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Rengar Build Guide by GeralTheWitcher

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GeralTheWitcher

Rengar - Tonight we hunt! [S4 Solo Top and Jungle]

GeralTheWitcher Last updated on December 18, 2013
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Hey, I've been playing Rengar for a while now, decided to upload some of the ways I play him publicly :D

So, this guide will try to explain the essentials of the 3 ways to play Rengar, hope you enjoy it :)

I understand this is not a perfect guide, but bear with me, this is my first try :)
I will accept any kind of constructive criticism. However, I ask you, very politely, not to flame me.
Yes I am Bronze III :(

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Rengar has a role, unique to him only. It is, simply put:

  • Early game - Dominate
    Yeah, there is no other word for this. You have sick early game potential. If you do not use it to score some kills, you will be useless later on.
  • Mid game - Roam
    Your lane is won. Your enemy has already fallen behind and is struggling. Should you harass him more? Well, sure, if he is Kha'zix. Otherwise, unleash your ferocious strikes upon other foes.
  • Late game - Assassinate
    Sure, this is similar to other assassins. However, you are designed to make a single enemy's life a living hell. Jump their AD Carry (or in some cases AP, if their adc is underfed), and kill him before he has time to react. Then you are free to continue engaging the weakest targets. WAIT FOR YOUR TEAMMATES TO INITIATE. IF YOU GO SOLO OR EARLY, YOU WILL FAIL MISERABLY.

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Pros and Cons


  • High early game potential
  • Unique item
  • Stealth
  • Stealth-revealing
  • One of the best pokes (E) in the game
  • Extreme burst damage
  • Great split-pusher
  • Exceptional counter-jungler
  • Great passive for chasing and escaping
  • One of the best gankers in the game
  • Decent solo lane skill-set

  • Lowest health regeneration in the game
  • Needs kills; otherwise falls off in the late-game
  • Counter-jungled easily due to lack of escape tactics
  • Kiteable easily
  • Very hard to carry a game, no matter how fed

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Straight Attack Damage Marks, Armor Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs and Attack Damage Quints are my choice.
These aid your early game. I can't stress this enough: You must dominate the early game.

However, due to Rengar's naturally strong early game, you can also insert Scaling Armor Seals, Scaling Magic Resist, Armor Penetration Marks and Armor Penetration Quints for aiding your late-game.

However, AD Marks and AD Quints are better. Your abilities scale A LOT with ad, which pays off much better than armor pentration. Your build will always have enough pen. with items and masteries, leaving you enough space for AD runes.

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Unseen Predator
Allows you to jump on enemies while you are stealthed. Aside from obvious chasing potential, this gives you some escape routes in the lane. It also opens some paths in the jungle. Although the number of these paths has been reduced by the new bushes, some are still viable, given you have the vision of the jungle creeps.

[Q] Savagery
Damage of this ability, combined with attack speed bonus, makes this one of the best bursts in the game. It also scales insanely with AD.

[W] Battle Roar
Aside from the minor damage, this ability increases your defensive stats briefly. This is commonly overseen, but is essential in top lane trades. And the heal from the empowered version is a much needed form of sustain.

[E] Bola Strike
One of the game's best pokes, considering the damage and the slow. Essential for attack out of bush/ultimate.

[R] Thrill of the Hunt
The sexiest ultimate in the game. Long invisibility, combine with passive jump and ferocity generation, makes this the best ganking tool in the game.

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Yes, I am making a chapter for this.

Ferocity is Rengar's resource. It is generated when you Q, W or E hit enemies. Stacking 5 Ferocity allows you to use and spend them on an empowered version of Q, W or E.

Most enemies will be careful when they see you got 5 ferocity, making it hard to land a Q on them. The thing is, you only need two ferocity to launch a succesful trade. If all 3 of your abilities hit home, and you manage to get the empowered Q off too, trade will definitely belong to you.

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First thing you need to do is let your enemy know you are stronger. Land a Q and some autos on level 1, then disengage. Let them know you deal serious damage.
Stick to the bushes afterwards. Jump out on creeps to last hit them. Feel free to miss some every now and then to keep the enemy guessing if you are coming out. Combo your enemy when you have a chance. It is essential that your match-up gets used to you sitting in the bush doing nothing.
As of level 6, you should already have a kill, or at least have your enemy low enough. Launch some attacks, then run into the bush. Activate your ultimate, wait for Ferocity to charge, and pwn em.
If you start the game right, you will have tons of damage on your enemy. However, unleashing a full combo will not be enough to finish them off just yet. What you need to do is poke, poke, poke until you get them low enough, then go for the kill.
Feel free to roam while your ulti is not on cooldown. In the part between early and mid-game, most laners are busy trying to win their lane. They will stay in the lane and farm with low health, leaving a great opening for your ultimate.

E + Q + W - slow them down, land some damage and raise your defensive stats when they retalite
Passive > Q + E > W - basic out-of-the-bush combo
> R > Q + E + Q - after dropping enemy low enough to kill him, use the ultimate, wait for 5 ferocity, activate empowered Q, jump while using E, and then activate normal Q
Passive + W - this is only for annoying enemies, it hardly does any real damage; jump to a minion which is near enough the enemy so you can get him with your W, but far enough he can't use a basic attack on you

There are many more options, some of which include item usage, and I suggest exploring them on your own.

Level 2 kill combo
This is really simple. You need to have 4 stacks of Ferocity. Slow your enemy with E, engage with empowered Q, and follow up with another Q. This will kill your enemy on level 2. Period.

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In most scenarios you should start off with a Red Buff, proceed to Wraiths, then Blue Buff, possibly Wolves if you need to get your Fer. to 4 stacks, then gank.
Always try to have 4 stacks of Ferocity. This enables you to slow your enemy with E, while keeping your true damage (empowered Q) available.
You are on of the game's best counter-junglers. If you are certain your enemy is going to take Blue first, feel free to do the same. Get a quick blue, and then rush to his Red buff bush. After 5-8 seconds place your ward (if you have the trinket) so you have vision on the buff and wait. Be on the far side of the bush, so minor creeps don't attack you, thus revealing you. When the buff is low enough, smite it and jump your enemy. While jumping, use your E, then double Q. Your enemy should be level 2, maybe 3, and he should be low enough after getting both buffs. This should pretty much secure the kill. If you think your enemy is taking Red first, just switch the buff order.

When it comes to ganking, there are two essential things you need to do:

  1. Ask the laner(s) to check for wards
  2. Make sure their laner(s) are over the diagonal perimeter (the imaginary line on the half)
This allows a steady gank, without any reason to rush the moment when you engage.
However, if you have Mobility boots, Ghost and Thrill of the Hunt on, you can run past any wards for a succesful jump on your enemy.

Try to keep track of buff respawn time. There are certain enemies that you can counter-jungle easily for over 20 minutes of game-time (Cho'Gath, Amumu or anyone with the role of tank who didn't tank up yet). And then, there are guys who you don't want to mess around with (Fiddlesticks can only be c.j.-ed once, on the second buff he takes; stay away from Shaco in the jungle).