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Master Yi Build Guide by Suseri

Jungle [S13] The Best Master Yi Guide ✔️

Jungle [S13] The Best Master Yi Guide ✔️

Updated on September 17, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Suseri Build Guide By Suseri 2867 173 6,455,325 Views 129 Comments
2867 173 6,455,325 Views 129 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Suseri Master Yi Build Guide By Suseri Updated on September 17, 2023
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  • LoL Champion: Master Yi
    Master Yi Jungle On-Hit Builds
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  • LoL Champion: Master Yi

Runes: On-Hit Late Game

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Eyeball Collection
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[S13] The Best Master Yi Guide ✔️

By Suseri
Introduction / About Me
Hey i'm Suseri a High Elo Master Yi main and i welcome you to my Master Yi Guide.
Youtube Channel:

Reached Ranks:
Left, Season highest reached Rank in Solo Queue | Middle, current or end of Season Rank | Right, Flex Queue Rank
S4 < G5 < G5
S5 < D5 < D5
S6 < D1 < D4
S7 < M1 < D2 < D5 Flex
S8 < D3 < D3 < M1 Flex
S9 < M1 < D1 < C1 Flex
S10 < D1 < D3 < GM Flex
S11 < M1 < M1 < D1 Flex
S12 < M1 < M1
S13 < M1 <
Click here for proof that my builds work (might be expired)

More about me:
I really like Dragons, i'm interested in Animes, Sports (also Martial Arts) and Youtube/Gaming. My Favorite Skins on Master Yi are Zephyr Dragon, PROJECT:, and Eternal Sword Yi. I don't like pure Tank Items on Yi since he scales extremly well with the right damage items, which allow insane solo plays and dueling power. If i had to give you a special tip about playing Master Yi it'll be, that you want to end your Games as Yi as fast as possible. You don't wanna hit Full End/Late Game, cuz ye you gonna be Strong but your enemys will also be and your lead, if you had one, won't benefit you anymore since you can not get any more items at that point. Also mistakes will be more punishable with higher Death-Timers.
I'd appreciate every kind of feedback that you may offer.
Pros / Cons
Master Yi Pros:
+High Mobility thru Alpha Strike, Highlander
+Highest Base Movement Speed in the Game
+Ability Resets
+Hyper Carry Potential
+Strong Splittpush
+Strong/Easy Turret Dives
+Tank Shredder thru Wuju Style
+Untargetability thru Alpha Strike and Slow Immunity thru Highlander
+Good Jungle Clear and Sustain/Tankiness thru Meditate
+Different Build Flexibility (Crit,Lethal,OnHit,Offtank)
+One of the (if not the) Strongest 1v1 Late Game
+High Pentakill Potential

Easy to Learn but Hard to Master

Master Yi Cons:
-No CC and vulnerable against Hard CC
-Strong LvL 1-2 but Weak Overall Early Game
-Relies very hard on Items
-If you fall behind it can be Hard to be useful
-Weak against Burst, especially AP Types

No Skillshots but a good Alpha Strike Timing is needed
Summoner Spells
I also see taking Ghost, Ignite, Exhaust or Cleanse useful in a way in certain Games
but im going to stick to Flash for most of the time at current states.
Story Time 1/2:
When i started to play Master Yi in the end of Season 4/Start of Season 5 for the jungle i used Teleport and Smite as my main summoner spells. Teleport was just a very effective summoner. You could splittpush, backdoor or still help your team mates f.e. if they get ganked while your not around or even to Power Farm xD. After Teleport got nerfed i started to use Exhaust instead to have the ultimate dueling Power. Splittpushing, fighting off fed enemys or burst types were easier but also for just having that SS advantage to use in the last team fight against the enemy full build ADC was worth enough to take this SS. It even had a low CD and would let you deal more damage on enemys.
Story Time 2/2:
However even Exhaust got nerfed someday, in a way it was also good for Yi since AS would not get reduced by it anymore when ever you didn't have your Ult in use but for me it also lost its shine. I still took it for quite a while after that since i got used to it but at my current point i prefer Flash even if the CD on it is High af. With it you get some extra mobility you have another gapcloser or escape tool and overall it's one of the most valuable Summoner Spells on most Champs in this game.
Examples for certain Games:
Ghost 1/2: Against Champs which: have low Mobility (no escape, dashes etc.), could Kite you
Ignite 1/2: Against Champs which: have any kind of heal, can use Camouflage, Invisibility or Untargetability
Exhaust 1/2: Against Champs which: have alot of Burst (AP, AD), could Kite you
Cleanse 1/2: Against Champs which: have hard or unavoidable hard CC

