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Mordekaiser Build Guide by renegade12

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League of Legends Build Guide Author renegade12

ReNeGaDe12's Guide to a Solo Top Mordekaiser

renegade12 Last updated on March 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys, this is ReNeGaDe12 (not the one from TSM) and this is my first build. Since I started playing I immeadiately got sucked in by mordekaiser but i was unsuccessful with coming up with a good consistant build for him until I read the guides. This allowed me to experiment with Morde and identify what makes him so awesome. After many games of experimenting i decided to make my own build and here it is.

To summarise my build:
This build as stated in the title, is used to make Morde an unstoppable (hopefully) wrecking machine for your solo top player. This involves Mordakaiser using his abilities and passive to tank early game combined with spell vamp which is essentially unstoppable. If this has interested you so far, please read the rest of the guide, thanks.

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Once getting used to playing Mordekaiser, its pretty obvious which runes you should be heading for such as, AP runes for the extra kick early game, Mpen runes and some tanky (AR) runes for extra bulk (as if mordekaiser isnt bulky enough with his shield).

x 9
x 9
x 9
x 3

The reason why I chose this rune to use for my build is because it provides you with a nice amount and an essential Mpen, this combined with the other runes + makes an effective Morde at the start of the game and a powerful Morde throughout the game.

These runes I feel cannot be replaced as they are very useful not only for AP but allows you to replace the starting item: which gives you needless MP5, with an effective tanky item: which gives you a very useful HP5 for early game effectiveness and allows you to fight for longer because your abilities cost health.

After choosing the previous runes I came to the conclusion that this rune would be the best option to make your Morde more tanky at the start of the game, which may be useful if you 1v2 solo top or pushing 1v1 and their jungler tries to gank you (Read Jungler Section for more detail). It may not look like much but this combined with Morde's passive will save you countless times or provide your team with an effective tanky AP carry.

Now the choice for this rune was fairly straight forward. You already have enough runes for Mpen + Masteries, and AR. It was a simple choice to add further AP to Morde to make him more effective during the game.

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If you take a look at the Masteries I have chosen for Morde, you will notice i chose a 10/9/11 setup. The reason why I chose a 10/9/11 setup is because alot of the masteries available are not particularly tailored to suit Morde's needs and best interests. To be honest I do not think that these masteries could be changed to benefit Morde more in general of with this build, maybe thats just me, feel free to comment on them. Anyway, I chose the masteries to increase AP, MPen, and CDR which i think most players will agree with me is vital so no arguements there. I also chose to increase MR, AR, HP5 and HP to make Morde tankier which is vital when soloing top and is also useful to counteract the clause of using his abilities. Lastly I chose to reduce the time spent dead because it is so good late game and allows you more time to get back to your turret, this is also helped by the increase in movement speed and reduced recall time. Again feel free to comment.

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Summoner Spells

These are the summoner spells that I feel most comfortable using while playing Morde:

I chose exhaust because this build leaves Morde with a small amount of movement speed and if you play this right, most of the time you should see your enemies flee before you unless they are trying to gank you, sometimes if you solo against 2 players at top, you may witness them both running away from you, which has happened to me quite alot ;). Not only does this help you slow down your enemies when they make a run for it but it can also be used for escape purposes if you are in risk of being ganked or low hp (provided you cant just get it back with spell vamp/ life steal).

As mentioned above alot of the time you may see your enemies fleeing before you and cower behind their turret or close to it, in that case you cannot rish turret diving against him early game or against 2 players. If the enemy champion is on low enough hp you can finish them off in a very small amount of time by using the E and R abilities combined with ignite, this is a very useful tip which will be leaving the enemy champion thinking: "omg this Morde is insane" :D.


As for flash uses, I have considered using this spell before but quickly realised that you cannot use it as offensively as exhaust, using this spell can often gain you FB so exhaust I find is a better choice. Also Mordekaiser does not have great movement speed most players will be able to catch up to you, that doesnt matter if you are near your turret because you can flash to turret, but if the enemy wants to kill you they may end up running in to get a shot by the turret and then you can exhaust them greatly reducing speed and offensive capabilities for 2 seconds, gaining the upperhand with turret helping out. Flash can be a good initiator but mordekaiser has several abilities that can be used at a distance and still hit his target. You are welcome to try flash out and tell me what you find as well.
I realise ghost can be a good spell to use to catch up to your enemy or make a quick getaway but morde is mostly always focused during team fights and you are bound to get caught by a stun or slow and then ghost becomes useless.


