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Corki Build Guide by SpartaWF

Rocks dat place!(AP Corki)

Rocks dat place!(AP Corki)

Updated on June 17, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpartaWF Build Guide By SpartaWF 23 13 127,549 Views 7 Comments
23 13 127,549 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SpartaWF Corki Build Guide By SpartaWF Updated on June 17, 2013
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Hi all, it's my first League of Legends guide Before you closed it, cause it looks kinda stupid for you - read a bit more.AP Corki is a very good AP caster, who can deal tons of splash damage - it's a good point for any mage in LoL. Range of his ultimate is extremely high, so u can easily harass\fight when low on health, his damage ain't as low as you can think .
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Pros / Cons


Spells have small cooldown - when u get a blue buff and a Athene's Unholy Grail, the cooldown of your Phosphorus Bomb is 4.5 sec - you can easily deal damage in medium-long range, and do it instantly.
Also Phosphorus Bomb can help u with invisible characters like Akali or Twitch.
All spells that you use deals splash damage (area damage, AoE)
Dont need a lot of health or resists - u can easily farm\deal damage when u low on health - awesome range of bullets provides it.
Also he looks really great in new "assasin-meta" cse of his Valkyrie and long R range that provides u to damage enemies and be out of their vision.


Very squishy - if u can't play safe - Corki is not for u. U need to be always behind of ur mates, cause u are a priority target for gapclosers or leapers, such as Jax, Diana, Rengar and etc. (or u can be catched by champions as Blitzcrank or Caitlyn.
Mana hungry - yes, it's a really bad point, cause u can't deal any damage without mana! But if u have runes, as I recommend in my guide and u play carefully (don't wasting mana on creeps or harass more than needed - you won't be low on it so much)
He is very weak till lvl 6 - This situation is normal, like with Akali or Kassadin on mid lane. It's okay, but u need to farm and play safe, till u re not lvl 6.
Ur bullets have gr8 range, but it's hard to hit s1 by em in 1v1 fight. Just remember it.
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Skill Sequence

U need to max your Phosphorus Bomb firstly - u can't deal any damage till lvl 6 from other abilities (Of course u can, but it'll be less effective).This is a great weapon to kill champions like Talon or Akali, or just to see an enemy in a bush. Warning: the range is short enough, so u should be carefull with it. Then max your Valkyrie - it's an awesome escape\chasin skill. I have made some fantastic kills from it when escaping several times, it's really funny (such a good thing as Singed's poison, all who'll walk across ur Valkyrie will be damaged by that.). When u reached lvl 6 - dont forget to learn your Missile Barrage and up it whenever u can.
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Summoner Spells

Best ones:

Flash can save you, when u really need it - ur Valkyrie is not enough\failed\in cooldown - u can escape with it. Also u can kill with it - the best choise for 1st slot.

The most usefull spell for AP Corki (as 2nd spell). Ignite cast range is too damn low, that's why I've chosen that one.

A good one to stay on ur lane and back faster. Although u can gank with it, by teleporting on the ward\mushroom, placed by ur mates. I recommend it only if u play as a team, and ur tactics based on that spell.

Viable spells

Ignite provides you a little bit more damage to kill, that seems pretty good, doesn't it? Also it can help u and ur team against champions like Dr. Mundo, Master Yi and etc.

It's able if nobody from ur team haven't taken it or u're a new player in League Of Legends, but, imo, it's totally useless.

This one is just a waste of slot - if u need mana, u can build one item to get it, takin clarity won't save u.

Maybe smb will say, that it's a good one, but I can say "NO!", and tell u why. U don't need to run towards smb, ur way to be alive is ur Valkyrie or Flash, but not that one.

U need to get close to the target to cast it, but it can also save u from enemy AD carry\leaper.

Just... nope.

Can be used to place ur ultimate, but i strongly recommend not to do it.

Just no. If u need to remove CC's - build Quicksilver Sash.


Corki doesn't looks like a jungler, just forgot bout it.
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Start items:
x3 x2 - Provides u a lot of sustain to stay ur lane longer and farm aswell.
Usually you need to dodge your opponent skills on mid lane - heroes like Brand, Anivia and etc.
Health pots will let u farm longer on your lane and gain exp, but i think starting with boots is not very usefull now.

It's viable too, when u stay versus strong AP carry like Ryze or Mordekaiser

U can play with + x2 - it also works now (after 3.8 patch).

Core items:

With dat core u'll deal a large amount of damage and earn some CDR. Rabadon's Deathcap can be changed to Void Staff, if enemy team build magic resist ( if they don't build it - rush Haunting Guise.You can build Mercury's Treads instead of Sorcerer's Shoes if u play against heavy AP team. Also u can buy Tear of Godness to upgrade it into Archangel's Staff, but i dont think it'll be rly good; Athene's Unholy Grail will be also great, if u need more mregen & mres.

Final items:

Gain some Mpen, health, slow and a statis - looks really good for a late game. U can change Zhonya's Hourglass to Banshee's Veil if it needed. Also u can change Rylai's Crystal Scepter to Warmog's Armor - it ll help u to stay alive, when u r playin against ad assasins.
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Laning phase

All champions have somebody, whom they can easily counter or be countered - Corki is not an extra one.