Ghost 2/2: A Good Reddit Post (Click Text)
Ignite 2/2: Soraka Swain Shaco Vladimir Kayn Aatrox Tryndamere Warwick
Exhaust 2/2: Rengar Kha'Zix Jax Fiora Vayne Riven Nidalee Xin Zhao Graves
Cleanse 2/2: Fiddlesticks Rakan Morgana Braum Leona Rammus Evelynn Nocturne

But Suseri how do you decide that?
The higher the threat of certain Champs in the Enemy Team is,
the more likely i'd decide to take the discussed Summoner Spell.
This also comes with experience thru playing alot of games.

Suseri why take Cleanse if you can Buy QSS instead?
Because it'll delay your Power Spikes to much, i'd only recommend
you to get QSS if you are ahead, later into the Game or if it's really necessary
in order to play the game against suppression for example.

However i really don't bring cleanse to often (almost never).
But Suseri why take Ignite if you can Buy Exe's instead?
You can but it'll also delay your item power spikes.
On top of that it'll finish into items that are not that useful on Yi.

Ignite also deals True damage which helps you getting your kills/resets faster.
Skill Sequence
When do you Max your Q Ability?

Almost all of the time in every Single Game because this is your Key Ability which beside dealing Damage and making you untargetable (for around a sec. if hits 4 targets) gives you the chance to Dodge alot of Abilities and even some Ultimates of other Champs! It also allows you to follow Dashes, Blinks, Leaps, Flashes or even Blast Plants when timed correctly. You can also get a 2nd Point into it at LvL 3 instead of getting your W, if you want some faster Jgl Clear.

You cannot place wards or do any other actions beside using some summoner spells (except flash and TP) and turning your E or R on while being in your Q. When Master Yi bounces from a unit it will grant vision in a 600 radius around it including across terrain, though not into brushes. Be aware, that damage or CC over time can still hit/kill you, even in your Q, however CC durations over time can be reduced and even be negated completely if paired with tenacity. Your Q can also now pause the duration of your E and your R.

When do you Max your E Ability?

This is your main Damage source which is Maxed right after your Q. You can "try" Maxing this Skill first, if you think you wont need to Dodge anything necessarily in your Game, which is almost never the Case for me but it might be worth a try for you, since then you'll know if it works better or not. I'd still recommend you to put at least 2 or 3 Points in your Q first before Maxing your E tho. A good example for E maxes are on Lane Yi because in the jungle you need the bonus damage against monsters from your Q in order to farm efficiently.

Your E scales very good with attack damage and attack speed, keep that in mind when building items. Your E can be used while being in your Q now, however you can lose some DPS if E is being activated to late on less than 4 different Targets, because Yi's Q damage instances hit differently depending on how many different targets you are striking.

When do you Max your W Ability?

I prefer to Max my W almost always as my last Skill, because it does not increase my Dmg or Mobility. There are still some situations, in which i like to put more Points into it. So what sometimes happens to me i.e. in the early LvL's is, that i get a LvL up while being forced to fight against an enemy Champ which i cannot escape for what ever reason (Flash on CD, Redbuff Slow...). In that situation if my Q is on cooldown it would make no sence to Skill it, then i'd rather put another Point in my W to get more Health per sec. and more Dmg reduction while also winning some time, to use my other Spells again or for my Team mates to help me as well as to survive against the enemy and maybe even turn the tables afterwards. You can also get points into it against somebody who can outtrade you when laning in order to stay longer/sustain better.

