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Irelia Build Guide by FPSBurkey

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FPSBurkey

S4 DATASSassin Jungle Irelia PUB STOMPER Build.

FPSBurkey Last updated on December 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is the first build I have decided to upload to mobafire, and is by no means meant as a definitive guide to Irelia or even Irelia as a Jungler. It is merely a build that I use that I believe to be pretty powerful, perhaps even overpowered.

This build was made on the 4th of December 2013 (preseason 4) and may well be unusable shortly but for now it is and whilst it is, its a lot of fun.

Irelia was my first favorite champion during season 2 when I first began playing lol and though she fell out of popularity during season 3 due to being somewhat underpowered and out of place with the meta I feel that season 4 may open her up as a viable and perhaps even competitive choice this year.

I shall add that I myself play at a casual level I don't play ranked my ELO unknown to me is probably pretty low and I honestly have no idea if this build is viable in the upper brackets of play. I can say that it is possible as clear times are acceptable and Irelias ability/tool kit allows for strong ganks, leading me to believe that Jungle Irelia could possibly see some acceptance at high level play, though ignites ability to shut down her life steal will probably make this build more of a cheese build than a competitive one.

I can say with certainty however that at low level where ignite is less of a threat (only used to secure kills) this build is definitely viable a lot of fun to play and will make opponents cry IMBALANCE rage and fling insults at you which in my opinion is hugely satisfying.

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Pros / Cons

High mobility
High CC mitigation
Ridiculous life steal for strong dueling
Fast Jungle clear time (once madreds is built)
Can solo baron
Tons of damage

Extremely Squishy if unable to gain life steal from auto attacks.
Reliant on life steal and suffers when ignited.
Somewhat weak jungle clearing until madreds is built.
Morello will hate this if viable in high ELO.

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Route - Red, Wight, Blue, GANK!

I always start red as mana is a non issue when clearing, you should only be using your w whilst killing camps your q is unnecessary and as auto attacks are your damage the burn from the red buff helps clearing immensely. I choose wight second because I lack AOE damage and this camp puts me in place at about the time my smite comes of CD to start blue, by this point assuming no XP was leeched at red you should be level 3 and ready to gank.

Jungle Irelia is a strong ganker therefore you should always be looking for opportunities to do so, your priority should be assisting lanes that are being pushed and only farming when no opportunities are present or your level starts to fall behind. I rarely find time to clear wolves wraiths and mini golems as a result.

Until sheen is bought mana can be somewhat of an issue, you use a lot of it when fighting players so blue buff is prized, you should try to keep all the blue buffs for yourself if possible, most mid laners will build some sort of mana sustain item and the CDR is extremely useful for you.

The disadvantage is that the mid laner will get pushed but this becomes an advantage when you consider that a pushed lane can mean an easy gank. If the enemy team is playing defensively forcing you to farm then by all means give up the blue to the mid laner so it may farm easily and push the lane to deny farm for the enemy but if you are constantly ganking you will likely need the blue buff.

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Team Work

You are no tank, therefore someone must be in order to keep the composition well balanced, Junglers are usually expected to be a tank so make sure your top laner is not planning on playing a teemo before trying this build.

You bring little CC to the team more often than not a mere slow occasionally a brief stun, check to make sure your team has adequate CC from other players if you want this build to work.

During team fights your likely to become a priority target nothing short of killing you removes you as a danger as you cannot be CC'd and present a massive threat to everybody, therefore you should try to skirt the team fights instead of approaching like a bruiser from the front.

This build makes you an amazing split pusher and you can solo baron with the 5 core items, after a successful team fight you should be doing one or the other.

Make sure your team is aware of your ability to solo baron but do not attempt it if enemy players are still alive or you'll just end up handing it to them.

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Hopefully this guide is of use to somebody please remember I haven't tried this in high elo and doubt its viability outside of elo hell but for those of us stuck in the low brackets of play I hope you enjoy this pub stomper build. Please comment but keep things civil, I would greatly appreciate feedback as to how this build works in the higher elo brackets but please don't blame me if you loose your promo series trying it!