I'll sort em by scoring from 1 to 10 (1 - easy laning, 10 - IMPOSSIBRU!) in alphabet.

4\10. Easily dodged till lvl 6 (after lvl 6 it's a little bit harder). Just farm and wait for lvl 6.

4\10. Kassadin is a very weak in early (like u), but u're ranged. After lvl 6 he become more powerfull, but if u play safe it doesn't care u.
4\10. Morgana is not a high-damage champion, and her bait till lvl 6 is easily dodged and won't deal large amount of damage.

5\10. Can be easily dodged, but if u're stunned - prepare to die (Just stay behind\with minions - it'll be a chance to escape).

5\10. Easily harrased by u (she is melee, yea), she wouldn't deal u any damage if u dodge her Crescent Strike (it's easy, believe me).

6\10. Still weak as u untill lvl 6, but she can deal more damage than u in early - never fight with Akali in melee. After lvl 6 she will eat u for any ur mistake.

5\10. She is melee, and if u play safe u can harass her and farm easily, but play safe - she deals a large amount of damage in all game phases.
6\10. It's not a good time for u, when that guy stay against , but u can just farm and, always, he is pushing the lane (it means he is an easy target to gank).

6\10. Easily dodged, but u can't deal any damage to him untill lvl 6. Deal with it, just farm.

6\10. It'll be hard to farm, , but he is an awesome target for gank (if he max his turrets, ofc.).

7\10. Not the hardest opponet u can get, but not the easiest - can make exchange with u on health, but don't forget, that she has a stun. Be worried if she is lvl 6, stun is ready and her mana pool is not wasted.

7\10. That guy can harass you and farm minions, also can end u with Requiem. Deal with it.

7\10. He is able to harass you as well as Karthus, but u can stay behind minons and be in safe. On lvl 6 he can just jump under ur turret and kill u with Slicing Maelstrom.

7\10. She can place her spells on u more and more, and it's hard to dodge.

7\10. He deals large amounts of damage, and his Nether Grasp is OP. Just let ur jungler do his work.
7\10. After his 1st purschase he would just push u to ur turret.

7\10. Easily harass u and his Q+W combo deals a large amount of damage.

7\10. Can be dodged, but also he can harass u with his passive and finish u by Mega Inferno Bomb.

7\10. Nuff said.

8\10. Can be dodged, but she can kill u in 1 second if u become freezed.

10\10. He is melee, but he can eat u under ur turret\ur team, his awesome slow from Chum the Waters and poison from Seastone Trident will drop u off.

8\10. Her leaps are amazing, she can harass u as much as she can, and it's rly hard to do smth with that.

9\10. Her jumps deals a lot of damage, also u can get a share\silence and die in 1 combo.

10\10. U can't deal any damage to that guy, when he farms and deal u damage without losing any health.

9\10 Can easily harass u and become safe. Easy kills u with Petrifying Gaze + Noxious Blast& Twin Fang combo.

8\10. His lifesteal let him stay on the lane for a long period (he hasn't got mana) and harass u more and more.

10\10. Her plants wouldn't let u farm at all. If u try to - she d just eat u.

9\10. Easy farm, his mana is recovering when he kill minions, and his damage in early isn't as funny, as u can think.

8\10. She can deal u smth like 300 damage on lvl 4 every time when her ball is placed correctly.

10\10. She easily pokes u and harass, gainin no damage herself. On lvl 6 she can kill u in Veigar style (1 shot combo).

8\10. High early damage, a bit of sustain and amazin ult should drop u off easily, if u try to fight with her.

10\10. She can easily harass u, jump & finish after.

8\10. Physical damage, a lot of mobility, range harass spell and slow can just drop u off. Try to play very safe, and it should be k.
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Farming is a most important thing when u play as any lane champion, not except support.

U need to take as much creeps as u CAN take. But never try to take creeps near the enemy, if u're not sure, that u'd stay alive. Lasthit ur minions, farm wraiths if possible.
U shouldnt make 300cs in 25 mins - it's not necessary. If u r playin soloque u can push ur lane and help with drake\gank\countergank - it'd help ur team much more, than if u'd simply farm.
If u d get 300 cs in 25, but team score is 0\20 - usually it wont make u winning.
Buy 1-2 wards per b to protect ur jungle\urself from ganks or for/from counterjungling.
Also try to deny enemy from farm every time u can - and maybe ur lane become easier.
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Team Work

It's an easiest thing u should do - just stay behind ur mates and trow your Missile Barrage, jump away with Valkyrie if it is needed. Warnging: don't be so far from ur team - u can be ganked from the bush by smb. Never dive into a middle of fight with Valkyrie, if ur team haven't killed most of enemies or if u're low on health - don't forget, that u are an easy kill.
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AP Corki is a very strong AP carry and I think he is the one of the easiest of em, but u need to learn how to farm safe and make smth like 200 cs in 25 minutes, and dont forget to help ur team.

Send ur scores with AP Corki and I'll place em to the Wall of Fame!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpartaWF
SpartaWF Corki Guide
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Rocks dat place!(AP Corki)

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