats.

Full Tank Rek'Sai, on the other hand, will benefit most puting 18 points in Ferocity and 12 points in Resolve.


Mastery Explanations:

Listed below is how I prefer to play Rek'Sai. You can modify it based on your playstyle.

Fury: 5/5 - Grants you 4% attack speed. Your damage comes mainly from auto attacks.
Sorcery: 0/5 - Grants you bonus spell and ability damage. You won't benefit as much from this as fury.
Double Edged Sword: 1/1 - Faster clear and more damage, at your own expense. Preferene
Feast: 0/1 - Grants health upon killing units, more sustain. I think Rek'Sai has enough sustain with the new jungle, but preference.
Vampirism: 0/5 - Grants Lifesteal/Spell Vamp. Good for sustain. Based on preference.
Natural Talent: 5/5 - Grants bonus damage/AP per level. AP is wasted but damage is beneficial. Based on preference.
Bounty Hunter: 0/1 - 1% Increased Damage per champion killed. They don't call you reK'Sai for nothing. Heh, heh. Please don't steal all the kills; Your carries can use the money better than you can.
Oppressor: 1/1 - Deal 2.5% Increased Damage on CC'd enemies. Better and doesn't rely on taking kills for extra damage.
Battering Blows: 5/5 - 7% Free Armor Pen. Rek'Sai deals 99% physical damage.
Piercing Thoughts: 0/5 - Magic Pen. Almost completely useless on you.
Warrior's Bloodlust: 0/1 - Only applies to champions who use crit. You don't.
Fervor of Battle: 1/1 - Attacks and Spells generate fervor which make your basic attacks deal bonus damage to champs. This is good, because you use tons of autos.
Deathfire Touch: 0/1 - Abilities do bonus damage to champions. Not that great on you.


Mastery Explanations:

This tree generally gives damage and utility, contrasted to Ferocity's tank.

Wanderer: 0/5 - Faster Out of Combat speed. Pretty unnecessary for you.
Savagery: 5/5 - Bonus damage to monsters; Faster jungle clear. Good for you.
Runic Affinity 1/1 - Makes jungle buffs last longer. You basically live in the jungle.
Secret Stash: 0/1 - You don't use mana, so it's wasted for cookies. But it does give your potions extra time, which is nice.
Merciless: 5/5 - Bonus damage to champions under 40% health. This is good for you.
Meditation: -1/5 - This gives you mana regen. You don't even use mana.
Bandit: 0/1 - Support mastery for duo lane, A.K.A Not for you.
Dangerous Game: 1/1 - Free HP when you kill champs. Good for you.
The Keystone masteries and other masteries past this point aren't as good compared to those in Resolve or Ferocity.


Mastery Explanations:

Listed below is how I prefer to play Rek'Sai. You can modify it based on your playstyle.

Recovery: 5/5 - Bonus health regen; Good for sustain.
Unyielding: 0/5 - Bonus Armor/MR. You don't really stack Armor/MR so it doesn't help as much.
Explorer: 0/1 - More speed in brush and river. Not that great in my opinion.
Tough Skin: 1/1 - Reduced damage from champions and jungle monsters; helps a ton.
Runic Armor: 0/5 - Mini Spirit Visage + Shield Bonus. Not all that great for you.
Veteran Scars: 5/5 - Additional % Maximum health is great for you.
Insight: X/1 - 15% Reduced Summoner Spell C/D, use for faster flash, smite. Based on preference.
Perseverance: X/1 - +50% Health Regen, Quadrupled when you're below 20% health. Pretty nice free sustain.
Swiftness: X/5 - 3-15% Tenacity/Slow Resist. Better against CC Comps, situational.
Legendary Guardian: X/5 - 0.6-3 Armor/MR for every nearby champ. Better against damage comps, situational.
Grasp of the Unyielding: X/1 - Steal 3% of your max health from an enemy champion every 4 seconds.
Strength of the Ages: X/1 - Grants 25/10 Health every time you kill a large monster/siege minion, up to 300 Health. After cap, killing monsters/sieges grants 100 Health. If you're stacking health, this is great for you, as well as the free sustain it gives.
Bond of Stone: X/1 - 4% Damage Reduction, doubled when near an ally. You take 8% of damage that your allies would take. If you're the main tank in your team, this is a great mastery for you.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Through testing, I've found that Attack Damage Marks had the fastest clear time and better early game for Rek'Sai, but Attack Speed Marks are a viable alternative. Plus, more people generally only have an AD/AP page, so to make it easier, stay with full AD.

