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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Xayah Build Guide by CantParry

ADC S11 In-Depth Guide to Xayah, The Rebel

ADC S11 In-Depth Guide to Xayah, The Rebel

Updated on April 25, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CantParry Build Guide By CantParry 13 0 25,480 Views 0 Comments
13 0 25,480 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CantParry Xayah Build Guide By CantParry Updated on April 25, 2021
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Runes: Kraken Slayer

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Basic ADC Summs
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

S11 In-Depth Guide to Xayah, The Rebel

By CantParry
About Xayah


• Plays around her ultimate and summoner spell cooldowns. These massively extend her ability to kill.
• Long trades usually preferred
• All-in trading usually preferred
• Semi-lane-bully
• Strong level 3

Pros and Cons


• High skill cap
• Extremely rewarding to learn, great win-rate curve with experience
• High teamfight threat with her area damage and zoning with feathers
• High outplay potential
• High defensive capability and kiting potential
• Powerful and versatile ultimate
• Risky for enemies to stay in the minion wave
• High threat when the enemy is under tower
• Fast waveclear
• Easy mana management
• Safe pick into assassins because of ultimate


• High skill floor
• Requires a lot of limit testing
• Out of the meta
• No dashes/blinks besides flash unless you build Galeforce

Clean Cuts (Passive)

Xayah's passive is what puts out most of her feathers. You'll get three empowered auto-attacks. You can have a maximum of five stored empowered attacks. In order to make the most of these, you would use an ability, for example, your Q Double Daggers, then auto-attack once, and use W Deadly Plumage. After that, you shouldn't worry about timing your abilities with your passive and you should use them as needed.

Double Daggers (Q)

Xayah's Q should be used as a way to put out feathers. Its most common use would be for a quick root using her Q Double Daggers + AA + E Bladecaller combo for the quickest output of three feathers. You can also use it preemptively before a fight to maximize your feathers and save time in a defensive situation, you can use it to surprise a low health enemy with a Q Double Daggers + E Bladecaller snipe to finish them off, or if an enemy walks in front of one of your feathers, you can Q Double Daggers + E Bladecaller for a quick, unexpected root. In many fights, you should hold on to your Q if you are uncertain how the fight will move. Unless you are being chased (or the fight is moving toward you), hold on until you know you'll be getting use out of the feathers from your Q.

Remember that your Q should never be used as a poke ability. The damage isn't substantial and your Q is better used for other purposes. Your trades are also much less potent when your Q is down. Your Q Double Daggers + E Bladecaller combo should NEVER be used to poke as it leaves two of your important abilities down and an open window for the enemy to engage on you.

Deadly Plumage (W)

Xayah's W, Deadly Plumage, increases both her damage and attack speed, making it a huge contributor to her DPS, and is the reason that she out-damages most ADCs. Be sure to take advantage of the movement speed it grants when attacking enemy champions to chase or kite. If you have a Rakan on your team, your W will also apply to him.

Bladecaller (E)

Xayah's E, Bladecaller pulls all of her feathers back to her, rooting anyone who stands in the way of at least three of them. You should use your E in four situations:
1. Chain CC
Coordinate with your teammates by timing your E in order to keep someone in place as long as possible.
2. Self-peel
Root somebody to get away from them.
3. Burst
Once you have a large number of feathers out, pull them back through a group of enemies to get a huge burst of damage that can turn a fight around as well as root them.
4. Snipe
As I described before, you can use her Q Double Daggers + E Bladecaller to catch a low health enemy off guard by sniping them for the kill.

Featherstorm (R)

Xayah's R, Featherstorm, is often misunderstood by new players as well. It is assumed that it should be used offensively when in most cases, it should not. You should be taking advantage of the fact that her R makes you untargetable. Here are the ways you should be using Featherstorm:
1. Dodging important skill shots
You can dodge important skill shots to outplay your opponent or it is sometimes okay just to burn your ultimate to dodge something that would kill you such as a Blitzcrank hook.
2. Avoiding burst
If you can predict a large amount of burst, you can avoid that by using your ultimate to make the enemy waste their abilities.
3. Zoning
If you need to get out of a situation quickly, you can use your ultimate (with Flash if necessary) and move toward safety, making it so that your enemies will be unable to follow you due to the threat of a root.
4. Sniping
If you are unable to use your Q + E to snipe someone, you can use your R to do the same thing, and since you're able to move around in the animation, you can follow your target making it hard to miss.
Laning Phase, Threats, and Synergies


