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Shyvana Build Guide by blue kaze

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blue kaze

S4 shyvana the easy way for boosting ur elo

blue kaze Last updated on October 24, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hi there! im blue kaze and im currently on platinium tier, shyvanna is one of my favourite champions and imao one of the most op champs on game. learnig how to play shyvanna can help u boosting ur elo fast in case u are in bronze/silver/gold tier. hope u enjoy the guide.

let's discuss shyvana pros and cons

Strong duelist
Fast pusher
Strong objective control
Different damage types
Plays extremely well from an advantage

Ultimate easily interuptable
Hard to make plays when behind except through splitpushing

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starting build

i started with this build in 100% of matches. imo doran's blade is 1 of the most op items for early game, giving u health sustain and more damage output.

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first back

vs normal laner (u have decent farm u are not losing trades badly)

then upgrade to

i try to rush bilgewater in all my games, but sometimes u can bee camped by enemy jungler or bullied by ur laner early game, in that cases:

vs hard laner (maybe forced to go b early , u have been bullied , u are camped)
im not fan of buying more than 1 doran's blade but pick another 1 if u have a bad time on lane then sell dorans and go for

why sustain/damage instead of rushing tanky items like

since shyvana is naturally tanky and she has a really nice damage on early lvls speacially thx to her w i prefer to get sustain and damage rather than tanky items even more against hard laners since that extra sustain will give u the chance to outtrade them.

i even use this early build against hard laners like , , or

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build order

vs strong ap continue build rushing spirit:

vs hard ad rush omen's first:

against fed ad team build instead of

against fed ap team build instead of

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it's gank time

dont forget about ganks!!!!!!!!!!!

first gank goes usually to top lane so u need to be aware of this

something u need to know in order to avoid ganks:

first gank comes always between min 3:20-4:20 try to not overextend u need to work on ur last hits and try to not push lane with ur w what is extremely easy with shyvana.
a good moment to use trincked is at min 3:00 - 3:20

try to buy a ward everytime u b even if that means u cant complete ur item

at lvl 6 u can play more agressive and push lane since u have ur ulty which is awesome to perform escapes

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how to trade with shyvana

dont understimate ur damage!!!

the normal trade combo for shyvana consists in

using ur if u land it then activate ur autoatack and finish with .

remember that ur refresh ur autoatack cd so u can land 2 hits in 1 try to use always an autoattack before ur

after using ur ulty:

dont forget about ur during dragon form that leaves a trail of fire behind u, that makes chasing shyvana really anoying and allows u to deal damage just by walking through enemies.

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playing against mighty laners

playing against :

u really dont want to trade with this monster on early lvls he just outrade any champ in early game. some tips i can give u for this macht up

- keep ur distance from udyr even more in the 3 first lvls
- let him engage u in ur minnions wave (minions deals tons of damage in early game)
- dont let him get free damage on u ( u can deal damage even when u are running back with ur Burnout. when udyr engages on u try to Flame Breath him then activate ur Burnout autoatack him and start runing back in case he follows u try to land ur Twin Bite before meeting ur tower. dont forget to running back u cant trade against him more than a few seconds in early game.
- shyvana scales better than udyr so dont panic if u are 10-15 cs down
- dont go for risky last hits even if that means giving advantage to udyr in cs
- ask for early gank, 90% of udyrs plays aggressive style so he will easily push ur lane becoming weak at ganks
- u can start trading him after ur 6, try to knockback him into ur tower with ur ulty and make him pay for pushing lane
- rushing Bilgewater Cutlass will give u the chance to kill udyr after ur lvl 6 in other case he will just run away from u pretty easy.

playing against :

