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Team Guide by Shade_Terror

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shade_Terror

[S3] Adc OP snowball stuff [Easy way to carry out of silver/

Shade_Terror Last updated on October 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I'm saying it RIGHT NOW, this is a SPECIAL BUILD that I'm presentating, it have NOTHING TO DO with thoses classics one. So don't flame or downvote cause "haha noob, you make core sword of occult". If you want to know why I made this build check Item Explanation. Also don't downvote before trying it : you'll see it really work.

Before start this guide I'll ask you to NOT DOWNVOTE just because you own other guide or if you just found some grammar mistake ( I'm not native speaker but this is still readable no ? ). This guide is especially to talk about an OP adc build I just discovered so I won't talk precisely about the classic adc build.

If I forgot anything important or overlooked something, leave me comment down bellow. Any helpful comment will be awarded with +Rep

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When to pick this build ?

Reason to pick this build :

  • + You got firstblood, or assisted to it.
  • + You got double kill on botlane, or assisted to it.
  • + You're pretty sure you'll feed yourself or get a lots of assists.
  • + They have no gab closer, low CC.
  • + You're someone who doesn't often die.

Reason to NOT pick this build :

  • - You got killed very early or your support is just ... BAD.
  • - Jungler is camping bot.
  • - They have lot of gap closer, lot of CC.
  • - You're pretty sure you won't feed yourself.
  • - You're someone who often die.

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Why a dictionnary ? Cause it is a must have in every guide !

U.C. = Under Construction (Not completed part of guide).
IMO = In my opinion.

Crowd controller = Champion who has heavy crowd control (non-slow).
Squishy = Low-health champion / Easy to kill (Mostly focused during the teamfights).
Glass-cannon = Squishy champion with high damage output.
Spawn = Your spawning pool, place when you are rebirthed if you die. Spawn include shop.
Shop = Place when you buy new items (oh really?).
Burst = High damage output over short time.
Poke/Harass = simple attack on enemy champion, during laning, to make him issues with sustain.
Bait = To attract enemy champion with your low-health, to ambush and kill him with help of your hidden teammates.
Laning Phase = Early-game phase when players (excluding Jungler) are staying in their lanes (to Farm and get XP).
Teamfight = Battle between entire teams (Only mid-late game).
Mana-starving = Champion having problems with mana, not enough mana.
Facecheck = To check brush by simply walking into it (Risk to get ambushed by enemy).
Turret aggro = when turret focus you because you attacked enemy champion.
Towerdive = to follow enemy champion to its own Turret, to kill him before Turret kills you.
Pull (Jungle term) = To hit Jungle creep with one ranged autoattack/ability, helps Jungler at start of match.

AoE = Area of effect ability (Can hit multiple targets at once).
DoT = Damage over time.
Blue = Blue buff, obtained by killing Ancient golem jungle (Helpful for AP carries standing in Solo-mid).
Red = Red buff, obtained by killing Lizard king in jungle.
CDR = Cooldown reduction.
CC = Crowd control (stun, slow, snare, fear, knock up, taunt, suppress etc.).
Root = Snare = Being immobilized.

Jungle = space between lanes, occupied by neutral creeps.
Gank/Ganking = Quick action leading to advantage (1v2, 2v3), mostly performed by Jungler.
Farming = Obtaining gold from last-hitting enemy minions.
Last-hitting = using autoattack on enemy low-health minion to obtain gold from. (Tree with last-hit priority: AD Carry -> AP Carry -> Tank -> Support).
Pushing = Quickly killing enemy minion waves to get your own minions to enemy turret.
AD carry = Champion using his autoattacks (and AD-scaling abilities) as main damage source.
AP carry = Champion using his abilities as main damage source.
Tank = Champion who is built to take big amounts of damage.
Jungler = player/champion using jungle to obtain Gold and Experience.
Fighter = Usually AD based champion with better survivability than normal AD carries.
Support = Champion who is helping other teammates (Giving them possitive auras, Healing them, shielding them etc.).
Aps : Attack per seconds.

There's still Google, if you dont know something.

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Pros / Cons


+ Strongest build I know. ( Near 1.5x stronger than a classic )
+ It quickly reaches 300 damages with 2.0 Aps in 20 minutes, making him the best snowball build.
+ The movement speed is pretty cool and mean you don't need to have boots.
+ Give some AP and spellblade with the trinity.
+ Tenacity on ADC ? Why not.


- Pretty squishy build, except if you replace boots wich is recommended.
- Is a lot based of the occult, then you HAVE TO not die and kill/assist some ennemies.

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Here I'll talk of wich Champions is good with this build and who aren't. I'll also explain why.

