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Rengar Build Guide by xXOpheliaXx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xXOpheliaXx

Rengar AP! Shout at ´em ´till they die!

xXOpheliaXx Last updated on September 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey ! Welcome to my AP Rengar "Shout at 'em 'till they die!"Guide.
First of all, this is my first build and English is not my native language. If you find any errors please PM me so that I can get rid of those from my guide!"

Before we start you should watch the Champion Spotlight! Phreak explains Rengaras a AD champ but you see how his skills works, as well as his skillrange and his AA-Animation(<--handling)!

"Why AP Rengar!?", you might ask. Well i found out that Rengar's Battle Roar has a 1.0 AP ratio!
You could answer this with, "Dude! Veigar's Dark Matter as well has a 1.0 ratio. Not to mention Primordial Burst!" Sure, but thanks to Rengars passive ( Unseen Predator) he can double Cast Battle Roar.
"Huh!? Thats all!? Its not even "really" range!" Well Rengar has a pretty good gap closer in my opinion. His passive is good when you're top, and later Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt has a 50 second CD(without applying CDR).

It´s really a AP Glass Cannon-Burst guide, but i try out more, and keep you updated!
But let's analyze this step by step!

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Pros VS Cons




  • High amount of damage from
    early to late Game!
  • Really fast at taking down Squishy targets!
  • Snowballs pretty well!
  • IMO a good kiter!
  • Thanks to nice lane sustain!
  • Ridiculous easy to farm with!
  • Great at Splitpushing thanks too and later
  • Nice escape tool!
  • is a nice CC!
  • Incredible good ganker! -> Push and roam to win!
  • U will have a happy Teammate, because u don´t really need "blue" <( ^.^<)
  • His deals AoE DMG!
  • Squishy!
  • CC´s can should him heavily down!
  • In a a fight is pretty useless(before you have your ),
    only needed for Ferocity points or last hitting.
  • Not that easy to learn, when u use your Abilities wrong, too early,
    too late or in the wrong rotation, you become pretty useless!
  • Since u will become a BIG threat to their carries you will be most likely #1
    on their Focuslist ;D

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power

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  • :5 AP and AD while Ignite is on CD. More then another Point in .
  • : AP Rengar needs AP!
  • :4% CDR, a nice start since Rengar needs his abilities to deal DMG!
  • : 10% MPen! Thats a lot!
  • : More DMG ;D
  • : 18 AP are almost a free Amplifying Tome!
  • : 69.96 AP from runes + 21 AP from masteries + = 95,508 AP at lvl 18 without Items!

    : Nice! Rengar is good at taking down lowlife Champs but with this... ;D


    : Some resistance is never a bad idea!

    : Here, too! Some MR is never a bad idea! Especially because we build glass cannon!

    : Since you have to harass, zone your enemy and you're a melee champ..

    : Since Rengars early DMG is high this will help you to win your trades more efficently!

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Summoner Spells



Escape/Positioning tool!
With some practice you can
do some AWESOME things with it.
Example: Flash away while
Alistar uses his .


Will always help you to get Firstblood
Get 4 Ferocity points, flash or
run to a low enemy,
like an Twisted Fate at 1/3 of his health,
use your twice and ignite
him... get back to last hitting
while hearing "FIRST BLOOD!" ;D

Other Options:

  • : Never a bad option, especially when they have a jungling . It often can save your life if you get used to it! Take this instead of
  • : When u really want to roam and make them afraid of you! Always remember! You can't just port yourself to minions and wards! You can teleport to players pets(, ),
    Shacos , Teemos and even to Jarvan IVs !