Lucian - Extreme

Lucian is a lane bully, so you may have a hard time scoring early kills. Be careful and make sure he doesn't get an early lead as he can snowball it really hard. With his high burst all game, you can't out-scale him by much as the current items let him be more than a lane bully. If you wait out his E Relentless Pursuit, you can use your ultimate Featherstorm to burst him down while he has no way of getting out.

I recommend taking Exhaust into this matchup, and Immortal Shieldbow if there are any other bursty threats on the enemy team.

Kai'Sa - Extreme

Kai'Sa's high mobility with her E Supercharge and R Killer Instinct which allows her to dodge your feathers. Try to bait these out before using E Bladecaller. She has high damage output at all points of the game, especially after she evolves her Q Icathian Rain. While battling her, stay near minions if you can as they will drastically lower the damage you take from her Q and make it harder for her to land her W Void Seeker. You should bait out her mobility before using a defensive ultimate Featherstorm. She out-scales you but is highly vulnerable to CC due to her assassin-like playstyle forcing her to step away from her team to isolate her target.

Exhaust is a good option into this matchup to make sure that you out-damage her in early fights.

Vayne - Extreme

Vayne is currently extremely strong. She out-scales you so you must get early kills to gain a lead and bully her out of the game. She has both strong long trades and short trades if she's able to proc the true damage from her W Silver Bolts and get an empowered auto-attack off from her Q Tumble. Her early game is not weak, so you have to be careful of her and her support at all points of the game. Try to get early kills by shutting her down with CC and staying away from walls so that she can't stun you with her E Condemn. Her Q, especially in her ultimate Final Hour makes it easy for her to kite around your feathers, so try to get her locked down before you use E Bladecaller, or if you need to, try to act fast by using your ultimate Featherstorm and E Bladecaller between her dashes, and if you can, dodge her third while using your ultimate Featherstorm.

Exhaust is a good option into this matchup to make sure that you out-damage her in early fights.

Yasuo - Extreme

Yasuo is a pain for any ADC to deal with. His W Wind Wall blocks all projectiles, and all of Xayah's damage comes from projectiles. His extreme mobility from his E Sweeping Blade makes it easy for him to stick onto you, and with the extra crit chance from his passive Way of the Wanderer, he starts out-damaging you pretty fast. Be careful around your minions as he can dash through them, pay attention to his Q trading pattern, and try to poke him out as much as possible during levels one and two.

Note: Yasuo's W Wind Wall does not absorb your feathers. They are left on the ground where they hit it, as with Braum's E Unbreakable.

He'll most likely be building lifesteal early so you can get Executioner's Calling early to counter. You can also choose to take Exhaust to put him at a disadvantage when he goes in on you.

Tristana - Extreme

Tristana is extremely snowbally and can burst you down in an early trade if she or her support manages to catch you out. After she gets a few kills, there's almost nothing you can do besides burn your ultimate and summs every time she presses W Rocket Jump. Though Tristana does scale hard, she doesn't have as much use later in the game due to there being more grouping, and you have more impact in team fights than she does. Tristana is shut down by CC, and usually has to separate herself from her peel in order to fight, but if she already pressed W Rocket Jump, she doesn't care what CC you put on her; the animation can't be canceled. Shut her down in the first two levels if possible, otherwise, be extremely careful in trading with her. In fights, you can wait out her W Rocket Jump and use your ult to prevent her burst damage and burst her down with feathers instead before she can get her jump reset.

I highly recommend taking Exhaust and Immortal Shieldbow into Tristana. When she jumps in on you Exhaust will put her in an uncomfortable situation, and will prevent her from being able to score the early kills she needs to snowball.

