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Sivir Build Guide by Nom212

ADC [S12] How to be golden with Sivir

ADC [S12] How to be golden with Sivir

Updated on January 11, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nom212 Build Guide By Nom212 6 0 6,390 Views 5 Comments
6 0 6,390 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nom212 Sivir Build Guide By Nom212 Updated on January 11, 2022
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Runes: Classic Sivir (viable for all versions)

1 2
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


standard ADC spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

[S12] How to be golden with Sivir

By Nom212
1. Introduction
I'm N0M. I've played League of Legends since S3 and reached gold consistently, peaking in platinum in S9 and S10. Though I never reached high elo I am very experienced on Sivir which is my favorite champion and sits on almost 700k mastery points right now. This preseason and S12 got me hyped since the changes to runes (namely Lethal Tempo) and items put Sivir in a decent spot which isn't often the case with her. So let me share my vision for the upcoming season with you in this guide!
2. Pros / Cons
Pros Cons
+ great wave clear - limited attack range with only 500 units (lowest value for marksman)
+ instantly push waves and threaten turrets - immobile, you don't have that 200 year buff like modern champions
+ obliterate waves under your turret and deny your enemies turret gold
+ great damage out-put in team fights due to your kit being all AOE
+ Your R On the Hunt puts everybody in your team on the same page for engage/disengage which can be especially useful in low elo where people are much more indecisive
+ E Spell Shield is a unique safety tool that will make your life much easier in many scenarios
+ Sivir is rarely a meta pick. Therefore she is almost always open for you to pick and Riot doesn't bother adjusting her at all
3. Runes
This is the best Keystone to use with Sivir. Since we want to build all AD we can get all the attack speed we need from this rune. Couple this with Berserker Greaves and you don't need more to make your AAs feel good. If I could I wouldn't buy any more attack speed but since Noonquiver is a thing there is no way around it.
This rune provides you with mana in team fights so you can keep fighting without running oom (out of mana). The best option in this slot by far.
As I mentioned above, we have plenty of attack speed already in our build so Legend: Alacrity is not needed. Also Legend: Tenacity is not optimal for an ADC since any CC on you is too much and the tenacity this rune provides won't save your life. Therefore the obvious choice here is additional life steal.
This gives you the biggest damage boost with 5% to 15% extra damage depending on how much more max HP your target has over you. This is super useful against most champions since you, an ADC, will most likely have the lowest max HP in the game. If the enemy team won't be having a lot of HP you can also choose to go Coup de Grace but you can never go wrong with Cut Down. It really comes down to preference.
Transcendence provides you with ability haste. This is mainly used to throw your Boomerang Blade more often when you go lethality but also improves the cooldowns on your other abilities. And more Spell Shields means more safety!
This rune gives you improved scaling. The longer the game goes the more AD it will provide. Very straightforward.
you take this rune in two cases. One, you play Classic Crit Sivir in which case you are playing Cosmic Insight to improve the cooldown of Immortal Shieldbow. Or two, you play lethality and want the extra sustain rather than going the aforementioned sorcery tree second. There is no alternative to Biscuit Delivery if you choose to go for the inspiration tree second.
As I mentioned above this rune will reduce the cooldown of your Immortal Shieldbow so it can save your a** more often! If you play Classic Crit Sivir you probably don't want to switch this for anything else. However, if you play lethality you don't really benefit from this rune. you can take Magical Footwear instead since you are getting Serrated Dirk over Berserker's Greaves anyway. If you want to give yourself the option to buy boots early you take Time Warp Tonic instead.
4. Summoner Spells
This rune gives you much-needed mobility and will get you out of bad situations more times than you can count. Nothing replaces this one.
Heal is the most used summoner spell in the bottom lane for the simple reason that it affects you and your support. Since you are never playing alone this spell has the greatest value for you and is rarely replaced by something else. A common exception would be if your support plays Yuumi. She doesn't need Flash so she usually goes Heal + Ignite giving you the opportunity to go Exhaust or Barrier
Sometimes, one Spell Shield simply isn't enough. If you are up against Leona you want to go Cleanse because she has 2 stuns in her kit and you can only block 1. Pair her with an Ashe and you really struggle to handle their CC with your Spell Shield alone. In most cases, you are good to go with Heal though.
5. Items


Between all variations of Noonquiver this is my personal favorite. I am well aware that people usually prefer to build Kraken Slayer since it offers more DPS and true damage but I value the Lifeline passive much higher than what the other options provide. With Immortal Shieldbow you can usually survive burst damage from any assassin in the game. You will live when you should be dead. Spending less time dead gives you more time to do stuff like farming or hitting the enemy champions and structures. You can also play more aggressively with the extra survivability this item offers. It's just very very good right now.

