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Shaco Build Guide by Ivegotwormz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ivegotwormz

s4 Shaco Jung / Hard Carry / Split Push / Scary Face 4.21

Ivegotwormz Last updated on December 18, 2014
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My first guide. My first jungler. Shaco his kit provides him with incredible escape/juke potential, as well as split pushing, carry killing, and assassinating with a high crit/slow combo. This build makes him a more of an assassin, but since he is melee being careful about attacks in team fights is critical. In this guide I will talk mainly about routes, counter jungling, and gank set ups.

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For Shaco's abilities it is mostly a no brainer.
In the order attained:
W first for effective early jungle (there is no reason not to take boxes first)

Q next for early ganks and escapes (another easy choice to shut down any lane early).

E third and maxed first for the slow, Big early game kills with the amount of dmg the throw does, and easy gank potential.

His ult is probably one of the most fun things about Shaco. using his ult shaco can dodge pretty much every ability in the game if timed right (ive even dodged heals by accident) as well as do a lot of dmg, equal fights, and generally confuse the sh*t out of everybody. Nothing more satisfying than watching a darius ult your hallucination and then take a lot of magic damage for it while you are still pounding away on him. The hallucination lasts even after you die (even though you lose control of it)

Ignite and Smite and the best choice for shaco in pretty much all cases. Ignite for kill secure. do not take flash! you do not need it because of your Q jump and stealth
*note* Teleport in place of ignite is also a good choice if you are mainly going to split push.

I go 21/9/0 taking all AD damage boosts in offensive and the crit boosts because crits are the only thing that make shaco an excellent assassin. and the health buff and monster protection in defense for easier early game jungling.

AD Runes, armor, and magic resist. nuff said.

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Jungle Routes/Counter Jung +possible early jungle gank. -NO LEASH-

You want to start on the opposite side of the enemy jungler, and here's why: Shaco with his Boxes can start either side effectively without compromising his early game jungle, because he focuses on counter jungle and stealing buffs. There is also the circumstance where you are aware that the enemy jungle has a good chance of stealing your buff.

so after deciding what side to go on, you will want to get to that buff as quickly as possible! Put one box down in a river bush to cover you MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT GETTING A LEASH shaco does not need a leash because of his boxes and he doesn't even need protection because he can easily go and take the other buff if the enemy team decides to invade (which they shouldn't after seeing the box) this maximizes the exp and gold gained early for your teammates. after putting 1 box down in the river you should be able to put 4 boxes in the back of the camp for the buff. (the first box in the camp should be put down no earlier that 1:00 and no later than 1:04) when the buff spawns the boxes will attack the golem/lizard taking it down to almost no health as you are attacking it from behind (passive gives extra dmg) this gets the buff down in roughly 2:03 + the smaller spawns.

go immediately to the opposite buff in the enemy jungle and take it down with smite, a box, and health pots. if the enemy jungler is doing a standard route you should be able to get the buff down without his knowledge as he does the smaller camp. This is when you have the choice of leaving or killing him for an early first blood.
Throw a ward outside the buff covering the wraith camp so you know when the enemy jungler is coming.

LEVEL 2 gank:
Now here's the gank, you are lvl 2 and you wait for about 5 seconds inside the camp. if you are lucky the enemy jungler is at low health and is on the smaller camp still getting it down or is coming towards you. here you should use your Q to jump near him/over the wall and place a box behind him or a spot where you anticipate him to go. the Q crit buff stays with you for a little longer than the stealth. so if you are fast enough you can get the box down and get the crit off on the jungler as well as ignite. you will either have picked up first blood or made the jungler have to go back. this opens up a huge opportunity for you to counter jungle or get a few lvls ahead. **note** this is not always the best option. ganking mid lane is a good alternative and you should hit level 3 as you head to your other buff.

gank mid then head directly to the buff I didn't do on my side. the enemy jungle is still 2, and your team is free to push a bit longer. now you gank whatever lane needs it for some time until the buffs are back up. by this time you should be very close to 5 or even 6 depending on ganks.

Now comes the counter jungle. shaco exceeds at this by boxing places and keeping the enemy jungler from gaining momentum. in every camp you can steal from the enemy take only the bigger of the spawns. leave 1 or 2 of the little spawns behind, because the timer on the spawns will not start until everything is killed in the camp. which in turn gives the enemy jungler less money and less exp. **note** May not be the best option (it's all learning) but this can effectively shut them down for most of the game and keeping your team from getting ganked with ults early. With the new jungle it is increasingly harder to do this. You almost need to be constantly in the enemy jungle as well as your own, AND ganking lanes. Practice makes perfect.

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With Shaco's Q and boots of mobility. he can gank from everywhere and anywhere. his Q and W can be mastered to jump walls and go double the distance of the cast range which is key when striking from the jungle. Shaco forces people to use summoner spells because of his scare tactics. but if their flash is down it is almost a certain kill with most champs. Remember that your Q crit lasts longer than you think. a great way to secure a kill or summoner spell usage is to stealth in put a box behind the target and very quickly stab them, effectively using the scare tactic and critting them for quick dmg + fear. other than that it is all skill based and getting to know the champ.

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Shaco Jung is hard to get used to, and harder to master.