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Twisted Fate Build Guide by llamacorn18



Updated on January 19, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author llamacorn18 Build Guide By llamacorn18 15 0 21,434 Views 3 Comments
15 0 21,434 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author llamacorn18 Twisted Fate Build Guide By llamacorn18 Updated on January 19, 2021
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Runes: Roam God Support

1 2
Cheap Shot
Zombie Ward
Ingenious Hunter


+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
99% of Games
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide


By llamacorn18
About Me
About Me
Hi there! My name is Sam and I've been playing league since preseason 6 in 2015. I took a strong liking to the game right off the bat and I managed to climb all the way to diamond in season 8 by spamming jungle(mainly just spammed Rammus). Soon after, I transferred over my old NA account as it had all of the champs, and I was looking to play league less competitively. I stopped spamming roles and champs and just played for a laugh with my friends, so naturally I'm now hardstuck gold. I still really enjoy the game, especially these fun niche off meta builds that can actually dominate some games! Hope you enjoy the build!
My Mains
I really enjoy keeping a wide variety of champs under my belt. I have mastery 7 on about 30 champs now and its hard to choose a select few to say are my 'mains'. That being said, Bard, Rammus, Twisted Fate, and more recently Gangplank and Lillia take the top spot in my all time favourite champs. One of the main factors I look for in a champion is their ability to build diversely while also remaining somewhat viable. Bard is a great example of this, and he probably would take the slot for my no.1 fav champ, if I had to choose. The fact that you can be a speedy roaming support who also does tons of damage while also being pretty tanky and remains utile during fights is amazing. He can be built so many different ways, which is the same reason I love Twisted Fate. Hopefully this build will allow people to enjoy the build diversity some champs can have as much as I do!
My Socials
Just started streaming on twitch! Come check it out if you're up for some laughs or just to chill! You can also check out my insta (also called llamacorn171), where I upload some funny/clutch clips from the stream!
About the Build
I picked up tf in 2019 and, after spending a few weeks spamming him out, I slowly fell in love with the champ. One of my favourite things about tf is that he can function as both a high damage carry midlaner, as well as a supportive stunbot midlaner. His build can wildly vary based on how strong your team is compared to theirs, and how you are doing compared to your teammates. I enjoy this adaptive playstyle, and, after seeing an old video by tilterella all about support tf, I decided to try it for myself. The results were very satisfying, as the champion remained the same at his core, but you were able to apply so much early pressure that the enemy could rarely keep up. I adapted the build and added some of my own items and thoughts, and decided to share those with you all here on mobafire! Enjoy!.
Pros/Cons of Support TF
+ Heavy utility
+ Amazing roam pressure
+ Good early lane pressure with w
+ Good at shutting down many carries
+ Late game stunbot
+ Great vision/map control

Twisted Fate is a great champ in general as he can make many fights into 2v1s with his ult Destiny and the added movespeed from predator and mobos increase this pressure even more.
- Needs a duo or good adc to function
- Can get outroamed by champs such as bard in the early game
- Hard to lock down multiple carries
- Doesn't utilize passive very well
- You'll probs get flamed in champ select

Support TF can be amazing or totally flop depending on a variety of factors. You have to get used to building around your team and against theirs, then the build will feel more consistent.
Summoner Spells

FLASH: Flash is basically a must on this build (as it is on most XD). Flash allows you to run down the enemy so fast and catch them off guard with an Rapid Firecannon stun with Pick A Card from 3 screens away. Additionally, this build leaves Twisted Fate quite vulnerable should he be focused, so flash is always a hand tool to have.
IGNITE: As stated in the runes section, ignite is vital to the heavy roam playstyle of this build as it provides the much needed lane pressure, as well as kill pressure on roams. If you can catch the enemy botlane off guard and stun them with Pick A Card at level 2, ignite paired with the stun should allow for a pretty free kill. Once you have the lane pressure, you are free to start roaming and annoying other lanes.
GHOST: Ghost is nowhere near as amazing as ignite, but it is very fun and makes you fly around the map at mock 10. Ghost is only really ever viable if you know for a fact that you can't win lane early, and you need the extra pressure for late game chases. This synergizes better with the phase rush variant, but as previously mentioned, ignite is way more optimal.
Main Runes