Flat Armor is always a must for junglers as it gives them the ability to survive in the jungle, and survive early game damage from minions and champions. Alternatively, take Scaling Health or Armor runes.

6 Flat CDR Glyphs and 3 Flat MR Glyphs (as more CDR glyphs is pretty useless, 5% is enough) help make Rek'Sai's 2.5 minute cooldown ultimate as well as her tunnel CD's much shorter, meaning more mobility, more often. Alternatively, take Scaling CDR Glyphs for more late game CDR.

Attack Damage Quintessences are quintessential to any AD champion, but you can also take Attack Speed Quintessences.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
First, we max out Q - Queen's Wrath because it's Rek'Sai primary method of dealing damage and clearing the jungle at maximum speeds. Then we max out E - Furious Bite to make her finishing move and true damage do as much as possible, as well as reducing the cooldown on Tunnel. Finally, we max W - Burrow last as it doesn't do that much in terms of damage and the knock-up/per target cooldown remains about the same throughout. Of course, we rank up R - Void Rush whenever possible.

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Fury of the Xer'Sai (Passive): Activating Burrow with Fury will grant Fury of the Xer'Sai for 5 seconds, which causes Rek'Sai's next source of Fury generation to grant 15 bonus Fury and, so long as she remains burrowed, to expend 20% of her current Fury every second to restore health. The health restored is based on the amount of Fury expended, for a maximum of (25 × level) health over 5 seconds if she burrowed at 100 Fury. Fury of the Xer'Sai will not activate if Rek'Sai is at full health and her Fury will stop depleting if she reaches full health. Every time you clear a jungle camp or move between lanes, use your burrow to sustain yourself. It's pointless to store up fury between ganks, it'll just deplete by the time you get to your destination.
All of her basic attacks and abilities except Burrow generate Fury.

Queen's Wrath (Q - Unburrowed): Rek'Sai's next 3 basic attacks within 5 seconds deal bonus physical damage to her target and all surrounding enemies. This ability is your jungle clear/enemy damage/wave clear move. It also generates bonus fury. Activate it when in the jungle and while fighting, whenever available.

Prey Seeker (Q - Burrowed): Rek'Sai fires a pulse of void-charged earth forward in a line that damages the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage and revealing all enemies within (X)-range of the target for 2 seconds. Since you're basically Lee Sin the Blind Monk while burrowed, this move helps you target your enemies while ganking and help you land your unburrows for maximum efficacy. It's also good for poking down jungle camps before you unburrow and knock them up. If an enemy gets away from you with low health during a gank,
a quick Q can easily pick up a kill.

Burrow (W - Unburrowed): Rek'Sai burrows under te ground, reducing her sight radius to a small circle around her while gaining Tremor Sense, 15/20/25 flat MS based on level and an alternate set of basic abilities.

Tremor Sense: Enemy champions, minions and neutral monsters within 1300-range that move within the fog of war have their position revealed for Rek'Sai and her allies. This does not grant sight. This is seen as ripples on your screen every second or so, and can give you an idea of where enemies are when you're counterjungling or moving around the map.
Unfortunately, as a hidden Teemo is not moving, it's position won't be revealed.

Unburrow (W - Burrowed): Rek'Sai bursts out of the ground, dealing physical damage and knocking up surrounding enemies for up to 1 second, based on their proximity to Rek'Sai. Enemies cannot be affected again by Unburrow for 10 seconds. Using a basic attack while burrowed triggers Unburrow. This is your bread and butter initiation move. Chances are, you won't be able to use burrow twice in a gank, so make your positioning count and land it right the first time. The enemy should still be in vision range of your laner, otherwise they're way too far for an effective gank. Use this while clearing jungle camps to avoid
damage and do damage.

Furious Bite (E - Unburrowed): Rek'Sai bites her target, dealing physical damage that is increased by 1% for every 1% of her current fury. At full fury, it deals true damage.
This move starts at 80% of her AD and 160% at full fury, and goes all the way to 120% AD and 240% AD at full fury. Use this when they're about to get away or to finish them off. Always try to use it at full fury, as true damage bypasses all defenses.

