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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Aatrox Build Guide by [deleted]

Middle [S3] Aatrox, Cthulhu inside Aatrox

Middle [S3] Aatrox, Cthulhu inside Aatrox

Updated on June 15, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author miltsionihku Build Guide By [deleted] 2 5 7,297 Views 2 Comments
2 5 7,297 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author miltsionihku Aatrox Build Guide By [deleted] Updated on June 15, 2013
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Cthulhu inside Aatrox

This is my first guide and at this point, sorry for my english. :]
We all know Aatrox is new champ, so i started to play with Aatrox right away when it came
and wanted to make good guide for you guys. At this guide i try to explane how to play aatrox and all possible ways to crush enemy. This guide is for midlaners, you can use build for TOP too. So lets beging!
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Pros / Cons

Lets start with Pros and Cons.


+Very OP at beginning of the game and end.. so its good.
+I think its one of the best 1vs1 champ and you can crush enemy champs at 1vs2 too.
+Easy to get running enemyes with Dark Flight + Flash
+With defensive build very hard to kill and still you can make good dmg.
+Blood Thirst / Blood prince, awesome. You can get life when you want or you can just add extra dmg ? How cool is that.
+Original skin is awesome :3


-I think soon will be nerfed..
-You need littlebit skills how to play
-Only 1 extra skin and its ugly :(
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Lets start with my main, defensive build.

Starting items: Doran's Shield + Health Potion I like this start. You get extra health and health regen and i think its good for start. It have been good for me this far. You can choose boots too if you wanna just speed..

- BootsYou can skip this and buy it later but i recomend to get this beginning at game.
- Bilgewater Cutlass It's good first items. You gonna need that for Blade of the Ruined King
- Blade of the Ruined King This is one of the no agressive items. You get some attack speed 40% + life steal 15% and Blade's passive and active skills are very good.
- Guardian Angel Haha, this is just nice. Example: 1vs2/3 you get 1 enemy and you die, you will revive your self with passive skill Blood Well you kill another one maybe, if you die again your Guardian Angel revive you again and you finish the job. I like this and you get +50 armour and +30 magic resist from that too.
- Vampiric Scepter You can buy this before Guardian Angelor after that. Its part of Bloodthirster and it give life steal.
- B. F. Sword This is too part of Blood Thirster, it will give +45 ad.

-You upgrade your Boots wich ever you want. Depents enemy champs, do you need armour / magic ress or if you want good speed you should get Mobility Boots. When you have full build you can take enchantment.
- Bloodthirster At this point you have most parts of TB, so its pretty cheap so you should get that. It give very good ad bonus + life steal and TB's passive is really amazing.
- Spirit Visage After TB, i prefer come back to defense. This is just a good item too, health, cd reduction and magic ress. Best part is still this item UNIQUE passive.
- Maw of Malmortius This is last item of this build. Its defensive and agressive so it finish this build good. If you want little more tankier etc, you can choose Frozen Mallet. FM give alot of HP (700) + 30 AD and passive is again, good.. Slows enemyes when they try to run away.
Other option is Randuin's Omen. 500 hp + 70 armour, very defensive. This item have too slowing ability, basic attacks and UNIQUE active slows enemyes too.

This is just my first collection of the items, these maybe will be changed / updated few times but this is good for now ;)
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Lets get into runes.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage This is most common rune for AD champs so, no need explane.

Seal of Health[/h1] This is just new what i try. Health is what Aatrox need, so i try what runes can make.

Mark of Scaling Attack Damage This is too common rune for AD.

Glyph of Magic Resist MR rune is good, you gonna need it agains AP champs.
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About masteries. I tryed something new and weird combination. I just explane most important things from masteries.

From utility i wanted try Vampirism what that can make, is that good for game. It will add life steal and you are going to need that for aatrax.

From Offense i choose points till Frenzy its good and you get some nice bonus stats from Offensive masteries.

From Defensive masteries i just took Durability , it will not give alot of health bonus but its something.
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Lets start with summoner spells

Most common combination what i use is Flash And Ignite. Flash give you chance to escape or going after enemy. Ignite is offensive spell, you will get lastkills if you can use it at right time. At beginning of the game its very good to get first kill.

Other options

Revive + Teleport This is good too for midlaner. If your passive skill is on CD and your Guardian Angel is too, you can just revive and teleport back. Its like you have 3 life, passive + GA + revive. Damn.. ;)

Exhaust You can choose this too, if you like to slowdown your enemyes. It depents what you like.
Ghost Good summoner spell for running away / running to enemy. I dont never use it, i think those other spells are much better.
Barrier If you want be supertankier, this will give nice extra armour when you are at fights.

Other summoner spells are.. bad.

About champion spells

Passive: Blood Well Your enemy players brains will explode. "Yeah, i got aatrox down! YOLO YOLO", "Hahahaa, i have passive revive >:3" So.. its very good example 1vs1, you will "die" and enemy have 1 hp left, you will revive automaticly and kill him.
Only bad thing is too long CD :[

Q: Dark Flight Yumm. Good skill for escape, finishing movie and catch running enemy. When you hit your enemy with DF, it will throw enemy to air and you get easily to hit enemy. You can jump too over the tree's etc.

W: Blood Thirst / Blood Prince This is good. When you use Blood Thirst mode, your every third attack will give extra dmg. Good burst when you need to kill enemy.
If you running low HP, you can just use BP. Every third attack you gain HP, good if you need to tank something or 1vs1.

E: Blades of Torment This spell slow's enemy and it make aoe dmg. This is good kill shot too, if enemy running low hp and you cant reach him, this spell have good range for finish. SPARTAA!

Ultimate: Massacre Grrr, like this. You get nice bonus for attack range and speed and you make some dmg for all near enemy champs.
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How to play with Aatrox

Finally. I will tell some tactics how to LEGENDARY with Aatrox.

If you play at midlane, its good becouse 1vs1. Aatrox is unbeatable. If you play right you get nicely feeded at start.

First i usually farm creeps and get Q,W,E spells. Then we can start to rock.

Example: First i try to get some health from enemy champ with some basic attack and Blades of Torment , when enemy have like half health its done, you will kill him.
You need to get to point, where you can use Dark Flight, use it and enemy throws in to air, basic attack and then ignite + Blades of Torment (it will slow enemy). If enemy didint die at that part, you just go after him becouse enemy is slowed, easy to get.

So rotation: Dark Flight + Blades of Torment + (ignite) at start or if u need that and kill kill kill. You add some extra dmg with Blood Prince / Blood Thirst. It should be easy.
That is my most common rotation at start.

Its easy to gank at bushes and then jump on enemy with Dark Flight. If enemy is on away range from DF and you are sure for kill. You can flash + Dark Flight. Flash five nice extra range for fast attack and use DF. You need to practise use DF well, aim correctly.

You have to aim correctly Blades of Torment too for last kills and slowing shots. You can use too Blades Of Torment to slow enemy and then jump with DF if you want.
At team fights its your job to jump over enemyes to get enemy in to air and then whole team can attack easily to that target.

At endgame you are so hard to kill, so enemy team focus kill first other team mates. You can just focus kill all enemy and protect own team. And if u have multible revives.. huh.
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More coming.

This is still so new for mew, cant tell yet much. This is all what i got for now and hope someone get something good information from this. And sorry for my english, not best.. :)

I will continue playing Aatrox and update this guide very often when i have new things.

Soon becoming add pictures / video + more information!

THANKS FOR READERS :) Ask questions if anyone have something, have nice day!
League of Legends Build Guide Author miltsionihku
miltsionihku Aatrox Guide
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[S3] Aatrox, Cthulhu inside Aatrox

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