Good champions :

  • The movement speed combined with his slow is awesome with her, can escape every gap closer in a second.
  • The lack of early critical and the awesome 1500 damage critical we can do with this build fit with his passive.
  • His E who make her snowball even more.
  • Her escape who gives her ability to escape gap closer.
  • The ability to push fast with her Q.
  • His awesome attack range, made her deadly with this build.
  • His "jump" who give him ability to good gank to more stack the occult.
  • His good ability to take kills in lane, or to simply ks.
  • The trinity force is a good item for him.
  • His dash is pretty awesome endgame and is a good escape.
  • His burst can give him free kills on lane.
  • His natural resistance make him a good choice for this build.
  • Awesome dash who counters slow.
  • Double attack who can double critical, one shot the ennemie's adc.
  • Trinity force is a real good item for him.
  • Her natural movement speed combined with the one of this stuff.
  • The scaling AP on 3 of his skills.
  • His ability to easy get double kill on lvl 6.
  • Her movement speed boost and her ult.
  • Her spell shield and her ricochet make easy penta.
  • Her poke ability and ult make her easy to take assist.
  • His awesome ability to take kill in lane.
  • He has the best ability to trade in lane.
  • He invisibility combined with movement speed make easy gank and stack occult.

Champions who aren't as efficient as the others :

  • His poke became useless.
  • The build is based on auto attacking, ezreal is based on skillshots.
  • HE'S GAY !
  • His passive is now useless since the build is based on your ability to not die.
  • His W is not worth with this build.
  • His E is useless too since this build give awesome movement speed.
  • She is too much late game based.
  • She's pushing too much with his W.
  • Nothing to say on 3rd :)
  • She's based on her W, with this build it became not worth.
  • She's late game based.
  • Nothing to say on 3rd for her, the reason are suffisant.

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Items Explanation

Why this build ?
First of all, this is a special build and has nothing to do with the normal, classic build. I was just wondering how to fast finish bronze game and found this build who was so awesome.

Core :

First of all, Sword of the Occult is the most important part of this build. It is an incredibly good item to snowball, it's innexpensive ( 1200 gold ) and if you start with this one you can easily end up with 2 destroyed turret before back cause of your attacks increasing at the same time. Also if at a point of the game, the Sword of the Occult became useless cause you can't stack it or you die too much SELL IT and replace by a Last Whisper or a The Bloodthirster.

Then you should go for Zephyr, this item give an amazing attack speed, it also gives movement speed and tenacity. His price is not so big for what he gives and is perfect to snowball. I often ended up with only Sword of the Occult, Zephyr, Berserker's Greaves and Vampiric Scepter wich is 6000 gold worth only.

After Zephyr you can go for The Bloodthirster, it gives a lots of damage at this stade of the game and could save you if you begin to die too much and lose stacks from the occult. It's also the part of sustain of this build.

You can also rush Infinity Edge after Zephyr, if you need critical earlier than you thought or if you feel comfortable. It gives the famous 250% critical, a good amount of damage and some critical chance you need.

You can do it as the 3rd or 4st item, the Trinity Force is an awesome items, more attack speed, more damage, critical chance, movement speed, health and mana ... It fits perfectly with the rest of the build.

Why did I recommend to replace boots, and replace them by wich item ?

It's pretty simple, on my build we have three items who give movement speed ( Zephyr, Trinity Force and Sword of the Occult if fully stacked ) with a fast calculation :
10% + 8% of 300 give around 60 movement speed wich is more than the boots gives.

Then replacing boots is worth and the only way to get a real working build on late game because the big problem of this build is his squishyness.

At this point I'll recommend a DEFENSIVE item, but if you're against low player, or if you're real sure of yourself you can take an OFFENSIVE item. Here is item I recommend :

It's a good item against bursty or poky champ due to the health and regen it gives. I often take warmog myself and it work perfectly. You end up with 456 attack damage, 1+ Atk/s and 3000 hp.

It's one of the most OP defensive item for AD carry. Guardian Angel is good vs. Bruisers & Nukers. Having the extra resistances help against that burst. Additionally, the revive every 5 minutes helps clean up team fights.

Not the best item to take, it gives a nice slow debuff, an enormous amount of health, and a paltry amount of damage. But because of red buff, and maybe slow ability from the champs ( Like Venom Cask from Twitch or Ashe arrows ), I usually feel as though there is enough slow. Nonetheless, the large volume of health this item yields makes it viable to somewhat countering an AD heavy team.

It is inexpensive, gives you a small amount of AD, but is effective at what it does - it helps you shred tanks. It makes the armor stacking they do next to useless. It's very usefull and could be picked instead of the Sword of the Occult if the ennemy are stacking armor.


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Some games this stuff

I remember that this stuff is OP only if you gets kills ! It works cause of the movement speed it gives and the amazing DPS it gives so fastly.

So here is 2 games in a row I made this morning :

On the first one you can see that even if you get 4 kills it still works well, and on the second you can see the ability to snowball it gives, so OP.

I'll try to post the videos of theses two games if want to show me the url of the videos I recorded.

Some other examples not by me :
From a bronze II


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