You also have the Option to Max this Spell sooner which can be very effective when being behind and trying to Tank some Dmg for the Team against i.e. Burst Champs without Hard CC or to try to Bait enemys which will not expect the insane Heal and Dmg reduction. I don't really do this to often since as i saied this Spell can be canceled fairly easy with Hard CC and it'll leave you Damageless. If you ever max this spell on lane Yi, make sure that your Q is the last spell you max out because without your E you'll miss alot of dps.

Meditate's healing amount updates dynamically as he heals himself, making Master Yi heal for less as his current health increases. Be aware that you can still use your W while being rooted. Your W can now pause the duration of your E and R.

When do you Max your R Ultimate?

Never really, its pointless since you get outrunned by everything anyway while riot also keeps nerfing the attack speed bonus it gives till you have none at all at some point.

Jokes aside ofc when ever you can cuz it gives you tons of advantages and uses. Your R can also now be used while being in your Q.
Advanced Kit Tips and Tricks
In this chapter you'll find most more or less unknown informative possible and helpfull things in Yi's Kit that you don't wanna miss out on! Originally i've planed to do a Videos for each Ability with an example + voice explaining for better understandings but those would need an absurd amount of time to be finished (and im really lazy). So i thought before never sharing it i'll at least give it to you in text form.

Double Strike
- If possible, stack up your passive before engaging fights for more dps and to get your next double strike faster
- The 2nd attack of your passive will focus the nearest target of your character
and not the nearest target of the target you hit with the first strike, you can also use this to your advantage by moving towards prioritized creeps, keep that in mind when farming for example
- Once your passive runs out it can cancel your next attack animation when it expires, which can be very annoying
- Your passive works on Jhin, Nida, Teemo and Shaco traps but not on GP barrels
- The 2nd hit of your passive can crit turrets inhibs and the nexus
- Yi's sword will glow if his passive is stacked up, if enough of those stackes are gathered Yi will get into a loop as long as you continue to attack and he'll also use his passive sooner with less total autoattacks, however if the 2nd hit of your doublestrike does not land for example if the target dies at the 1st hit that'll restart the loop

Alpha Strike
- Always auto attack your jungle camps first before Q'ing them because otherwise they will reset their HP for the first hits of your Q, this can slow your early game down alot, exceptions for this are the raptors but only if there are 4 or more of them left, the scuttle crabs aswell as dragons and rift heralds
- You can still get hit or even die in your Q when getting hit by cc over time like Leblanc Morgana or Karma chains, also by empowered autoattacks and by damage over time spells like ignite for example, Fiddle drains and Illaoi tantacles after her grab can also hit you + bard q, there are also still moments in which you die even without any of those situations happening which is known as a bug for a very long time
- You can reduce the duration of cc over time spells by timing your Q as late as possible and for chain abilities you can walk back a little very quick which decreases your hitbox location (if your enemy is running from you), to avoid the chain ability completely
- You can use your Q to poke or kill enemys, your Q will always prioritise the closest targets
- You can bait enemys by Q'ing a target which dies the moment you're still in your Q to get out of your start position
- You can also do this to poke enemys in lane from a safe distance
- When attempting to dive once an enemy is low enough to die to a Q you can also start clicking away to avoid turret shots
- You can still use your Q after (almost every) hard cc spell if you use Qss (Fun fact: even dragon knockbacks)
- You can use your Q to jump over walls, this can be useful for either escapeing or following enemys but you can also use it to safe some time when farming i mostly only use it on Raptors and Krugs camps since as saied before some camps can heal up if you start them with your Q
- If enemys use hourglas they will take no damage from your q but your ability will go on cd
- You can get assists if you Q a champ which dies before you leave your Q if the window for that is to short it won't work and your Q will be on cd tho (i guess your Q needs to bounce at least once)
- Yi's Q follow range is caped at some point, so you cant follow bigger distances, max should be something around 2000 units
- Keep in mind that your Q can lose you around 1 sec of your E's duration
- Your Q can reavel enemys in fog of war (not invisible once tho) if they are close enough
- If you Q a champ that is going invisible while you are still in your Q you can track their path
- Even with the autoattack option turned on, after using a Q on a Scuttle Crab Yi will not keep attacking it automatically because it's a neutral enemy
- If you click Q on a champ which is out of your range Yi will follow that target till he loses vision of him
- Do not worry, you cannot dodge stuff like ally buffs or heals like zilean lvl ups or soraka ults (neither turret platings i think)
- Q interaction with other untargetabilities turns out that you deal some damage but you get thrown out of your Q the moment they turn untargetable
- Spamm q on a spot that you think the enemy will show up to avoid vision advantage traps
- There is a very small window in which other champs can avoid your autoattack after you follow a flash with your Q
- Your Q duration can be shorter if the target dies sooner, you can lose turret aggro when doing this on a low HP enemy champ while having ally minions around
- When farming jungle camps you need to set them as a target by clicking them once with rightclick because if you use your Q on them before doing that Yi will stop attacking

