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Riven Build Guide by papaGringo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author papaGringo

Riven : Exiled in Jungle

papaGringo Last updated on February 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys, this is papaGringo and this is my first guide on mobafire. Mostly I play normal games for passing time( Haven't played ranked games yet. :3 ).
At first I used to play in EUW server but then switched to Garena due to lag and my summoner name is papaGringo6.

I am presenting Riven - The Exile as jungler for season 4.

When I started playing League of Legends, Riven was one of the champions I hated most because of her combo, damage, mobility and that devastating ult. I think many people also think she's a pain in the a**. When Riot decided to nerf her, everyone was like "Thank God! B**** got nerfed! Now I can play in peace."

Then I decided to play her as a jungler. Why? Four words: "I suck at lane."

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Pros / Cons

-Decent Damage
-High mobility (OP Broken Wings and Valor)
-Good ganking ability
- Valor gives decent sustainability if used well.
-Nice passive
-Nice ult
-Can split push
-One decent CC
-Good jungling after level 5.
- Broken Wings can be used as a good escape mechanism if Flash is on cooldown
-Mana independent spells.
-Can peel for the carry
-Can carry well

-Needs lot of practice
-At early game, spells have long cooldown.
-Early game jungle clearing rate is slow.

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Creeping / Jungling

I start with Hunter's Machete and 5 pots. The passive of Hunter's Machete synchronizes well with Lifesteal quint.
You can start either golem or lizard . The choice is totally upto you. Basically I go for blue, take Valor and rush red buff. Then I clear wraith camp. After level 3, I try to find opportunity for gank. If there is no opportunity, again I go back to jungling. (Actually everything depends on situation. Therefore I think I should not waste time and your patience.)

My level 1 combo
AA-> Broken Wings->AA-> Broken Wings-> Broken Wings->AA->AA

Level 2 combo
1. AA -> Broken Wings -> AA -> Valor -> AA-> Broken Wings -> Broken Wings -> AA-> AA
2. Valor -> AA -> Broken Wings -> AA -> Broken Wings -> Broken Wings -> AA -> AA
3. Broken Wings -> AA -> Broken Wings -> AA -> Valor -> Broken Wings -> AA -> AA

Level 3
1. Valor -> AA -> Broken Wings -> AA -> Broken Wings -> Broken Wings -> AA -> Ki Burst -> AA -> AA
2. Valor (then quick) -> Broken Wings -> AA -> Broken Wings -> AA -> Broken Wings -> AA -> Ki Burst -> AA -> AA
3. Broken Wings -> AA -> Broken Wings -> AA -> Valor -> Broken Wings ->AA - Ki Burst -> AA -> AA

After level 4 and 5 jungle clearing becomes a little bit easy. Don't forget to visit base after level 4/5. For beginners, I suggest you to visit base after level 3 and buy boot and health pots. But it will be better if you can buy Spirit Stone, boots and health pots after your first visit to base.

On your second visit to base, try to complete Spirit of Elder Lizard or at least buy 2 Long Sword

If you anticipate of high CC confrontation, complete The Brutalizer on your 2nd/ 3rd visit to base.

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Team Work

While ganking, ask your lane whether it is warded or not, then move on. If lane is not warded and enemy team is pushing, feel free to gank. It would be better if your support keeps a sweeping lens or you can keep it either.

Riven shines after level 7. You can play as initiator or can position yourself between your tanks and carry. I prefer the second option. When a teamfight starts, cast your ult, enter the fight, do devastating damage and cast your Wind Slash.
It doesn't matter if enemy gets killed or not, they will be forced to retreat if played well.

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Important task (work on progress)



By level 7 Riven, if you complete Spirit of the Elder Lizard or Spirit of the Ancient Golem then you have some extra moneymaking ability and 10% cooldown reduction. So don't forget to buy wards and put them near dragon/baron.

What to do for dragon:
Put wards near Purple side Blue Golem Brush behind the Wolves. And near second Turret(If you are on blue team). In the meantime dont forget to farm to earn some extra money while putting those wards. Tell your mid laner to put ward on mid lane brush.

I'll post warding screenshots later. (For both blue and purple team)

When to slay dragon(work on progress):
1. Bottom lane is empty.
2. Opponents are trying to push top lane.

Splitpush(Work on Progress)


Riven is good at split pushing. So dont hesitate to go for split pushing.
If opponent is trying to push your mid lane. Tell your teammates to keep opponents busy. If they are unable to give enough pressure, feel free to split push top or bottom lane.

Items for split pushing
1. Tiamat or Ravenous Hydra
2. Spirit of the Elder Lizard
3. The Brutalizer
4. Boots of Mobility

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Some screenshots and Blade for My Valentine [Optional]

Here are some records of mine.

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Broken Wings Wall Jump Techniques

As I said Broken Wings can be used as a good escape mechanism, I found some videos on Youtube.

Video 1:

Video 2:

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Since this is my first guide, there may be some mistakes or improper explanations. If you think that this guide needs more improvements, modifications, feel free to send your valuable feedback. If you try this build, send your match results. I'll eagerly waiting for your suggestions, tips and tricks, guides etc.