Heal is totally useless for Mordekaiser as he will be buying items that give him spell vamp which heals himself. You will rarely find a time you need heal and a time that it will actually save you, so dont take it.
Morde is an AP carry not a support so you should never get this, if you want to have some map awareness use wards.
Mordekaiser's abilities cost health not mana, so clarity is useless, never ever get this, you are not a support.

If anyone wants to try other combinations they can write down what they tried and how it affected the gameplay so I can put it in the guide to help others that may be interested in other combinations of summoner spells.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is quite a useful tool to use when farming minions because it can spread out to multiple creeps at once after your initial hit, this also means that if you dont quite want to engage the enemy champion you can hit the creep a few feet infront of him and the hit will bounce to him. I would maximise this ability 2nd.

This ability can be very useful in combonation with spell vamp to keep your passive shield up and health at max, provided you arnt being ganged, and sometimes you may even stay at max health in 3v1 for a few seconds which can really anoy your enemies. This ability can be very useful in team fights and when your being focused, if you are getting into more team fights than lane fights then i suggest maxing this before Mace of Spades, otherwise max this last.

This is your most important ability that you can use at a distance to keep enemies at bay or harass them, causing them to retreat. This also powers your shield more effectively as it has a potential to hit more targets at once. I would maximize this ability 1st.

As always you want to max you ult as soon as possible at levels 6, 11 and 16. You can finish off players with 1/4 hp left with this and ignite, and if you dont think thats enough you can always use beforehand.

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This is the best choice for Morde early game because it provides you with AR and HP5 which is good for Morde because he requires hp for using his abilities.

This is the next best step to take so you can move around faster, avoiding ganks or performing them.

These are the best boots you can pick for Mordekaiser as it gives him Mpen and movement

This is an exceptional item for early game Mordekaisers, you can literally stand against two players on a lane, althouht I wouldnt advise engaging the fight yourself unless you are confident you can win and if they dont have any stuns to ruin your game.

Now I go for this item next because it gives me more spell vamp, AP, some AD and some life steal, this goes well with the other items in the build such as Lich bane because after you use an ability your next attack will gain a base attack bonus = to your ability power and give you a big amount of lifesteal or you can use this effect with Mace of Spades which can deal tons of damage, with the full build you can deal around 1000 dmg with 1 mace of spades.

This will provide you with extra health and the ability to slow enemies after using an ability which will be very useful because by this stage if you play right, you should be owning your lane.

This item does give you some needless mana but is essential to dealing lots of damage and can often 1 hit a player with 1/3 of their health using mace of spades after a different ability when you have Lich bane . Otherwise the base attack improvement after an ability is activated is still a large boost.

This item is a core item to the build and I dont think it can be changed and should be the next item you aim for.

This item is useful lategame because the other champions are bound to have some resistances now and greater AP which means you need more MR so this is a useful item, but it can depend on the enemy champions.

This item is very useful, if you thought you were already powerful, you can now increase your AP by loads, making you even more dangerous and unstoppable.


Hextech Gunblade is a definate core item but you can if you want to switch the item to which doesnt increase your AD or give you life steal but it does help out your team during team fights and costs alot less.

If there are more players using AD than AP you can change your Abyssal Scepter for Zhonya'sHourglass for more AR or alternatively, if you are being focused alot during team fights this could help turn the tide.

Also if you want to be really tanky late game you can ditch Rabadon's Deathcap and get Warmog's Armor giving you alot more health while still having alot of AP

If you feel that you are being shutdown too fast every team fight then you can get yourself a Guardian Angel .

If there are any items you tried instead for a good effect let me know so I can edit the guide for everyone else to see.

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Mordekaiser is a great mid and late game farmer, if you play solo top with him, you usually have the most creep kills by far for a while. All of Mordekaisers abilities are great when used in a group of creeps and allows you to farm them quickly and efficiently. Not to mention the quick cooldowns of Morde's abilities allows you to use them over and over again just incase a Champ is nearby or waiting for you to use an ability before he strikes. Even if this does happen you will still have Children of the grave to use and have a slow to activate from the gunblade + the effect of Lich bane.

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Unique Skills

Mordekaiser's Ultimate is a rather unique skill. It acts as a second and more powerful Ignite which also gives you health. Not only that but it allows you to control the champion that it kills or gets killed while the ult is still active. Children of the Grave is best used against champs with low health or against a champion that has a passive becuase they keep their passive once they come on to your side. AP carries are also useful as you gain a portion of their AP.

