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Singed Build Guide by ProjectL

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ProjectL

Run Around Singed

ProjectL Last updated on December 28, 2012
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Music to play as Singed

Because Singed makes champs run around.

Some people don't get it,this is just a joke on how Singed just runs to be effective and the enemies need to chase him. This isn't implying i'm going to buy as much movement speed as possible,it's no point chasing you for the enemies if you are always off screen and they can't close in on you,you already got movement speed masteries and ghost,that's pretty much enough.

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Repost of my second guide. Deleted the one i posted before because it was not season 3 yet and people didn't know how to read that Tear of the Goddess and Archangel's Staff(and Manamune but it's not used in this build) will get a bit changed effect in season 3 which makes Singed fill them really easily.

Why Singed?
Well i was watching the pro player picks and really liked Dyrus description of Singed so i decided to pick up Singed again(the last time i played him was when i was really new to the game and didn't know how to really play him). This time i fell in love of him, he's a really good champion that can distract the whole enemy team(and kill half of them) while your team pushes.

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Pros / Cons

-Runs around
-Really tanky,one of the tankiest champions
-Mana transfers into health
-Can distract and bring the enemy team down easily
- Poison Trail damage can be unpredictable with high AP
-Can make ally Cassiopeia and Teemo(Cassiopeia needed) run around
-/l Spammage while the enemy team is chasing you

-Useless if enemy team does not run around(chase you)
-Terrible early game
-Weak to CC that may prevent him from activating his Insanity Potion
-Melee Champion yet needs to keep distance
-His Mega Adhesive isn't that useful for this build

Irony that the icon for Pros is red and the icon for Cons is green instead of the reverse

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Skill Explanation

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Empowered Bulwark this is the passive that makes Singed unique. You can keep buying mana and you will also gain health. This is also the reason you want to rush your Tear of the Goddess or 2 because you will gain a lot of mana and health. Just remember that Manamune and Archangel's Staff don't stack with eachother or Tear of the Goddess so be careful when you buy them as you may lose the bonus health and mana you had few seconds ago from this passive.

Poison Trail is what made Singed Singed. It leaves a poison trail for few seconds on where you are. With a lot of tankiness Singed could take out the entire enemy team if they are foolish enough to chase you. When you get insanely high on health(and mana) you can run through the entire enemy team during a team fight and if you got 4000 or more health the enemy will probably be afraid of chasing you making this the only way you can still be effective in game. Also remember that Cassiopeia can benefit from the poison and that this skill scales off 30% of your AP.

Mega Adhesive creates a puddle that slows an opponent that walks on it. For this build the skill isn't really that useful,but can still come in handy with saving teammates or in tight situations. While this build will not find that much use for this skill,other Singed builds may.

Fling fling your opponent into your Poison Trail,turret or your team. If the enemies don't want to step into your Poison Trail you can just force them. It doesn't fit Singed that well but it's awesome. Don't forget you can fling your enemies over the wall if you face them just right, since Singed isn't that good at fighting Baron you can easily camp the bush over the Baron wall and if the enemy comes just fling them over the wall into your team(may allow the enemy team to steal Baron tough if lucky,but it will still possibly give your team a kill).

Insanity Potion another thing that makes Singed Singed. Singed is all about running around along with the enemy team across the entire map making the whole enemy team be busy with chasing you down to not notice that they we're been pushed to the enemy team. This skill gives you really big health and mana regeneration,bonus armor,magic resist,gives you some AP which will make Poison Trail and Fling more damaging and shortens the duration of CC effects making 1v5 the enemy team that much easier. It can also be helpful in getting away in case the enemy team catches you off guard along with Mega Adhesive. The skill also has fairly low cooldown but does cost some mana so be prepared with 150 mana just in case somebody ganks you.

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Greater Mark of Mana

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Mana

Greater Mark of Intellect 9 of these give you about 45 mana which means you will already be 45 times tankier at level 1 than without those. Along with Greater Quintessence of Mana you will have a lot of HP at the start of the game,and mana.

Greater Seal of Resilience gives you armor and since you will a lot of times get autoattacked by ranged champions who have AD(AP champions will usually prefer to spam skills only to fail).

Greater Glyph of Warding gives you the most magic resist out of runes(excluding quintessences) which you need in case of skill spammage on you.

Greater Quintessence of Intellect Combining with Greater Mark of Mana it will give you a lot of hp and mana at the start of the game which can be really helpful.

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The build is based around benefiting from your passive which makes you tanky,survivability and ap usually buying items that give 2 of these at once.

Usual starting items. Sapphire Crystal gives you mana and via your passive it gives you health. Health Potions can easily be replaced with Mana Potions in case you play more aggressive and your opponent isn't much of an challenge,however since Singed is weak to poke and the only way to deal any damage to the enemy champion is by running around them, i find Health Potions a way better choice.

I usually rush 1 early game and then upgrade my boots. It's been updated in season 3 making it easy to fill up for Singed and he will also benefit a lot from it.