- You can reset your autoattacks by pressing your W in time and then rightclicking the target again, the smaller the time between the different execution inputs are the faster you will start your next attack, the optimal moment for that is after your doublestrike because not only dps wise you get the most out of it but you also get your next doublestrike faster that way it can also reduce incoming dmg for that short input window
- Damage reduction on your w is halfed against turrets
- You can use your W in your base to recover faster but you should avoid that if the enemys are close to your base
- Your w has a ap scaling so items like hourglas in some situations are actually not too troll if you have ever actually thought about it
- After you channel your W long enough you build up your doublestrike passive
- While channeling your W your E and Ult run out durations will stop for that time
- There is a display bug if you use your W on Skarner portals
- If you spamm your W while you're in your Q it can get your W on CD
- If you're about to end a game you can click on a position then use your W right after and once the endscreen appears Yi will still walk to that location

Wuju Style
- Get more use out of your E truedamage by waiting for your doublestrike before using it
- If you press E while you're in W you will cancel your W ability
- You can get more E'autoattacks if you use your W right before the end of the duration of your E to get another E-doublestrike, however if the window is too short it won't work since you don't win just stop time

- You cant get slowed but also not attackspeed slowed in your ult
- You cant get grounded in your Ult
- You get ability resets on kill and assists once you skill your R
- If you get multiple kills/assists they get reseted even faster(based on missing CD %)
- Your R can cancel your W
- You dont get slowed in your ult which means if the enemys have fear abilities they can send you flying far away, keep that in mind

Special Champion and other Interactions:
- You can reset the CC timer for Viktor trap by timing your Q (not totally avoidable unless you use that to walk out of the circle)
-Camilles R can interrupt your W
- Some cc like Morgana Q's won't stop you from being able to use your w e or r
- If you die in Alpha while having GA you will be revived on the spot you Q'ed
- If you time your W as you die while having GA you will be revived with the W animation
- Jax e or teemo blind will not refund your Q CD with autoattacks (when ever you don't deal dmg while attacking)
- Your dance speed changes on all Yi skins except the project one, based on your movementspeed
- If 2 Yi's Q each other there can be a so called skin advantage (please don't ask me which is the best)
- You can't dodge a enemy Tahm Kench eat but an ally's one, also an ally Tahm can't eat you while you use your W (nice antitroll feature i guess lol)
- Your R and E can still runout if W pressed to late
- You can use your flash over a wall after using your Q without reaveling your flash position
-Seraphine's 2nd E can't root Yi while he is in his R because he does not get slowed by her first E to begin with