Tunnel (E - Burrowed): Rek'Sai creates a tunnel and digs toward the other side, connecting two tunnel entrances. Clicking on either of the tunnel entraces will take you to the other side, activating a 12 second static cooldown. They last up to 10 minutes and Rek'Sai can have up to 8 pairs on the map at the same time. Enemy champions can destroy tunnel pairs by standing on either entrance for 1.5 seconds. However, if Rek'Sai is moving to the other side via Ult or by interaction, it will not stop her. These are your main focus to make you as mobile as possible. You can chain together multiple tunnels for a jungle route that is fast and efficient as possible, or place them all across the map for anchor points for your ult.

Placing a tunnel in every lane, in each jungle quarter and one by your base is an effective strategy for ganking, and later in the game, backdooring. Effective tunnel placement is essential, as without it, your ult would only be a 20% AS buff.

Void Rush (R): Rek'Sai passively gains 20% bonus AS per rank in it.
Targeting any of your Tunnel entrances will cause you to channel for 1.5 seconds and rush to that entrance if you do not take any damage from champions or turrets. If her channel is interruped, it will be placed on a 1.5 second cooldown.

Nocturne Ult and Teleport had a lovechild and its name is Void Rush.

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Common Mistakes that New Rek'Sai Players May Make

Rek'Sai has a whole slew of skills at her disposal, and although she may be a relatively easy champion, the addition of extra skills may prove to be difficult for newer players. So, here are some common mistakes that new Rek'Sai players can make.

Mistake 1: Not using a basic attack before using her Q: Rek'Sai's Unburrowed Q, Queen's Wrath resets the timer on her auto attacks. Some new players, without knowing this, only activate Q when it is up without strategically timing it. For example, a new player may be doing the following:

Q, Auto, Auto, Auto.

However, this should be properly executed as:

Auto, Q immediately after the damage registers, Auto, Auto, Auto.

By doing this every time your Q comes up, it effectively saves you a lot of HP and time each clear and increases your survivability.

Mistake 2: Being unaware of your surroundings while burrowed: Some new Rek'Sai players may not know how Rek'Sai's tremor sense works. While you're burrowed, it only tracks enemy movement. In other words, if you're travelling in the river between ganks and an enemy is waiting in the bush to jump you, you won't actually see them standing still in the bush.

One should first make sure that they have adequate vision of the area, have map awareness in case of any missing champions and don't overestimate your Tremor Sense. It only shows about one ring every second, and sometimes it can be difficult to land your Prey Seeker.

Mistake 3: Unburrowing too early or too late: Rek'Sai is a champion that is all about timing. The "Rek'Sai Experience" can be made far more enjoyable assuming that one times all their spells too early, and properly timing your Unburrow can make or break a gank.

It should be noted that the duration of the Unburrow knock-up increases based on the enemy's proximity to Rek'Sai. At maximum range, it'll knock them up for a duration too short for Yasuo's Last Breath to even proc. However, when positioned directly under an enemy, It knocks them up for a whole second, which is long enough to unload at least 2 Q's and probably half of your laner's skills.

Mistake 4: Improperly timing your Furious Bite: Rek'Sai's E is her Furious Bite, which does damage based on how much Fury she's built up, dealing true damage once Rek'Sai has reached maximum Fury.

From this, it's obvious that the ideal time to use her E is to finish an enemy off once you've reached full Fury. However, unless you're dueling, in a team fight or in the jungle, it's rare that one is actually able reach full Fury during a gank. So, it's imperative to know the best time to use your E.

Here's an example of how your combo should play out:
Unburrow, Auto, Q, Auto as much as possible, E once desired Fury has been built. The first auto can be omitted as Rek'Sai builds more fury while using her Q, and there's a very short time frame when ganking.

There are very many times when Furious Bite can be used, but it should be noted that you shouldn't use your E for initiating. In the mid-to-late game, it can be used as a secondary smite in case you don't want to waste it.

Mistake 5: Wasting your tunnels: Rek'Sai has a function unique to her that other champions do not, which is using her tunnels. However, Rek'Sai shouldn't just waste her tunnels on every opportunity. A Rek'Sai can use her tunnels to make creative gank paths, create anchor points for her ult or for chasing an enemy. Here are a few places where Rek'Sai should consider placing tunnels:

-In each of your jungle quarters, and the enemy's if you're dominating
-One at your base in case you need to escape quickly when split-pushing
-One near Dragon or Baron pit when securing objectives
-Through long walls, such as the ones near the Tri-bushes in top and bot lane, as she WILL travel through walls as long as she's more than half-way through when aiming the skill.

