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Amumu Build Guide by J03B0B

Jungle S 11 Free Climb - Mummy's Don't Lose Team Fights!

Jungle S 11 Free Climb - Mummy's Don't Lose Team Fights!

Updated on January 24, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author J03B0B Build Guide By J03B0B 9 1 11,876 Views 2 Comments
9 1 11,876 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author J03B0B Amumu Build Guide By J03B0B Updated on January 24, 2021
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Runes: Full Tank

1 2
Font of Life

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Ganker/Chase Down
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

S 11 Free Climb - Mummy's Don't Lose Team Fights!

By J03B0B
Hi, I'm Joey Adrian aka J03B0B! I've been playing since season 3 and have been a jungle main the whole time =D I peaked D4 last season spamming Pantheon, Elise, and Rek'Sai

Wait... Those aren't Amumu why am I making a guide on him?!?

I do a lot of smurfing... I've picked up streaming and don't like to play on my main accounts during streams.
During this smurf time I realized that Amumu is (WAS) one of the best champions to climb out of low elo with and I wanted to make a guide to show how to play him and why!

[UPDATE] Okay.. So here's the thing... I made it 80% of the way through this guide, realized Amumu got 3 BIG nerfs in a row, then hit plat on a Amumu smurf at the same time. Amumu is VERY bad once you climb out of gold. You can still win on him, but you're at a massive disadvantage. Lower ELO (Iron through Gold) he's still 1v9 since pathing/clearing is sub optimal and invades are, generally, poorly timed and rare. I'm leaving this guide here for those below Plat ELO.

This guide will show you what I believe is the optimal way to play Amumu and honestly the most fun (I enjoy winning, so, fun = win).

I'm hyped to release my first guide and would love to hear what you think! Drop your questions, comments, and suggestions below! oh and it would be awesome to see you on my LIVE STREAM next time!
+ Game Winning Team Fights
+ Beefy Tank One Shotter
+ Easy To Play
+ God Tier LVL 6
+ Clear Game plan
+ Great With AD and AP Comps
+ Won't Be Punished (low elo)
+ Every game is WINNABLE!

Amumu is a champion that has a very clear game plan from start to finish. Farm till 6, win every team fight. This makes him ideal for new/low elo players. His pros follow that simple game plan as well. ONCE YOU HIT 6 he's very hard to kill, has amazing pick and team fight potential, can peel, can engage, can tank, can kill. He does it all! After lvl 6 that is...
- Weak Early Game
- Slow Clear
- Bad Skirmishing
- Relatively Weak Dueling
- Weak Solo Dragons
- Easy To Punish
- Kit Nerfed
- Items Nerfed
- Clear Nerfed

Due to his strength and ease of play, Amumu has some very clear downsides, mainly to his early game. Your main goal on the mummy is to hit your lvl 6 power spike. You CAN'T afk farm in most scenarios due to being weak to invades and needing to protect lanes/gank overextended lanes. In an ideal world lanes should play safe but they won't.. Lanes will int. It's your job as a jungler to control the early game, even if that means delaying your power spike. Playing optimally means having a solid pre game plan, good pathing, and tracking the enemy jungler. This is why Amumu tends to have a low win rate when he's not broken. You must play for your lanes first, you second!


Anyone new to playing Amumu should start off with Aftershock. Not gonna lie, I take this 90% of the time. If you're against mainly ranged champs, take Aftershock. If you're the sole tank, take Aftershock. If you're the sole engage, take Aftershock. This will give you the defense you need against burst champions early and allow you to survive a bit longer in team fights, especially vs fed ADC's and Assassins For those that know your limits on Amumu a bit better and understand his damage output, take Conqueror! It will give you sustain and damage in early skirmishes and duels as well as turn you into a BEAST in mid/late game team fights when you're ahead. The constant sustain and bonus damage feels great! Be careful though, your engages must be clean or you'll get popped before your team can follow up!

Aftershock will give you extra Armor and Magic resist after immobilizing a champion followed by a small burst of damage when aftershock wears off. This can be useful in early skirmishes but doesn't do much in 1v1's as the resistances you gain will be wearing off 1.5 seconds after your Q wears off, effectively halving it's usefulness in a 1v1. If you whiff your Q, it's useless. If your laners are collapsing, take the fight. If not, run!

With Aftershock we are here to make the game as easy to play as possible for our teammates. Font of Life helps us by allowing our team to heal off of enemies we immobilize! Remember, this scales with our max health. The bigger we are, the more our team heals!

Conditioning is the only real option here as the other 2 don't help us much. Our whole goal is to scale and this will help us!

Overgrowth is my go to for this tree. Permanently gain 3 max hp for every 8 monsters/minions that die near you. At 120, gain an additional 3.5% max HP

I covered the benefits of Conqueror above but the main benefit to keep in mind is the bonus dueling potential! Match ups that were close before now swing in your favor ( Lee Sin, Graves, Kayn, etc.). This doesn't mean you should go looking for fights! IF THEY force 1v1s, you'll have a better chance but they still have the outplay potential to kill you. Keep on the safe path to lvl 6 when you can.

