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Rumble Build Guide by Kenagon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kenagon

Rumble: Solo Top Melter

Kenagon Last updated on July 18, 2013
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Rumble is a Tanky dps Mage, excelling in lane control and nuking the hell out of the enemy in team fights. Rumble should always be played solo top or mid, as those are the lane he will dominate in because of his lane survivability and GREAT dmg output. And he has got kewl animations too. He is great at taking you out of ELO hells. Instead of being "that guy" who complains, just pick rumble and carry their noob ***es with those aoe spells, with enough skill you could take down the whole team...

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Alternate build

Before you go "AWW, this build sucks, theres no tank" don't fear, this is only the way I like to play rumble. As a slightly tank mega dmg dealer, but for those of you who dont win in 20 minutes like me, you can go for this magnificent build that provide tank damg, but not as much dmg.

Mercury's Treads Ninja Tabi Rylai's Crystal Scepter Aegis of the Legion Guardian Angel rabadon's death cap and the last item is situational, you could go more tank like maybe Warmog's Armor or some more dmg, your choice! You really have to build rumble situationally.

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Junkyard Titan: When Rumble reaches 100 heat he overheats, silencing himself for 6 seconds to cooldown completely and causing his basic attacks to deal an additional 20 + (5 x level) + (0.3 per ability power) magic damage for the duration.

Very good passive, keep aware of this and you could do significant damage to the enemy. Overheating will give you more dmg on rumbles basic attacks but the silence just doesn't make it worth while because rumble mainly focuses on his abilities, I would avoid over heating but try to keep over 50 heat as well.

Flamespitter: Rumble activates his flamethrower for three seconds dealing magic damage to all units in a cone in front of him every half-second. Flamespitter only deals half damage to minions. He can move, attack and use other abilities while the flamethrower is on.
While in the "Danger Zone", this spell deals 30% additional damage.

Crazy dps and good chasing power with rylais crystal scepter, one of the strongest rumble abilities I reckon.

Scrap Shield: Rumble creates a shield blocking incoming damage for 2 seconds, in addition Rumble receives a movement speed boost for 1 second.
While in the "Danger Zone", the shield’s strength and movement speed boost are increased by 30%.

Nice speed buff and large shield for blocking ults such as karthus'

Electro-Harpoon: Rumble shoots a taser that deals magic damage and applies a slow on the first enemy it hit for 3 seconds. A second shot can be fired for no additional cost within the next three seconds, even if Rumble overheats. If the second taser slows an enemy that has been slowed by the first, the slow is refreshed and its movement speed reduction is doubled.
While in the "Danger Zone", the damage and slow percentage are increased by 30%.

Great long ranged last hitter for early game ( reason for getting this first ) and a good chasing ability all round

The Equalizer: Rumble calls down a line of rockets over the target linear location, using a click and drag targeting system. The rockets deal initial magic damage to all enemies hit on arrival, and also leave a trail of destruction for 5 seconds that slows by 35% and deals magic damage every second to all enemies standing on the area.

One of the best damaging aoe ultis in the game with a significant slow and a lot of burst damage at first with dps afterwards. Works like a team melter in fights.

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Magic pen red:
Magic pen is great dmg all round

Flat ap yellow:
No other rune provides this sexy amount of dmg early game, dominating early game means a easy late game

Flat ap blues:
Same as the yellows, jut crazy dmg

Flat ap quints:
15 ap is crazy for all reasons, damaging is rumbles main goal in lane, and just melt them with flamethrower.

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I take 21/9/0 for my masteries because you want to deal the dmg not take it, you want to out dmg the opponent so that they will face away from you, as rumble you ALWAYS want to burn their backs as you will dmg them whilst not taking dmg. Your items should let you stay up in their ***, being the most formidable opponent in top lane. Defense masteries are really no good as early rumble us aggressive and late rumble already has Zhonyas and abyssal so offensive masteries work the best for rumble as they give the best laning phase possible. I don't like getting 3 points in the spell vamp mastery as the increased dmg in the red tree is better and you already rush a hextech revolver anyway.

A 0/21/9 or 9/21/0, focusing on the defensive side if rumble is not good in my opinion. As you have ranged casting spells to farm creeps AND harass champion, defensive masteries are not needed in the early game, and for the late game, he has already got his tanky items, so a bit of defence wont make a difference.

A utility mastery page could possible be the worst option, rumble doesnt need the things in that tree, taking them would be practically worthless.

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Main Build

I start with a Boots of Speed because it provides a good amount of speed and lane harass. The dmg from runes and masteries are enough to keep you on top so boots is a good pick.

Your core items will be Boots of Speed, Hextech Revolver, kage's lucky pick, Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Rabadon's Deathcap. These 5 items makes rumble the best rofl stomper in the game. The next few items will keep you on top and keep you rofl stomping all game long.

Rushing a Hextech Revolver after a kage's lucky pick (better income) to be build into a Will of the Ancients later on, can really help you stay in lane more than the enemy. Using Flamespitter passed the minions into the champ causes huge dmg and spell vamp along the way.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the next must as it gives health ap and the delightful slow with helps you torch down the enemies early game to late game.