Jhin - Major

If you let Jhin scale, his speed allows him to outplay you. He has a lot of burst, so try to avoid short trades. Wait for him to use his 4th shot and go in on him with your support to score those crucial early kills. Jhin's Q Dancing Grenade increases in damage after every unit it kills. Watch your minion's health bars. Jhin's W Deadly Flourish can make for dangerous perma-CC; however, it is easy to dodge, and with the speed from your W Deadly Plumage, you can make it extremely hard for Jhin to hit his W. You can use your ultimate Featherstorm in a fight to dodge his 4th shot (or his W if needed).

Draven - Major

Draven's early damage can be devastating. It's easy for Draven to run you down if you overstep even once, so be extremely careful early. Wait for your support to set up kills for you as he is easily taken down with CC since he's, well, an ADC, and he can't catch his axes Spinning Axe You out-scale him hard, so after one or two early kills, you should usually be able to 1v1 him. Just be careful of his speed as it can allow him to dodge your E.

Exhaust is a good option against Draven to lower his damage output in trades and reduce his speed. This is to make sure that he can't be the lane bully that he is. You can also get an Executioner's Calling, especially if he's paired with a healing enchanter, as he tends to build lifesteal early.

Samira - Major

Samira is a major threat mainly because of her W Blade Whirl, and her mobility from her E Wild Rush. Try to bait out her W Blade Whirl before you pull back your feathers. A single well-timed W can make all of your feathers useless. Her E Wild Rush can also allow her to outplay you by dashing behind you when you E. In a scenario where it will win you the fight, you can use Flash to counter her E; otherwise, if you can, try to kite behind her using your W Deadly Plumage. Samira is almost a purely all-in champion, meaning that when she gets behind, there's not much she can do against you, at least in a 1v1. If you can catch her out early, you should have the lane in the bag as long as you continue to look out for her support and jungle.

Braum - Major

Braum is a big threat to Xayah simply because of his E Unbreakable. Your feathers won't go through his shield, which prevents you from being able to get roots off as easily. The key to playing against Braum is long trades and keeping your distance. His E Unbreakable doesn't last for long, so Braum is weak in long trades when it comes to defense. However, in long trades, he's likely to stun you if you can't keep your distance and dodge his Q Winter's Bite. Keeping your distance should be fairly easy because Braum has very unreliable engage.

Morgana - Major

The threat of Morgana's Q Dark Binding is obvious. Nobody likes being perma-CCed. Besides her Q, she doesn't have much to fight you with, so if you dodge her Q and it's safe to do so, you should pursue a longer trade. The only other thing to worry about is her E Black Shield, which can make her and her ADC very difficult to catch out. Since Morgana performs poorly in longer trades, you should be confident in all-ining whoever doesn't have the Black Shield. Remember it has a 26-second cooldown for most of the game, so if you or your support can manage to bait it out, use that window to trade.

Morgana's playstyle completely revolves around her hitting her Q Dark Binding. Get an early Quicksilver Sash. This removes the threat of her Dark Binding and/or her R Soul Shackles, and will allow you to freely run her down.

Caitlyn - Even

Caitlyn's range can be a serious problem for Xayah if left unchecked. She can easily harass you if your support doesn't apply sufficient lane pressure. Locking her down may be difficult, as she has a good amount of disengage in her kit from her E 90 Caliber Net and to an extent from her W Yordle Snap Trap. Try to bait out her E 90 Caliber Net before you pull back your feathers. If their support has CC, beware of Caitlyn's potential to chain-CC you with her support using her W Yordle Snap Trap.

Ezreal - Even

You won't have to worry much about Ezreal in the early game. You have the better early game. Play around minions when trading in lane and always use your W Deadly Plumage to kite around him so that he can't hit his abilities, especially in the late game when his Q Mystic Shot chunks you. Try to close distance when fighting Ezreal. He out-ranges you, and letting him hit free Qs on you is never a good idea.

Jinx - Even

The main threat Jinx brings into lane is her E Flame Chompers!. If you aren't looking out for it, it can be easy for her to catch you out using her traps. They can also be extremely useful for zoning and chain CC, which can allow her to force long trades that won't be in your favor. Letting a Jinx get ahead is extremely dangerous as her snowball potential is extremely high. If she's able to get ahead, she'll be able to make good use of her passive Get Excited! every single time. On the other hand, if you are able to catch her out early when she's much weaker than you, it's very hard for her to come back.