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Abilities + Tips and Tricks


  • Pretty useful. The trick is when you get the fifth ferocity point, you can cast immediately! Means when you have 3 ferocity points and you use followed by a you can instantly use the empowered version of your !
    Unlike some other Champs this doesn't happen because your cooldown gets auto refreshed!
    To complete the example: After your empowered you are at zero ferocity points, and your are on cooldown, since you used them before your empowered! KEEP THAT IN MIND!
    But if you dont use any empowered ability right away u can cast your twice too, because the empowered doesn´t set the standard on cooldown! Since you didnt use it some time ago you can use it! (You can compare that with Nidalees !)
    Some trick with Rengars leap: You dont really have to stand in a brush in the moment you leap. Rengar has actually about 1 second after he left a bush to do this!
    You leap jump in the brush aswell, not just out of it!
    Leap to minions close to your traget when you can't the target itself!
    In top lane use it to zone your enemy! It also helps with last hitting!
  • We need it just for two things!
    (Curios enough it has NO ADscaling (kinda weird IMO))
    1st: Ferocity points. You need 3 points to initiate your combo!
    2nd: Last Hitting. Like Shyvanas Twin Bite or Fioras Burst of Speed this ability set back your autoattack animation! And thats pretty awesome! Just in the moment u hit a target press Q! Rengar will immediately strike the target again(a bit harder this time, but since we are focussed on AP it is really much!) that requires a bit practice but it isn't really hard to learn!
  • Your "main" ability. It has a 1.0 AP ratio! It will deal much right from start and that will last 'till late-game! Considering it is AoE and can be double cast it makes Rengar a BEAST!(even more then he looks like ;D)
    And it's a pretty good farming ability too! Just step between caster minions and the melee ones, and shout at them ;D
    But be careful when you do that the lane will be hard pushed!
    Always use your ferocity points for it! (Unless u next to escape or chase, then use it of course for !)
  • Pretty awesome, helps you last hitting, zoning, landing your and ganking!
    When laning always use it on your opponent. This helps you last hitting since your a melee Champ and you need to get to the minions! Whenever your enemy doesn't turn around after that, let him hear your ! Whenever your opponent isn't in lane use it for last hitting. (unless you already have enough AP, so that one shout clears the whole wave x´D)
  • Your ultimate! On skillrank 3 it has a pretty low CD(since we have 30% CDR aswell), so never hestiate to use it.
    Since u get 5 ferocity points after some time when u use it, its perfect for ganking or suprosing ur opponent! You can "obviously" leave the lane when your opponent is at about 50% just to use in the bush, leaping at them when your ready too double ROAR (maybe ignite too) them, and finish them of.(Be careful, it works well under towers, but since towers reveal you, you can be stunned. So leaping is essential!)
    It's a really nice escape tool, 7 seconds of invisibility is pretty much! Even if the whole enemy team chases you they can't block all your possibilities to escape!
    Here some escape tricks: When say see you already:while getting invsible walk into one directon, but then walk into another direction or just stand still!(Sounds too dumb but works 95% of escapes!)
    Instead of just running back go into their jungle!(u will see when someones near so no worries)
    First flash over a wall then use your ultimate and walk back to the point from where you started flash.
    Always remember: If you flash, your ultimate stops!

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
"Why on lvl 1?".
First of all that's for the "usual" game, if your team invades get first. But you need your on lvl 1 because of the reasons mentioned above: since your is not strong enough to clean a whole wave yet, because you can poke your opponent, it's useful for last-hitting and a great help for/against early ganks!
"Why even get a point in ?"
Mentioned above aswell: Faster ferocity points, stronger last-hitting!

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  • A must have for (almost) every AP Carry! 140 AP + the passive ="TONS OF DAMAGE"
  • 80AP! We need that. 15% CDR! We need that ;D And the passive is what we REALLY need!
    Rengar is a burster! Once you get the you will notice that most carries will be under 50% HP when you double ROAR them! Remember it de % of CURRENT heatlh!
    140AP +80AP =220AP
    220AP * 0.3 + 220AP =286AP
    286AP * 0.04 = 11.4%
    11.4% + 25% = 36.4%
    A Twisted Fate on lvl 10 has 1,204 HP and 30MR. We initiate with
    36.4% of 1,204 HP=438,256 DMG with his 30 MR it deals 337,120 DMG
    Now we double him! At Lvl 10 it's on rank 5 already.
    So it deals 255 + 286 AP= 541 DMG 30MR>>> 416.15384615385 DMG >> 416DMG * 2 =832DMG
    Our full combo does
    832 DMG+337 DMG=1,169DMG

    1,204HP - 1,169 DMG= 35 HP IN ABOUT 1,5 SECONDS

    Without other items, the masteries or the runes!
    Rememeber that every single source will deal about 10% more DMG because of your Magic Pen runes.
    Oh and for 3 seconds you get a "bit" more tanky, and heal 15% of your HP... just sayin x´D

Rounding up!

So we deal TONS OF DAMAGE, but has a 1 minute CD.
And s one is at 11 seconds(wihout any CDR), what when your opponent survives your burst? And whats with split pushing? Since u get no AD or AttSpeed, how shall i destroy buildings efficently?
Ok when someone survives your burst we need more AP , a way to reduce their MR or maybe some other tricks...
Considering this the best item you could purchase now is a ...