Mistake 6: Using your Ult for the wrong reasons: Rek'Sai's ult, Void Rush allows her to quickly dash to any of her tunnels that are up, but like the tunnels, it shouldn't be wasted. Her ult is on a VERY long cooldown at level 1, and should be used sparingly. Here are a few strategic usages of her ult:

-Pushing back lanes, clearing waves or defending towers
-Contesting objectives such as Dragon or Baron
-Rejoining your team, or repositioning yourself
-Escaping enemies if you get caught out
-Genuinely scaring the **** out of enemies (This actually works sometimes)

Mistake 7: Wasting your Fury/Not healing between ganks: Some new players don't realize that Rek'Sai's Fury decays at a very fast rate after 5 seconds of not gaining any fury. Some new players, after ganking, will not go back into burrowed state as they expect the Fury to remain until their next gank. This is wrong because of two reasons:

1.) It won't. 5 seconds it about the time it takes to walk from the middle of top lane to the end of the river brush.

2.) You're wasting free health by not burrowing. By not burrowing, you waste the potential health that you regain by burrowing, which increases based on level. (25 * Rek'Sai's level, at level 3, the equivalent of 1/2 of a health potion)

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Smite: Absolutely essential on any jungler. With the preseason changes, you have to have smite to even buy the jungle items. You have no control over your objectives, and you can't benefit from smite buffs.
Flash: Your go-to escape/initiate/gank/chase/etc. move. You need this spell.

Exhaust: You may want to take Exhaust for jungle invades/effective ganks, but I don't recommend going heavy on counterjungle Rek'Sai.

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Starting Items:

Hunter's Machete is essential for Junglers as it gives you sustain in the jungle, bonus gold per large monster kill and leeway for any of the smite upgrades.

Health Potions give you sustain in the jungle and between ganks, in addition to your passive.

Refillable Potion works as an alternative to health potions, which can be also upgraded to Hunter's Potion which grants charges upon killing monsters.
Warding Totem grants vision around an area, letting you know where things are. You can use it to protect your jungle, or ward the river to give your laners some information about where the enemy jungler/roamers are.

Jungle Items:

Stalker's Blade is best as it allows you to land your W more accurately as well as providing you with more CC.

Skirmisher's Sabre isn't as great on you.

Stalker's Blade gives you more CC as your only CC is your Unburrow, which, chances are, you can't use twice in a gank. If they're starting to run, you can smite them and pick up the kill.

After upgrading your smite, you now have four options for the enchantment of your jungle item. However, since Runeglaive or Devourer isn't exactly viable on Rek'Sai, the two main enchantments for you, which you can choose based on your preference, are:

Warrior: Warrior gives you a lot of raw damage and burst potential, as well as some CDR and Armor Penetration, which is quite nice.
Cinderhulk: Build Cinderhulk on Rek'Sai to go full tank, especially when your team doesn't have a dedicated Tank top laner or support. It's also a good pick if you're behind.


These are situational. You should pick up Tier 1 Boots of Speed whenever you can, preferably while building into your Jungle Enchantment or right after. Tier 2 Boots should be build at some point after your Jungle Enchantment.

Mercury's Treads (Recommended for Most Situations): Its passive, Tenacity, reduces CC effects by 35%, so it helps you stick to enemies better. Also useful for full AP teams.

Ninja Tabi (Full AD Enemy Team): If the enemy team is filled with AD Champions, e.g., Yasuo Mid, Darius Top, Any ADC, Vi Jungle, opt for Ninja Tabi. The 10% AA Damage reduction and 25 Armor really helps you stay alive. A fun rhyme to remember it by would be 4 AD, go for Tabi.

Boots of Mobility (Really Fed, Roaming): These boots make you go fast. If out of combat for 5 seconds, the 25 Movement Sped value is increased to +105. Only buy these if you're really fed and going lane to lane picking up kills left and right.

Enchantment: Homeguard: Homeguard is actually being given to everyone for free after 20 minutes, so you can feel free to buy other enchantment such as Furor or Captain.


Black Cleaver: Black Cleaver shreds armor from tanks as well as giving you some innate tankiness. Its new build path with Phage also helps you catch enemies. Your AoE damage on Q procs Cleaver, making it core.

Titanic Hydra: Titanic Hydra is an item that was recently introduced, and it takes tank stats and damage to become what is basically a Ravenous Hydra for tanks. It's an amazing pick for tanks that want to do more damage as its Hydra-type passives scales off of MAXIMUM HP. Its conic damage also procs Black Cleaver giving it great synergy with the item. Being interchangeable with Ravenous now, you can freely swap between the two depending on how you're doing.