Predator is basically a must for this build. The whole point of support Twisted Fate is to be a heavy roaming stunbot, and no rune fits this role quite like Predator. If you can get your Mobility Boots early enough, roams are basically free, as the enemy cant do much about a 600 movespeed point and click stun. Due to the changes to Predator it is less useful for escaping, but support tf is all about the hard engages anyways, so this rune suits him perfectly. I have also experimented with an Prototype: Omnistone variant of the build, which is fun to use, but I found the predator ganks were too vital to pass up.
Not much to be said here. Cheap Shot allows you to optimize the damage on your roams and it trumps the other runes in the slot. Taste of blood is fine on lane Twisted Fate but you don't utilize the healing when roaming so often. Sudden impact only procs on Destiny so it's also kind of useless.
This slot is very flexible and is more a matter of preference. Zombie ward is probably the most optimal build for higher level play, and all 3 runes end up giving u basically the same amount of adaptive force, so take your pick. I normally just run zombie ward as you will have a Sweeping Lens anyways, and, since you're going to be all over the map, the vision control will be very useful.
Ingenious hunter is great as it allows you to spam both your Predator and your Shurelya's Battlesong. Cases can be made for both relentless and ultimate hunter, you should try experiment and see which one you personally prefer. The odds are you will get hunter stacks rather quickly due to the roams, so pick accordingly.
  • Waterwalking: Waterwalking works very well with this playstyle. Roams through the river will be very fast, and with predator, the enemy may not even have time to ping you're missing before you end the mid laner's whole career. It is also a nice rune to have as it can help you return to lane faster once you've used Destiny / received sufficient flame from your adc.
Core Items
Every good support needs a support item, and to me, there's no better pick than a good ol' Relic Shield. The relic procs allow you to both effectively help the adc shove the lane and get gold off roams by simply using your three procs every time you finish a gank. Additionally, you can make an extra bit of money due to your passive, Loaded Dice, which you wouldn't be able to do should you take an item such as Frostfang.
Mobility Boots are the heart and soul of this build. They turn you from your average midlane Twisted Fate to the much cooler and much faster support variant. I rush these basically every support tf game I play, besides select few cases where I get Boots and a Dark Seal on my back.
I find this mythic so cool but you rarely get to use it, as there are many, stronger alternatives for support these days. Luckily, Twisted Fate is no average support and this item synergises with the playstyle perfectly. The aim of this build is to be a stunbot who can lock down carries and allow your own team to carry. A well-timed shurelya's can turn the tide of a fight, and is very difficult to deal with from a roam, as now both you and your ally can run them down. On top of all of this, shurelia's gives all of your other legendaries extra movespeed, making Twisted Fate invisible to the naked eye once predator is procced.
Rounding off the core items is an rfc. This item is even taken on normal Twisted Fate as it works surprisingly well with his kit. You gain a bit of movespeed, you get attack speed, allowing you to proc Stacked Deck more often, and, above all else, it gives you a 675 range point and click stun at the start of an engage. This comes in handy in most fights, and can even be used to set up sneaky over the wall stuns.
Post-Core Options
Dead Man's Plate
Dead Man's is a great option in most scenarios. It provides you with bonus movespeed, a bit of tankyness, and a strong initial auto to pair with Pick A Card, Stacked Deck, and Rapid Firecannon. I personally love this option, but if you need to go a more supportive route there are many alternatives.
Vigilant Wardstone
Vigilant Wardstone has begun to become one of my preferred support items. As we all know, control wards suck and are a waste of time and money, so naturally I scoffed at this item upon its release. However, upon closer inspection this item is actually pretty good even if you don't utilize its Control Ward storage potential. It gives the most ability haste in the game, and provides us with an extra bit of movespeed so we can ruin enemy laner's days all the more efficiently. 40 ability haste is actually crazy good on Twisted Fate support, as the core items don't provide much haste on their own, and being able to keep adc's out of the game for even longer is a great feeling. Pick up this item at level 13 and dump your entire ward supply in fountain for optimal charging, you can't really go wrong with this item.
Force of Nature
Force of nature is basically the mr equivalent of dead man's. I would rarely buy both, as you don't need to be an uber tank, and you will normally be able to see what damage type the enemy team is leaning towards. Force of Nature doesn't provide the same out of combat movespeed which Dead Man's Plate does, but the in combat movespeed and magic resist is actually quite helpful, allowing you to stick on carries or run away from threats.