EDIT: Nerfed in 12.1.! The item lost 5 AD and passive is worse. I recommend going Galeforce or Kraken Slayer now. Whichever you like best.
For my lethality build I chose Eclipse over Duskblade of Draktharr for the following reasons. One, the lethality values are the same at 18 lethality and the AD provided by the items is almost the same (the difference is 5 less on Eclipse). Two, I value omni vamp more than ability haste. Three, similarly to Immortal Shieldbow, Eclipse provides you with a shield and adds 15% movement speed into the mix PLUS 6& of the targets max HP as physical damage which ends up being the same amount of damage that Duskblade of Draktharr would give you. Therefore I conclude that Eclipse is the superior choice.


You want to get the bare minimum of attack speed and get AD instead and these boots give you just enough to justify spamming Long Swords for the rest of the game! They are essential to any variation of Sivir.

Legendarys: Classic Crit Sivir

If you still struggle to stay alive you can cheat death with this one and absorb some cooldowns for your team.
This item used to be the absolute best 1st item for years. With Noonquiver and its finished versions being somewhat underwhelming Essence Reaver is once again a solid choice. You get a lot of AD, crit and the passive restores a good amount of mana, allowing you to stay in lane and push forever. Additionally, the Spellblade passive adds some burst to your trading.
You shouldn't need an explanation for Infinity Edge. It's the greatest thing in the world. If you go Crit this item is a dream come true. Get it as your 3rd item if possible. Sometimes you have to delay it for a Lord Dominik's Regards but more on that in the next paragraph.
This item provides a lot of armor penetration and is mandatory against any amount of armor that you see on your enemies. With Essence Reaver being our 1st item we are forced to build our mythic 2nd and then what? We WANT Infinity Edge but we NEED Lord Dominik's Regards. So I would suggest, if you know that you need an early Lord Dominik's Regards you "skip" Essence Reaver and build Immortal Shieldbow as your 1st instead. Now you can get armor pen on your 2nd and Infinity Edge on your 3rd. This predicament is the reason why I prefer lethality over crit right now.
More life steal, AD, and crit. You can never go wrong with this combination of stats.
If you still struggle to stay alive you can cheat death with this one and absorb some cooldowns for your team.
In case the enemy team has a lot of healing on their side and/or any amount of ocean drakes you need Grievous Wounds. Executioner's Callingis a quick fix. You usually have it in your inventory until you are forced to finish it at which point Mortal Reminder should be the obvious choice as it gives an additional 20% critical strike chance.
You can get any variant of Zeal as your 6th item if you don't have to build Mortal Reminder as it will give you critical strike chance and movement speed. Phantom Dancer is the best option since it also gives more AD. The passive grants you ghosting so you are no longer blocked by other units AND you get even more attack and movement speed.
If you see a Malzahar, Skarner or Mordekaiser you want Quicksilver Sash in order to break free of their ults.

Legendarys: Modern Lethality Sivir

Once you get 360 stacks on your Manamune it transforms into Muramana and gives you the most amount of AD that a single item can provide. It's the best way to scale your damage early on. Manamune allows you to earn stacks with AAs without spamming your Boomerang Blade making it more efficient to collect stacks with than Tear of the Goddess. So get it early. Get it good.
This beautiful item gives a unch of AD, lots of armor penetration, ability haste and a slow whenever you hit your Boomerang Blade. It's nice.
Lots of AD, lethality, and the passive will reduce any shielding an enemy receives so keep an eye out for Karma or Immortal Shieldbow.
Another source of AD, lethality, and crit this time. The passive will execute champions below 5% of their max HP which is not significant but is more like a quality of life passive that will make your damage feel more impactful.
AD, lethality, ability haste, and out-of-combat movement speed. A nice item to have, though I can never really fit it since I usually prefer other options over Youmuu's Ghostblade but it is definitely a viable option.
One of the latest additions to AD items. Axiom Arc provides a huge amount of ability haste (25) at the cost of a low lethality value (10). AD as good as any other lethality option. The passive grants you some cooldown reduction on your R. Since On The Hunt isn't essential to our damage out-put I don't think this passive is very useful. However, the item itself provides great stats and if you would like a bit more ability haste Axiom Arc will definitely provide for you.
Another one of these items that I want to get but can never find the slot to actually buy it. I would recommend this against Shaco or Teemo to detect and clear their traps. Additionally, you can use it to clear wards in the later stages of the game.
6. Closing Thoughts
Thank you for reading until the end. Feedback is much appreciated. I had way too much fun doing this and wrote more than I expected. Hope you can enjoy the build and get some elo in my stead, cause god knows I don't have the mental fortitude for that!
7. Edit Log

Immortal Shieldbow got nerfed and lost 5 AD. It feels super weak now and I recommend building Galeforce or Kraken Slayer instead if you go crit.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Nom212
Nom212 Sivir Guide
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[S12] How to be golden with Sivir

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