This passive is very useful throughout the game. The ability to gain a shield by using abilities is awesome, it is also harder to get through by the more AR and MR you have. This passive can save you so many times and is great in team fights.

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Playing as Mordekaiser solo top, you should always have lots of kill early and mid game. This will be achieved by continuously harrising your lane using Siphon of Destruction , this will leave the opposing champion running back to base while you get more CS, or this will keep leave him on low hp while your still on high hp because they cant get to you. Even if you somehow get lower hp than your enemy you can still use E to hit them from range just outside your turret when they push your lane. Once you have harrased your opponent enough, you will be able to use an ignite + E combo to finish him off or if your level 6, use children of the grave. After this stage you should already have around 4 kills, but now you should be able to fight 1v2's if you have managed to get Hextech Gunblade . This is where you have to be more careful because they will probably try to gank you if not already, you don't want to be pushing their lane too much before the other lanes catch up, so you can help them out. Around level 9 you should be looking to destroy the enemy turret, after this you can steal their jungle while killing creeps on your lane and then using your jungle because the enemy will be afraid of you and will not want to get in a fight with you unless you are at their turret or you are outnumbered but you can still take 1v2 most of the time, provided they don't have a counter champion which I will speak more about later.

After destroying their first turret you should almost have Rylai's Crystal Scepter , this can really help you get more kills when laning because you will not be moving as fast as the enemy champions so you will need to slow them. When pushing your lane you should be careful and always pay attention to your map, if you cant see 2 or 3 champions press tab, if they are dead you have nothing to worry about, but if they are not, it is quite possible they are coming to gank you, so you want to run back to your half and bait them away from their turret unless you have low health, you can just run.

After you have pushed them back to their second turret you should be using their jungle and killing all the creeps in your lane. But at this point you could also be helping your team mates and ganking their lanes, but this often leads to a stage of team fights late game. At this point you will want to use Creeping Death as soon as the team fight starts because you will be focused hard, but your W ability will keep your health up high as well as your shield provided you dont get stunned or silenced beforehand. This can ultimately change the tide of team fights because none of the enemy champs can retain their health as much as you can so your team will be doing more damage to theirs unless they have Mordekaiser :).


Once you start getting the Hextech Revolver , you may wnat to get some wards to prevent ganks or set them up at your lane. And if you feel they have warded the entire map and your jungler is becomes useless get your support to buy oracle's.

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Counter Champions

Fiddlesticks is difficult to play against when your Morde because he can silence you, then fear you, then completely own you with his ult and you will not have any time to react. The best way to make sure that fiddle doesnt kill you is to use exhaust on him after he fears you so his ult doesnt take off much damage, once his fear ends you will be able to crush him with ease but never engage him 1v1 on low hp.

Lets say you are 6/1 with 6 kills, you think you can take 1v2s with ease which you probably can, but if 1 of those 2 happen to be Pantheon, you lose straight away. If Pantheon lands on you with his ult or near you he can jump and stun you and because he uses AD, you will be screwed with no way to get back into the game unless you somehow pulled off your abilities before getting stunned. The best thing you can do is keep your distance between you and Pantheon, harassing him but making sure your ready for his stun.

Blitz crank has to be the most anoying tank on the game. The ability he uses to grab you with his arm is rediculous. If you are 1v2 and they have blitz crank he can pull you from behind your turret and still be outside the turrets range and then finish you off quickly provided his team mate helps. The best way to avoid this is trying to get you and Blitzcrank into a 1v1 or staying behind 1 of your minions so his arm grabs one of them instead.

Brand is very strong early game and will most likely be harassing you. If you are a good Morde you will be able to hold your own against him until you get Hextech Revolver , then you will own him for the rest of the game.

Anivia is a very difficult champion to play against when your Morde because she is very difficult to harass. She will easilly eat through your shield and if you plan to do hit and run, it wont work, you will be slowed, and you will be crushed. Its important not to get in a 1v1 situation with her, instead try to gank. Also be weary using your ult because she goes into an egg after the first time she dies.

If anyone knows of any other counter champs to Morde please post them so I can update this guide for everyone else.

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Thanks for viewing my guide and I hope it helps you play Mordekaiser, also this build does work when laning 2v2 but you will probably want to go for the cheaper items at the beginning. Remember to follow the guide and be careful and dont forget to own.

Please leave your comments below, thanks.