Aphelios - Minor

Aphelios is quite complex, so I highly encourage you to try playing him yourself or just looking up a guide to learn what he does.

There are two weapon combinations that you absolutely need to look out for, and those are his Severum, the Scythe Pistol + Crescendum, the Chakram and Infernum, the Flamethrower + Crescendum, the Chakram. These combos allow him to easily stack up chakrams and he'll far out-damage you. Other than that, keep in mind that his Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle can give him some decent early poke potential, and his Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon is quite bad for fighting besides the chain-CC potential that it offers. Other than that, Gravitum has low damage output comparatively.

You out-damage him early and his lack of mobility makes it easy to kite around and chase him. Take advantage of this to score kills on him early. Keep in mind that he does scale a bit harder than you but it takes a while for him to get to that point. Also, always look for his weapons, as many times that will decide whether or not you win that fight.

Ashe - Minor

Due to Ashe's passive Frost Shot, you will out-scale her in terms of damage, but she will out-scale you in terms of utility. As long as you're on even ground, after level 3, you should be winning every 1v1 against her. Just be careful of her support, as once they get you locked down, you most likely aren't getting out without burning any important cooldowns, but on the other hand, if your support manages to catch her out, her damage won't be a threat and it should be an easy kill that you should be able to snowball off of. Obviously, watch out for her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow at level 6 and beyond.

Kalista - Minor

Long trades aren't in your favor against Kalista because of her E Rend. You'll win early fights by catching her out with CC and getting burst on her with your E Bladecaller while she's CCed. Keep in mind that it may be hard to catch her due to her passive Martial Poise, but once you have that early lead, you out-scale her so you won't have to worry much about her out-damaging you outside of extremely long trades. Her threat later in the game is going to come from her dashes from Martial Poise which will allow her to kite around you and dodge your E Bladecaller, and also from her lifesteal.

You should be getting an early Executioner's Calling against Kalista since she usually builds ungodly amounts of lifesteal.

Miss Fortune - Minor

Miss Fortune's main threat comes from her synergy with CC supports. The slow from her E Make it Rain can give her support time to engage on and/or CC you, at which point she can use her ultimate Bullet Time to quickly melt your health bar. In a 1v1, as long as you are on even ground, you should win. Her ultimate will be useless and you out-damage her. One more quick note: Don't group too much in team fights; you're asking to die.

Senna - Minor

Senna as an ADC doesn't scale as hard with her passive Absolution since the chance for Mist to spawn is greatly decreased when she's the one killing the minions. On top of this, Senna is meant to harass her enemies with her poke, which she can't do when she has the job of farming the minions, meaning she gets even fewer stacks on her passive. She has really bad wave-clear and can't focus on landing roots on you either. All of that being said, her roots, range, and late-game still are a threat.

You should be much more scared of Senna in the support role. She scales much harder with her passive, even if it is a bit slower, she can become more of a threat than her ADC faster than you'd expect. Beating her in lane won't matter much to her once she's reached 120+ stacks on her passive. In-lane, she will try to harass you with her long range. In order to prevent this, take with you a support that has high lane pressure and can catch her out when she's trying to go for poke. Take advantage of her squishiness early, but never auto trade her, she will out damage you in short trades.

Sivir - Minor

Sivir's only threat to you is her use of her E Spell Shield to block your E Bladecaller, but her Spell shield can be taken out by your Q Double Daggers or any spell from your support. Her DPS isn't anything special as long as your dodge her Q Boomerang Blade. The after a won lane, the only thing you should worry about is her ultimate On The Hunt, as any other threat on her team can use that massive speed boost to get on top of you. The damage from her W Ricochet is almost nothing in-lane, so as long as you don't stay in the minion wave 100% of the time and avoid her Qs, you should be absolutely fine. You out-scale her, but don't forget about her in the late game.

Twitch - Minor

Twitch poses almost no threat by himself in the laning phase. The only things you'll have to look out for early are his W Venom Cask, and of course his support and jungler. If he manages to get an early lead, he can become a massive problem. That's when he can start using his Q Ambush to catch you out and kill you with ease. He's also one of the hardest scaling ADCs in the game. It's crucial that you shut him down with CC as once he's held in place, he can't get out easily. If left alone, his ultimate Spray and Pray + Runaan's Hurricane can melt an entire team in seconds. Abuse his weak early game so he can't use his snowbally kit and always watch out for him in teamfights. Keep an eye on his items and DPS throughout the game and remember that Runaan's Hurricane is a huge item spike for him.