Ravenous Hydra: This item synergizes really well with your Q, as well as giving you life steal to survive longer in fights. It gives you raw damage, health regen, life steal and a kickass passive/active.

(Options for your Last Item)
Last Whisper: Take this when going up against tanks who stack armor.

Trinity Force: Trinity Force is a good alternative pick to Ravenous Hydra or Black Cleaver, in the sense that it gives Rek'Sai a lot of things to help dominate opponents. Spellblade is also useful, as it gives Rek'Sai extra burst for her abilities.

Maw of Malmortius: Maw of Malmortius is a good item if you're against an AP team but
you still want to do damage to the enemy team. It gives damage, MR, more damage from its passive and a shield from its other passive.

Frozen Mallet: This item is sort of a cross between offensive and defense, giving AD and a ton of health. Its passive also helps you be super sticky and make stragglers unable to escape. It's not that great of an item, but it's good on Tank'Sai.


Dead Man's Plate: This item is actually a really good item on Rek'Sai, as you spend a lot of time moving around between objectives making it easy to build up momentum. It gives more HP than Randuin's and an arguably better passive.

Spirit Visage: This item synergizes very well with your passive, as it gives you increased healing. It gives MR, lots of health, CDR (Amazing), Health Regen and a kickass passive.

Randuin's Omen: This is my go-to armor item for fighters. It gives you a ton of armor and health, aswell as a passive that makes enemies attack slower and an active that makes enemies slower.

Thornmail: Thornmail is an amazing item pick if the enemy team is very AD-centric. It gives a large amount of armor as well as reflecting 30% of damage from physical attacks back to the attacker.

Sunfire Cape: Sunfire Cape is basically a niche pick if you didn't decide to go Cinderhulk. I'd rather build Thornmail over this though, because the passive is simply better.

Locket of the Iron Solari: Locket is a great item to give you defensive stats, CDR as well as giving your team stats to support them. It's a good pick when the enemy team is very AP-Centric and your support isn't a tank support like Leona. Ask your support if they are going to build it, as its passive does not stack.

(Options for your Last Item)
Guardian Angel: When it's late game and you're really scared of that 75 second respawn time, GA is a great, safe last item pick as it gives you Armor, MR and a second life.

Banshee's Veil: Extra MR, Health and a Passive that negates the first ability that hits you and grants bonus health regen. Fantastic for blocking Nidalee spears, a general poke composition and even on the off chance that a Karthus ult comes around.

Warmog's Armor: Raw Health and a passive that gives you tons of regen? Count me in. I wouldn't pick it up that often, but if an extra life, poke blocker, damage reflection or Armor Shred don't appeal to you, go for Warmog's. It's not that great of an option because the passive isn't that great, and the raw health is basically useless without Armor/MR stats, but you can play around with it.


Elixirs are tons of fun. Your three viable options are:
Elixir of Wrath: Gives you 25 AD and 10% of Physical Damage dealt is healed. Best for Normal Rek'Sai or Full AD Fed/Crit'Sai.

Elixir of Iron: Makes you 25% bigger, gives you 25% Slow Resistance and Tenacity, and makes you leave behind a trail that makes allies 15% faster. Best for Tank'Sai or Normal Rek'Sai, if circumstances dictate.

Elixir of Ruin: Gives you 250 health, 15% damage to turrets and makes allied minions do 15% more damage to towers and makes them gain movement speed based on your movement speed. Best for Normal Rek'Sai or Full AD Fed/Crit'Sai, especially if you took Boots of Mobility. This elixir is great for split pushing and makes Rek'Sai shine.

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Your Jungle

Read Haunt the Jungle for a more in-depth guide, or google it.

Rek'Sai's jungle route varies depending on how you like to play, but I'd narrow it down to 2 main routes.
Blue Side:
Route 1 (I prefer this one):
Rank up your Q and Get a leash at Krugs (Golems), meaning your laners will help you damage the monster, but back off when it gets low so you get all the EXP. Smite it right at the beginning so you save on your smite CD and you get the smite buff. Rank up your W and use it to recover health. Go to the Red Brambleback camp (Red buff). Clear it, use potions as needed. Use your W again to regen. Go to the Raptor camp (A.K.A, Chickens), Clear it, and smite will come up when the Red Raptor is about
half health. Smite it, rank up your E. Set a tunnel for later purposes somewhere in that side of the jungle, and recall. Purchase your Smite Upgrade item and about 3 more health potions.
Go to your blue buff and clear it. Your smite won't be up yet. This is great if you take Stalker's, as it'll be up by the time you go and do your first gank.

