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Rengar Build Guide by PeachyBreezy

Top Rengar Top Everyone Bottom

Top Rengar Top Everyone Bottom

Updated on September 14, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PeachyBreezy Build Guide By PeachyBreezy 7,539 Views 0 Comments
7,539 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PeachyBreezy Rengar Build Guide By PeachyBreezy Updated on September 14, 2021
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Runes: Standard (Conq)

1 2 3 4
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Dueling Pressure
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Rengar Top Everyone Bottom

By PeachyBreezy
Sup guys my name is PeachyBreezy (not my in game name) and I'm a Gold 4 player who loves dabbling in the art of Rengar. He is by far one of the most fun champion I have come against in League of Legends. this is my guide on how to **** on low elo scrubs (even tho I am one) and win your games. This is my very first guide, so I'm still learning the ropes and stuff so please bear with me. I hope you all enjoy!
What Do I Build?
Now a lot of you came here to look at what items to build, when to build certain items, etc. and I'm here to help you all with that:

Rengar potential to carry is increased by a significant margin when you go damage Rengar (lethality, crit items). Thus, Damage Builds > Tanky Builds. This is not undermining the usefulness of bruiser/tank builds for Rengar, but when it strictly comes down to carrying, damage is the way to go.
Now there are many scenarios that you must keep in mind for Damage Builds:
1. If you see only 1 or 2 tank/bruiser or all squishies, go Damage. (easiest game in your life if you go damage)
2. If your whole team is inting and don't scale, build Damage. (you will do nothing for team as bruiser/tank)
3. If your team doesn't really have a carry, go Damage.
4. You DON'T have to go Damage when you FOR SURE have a teammate that is hard carrying, or you trust your team enough to deal damage (which is highly unlikely in low elo). Then, You can go bruiser or tank to frontline/peel/etc.

Rush Items:
I think this is overlooked by a lot of guides that I look into and it plays such a critical part in your success in games. Think to yourself: What do I need? For example, you play against a Fiora and you get first blood. What should you build? If you think about it, she has broken healing thus get executioners (or bramble if you don't know match up). Don't just build into your core item, THINK! If you want more info, I put more stuff in the note section for start items.

What Should I Build:
Now that you know that typically damage build is the way to go, and you know what items to rush, you might ask yourself... what the freakity freak should I build? I say this: Duskblade/Essence or Eclipse/Essence. Personally, I feel that Essence is the BEST item to build on Rengar hands down. The sheen proc is broken and the 20 ability haste??? Like do I need to say more? I typically rush Essence (Scrubnoobs been doing that in jg) and my go to boots is Lucidity (total with Essence 40 ability haste). Typical core build path (without certain rush items): Sheen-> Lucidity-> Warhammer-> Essence Reaver-> Duskblade/Eclipse-> situational items.
What to Understand About Rengar
Ability Haste over Damage:
I think one thing people mistake Rengar for is that he needs to build damage items first. I personally believe in majority of the games, ability haste is more important than damage items early game. Sure you can do more damage with your Q and E, but the enemy laner will always outdamage you if you try to win with your autos. MAJORITY of your damage comes from your abilities. Ability haste allows you to spam more abilities which equals more damage from Q and more healing from W which are the most important things Rengar does for top lane (E is good but not as good as Q and W). This is not to undermine the fact that there are certain damage items that are good to rush (ex: serrated dirk) but overall, I found cdr more important.

Importance of 4 Stacks:
Another thing is your stacks. It is CRUCIAL that you have 4 stacks in lane. The damage that comes from Triple Q (Empowered Q->E->W->Empowered Q->Q) compared to regular full combo is significant. 4 stacks gives you more opportunities such as leap from bush empowered E to help your jg to gank lane, W out of certain CC etc. ALWAYS Q first when you have 4 stacks UNLESS you empower E to root. Q will be the best chance at you winning trades. NEVER W when you start with 4 stacks.

Bush Advantage:
When you are in bush, your chances of winning against an enemy increases. This is because Rengar gets an extra stack in bush at 0 stack, so you are able to rotate through your abilities at a high rate. This is what makes Rengar strong. Abuse it as chances are, the enemy laner will typically not be able to spam as much abilities as you. They might outdamage you with one ability (cough* Garen Q) but if you know which abilities to use (such as empowered W) and in bush, you will typically win trades.

Now, I'm sure all of you know the full combo and the Triple Q, but it's vital that you understand that there are other combos and abilities to use. There's the empowered W combo (Q->E->W-empowered W). This is useful when you want to deal damage but also wanna GTFO. Note you can hold onto the empowered W at the end instead of insta using it in combo. For example, you can use this combo on Garen where you jump on him (Q,E,W) and hold onto empowered W. Your damage still goes through (Q,E,W) but now he will Q you to silence and E you and completely win trade. Since you held onto empowered W, the instant he Q E, you empower W out to bush (healing you back, damaging Garen and giving you movement speed) and win trade. Another combo is the empowered E combo. same thing like the last combo except you empower E at the end instead of empower W. This is extremely useful when it comes to to allies ganking your lane and you ganking ally lanes. For example, you have 0 stacks at bush and you see your jg (Udyr) is coming. Now the enemy laner has 80% hp so you know you can't kill him with standard Q full combo. Use the empowered E combo to do damage and root him, and by then, Udyr has come to stun the enemy laner with E and it's gg. Note, your empowered E root lasts 1.75 sec which is insane.
Small Tips
1. If you are in bush and you teleport, you will jump from where you teleported to and gain a stack (if you have 0 stacks)

2. Weave in auto attacks to maximize damage (ex: auto->Q)

3. Drag first minion wave to bush. You do this so that it's closer for you to jump on minions or champions

4. Utilize Oracle Lens for jumping onto wards in topside bushes

5. You can get a faster second jump if you jump with Q due to auto reset with Q.
Peachy Updates

Rengar rework seems interesting...
Streamers to Learn From
Kane: The best Rengar top streamer and Youtuber to watch and learn from (Note- Kane streams in Korean but he's honesty the best)
Dekar: People dumpster on the man, but he high elo for a reason. He's good. Gives some informational tips.
P1tony: For AP.
Scrubnoob: THE KING himself
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PeachyBreezy
PeachyBreezy Rengar Guide
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Rengar Top Everyone Bottom

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