Kog'Maw - Minor

Kog'Maw is similar to Twitch in that he's useless when behind, but a hypercarry when ahead. His W Bio-Arcane Barrage is what gives him his ability to melt health bars, and it also gives him more range on his auto-attacks, so you can forget about spacing when he's using his W. He's immobile and catching him out once is devastating. Remember not to stick around at lane while you're at low health at level 6+.

Keep in mind that the synergy between Kog'Maw and Lulu is massive, and it can make him extremely hard to kill and allow him to get the early kills he needs to snowball.

Varus - Minor

Varus is in an extremely weak spot right now, the poke from his Q Piercing Arrow isn't anything to be worried about as long as you try to dodge it. His only real threat is his ultimate, which can be quite devastating if he has some help. It should be pretty easy to gain an early lead if you take advantage of his immobility and weak pre-6.

Synergies (Work in Progress)

Xayah is meant to snowball with her aggressive kit, and therefore, you should be looking to score early kills to scale faster. You should pair with a tanky engage support that can peel for you ideally.

Alistar - Ideal

Alistar is extremely useful for his tankiness, peel, CC, and disengage. He's really a very safe pick into every lane; it's really just his playstyle that changes based on the support you're up against. Alistar is strong against anyone who can't easily counter engage. He also has an unnecessary amount of lane pressure due to his ability to point and click CC your opponents anytime he wants to with his W Headbutt + Q Pulverize combo. If he hides in a bush, the enemy can be forced to stay off of farm. In a vacuum, he out-tanks all other supports once he has his ultimate Unbreakable Will and his in-lane sustain from his passive Triumphant Roar is extremely useful despite the low heal because of its frequency.

Against supports with hard engage and peel, it's best to wait for them to engage on you. At that point, it's very easy for Alistar to either counter engage or simply push them away with his W Headbutt.

There are no direct counters to Alistar due to his versatility; however, he does have to be more careful when going against other engage supports.

Nautilus - Ideal

Nautilus is very strong because of his tankiness and his ability to hold your opponents in place for as long as he pleases. The range on his Q Dredge Line gives him extreme lane pressure. If he plays around the bushes, there's always the threat of him using his Q Dredge Line into passive Staggering Blow auto-attack for a free kill on whoever he lands it on as long as you're ready to follow up. His ultimate Depth Charge can be the little extra bit of CC needed to keep them from getting away or it can buy the crucial time you or he needs to replenish a cooldown.

As with all hook supports, it can be difficult to engage if your opponents can position correctly, utilizing their wave to protect them from an engage. You can make your opponents uncomfortable by thinning out the wave and moving up to pressure them out of position if possible.

Nautilus is pretty strong, though I wouldn't recommend picking him into other lockdown CC supports. He can act as good counter engage in these situations, but the enemy can do the same; it's very coin-flippy and unreliable.

Rakan - Strong

To start, Rakan and Xayah have a built-in synergy. Rakan's E Battle Dance has its range extended by quite a bit when dashing to Xayah, and Xayah's W Deadly Plumage applies to Rakan while he is nearby. Other than this, Rakan's style matches Xayah well, being able to move around a fight as he pleases, and his W Grand Entrance makes for quick and reliable engage that Xayah can easily follow up on. Grand Entrance makes for engage more reliable than that of a hook support, and paired with his E can allow for unexpected engages and an ensured safe return.

Rakan does come with his weaknesses of course. You should never blind-pick Rakan; He is extremely vulnerable into any bot lane with high CC and/or disengage. If he finds himself in a bad matchup, the best option is to play it safe and wait for the enemy to make a mistake that you can take advantage of; otherwise, he can act as good disengage.

Wave Management

Xayah's kit gives her outstanding wave clear, just make sure that you don't autopilot in laning phase and repeatedly push them into their tower. Try to let the wave push to you especially if you're ahead and force fights to further stretch your lead. Your goal is to leave your opponent so far behind that they can't come back. You basically function similarly to a lane bully in that aspect but you scale harder than one at the same time.

