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Rengar Build Guide by lohithbb

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lohithbb

Rengar. Not so broken. Meow.

lohithbb Last updated on December 13, 2013
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So you heard so much about how "broken" Rengar is! It is true. Are you struggling to win games and getting increasingly frustrated at how much CC the other team has and that ADC farming away happily? Rengar is the champ you want!!

I shall outline some rudimentary gameplay combos and tactics that will make playing Rengar an absolute treat.

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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed - gives you that extra mobility

Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist are your standard defensive runes - why scaling you ask? - The sensible endgame oriented item is Mercurial Scimitar and its relatively price to invest in early game. Scaling MR gives a decent boost to MR, but if you have an AP top lane you might want to get an early Wit's End

Greater Mark of Attack Speed are necessary for early game - Rengar's AD steroid can only be triggered when empowered Savagery lands, so you need a early boost to AS to farm/harass effectively

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My masteries are weird, admittedly. So lets have a look.


First off, 10% CDR from offense and utility - Rengar has no mana (yippee!!), so investing in CDR gives that early game skill spam.

Then we have MoveSpeed (5% out of combat/ 3% base) along with Zephyr give Rengar map presence.

The other utilities I chose just so that I could get 10% CDR off the bat, but CDR of spells, EXP boost are also really useful.

Runic Affinity is great late game when you have a red (true damage, remember!!)

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Ok, by now you will have noticed that I am obsessed with CDR.

Seeing as you have no mana, there is absolutely no reason for you to hold back on casts - you should always be in a position to perform combos and cooldown timers should not prevent you from getting the required ferocity to initiate.

With 10% from Sorcery and Intelligence ,
15% from Ionian Boots of Lucidity,
10% from Zephyr or Stinger
You will have 35% and you will hit the cap with Elixir of Brilliance or Blue Buff

So what now? You need the [red]damages[/red] You can either build:
AD - Vampiric Scepter, a Tiamat and build that to a Ravenous Hydra
AS - Stinger build into an Zephyr
see later section on how Rengar is played and how different builds affect gameplay
But essentially you want a balance between these

Ravenous Hydra is insane! - health regen and lifesteal give you so much sustain lane clear potential along with empowered Battle Roar

The Bloodthirster and Frozen Mallet provide the lifesteal and health required to survive.
I am open to people replacing Frozen Mallet with Trinity Force and The Bloodthirster with The Black Cleaver when the teamplay demands it, but those are situational

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Skill Sequence

Savagery is your main source of damage in a fight. Rule of thumb. Max it early.
Has great damage potential in team fights when empowered and the AS steroid is great.

Battle Roar should be maxed next.
HOWEVER , the only time that you max Battle Roar is when you are being laned heavily and require the heals from its empowered form. Given the health regen from tiamat, you should not be too worried about it.

Bola Strike is quite useless in my opinion. It's riot's solution to his imbalanced mechanics. The slow, which has a decent AD scaling ratio and low CD... WAIT A SEC!
This is amazing. A ranged ability for a melee champ? Surely this a good thing - it is. Use it wisely (I use it to get the right ferocity and keep it on CD at the end of an exchange)

Thrill of the Hunt can be quite disconcerting - ONE WRONG CLICK WILL SCREW YOU OVER but is by far the best ability in his pool.
Use this as:
ESCAPE TOOL - after pushing a turret - you have 7 seconds to hide out of the enemy vision and recall
GANKS - stealthed ganks make epic ganks!
FACECHECK - note that anyone with stealth detection Oracle's Elixir will be able to see you, as will Vision Ward

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Some Simple Combos, Strategies

  • Empowered Savagery
    deals 200%+ damage to a target and gives 80% AS.
    First charge up ferocity with Q >> Q >> ...
    - At 4/5 ferocity, jump in Bola Strike, followed with empowered Savagery, then faceroll the keyboard
    And voila, "you have slain an enemy"!!
  • Thrill of the Hunt followed by Battle Roar will immeadiately heal - this is a useful combo to remember when escaping.
  • Always position yourself in brush so that vision is retained on the target - you can jump to him to go the other way. Vision is paramount - so keep a few wards lying around!!

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Flash - 'nuff said - you either want it or you don't - that is, assuming you know how to use it.
You CAN flash when stealthed and it won't affect the stealth.

Ignite - secure a kill

Teleport - is by far the most useful. Given your stealth and movespeed buff due to Thrill of the Hunt, teleport ganks are devastating!!

Ghost - meh! With your masteries and runes and boots and enchantments(open ended really) you dont need this + it has an insane CD.

Exhaust - is useful and is one of the best summoner spells out there, BUT, and this is a big BUT - YOU SHOULDN'T NEED IT

Smite - yeah.... you might want to take this if you're jungling or if drank a tad too much...

Barrier - nice for one-on-one; you should not need this with a proper team

Heal - I'm partial to heal; Go on, let's bring heal back!!

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Pros / Cons


  • no MANA
  • great AD burst
  • great farming/pushing mechanics
  • innate heal (sustain)
  • assasin; great late game when you need to dive to kill ADC
  • makes people **** their pants when he comes into lane

  • early game presence is low due to low cross map mobility (no Thrill of the Hunt, no Teleport
  • this particular build leaves him weak early game and good ganks can shut him down
  • high cost build
  • Thornmail counters him hard
  • any form of stealth detection renders his ult useless; both to escape and to engage

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Team Work

In teamfights, Rengar is perfect for shredding the weaker members - AD Carry , AP Carry , Support.

It is paramount that the team understands Rengar's job - the tank/bruiser should keep the rest of the team alive. Rengar must however, dive, destroy the ADC/APC and (if such is the case) die.

  1. Activate Thrill of the Hunt - this should give you vision of the entire team. You now have 7 seconds to position yourself next to an ADC/APC and an escape route (next to a brush)
  2. Once you engage with Savagery and burst them down, undoubtedly, the rest of the team will focus you. If your AS steroid hasn't run out, then keep wreaking havoc.
    OTHERWISE, run like hell
  3. At this point some hard CC is directed towards you - don't be afraid to maneuver in-and-out of the fight to direct attention towards you so that the rest of the members can finish 'em off.
    Mobility, in itself can be a weapon.
  4. Reserve empowered abilities for Savagery: by its mechanic, it will effectively crit and its AS boost will allow you kill a champ without issue.