Redemption is more of a flex option, and shouldn't really be purchased unless your team is in desperate need of it. You work better as a utility support, not so much as a heal support. The ability haste is nice, and its also funny to get some redemption kills here and there so by all means try out this item, I just rarely find myself needing to purchase it.
  • Shoving in the lane is vital as it allows you to optimize your roams. You can play back for a few minutes, but once you can afford boots, you should be looking for an engage or a roam, which can be accomplished by shoving in your wave, giving your adc a better chance in lane while you're gone. I would recommend pairing this build with Ezreal or Tristana as explained in the synergies section. Preferably, play this with a duo, if not, maybe ask your adc their playstyle in the lobby chat before locking in.
  • Even the threat of a point and click stun is enough to make an enemy adc shake in their boots. You can apply a lot of lane pressure by simply running up with Pick A Card active. This will usually cause the enemy to retreat, and, if you can't land a stun, you can just pick a red card and try get some splash damage poke off, or blue card if you're low on mana. To avoid being too obvious with your stuns, you can also count the cards in the background so you can top deck a gold card and quickly stun the enemy. This skill takes a bit of practice, but it eventually becomes relatively intuitive, so don't worry if you can't do it initially.
  • You should begin roaming once you can get at least Boots, as you will be able to start using Predator to gank. I would recommend picking up an Oracle Lens along with your boots, as it allows you to utilize Zombie Ward as well as gank lanes relatively incognito. You want to be roaming up through the river for the most part, and try to determine where their jungler is; a counter gank early on isn't very fun to deal with. Spam ping that you're on your way, as some people don't have amazing map awareness, and aren't expecting early roams from the Twisted Fate either. Once in the lane, all you really have to do is stun the enemy and throw off a few abilities (try to have Stacked Deck stacked so you can get a powerful initial auto off).
  • ULTS
  • Your ult is a very powerful roaming tool, albeit slightly more telegraphed than your basic ganks. Select your gold card mid ult and smack the enemy laner with a powerful stun. An additional bonus to ulting as Twisted Fate is that you can see where the whole enemy team is, allowing for jungler free roams. Unexpected early ults top work really well, as the enemy top laner won't be expecting Destiny to be used on them. You can run up the river and sneak through mid (behind the tower to avoid vision) and get enough range to ruin the opponent's lane. You can also do some ult counter ganks, and return to your lane with predator on, essentially ganking your own lane, a strategy which works more frequently than you would expect.
  • Watch out for other roaming supports, like Bard, Pyke, and Alistar. They have more early game pressure and utility than you so then can easily roam with you, making the fight much more tricky. You only have 1 form of hard cc which isn't super spammable early on, and the other roamers will provide more utility and cc during a roam. Twisted Fate's roaming advantage centres around his ult, so if the enemy team has a roaming support, you may need to hold out until level 6, or try to kill them in lane and get some freer roams off.
In teamfights, your main objective is to lock down carries and other threats to your own carries. Your Pick A Card will be on about a 3.6 second cooldown if you go the wardstone route and the stun last 2 seconds. This means you can basically choose to fully lock down an adc or you can opt to spread your stuns out depending on what's needed. It can also be helpful to stun frontilers who threaten your backline but don't have too much mobility, like Nasus. You can also get your team to travel with you and get early picks before the fight even begins with a long range gold card.
While support Twisted Fate is quite a powerful roamer, he still relies on good fights and team support to be able to function. You are rather lacking in damage and aren't very tanky, so stunlocking someone isn't really helpful unless you have a teammate there to back you up. Try not to take unfavourable fights; picking and choosing what time to go in is vital when it comes to the lategame success of this build.
Destiny is an insanely useful roaming tool, but it also has many versatile uses during fights and on objectives. I would rarely recommend engaging with an ult, unless it is to get a pick or to secure an objective. Destiny is far more useful for securing picks, killing remaining enemies after teamfights, and getting global vision to aid your team. You don't have to teleport every time you ult; sometimes vision control is all you really need.
League of Legends Build Guide Author llamacorn18
llamacorn18 Twisted Fate Guide
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