Boots of Mobility give you nice movement speed but you got to stay away from the enemy team far enough so they don't hit you which will stop this items passive. Still useful for getting back to lane or chasing somebody who is fleeing or when fleeing yourself,however there are better boots.

Mercury's Treads Gives you magic resist and shortens the duration of CC effects which means with Insanity Potion CC will mean almost nothing for you.

Ninja Tabi reduces 10% of damage you take from non-turret sources. It is useful but if you want more defense i say Mercury's Threads are better unless the enemy team consists of mostly AD champions.


Berserker's Greaves attack speed on Singed? How is that gonna help you at all? The point of Singed is to run around not autoattacking with tons of AD.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity Singed barely has any cooldowns expect for Insanity Potion and it's not really worth buying boots which you could have replaced with something way better only to decrease 1 skill cooldown


Boots of Swiftness give high enchanted movement speed without needing you to keep far away from the enemy champions like Boots of Mobility. They are in my opinion the best choice for Singed.

Sorcerer's Shoes gives you magic penetration which will make you more damaging and will punish your opponent's harder for chasing you. Since Singeds Poison Trail has unpredictable damage as it deals some every second that lasts even for some time after they get out of it and since it deals magic damage and scales off 30% of your AP these boots can be really effective on a Singed that buys more AP making the enemy team have no idea what hit them.

Now with the season 3 update of the item you can fill it up easily with Singed and you will benefit a lot from Archangel's Staff. Once it reaches 750 bonus mana it will turn into Seraph's Embrace. It is an item that gives you 1000 mana,some ap and some mana regeneration,it makes you gain a lot of mana and health as Singed and it will make sure you never have any mana problems at all.

It gives you some health,mana(and health) and ability power every minute. It also has a nice passive regenerates some of your health and mana when you level up. After you get Tear of the Goddess you can try rushing Rod of Ages before Archangel's Staff if you fell like it.

This item can be a lifesaver,mostly against super ranged ultimates such as Requiem, Destiny(any skill Twisted Fate uses after that), Paranoia and Grand Skyfall as a Banshee's Veil that just came off cooldown right before the skill lands can save your life

Gives you nice amount of mana and armor,lowers cooldown's by 20%(only really helpful to get your Insanity Potion off cooldown quicker and for Fling spamming) and lowers the attack speed of nearby enemy champions within 1000 range of Singed.

Does not give you mana but does give quite a lot of ap and health and also gives a passive slow which will be applied when the enemy team is chasing you through your Poison Trail. Just remember to go a little backwards if the enemy team gives up the chase(however they will mostly give up on chases after low hp even for Singed without this item,but this item makes it more difficult to chase you).

Alternate Item Picks

Gives you some health,armor and magic resist. It also shares some with nearby allies including yourself(well sharing with yourself isn't sharing but whatever). You are mostly be going to be alone during the whole game but if your allies come to clean up the wounded enemies and you go back in it can help them survive if the enemies are feed.

Gives you high armor,health and health regeneration. It also has a really good passive that may slows movement and attack speed of nearby enemies which can get really annoying to the enemy team if you are lucky enough that it keeps kicking in. It also has a really similar active. Another passive gives you 5% cooldown reduction,doesn't matter that much but better than nothing.

If you die you will be reborn giving you another chance to piss off the enemy team. It's usually better to save Insanity Potion for after you revive with Guardian Angel because you will be reborn with fairly low health and mana which will make you easy to kill unless the enemies totally give up on the chase. It also gives a lot of armor and a little of magic resist.

Health and awesome burning effect on both. Use Liandry's Torment on SR and Blackfire Torch on TT. The only difference on both of them is how much they burn and that Blackfire Torch builds out off Kage's Lucky Pick which means it costs more gold,but Kage's Lucky Pick is a gold gaining item,so it is worth picking it up early along with the gold bonus of TT you can get really good gold advantage.

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Summoner Spells

Gives you movement speed which will help you keeping distance even if you got targeted by several CC when your Insanity Potion was on cooldown. It also helps traveling around the map faster, and getting back to your lane after you recalled. It is a must for every Singed since you need to keep distance to be effective and Flash doesn't help if you get gap closed few seconds after.

Another useful spell for Singed. It can be used as last resort in case you take more punishment than you expected you would. However unlike Ghost it is not even near being a must,but i use it.

Other viable picks

I find Cleanse an useless spell on almost all champions, Singed is a really big exception. It will remove all debuffs from you and lowers and other debuff effects that are placed on you for few seconds after which can be a life saver or an alternate Insanity Potion if it is on cooldown. It's a great spell,think about chosing it instead of Heal sometimes.

Never miss any farm. Can also be useful if you are recalling to regenerate health,mana and buy some items when your lane is pushed to turret with nobody around,you will be back in lane and farming as fast as you left.

Not that great spell but can save your life when being chased by a random enemy after you finished up a fight. It can also help chase down enemies that are retreating.

Works great with Poison Trail and Blackfire Torch and does not have an cast time. It can secure you kills when you are running away from the enemy team, or help you get at least 1 when all the enemies start to retreat.

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