Route 2 (S4 Traditional):
Get leashed at Red buff, smite it, clear the wolves camp (Wraith camp OP), then clear the Blue buff, smite it. Go in for a gank. There are some pros and cons to this route, it allows you to make sure your buff doesn't get counter jungled and lets you go in for an early gank. However, you don't get the smite upgrade and 10 bonus gold per camp.

Red Side:
Route 1 (Preferred):
Get leashed at the Gromp. Smite it. Take the blue buff, take the wolf camp. Recall, buy jungle item and 3 potions, go to red buff, go in for a gank. Essentially a mirror of Blue Side's route 1.

Route 2 (S4 Traditional):
Get leashed at Blue buff, smite it, clear the wolves camp (Wraith camp OP), then clear the Red buff, smite it. Go in for a gank.


As of Preseason, the Dragon is a high priority objective now as it now gives permanent buffs that really help snowball lanes. Some champions like Pantheon (were) able to sneak in a Dragon whenever they want, but most champions, including Rek'Sai have a few conditions that should be considered before attempting to slay the Dragon.

When it comes down to it, the main points you should consider are:
-Do you have smite up/Do you do enough damage to solo the dragon?
-The Enemy Jungler and his/her position on the map
-During the laning phase, have you taken out the enemy bot lane?
-Do you have adequate vision of the area?

In many cases, your team will ask for a Dragon after clearing bot lane, to which you should go with them to take down the Dragon. There is some risk if you have no vision of the enemy or their jungle, and a lot of risk if you don't have smite up, but chances are, you won't need your smite if you have 3 people, sometimes 4 if mid decides to join.

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Ganking is basically going into a lane and killing the enemy laner. You should gank lanes based on where the enemy laner and your laner is positioned. Essentially, the closer the enemy laner is to your turret, the more likely you are to secure a kill. Ganking with Rek'Sai is relatively simple. Approach them while burrowed. Reveal them and poke them with your Q, in case they go into the brush. When you're close to the enemy, preferrably right under them, use your W to knock them up. Use your Q as often as possible and smite them if it's up to ensure they don't get away. If they're running away and you can't catch them, use your E to secure a kill. If that doesn't kill them and you have enough space, close the gap with a tunnel and spam Q.

TL;DR: Burrowed Q, Burrowed W, Spam Unburrowed Q, Smite, Unburrowed E, Unburrowed W, Burrowed E, Burrowed W, Spam Unburrowed Q. Get Money.

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As Rek'Sai, your role in a teamfight is to follow up after an initiation and tunnel past the front line, leaving squishy targets vulnerable with your knock up. Basically, start out burrowed and use your E to tunnel below the front line tanks towards the AD/AP carries. Once you're below a priority target, unburrow to leave your enemies vulnerable and allow your teammates to follow up. The longest knock up is only 1 second long, and since you're relying on your allied vision to see the enemy champions, a good rule of thumb to use is that if it's farther than your allies can see, don't expect them to dive in with you. After you knock up as many enemies as possible, use your Q to build up rage and then finish them off with your E. If there are any stragglers and you have your Chilling Smite, you can stop them and secure a kill. By the time you're done your Q combo, your allies should be there to clean up and secure a couple clean kills.

You can also use your Q to poke the enemy team or to pick off a low health target.

TL;DR: Burrow past the front line, Knock up the AD/APC, Rek' face. Don't be stupid an expect your allies to dive in too far with you.

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I'm still building up this section, but I do get fed quite often when I play Rek'Sai with this build.

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Thanks for reading my Rek'Sai guide! I hope I helped you in some way shape or form to become better at playing Rek'Sai or even jungling, for that matter. Feel free to leave comments, should you have any questions, comments or criticism. For future reference, I don't plan to update this guide very often unless it is critically received quite well.

If I made any mistakes that I haven't noticed, it's because I took the information from the PBE at the time so feel free to point out any mistakes I have made.

If you have any questions but would rather speak to me live instead of in the discussion box, add me on NA server @ Gumapac.

Special Thanks goes out to my friends Amit, Milo and Crystal for reading/helping.