"Finally, here you can find any other information regarding Master Yi."
Champ Select Bans
The listed Champs below are worth to Ban when playing Master Yi:

Fiddlesticks His fear is Point in Click and the duration of it can get very long
Rakan Annoying Champ, mostly cuz of his R
Leona She has alot of CC
Kennen AP Burst + CC + Mobility
Anivia AP Burst + CC + Passive
Lulu Annoying CC + R
Pantheon AD Burst + CC + Invulnerable
Riven AD Burst + CC + Mobility
Gragas AP Burst + CC

My most frequent Top 3 Bans:
When play, Jungle Role: Kha'Zix > Elise > Rek'Sai
When playing Top Role: Jax > Renekton > Riven
When playing Mid Role: Akali > Zoe > Ahri
If i'm 4th or last pick i don't ban Jax too often tho, since he or Rammus often just gets picked as a counter to Yi.
You have to decide for yourself though, if you want to take that risk.
Runes 1/3
Become a legend Improved attacks and sustain damage. Good | Okay | Bad
Get your Passive more often, more AA's/E AA's and faster Q resets
Good on Meele AA based champs, more AD = more Q+E damage and some healing
Conq is better since you attack more than you use spells while also being more consistent for longer fights
Doesn't help you much in compare
This saved me countless times from deaths
You can get use out of it with your Meditate or with life steal but triumph is way better
Worst option
Helps with getting your Passive more often, more AA's/E AA's and faster Q resets
Combined with other tenc. items vs alot of Hard CC this can help but often the tenc. boots are enough
It's okay if you have no Lifesteal but i'd say it's the worst out of the 3 options
The faster i get them the better for me
I don't want to fight when im low on HP, unless im forced to
You melt the Tanks anyways and you want Bonus Damage not just against them but everyone
Runes 2/3
Hunt and eliminate prey Burst damage and target Access. Good | Okay | Bad
Free Damage after a Q
Quite some OOC MS which helps with catching up or escaping to others
Your Ult CD is not that High but it can still be very useful to have your Ult up again sooner
Free AD + not hard to geather the Stacks
Can be okay if you snowball the game but i don't think it's worth it for the moment
Free AD + Vision
You have no CC in your Kit
Okey for Laning against Ganks at the best
Useless in the Jungle
Not worth
Outwit mere mortals, Creative tools and rule bending. Good | Okay | Bad
Very good if you snowball, you can't rush early boots tho
Combined with Time warp tonic, it'll be good on Lane Yi
Free MS and instant healing with Pots, good on Lane Yi
You can get your Items/Power Spikes sooner
With a Red buff this could be really decent
With the recent changes to Yi's Q this is less attractive
Could help surviving or even turning tables but that's not for sure and it does nothing till 10min
Not that good in compare to the other options
Never used it but maybe you can Gank or Escape with it
Runes 3/3
Live forever Durability and crowd control. Good | Okay | Bad
Helps against melee Champs in Lane
Helps against Poke in Lane
It's okay, you can combine it with other Ten. Items
It's okay but it's nothing crazy
Can be useful if you aim for a build with alot of HP
Free stats are always Nice
This is not alot and won't really help you
Yi has no CC
Kinda useless
Unleash destruction Empowered abilities and resource Manipulation. Good | Okay | Bad
It's good for the early game
Free AD stats which scale with Q, E, Passive and Autoattacks, this is better for longer Games
Faster Scuttle Crab clears, could help with escaping or chasing at the River
Could be somewhat useful against full AP comps or in Lane against AP Burst
Helps with Mana issues, but is not needed
You can get a better effect on other Runes
Sounds good on the paper, in reality it's not
24 AD at LvL 18 but only if above 70% HP
Does not help you in the Jungle
Jungling / Pathing
You have 3 Options at the start of every Game:

1. Farm
2. Gank
3. Counter Jungle

Farm 1/3:
If you can't presure early, if all your Lanes are pushing, if the Champs
are hard to Gank or if your just not that good at it yet, you have the option to do a Full Jungle Clear.
Since you've decided to Farm, always start at your Red cuz after it'll let you clear everything else easier and faster.
The only times you could think about starting at your blue is if you're in the teamside where your bot laners can leash you.