- Renekton is stronger than you at early levels. Don't try to trade too much till level 3 or 4
- Renekton's Cull the Meek gives renek an awesome sustain even more with acumulated fury
- dont trade renek when he has full plenty fury bar
- if renek engages on u use same mechanics as udyr macht up Flame Breath Burnout AA Twin Bite
- Care allin, do it jus when u have a significant amount of hp more than renek or renek will turn back the tf with his ulty
- demand for early gank
- try to not overextend every champ with stun habilities works incredible with jungler ganks. dont forget it

playing against :

- this yordle is specially annoying on early with auto harass, take care not taking too much damage from autos
- dont go for last hits when kennen has his passive actived ( Mark of the Storm). basically u know his passive is up when you see his shuriken shining
- u need to rush Mercury's Treads and Bilgewater Cutlass since he can kite u hard with his stuns and running away from u with his Lightning Rush
-Be aware of the passive stacks you have on you. You don't want to take free stuns
- try to harras him every time he uses Lightning Rush
- dont be afraid of going allin remember that kennen is naturally squishy

playing against :

- keep ur distance in lvl 1, riven is incredibly strong lvl 1 with his combination of Broken Wings and passive Runic Blade
- u can trade her everytime she engages on u, dont be afraid activate ur Burnout and u will force her to get away from u, even more now since his Valor is nerfed.
- let her engages u on ur minions wave, that will gives to u a great advantatge.
- make her pay everytime she waste her habilities for farming.
- shyvana scales better than riven.
- try to reach lvl 6 first so u can outburst her.
- demand for first gank

playing against :

- Don't keep autoing him when his Counter Strike is going
- Don't be afraid to trade early and often Jax ooms easily in the early game
- once jax starts getting items you can't let the trades go longer, just poke and run until u know u can go allin on him
- even when u are 2 or 3 kills ahead dont trade jax alone specially if he has Trinity Force , i know its so annoying but he can beat u even when u are far ahead.

playing against :

- Whenever she Reckoning you get into a brush as quickly as possible and wait for her to get close enough for you to fight her.
- her passive Holy Fervor makes your passive useless
- dont let him push u into tower or u will get bullied hard
- ask for ganks

playing against :

- play this macht up like riven's macht up
- this is important, ask for first gank in order to blow aatrox passive Blood Well
- aatrox can easily outsustain u, take really care about his ulty Massacre try to bait his ulty and run away.
- Aatrox building squishy is always vulnerable to being killed

playing against :

- her poke is broken
- try to fight in ur minions wave making hard for elise to land her Cocoon
- ur Burnout should be enough to kill spiderlings
- u can build Hexdrinker in order to negates some of her burst
- ask for ganks

playing against , :

- this guys are incredibly weak early game try to harras them as much as possible in early
- in rumble case try to save ur ulty Dragon's Descent to ulty out of rumble's ulty The Equalizer
- in singed case try to save ur ulty Dragon's Descent to chase him or escape from poison

playing against ur nemesis :

try to talk with ur jungler before lane face begins u really need a camp top, this guys are just impossible to trade with shyvana

- do not push lane making easy for ur jungler to gank
- focus in farm try to not take too much damage, let them push
- beg for gank
- beg again for gank

this guys are just shyvana bullies

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standart runes : i run this runes in close to all my matches


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

vs heavy ap, u need more magic resist early game:

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

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i run this masteries in 100% of my games:


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freeze/unfreeze lane

basic knowledge freeze lane, when/why/how :

how to unfreeze lane:

basically u need to push ur minions wave to enemy tower in order to refresh lane do it aggressively as fast as u can.

if u are far behind from ur enemy laner (he is 3 kills up to u) dont try to unfreezy lane alone or u will get tons of damage for free or even worse u will give to ur laner a free kill. talk with ur jungler and push lane together in order to refresh it.

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shyvana nerfed Patch 4.1

Shyvana was predictably nerfed in the last patch. These nerfs hit her early game a little but I don't feel it changed much, even that huge nerf on shyvana she is still op and played like 80% of games, her mid-late game is still op and im still owning every lane with this awesome champ

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incoming videos asap

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