Sorcerer's Shoes gives magic pen to all your abilities except w, very beautiful choice of boots to consider. I mean Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness are good too but, from experience, Sorcerer's Shoes gives me the extra power to rofl stomp my opponent.

Rabadon's Deathcap is pretty self explanatory, getting this humungous ap item is better than getting the worthless sunfire cape I see noob rumbles get. Ps more dmg more healing.

Zhonya's Hourglass and Abyssal Mask provide slight tankyness without sacrificing dmg in honor to that. Don't forget that Flamespitter will continue to dmg enemies even with Zhonya's Hourglass active. Thus could be life saving in 1v 1 s of just save your life with those damn global ultimates. Abyssal Mask lowers their mr while you pound them with Flamespitter, very good item.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a very good gap closer for rumble, as soon as the gap is closed, you can burn them to victory. this is a must spell for rumble for the gap closer and to get yourself out of very sticky situations. you can surprise the enemy and before they even know it they are in your ult AND in your Flamespitter. Very good spell for rumble, i prefer this spell over all else.

Good spell for getting back to top lane and possibly putting massive pressure on other lanes, but in my opinion, it is not as good as the other spells, because rumble is one of those champs who pressure lane, and when the other top roams, they will be greatly punished.

Ignite is a very nice spel it help you MELT the opponent and helps with that darn lifesteal they sometimes have. This spell is mandatory for rumble as fire is his element.

Ghost is OK, as it helps rumble stick in their *** but speed form boots and w, WITH slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter should be enough to keep you there anyway, so I reckon ghost is optional.

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Rumble is a very good farmer, you mainly want to farm with you e at early levels and progressively use your Flamespitter later on in the game when you are a higher level. With Hextech Revolver you can efficiently farm creeps while getting health. You may also use this technique to plow through the minions, reaching the champion and burning them down with Flamespitter. Make sure you activate your W for the shield and speed buff to run in and out of minion waves, this way you can farm and harass while taking minimal damage from the opponent and enemy creeps. Keep in mind, last hitting 15-17 minions is equivalent to a champion kill in experience AND gold. So as you can see, last hitting is crucial for rumble and this is why high ELO rumble players ALWAYS have a very,very high creep score.

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Pros / Cons

~Great lane survivability in lane
~Very good aoe dps
~Good cc with rylais and slow from ult
~Bully in top lane
~And almost invulnerable to ganks due to massive aoe so basically you kill them both then say " in soviet Russia, Rumble ganks you"

~No stun
~Casting too much abilities in a short period of time will cause a silence on yourself
~Not really a duo laner

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Solo top opponents

Try to push him away from farm with Flamespitter and Electro-Harpoon, make sure you slow him because your slow is better than Mocking Shout. Don't be afraid to take him face first as mocking shout only reduces the ad. Mainly be careful of the fury bar, make sure it is low enough so you can win the fight. (But tryndamere is not played much in this meta due to him not being rumble)

GP may be very annoying with his gun, but your Electro-Harpoon out ranges his gun, gp is generally pretty squish early on, so try to attempt kills while he hasn't build tank. If you r chasing gp, use your e once and wait until he blows his oranges before tagging him again with e. FYI you will win exchanges, he can only orange out of one harpoon, wait YOU GOT ANOTHER.

Nasus can get really strong when farmed, but he is also melee, so ranged the ********* out of his face with e and q. This will keep the dog away from the easy last hits. Continue pressuring him to prevent him from farming. Remember to place a ward if you are pushing that far out. (Nasus is not played in this meta due to him ducking and not being rumble)

Riven (in my opinion) is not that good of a solo top, i mean they are viable but they just cant match rumbles solo top power. so don't be afraid to put down some heavy harass on her during the laning phase, because i haven't seen a riven out damage me using rumble. BUt the most scary thing about riven is her synergy with the jungler, her stun stacked on to the junglers cc is a dangerous combo. Be warned of this and maybe slapped down some wards for some early detection. But dont let the enemy know there is a ward there, so go the safe way, and DONT get caught, or its over. (that was my opinion on riven, but as I played more better Rivens, Ive come to see her potential and that a junglers help to get you in the lead is the best way in beating her.)

Any ranged carry
If you're versing a ranged carry too, don't panic, just try to farm with your e and stay mobile and shield dmg With w. As soon as your ult is ready, burst them down really fast with ALL your spells, and that should put you on top. Dont forget to wait for your jungler to come help you achieve that lead that will set you on top for the whole game.

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Now you have gotten the jist of how to play rumble, it's time to get into character.
First, act like a machine and don't take an eye of the screen, this includes extreme focus.
Second, make some ******ed sound when burning the **** out of an enemy. I like 'WALALALA'
I believe you are ready to play rumble. MEHR!!!

Special thanks to spooon for the lovely rumble banner

Rate & comment. ;D

If there is any suggestions or questions please feel free to ask me.

Sorry if the build was too short, for now i will leave it but i will soon work on the rest.