Shove and Deny Farm Approach

Though I recommend not to constantly push your enemy into their tower, it does apply a lot of pressure on your opponents as they have little room to move and play around your feathers. You can deny a lot of farm from your enemies this way, but you run the risk of being ganked, so if you choose this approach, keep track of where the enemy jungler is and keep vision in the river and in the tri-brush.

You shouldn't stay pushed up against these junglers:
Kayn (especially when he's going Shadow Assassin)
Nunu & Willump
Your vision often won't save you against these junglers, and keeping pushed up will make you look like a snack. Against any jungler, however, always be careful, stay map-aware, keep vision in the river, and buy a Control Ward

Who to Focus in Early Fights (2v2)

In almost all fights, it's the best idea to focus the ADC. They'll be the ones dealing the most damage, and you don't want them getting kills.

You should focus the support when:
• They're low
• They've been caught out and you can kill them fast
• Their healing/shielding is what is winning them fights.
• Any time it's free.
Mid/Late game

Lost Lane?

Don't worry. Remember that Xayah has superior wave clear when compared to other ADCs, allowing her to push out lanes fast and move around the map as necessary. You can easily out-farm your opponent and scale hard. Xayah isn't a full-on lane bully as I've said before because she doesn't need to get fed early to have power late.

Team Fighting

Xayah is one of the best team fighting champions in the game due to her area damage from her passive Clean Cuts and E Bladecaller. Her ultimate Featherstorm can also catch an entire team if done correctly. Try to be there for team fights if you believe you can win them; otherwise, as with all other ADCs, encourage your team not to fight if you think it's a bad idea and farm up.

Split Pushing

Split pushing is a great idea on Xayah as long as you keep track of dangerous enemies' locations on the map. You push waves fast and take towers fast as well because of your W Deadly Plumage, making it a good idea to try to trade objectives. For example, if your team is unable to contest Baron, you can take two towers by split pushing bot in the time it takes for them to take Baron. Also, try to take enemy jungle camps when it's safe, as you have great jungle clear as well.

Lethal Tempo

Xayah naturally gets into extended fights because her kit allows for and encourages it. Lethal tempo will make it so that you can put out the most damage possible.

Many guides will suggest you take Hail of Blades; this not needed. You can get your three feather root out quickly without Hail with a simple Q Double Daggers + AA + E Bladecaller combo. Hail is usually taken on bursty ADCs who prefer short trades. While Xayah is bursty, you can do this without Hail and still have strong long trades.


Triumph can provide healing in clutch situations that can save your life, and the extra 20 gold for every takedown adds up.

If managed well, Xayah does not have mana problems, so Presence of Mind is unnecessary, though she does make good use of it due to her passive Clean Cuts and Q Double Daggers hitting the enemy frequently during the laning phase.

Second Option: Overheal

When building Immortal Shieldbow, you can opt to take Overheal over Triumph, which can be quite nice if dealing with poke. If you choose to do this, try to get an early Vampiric Scepter.

Legend: Bloodline

You'll be taking Legend: Bloodline if you build Kraken Slayer. This is to make up for the lack of lifesteal until you can build Bloodthirster.

Second Option: Legend: Alacrity

You'll be taking Legend: Alacrity if you build Immortal Shieldbow. This is to partially make up for the attack speed you lose from not building Kraken Slayer.

Coup de Grace

This is the standard for ADC. Unless the enemy team is tank-heavy, take Coup de Grace.

Second Option: Cut Down

You should take Cut Down when the enemy team has at least 3 champions who normally have higher max health than you.

Nimbus Cloak

This is the standard for ADC and allows you to get out of rough situations more easily, but you can take either Nullifying Orb or Transcendence based on what you need/prefer.

Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm is mandatory. This rune is taken on most ADCs for good reason. It lets you scale harder, simply.


The shards are self-explanatory, just remember to change your defense shard depending on the matchup.

Starting Items

Doran's Blade is the ideal starting item for the reason that it provides early power that is crucial to scoring early kills.

Only take Doran's Shield if you feel that you absolutely need to.

Never take Cull; you shouldn't plan to be passive in-lane.