Farm 2/3:
Paths: Red > Krugs > Raps > Wolves > Blue > Gromp > Get the Scuttle Crab the moment it spawns if possible,
avoid contesting it if you can't beat the enemy jungler or if your laners have no prio. > Back
Farm 3/3:
Paths: Blue > Gromp > Wolves > Red > Krugs > Raps > Get the Scuttle Crab the moment it spawns if possible,
avoid contesting it if you can't beat the enemy jungler or if your laners have no prio. > Back

Gank 1/3:
A Standart pathing to Gank would be by getting all your normal Abilities at LvL 3
which for you'll need to clear at least 3 camps.

Paths: Start at your Red to clear the following camps as quick as possible or do it
as your 3rd or 4th clear to get the maximum time out of your buff.
Red > Krugs > Raps > Gank
Blue > Gromp > Red > Gank

Gank 2/3: Good opportunities to successfully Gank as Master Yi are:
-Having a Red Buff
-Having your Ultimate Ability at LvL 6
-Having a completed item

Gank 3/3:

However i've figured that Yi has insane Kill potential at LvL 2 with a Red Buff
so i tried my own strat which works good on the Red Teams side by Ganking the enemy Top Laner.
Therefor i've made a little Clip to give you a better view of what im talking about.

This is not as easy as it looks, theres alot that you can do wrong i.e. not Auto Moving.
It takes some practise to do and also there is a chance for it to fail and set you behind
but its rewarding if it works. Some of those clips are from High Diamond/Low Master Ranked Games.

Counter Jungle 1/4:
This can be done in many different ways, depending on where your enemy starts your start will be the opposit main jungle (blue or red buff) camp. From here you can either continue to clear his camps or you go back to your own camps. This is useful against champs who depend very hard on their blue or red buff.
Counter Jungle 2/4:
You invade the enemy together with your laners closest to the enemys start camp. This can be useful and successful against champs that have a weak early game (no damage or hard CC at level 1).
Counter Jungle 3/4:
You do your redbuff and immediately run to the enemys wolves camp by using the jungle plast plant on the way and before doing that you put a ward close to the entrance of the camp so you can see when and if he'll comes towards you. You can start the wolves camp and clear the big wolve first so the enemy can't smite and heal from it while fighting. You can also stack your doublestrike on them for more DPS. Only start the wolves camp if the enemys gromp clear is slow if its not you should just wait for him and hope to win with the redbuff damage advantage before his team can react.
Counter Jungle 4/4:
You do your redbuff and immediately run to the enemys blue buff knowing he also started at his red buff. From here you should be able to clear his blue and gromp just in time when he'll either apear and try to do his blue therefore you'll just wait in the brushes of his blue buff and kill him with the element of surprise or if he shows up elsewhere on the map then you'll clear his wolves camp too or go back to your camps.
Some Highlights on Youtube
Rank #1 on EUW
1v5 Pentakill
Escape Five Man Invade
Champion Milestones
Skin Release Montages
The End Of The Guide
Hey it's me Suseri again!

If you made it this far, let me express my thanks to you for reading my Guide.
I hope the Guide could help you and i wish you the best of lucks for your Games.
If you have any Questions left, feel free to ask me them in the Discussion section.

Remember that not just being good at a Champ but also general knowledge and behaviour
in this Game is very important. So in order to improve and climb be friendly and respectful
to everyone and enjoy the Game, bacause having fun is the most important part of it!

Here's my Youtube Channel: again.
If you'd like to learn more you can follow me there, im Uploading alot of enjoyable Gameplays and Montages.

I'd appreciate your Votes on the Guide, it'll Help with reaching more Players!
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