Triumph heals you for 12% of your missing HP with every Takedown (champion kill or assist on kill). This can be CLUTCH at every stage of the game, especially team fights where staying alive for a second, or even third Q can make a massive difference

Legend: Tenacity Free bonus Tenacity is not something giga tanks should ever turn down

Last Stand This might not be the most popular rune (most people want that juicy Coup de Grace) but this synergizes beautifully with Conqueror to gain extra healing just when you need it most!

Whether you choose Aftershock or Conqueror one thing is for sure, Domination is your secondary tree!

Take Cheap Shot for bonus true damage after landing your Q or your ult!

Ravenous Hunter is another minor rune that seems wrong to some people. I see a lot of Amumu players taking Ultimate Hunter instead. The problem here is that Ultimate Hunter gives us no sustain outside our jg item! Ravenous Hunter will keep you in fights longer and give you an easy heal off any jungle camps mid to late game. It allows us to counter jungle more reliably after a won skirmish AND allows you to solo dragons much more reliably when ahead. I HIGHLY recommend it over Ultimate Hunter
I'm not going to tell you what every ability does... You Probably already know and if you don't know, you can get a full explanation in the game. Instead, I'll be giving a useful tip for each ability so you can get the most out of Amumus CC filled kit!

  • Our passive basically means we can pick Amumu with any damage comp! Full AD? No problem, we deal magic damage! Full AP? No problem, we have our passive!

  • Amumus Q is the most important part of his kit! It's a must land ability, don't throw it unless it will land!
    • It is a long range ability so you need to be very careful when hitting max range Bandage Toss as your team may be out of range to follow up. Don't go for it unless your team is in position or you have ult to follow it up.
    • Sometimes it can be better to flash ult THEN throw your Q to lock down priority targets and secure the kill. This guarantees both Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy hit!

  • Be sure this is toggled on while clearing camps but don't forget to turn it OFF between camps, even if you're only walking from red to raptors, save that mana!
  • Speaking of saving mana, in fights it NEEDS to be on when champs are in range and MUST be off when they aren't!
  • Despair does great damage to dragon , rift herald and baron making otherwise terrible clear times into decent ones.

  • This is our main camp clearing tool. It makes raptors a joke, be sure you're counter jungling enemy raptors at every opportunity!
  • Tantrum has a decent range to it allowing you to land Bandage Toss squeeze in an auto attack, THEN Tantrum while chasing them down.
  • It will stop you from moving for a split second so keep this in mind.

  • Amumus ultimate defines him!
  • There is no "one good use". It's situational to the game you're in.
  • Sometimes it can be very beneficial to ult 1 person for a pick. Other times holding Curse of the Sad Mummy for one 5 man ult is the better play.
  • In team fights you must be hyper aware of where your team is and if they are ready to follow up your engage or not.
  • Don't neglect your peeling ability with this ult as well.
  • If the enemy team is heavily respecting your ult, you are doing your job! This is the power of Amumu they have to respect what you can do, no matter how ahead or behind you are! Use this to stall out games you are losing and find that perfect opportunity to ace the enemy team and take the W
Your goal for early game is to farm till 6 and STOP fights from happening OR counter gank.

If you have a strong early game team, this should be relatively easy since they SHOULD have lane prio. Make sure you ward your jungle entrances to watch for invades and track the enemy jungler so you can match their ganks and deescalate the situation.

You only want to opt into ganking if you KNOW the enemy jungler won't show up AND the enemy laners are very vulnerable. Don't waste time ganking if it's not guaranteed!

Keep in mind that you will be farming slower than most other junglers before you get Sunfire Aegis. This means if you go for a full clear you'll be open to getting double crabbed. This isn't the end of the world but don't assume the enemy jungler double crabbed unless you have the information. Many junglers, especially in gold and below, will assume you got he scuttle they didn't. This often means you can full clear and still get away with one crab.

Outside of farming and match ganking your job is vision! Buy pink wards on your first base (if you have enough gold) and get it down ASAP. Stick to your yellow trinket until you're ready to start heavily ganking.
This is where you start to shine!

Once you have Curse of the Sad Mummy it's time to turn on the heat! Every time it's available look to make something happen. It has a very long CD rank 1 so make sure you secure a kill or two!

If no ganks are available use it for dragon or herald secures. They HAVE to walk into you or give a free OBJ. Both options are a win for us.

Remember, you are not the damage threat! Make sure your team is in a position to follow up before you use ult.

There are a few situations where you can solo someone with your ult but be 100% sure you'll get the kill or don't try it.
If you're struggling to climb to Plat, pick this mummy up!

Most players will tend to group up and try to team fight. This can be hard to punish if you don't know what to do... Not with Amumu though! Look to catch a 5 man ulty and dominate every fight!

I won't lie to you, Amumu was in a GREAT state towards the end of season 10. Since then he was giga buffed then immediately nerfed into the ground. I still think he's amazing for low elo and can offer a brain dead climb to Plat. Any buffs to his kit will push him into broken territory for low elo and make him extremely viable at higher ranks. If you can pilot him well right now, you'll be 1v9 when he gets buffed =D

If you're looking for something a little more proactive that can take you from Iron to Challenger, check out my Elise guide! It's more in depth will take you to higher highs! Be warned though, she takes a LOT more practice than our mummy friend.

Leave any feedback in the comments <3
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League of Legends Build Guide Author J03B0B
J03B0B Amumu Guide
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S 11 Free Climb - Mummy's Don't Lose Team Fights!

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