Early Backs

When Building Kraken Slayer

With your first few backs, you should aim to get a Noonquiver and Berserker's Greaves. This will give you the damage to cs under tower comfortably and have superior attack speed along with an early movement speed advantage.

When Building Immortal Shieldbow

In your first few backs, you should aim to get a Noonquiver and Vampiric Scepter and then Berserker's Greaves.

My Recommended Signature Hyperscaling Build

Mythic Item

Kraken Slayer

Your ideal mythic item will be Kraken Slayer. The item's mythic passive gives you 10% attack speed for every legendary item you have, meaning you'll have an extra 40% attack speed at full build. Kraken Slayer's unique passive deals an additional 60 + (45% AD) true damage every three attacks, meaning that the additional true damage scales with your AD.

Immortal Shieldbow

You should be taking Immortal Shieldbow into teams with high burst or high lane poke. Shieldbow isn't a bad mythic on Xayah; however, I prefer to take Kraken Slayer for its hyper-scaling potential.


Berserker's Greaves

Berserker's Greaves are a must-have in every game. You will feel weak without them.

Second Item

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer is what I take for my second item every game. The item gives you extra movement speed and makes you a menace in long trades with the extra 30% attack speed after auto-attacking 4 times. This will also help you to proc Kraken's true damage more often. Phantom Dancer costs 2600, making it relatively cheap compared to other items, and therefore, you'll usually be getting your second item-spike before your opponent.

Third Item


When building Kraken Slayer, you'll be getting Bloodthirster as your third item. This is a great item for the survivability that it provides. Every ADC loves some lifesteal.

Navori Quickblades

When building Immortal Shieldbow, we'll be getting Navori Quickblades as our third item. We can afford to sacrifice Bloodthirster for Navori because we would already have lifesteal from Immortal Shieldbow, and we can focus on increasing our damage and survivability in other aspects.

Fourth Item

Navori Quickblades

When building Kraken Slayer, Navori Quickblades should be our fourth item. Xayah's cooldowns are crucial to her DPS and survivability. Navori Quickblades, when paired with her high attack speed from her items and W Deadly Plumage, allows for Xayah to use her W two to three times in a single fight along with her E Bladecaller being on a much shorter cooldown in-battle for better self-peel. It will also make you feel like you're tripling your damage to Baron and dragon.


When building Immortal Shieldbow, Bloodthirster should be our fourth item. Bloodthirster on top of Immortal Shieldbow will set your lifesteal so high that you'll be nearly unkillable, and you'll have the power to come out victorious in fights that may seem completely out of your favor.

Fifth/Last Item

Infinity Edge

Our final item will ideally be Infinity Edge. This item is meant to top off our build by giving us a boost in our DPS to go along with our core build. Often times we will have to sacrifice this for another item, however. I prefer to build this item last as I believe that the other items in my build are more essential to my survivability and utility.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel should be taken when the enemy team has a lot of AD or simply when you have a big bounty that you don't want to give away.

Maw of Malmortius

Maw of Malmortius should be taken when the enemy team has a lot of AP burst damage. AP assassins will have a hard time killing you if you have this on top of Immortal Shieldbow.

Mercurial Scimitar

Mercurial Scimitar should be taken when the enemy team has a lot of CC or an ability that could get you killed simply if they click on you such as a Malzahar ultimate Nether Grasp or Mordekaiser ultimate Realm of Death.

Mortal Reminder

Mortal Reminder should be taken when the enemy team has a large amount of healing or lifesteal.

Lord Dominik's Regards

Lord Dominik's Regards should be taken against teams with 2 or more tanks. Tanks will really struggle against you if this item is built along with Kraken Slayer

Remember to get important components for these items such as Quicksilver Sash, Hexdrinker, or Executioner's Calling early on.

The video below is outdated. Phantom Dancer has been changed since its making; however, the DPS is still more or less the same. I plan to update this sometime soon.

Kraken Slayer Build w/o Elixir of Wraith - DPS Showcase

This video shows me 50 minutes into a practice tool game to show the full power of Gathering Storm.
Attack Damage: 447
Highest Attack Speed Reached: 3.26
Highest Critical Strike: 1014
Highest Kraken Slayer Proc: 207
Max Lifesteal: 29%
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