Let's anylyse the item:
  • 80AP more DMG!
  • 30MR , when you followed ht math above you dee what 30
    MR can do!
  • 350 Mana..wait Rengar has no mana.... ;C
  • +Movement Speed.. never useless!
  • PASSIVE you deal your AP as physical DMG! So if they stack MR to counter u this will actually hurt a bit, if ur target has no MR or DEF-- at almost your full AP again into your burst calculation!
    This passive also works against buildings! Make sure u wait for the cooldown, use any ability and hit a building!
Pretty nice so far isn't it?
So what can we do if they stack MR? We reduce it!

Let's anylyse the item:
  • 70APagain, more DMG!
  • PASSIVE 40% MPen!? That's so much! considireng they have 150 MR this items reduces it to 90 MR!
    Let´s see what that means!
    500 DMG against 150 MR= 200 DMG ;CC
    500 DMG against 100 MR= 263 DMG still not much it seems..well 150MR is much!^^

    The last item..

    Well that's pretty up to you ;D But i give you some i recommend! ;D
    • Guardian Angel it gives you no DMG , but makes you tankier and has such an incredible nice passive!
    • Abyssal Mask when the main DMG they deal is magical, grab this! More DMG and more resistance!
    • Zhonya's Hourglass when the main DMG they deal is physical, grab this! More DMG and more defense! And a nice active, when timed well it can stop everything! Darius ult? No,Sir. Karthus ult? No,sir. Nunus ult? No,sir, ;D
    • Rylai's Crystal Scepter more DMG and more HP to get more beefy. The passive is also very useful since your W is AoE^^
    • Hextech Gunblade personally i don't like this item, but it's good! First of all it strenghtens your physical side a bit.But it also gives nice Spellvamp, AP and a .. well ... not useless active! Instead u could buy Will of the Ancients boosting your team aswell!
    • Quicksilver Sash. They have many CCs? They have a Malzahar or a Warwick? GET IT! And make your ad carry build one aswell!

    Quicksilver Sash!

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When to get which!
  • When their team is tanky, or you simply wan´t that CDR!
  • When there is nothing really tanky enemy around, get these and buy another item instead of the Voidstaff!
  • When their bruiser is fed- usually a fed ADCarry is no problem for you, just burst him! If u start having trouble with him, get those!
  • When they have much CCs or they have a fed AP user!

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Early Game!

FARM!^^ That´s your main goal in the laning phase, use your to last hit and poke. Once u reach lvl 2 you can start thinking about trades! Once u have 3 ferocity points your opponent and use twice. Try to always have 3 ferocity points so u can initiate that combo, and u can heal yourself if needed!
If u have problems and getting harassed just try to freeze your lane. To do that just last-hit close to ur tower! But usually Rengar doesnt have problems he has DMG , sustain and a good early game!
Once u hit lvl 6 u have some options:
  • When the opponent is pretty low, ran into a bush,use [size=thrill of the hunt size=20], wait until u have 5 freocity points. Jump on him , double ROAR! at him(and use ignite if needed).
  • When he is healthy just pucsh him under his turret. If you get ganked use [size=thrill of the hunt size=20]and or Flashto get away (or if you were back before you will have wards least you should have some). And then go back buy something AND WARDS!
  • When u get pushed, stay u can hold the lane until u get ganked u have a heal and Rengar isnt bad in turret hug farming.
Once u have your Deathfire Grasp you can go really aggresive. Push your lane and/or make your opponent to recall and roam!
Make their AdCarry afraid of you, when thay have no pink ward simply use [size=thrill of the hunt size=20] at the right second and help your bot lane!
Sometimes they have pink wards , especially near the dragon just go another route. If it's all pink warded, make your jungler or sipport to buy an Oracle!
Later you should always split push unless your team really can't stand 4on5. When someone engage run as quickly as possible their, focus the AD- or AP-Carry and burst him down, then help your teammates! When it's obvious your team wins 4vs5 , just stay there and push you get your money from minions!

Always remember your not a tank, wait until your tank has engage use your ultimate and jump on your focus!

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Getting ganked?

Even if you're not getting ganked! Before buying anything else buy wards!


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Thanks a lot to jhoijhois How to make a guide-guide!
Aswell, thanks goes to LegionLeague for the QSS video Thats their channel!

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Change Log

11.09.12 It's done! Published!