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Wukong Build Guide by Pluximira

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pluximira

[S4] Wukong Jungle - So... where is the banana tree?

Pluximira Last updated on October 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello! First i want to thank you for visiting my Wukong jungle guide. My name is "plux" i'm 17 years old and i would like to show you how to play the Monkey King in the mighty jungle! Actually i'm a Gold Player and my main position is ofc. jungle! :) I will try to explain how to play The Monkey King in the jungle as good as i can. Have fun and enjoy my guide! :)

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Pros / Cons


+ VERY strong ganks
+ amazing dmg output
+ great CC
+ stong in teamfights
+ he is a monkey!


- no safe escape
- mana
- squishy in early

Wukong is definitely one of the most underestimated jungler in the game! His ganks are extremely strong and he got an awesome kill potential if his target is below 50 percent of its health. If you gank while your Cyclone is up and your target got less than the half of its life you can be pretty sure that it will end in a kill for your team! Also Wukong got an amazing gap closer with his Nimbus Strike so you can be sure that your target wont be able to simply just run away from you, if you use your Cyclone at the right moment to knockup your target in combination with your Crushing Blow to reduce the armor of your enemy.

Wukong is extremely strong in the early and he got a great damage output but unfortunately he is just as squishy in the early as strong. Since you dont got a real escape except your Decoy it's very easy for the enemy jungler to surprise and kill you in your own jungle. I will show you how to prevent this in the "warding" chapter.

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Main Items

The Black Cleaver
This is definitely a must-have on Wukong! It will give you great armor pen, attack dmg. and health.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard
There isn't a better jungle item for Wukong! Get it!

Mercurial Scimitar
One of my favorite items! It's just great against any kind of CC! Unfortunately it's VERY expensive but once you got it, say good bye to the enemy CC! :)

Last Whisper
Anonther great item! Grab it when the enemy team got a lot of armor!

Trinity Force
Good but expensive!

Randuin's Omen
+ Cyclone = GET IT!

Banshee's Veil
Best coice against heavy AP teams!

Frozen Mallet
Not much to say about it. Great item!

Maw of Malmortius
Cheap version of Mercurial Scimitar.

Statikk Shiv
Please... DON'T!

Sunfire Cape
Just another great item! Good alternative to Randuin's Omen

Blade of the Ruined King
I'm not really sure what i should think about it.


Mercury's Treads
These boots are always a good coice against teams with a lot of CC and ability power! - Must-have!

Berserker's Greaves
Better go for Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi.

Boots of Mobility
Get them when many lanes need help.

Ninja Tabi
Great against heavy AD teams!


Sweeping Lens
By far the best choice for a jungle Wukong!

Vuks69 wrote:
People seem not to realize the disable effect, only using this as a free oracle. Seriously, get this as a jungler and gank them through the warded way. They shouldn't notice you if you landed the 'sweep' properly, and it will be far too late for them to realize what's going on when the ward comes back. Just don't kill it, since it will 'wake up' and reveal you.

Warding Totem
Get this if you want to ward the river while doing your buff. After you went back for the first time you can sell it and grab the Sweeping Lens.

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Flash is always the best choice for Wukong! You can make some nice combos with Flash and Cyclone to initiate the teamfight also it helpes you to escape in combination with Decoy. There isn't a better spell! :)

You're the jungler! Of course you need smite! It helpes you to kill jungle
creeps way faster and securing the lasthit!

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Skills, Skill Sequence and Skill Order


Stone Skin
A very nice ability which increases your Armor and Magic Resist
based on how many enemys are nearby. Means you can also see if an enemy is hiding in your near if you watch your stats. It's also great for teamfights because you'll be able to tank much more damage.

Crushing Blow
This is just used like Darius Crippling Strike. Your next Auto attack will deal more damage and reduce the armor of the target. You can also use this on turrets.

This is your escape ability. However it's pretty obvious if you use it but the thing is the enemy doesn't know in which direction you're walking so try to use it near bushes to confuse the enemy. You can also just simply trick the enemy by pressing "S" on your keyboard, this will make the enemy think you used your Decoy and he will keep running behind you.

Nimbus Strike
This is your gap closer. There isn't really much to tell about it. You can make some nice combos with Nimbus Strike and Cyclone to initiate a teamfight.

Now let's come to your ultimative ability! This ability is just great and i really love it! You can make some really nice combos with it. For example if you're ganking a lane, use your Decoy while your walking out of a non warded bush to come as close as possible to your target without being seen, use your Nimbus Strike to get to your target and follow up with Crushing Blow to reduce the armor of the enemy,
follow up with Cyclone to finish the gank. You just got a kill!

Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

That's the normal order how to skill your abilities you can also start with Crushing Blow and follow up with Nimbus Strike.

Skill Order

Now i show you how to use your abilitys in the right order. There are many combinations you can use.

Use your Crushing Blow to reduce the armor of the enemy and follow up with Nimbus Strike to deal massive damage. If you're not yet in the range to use your Crushing Blow first, use your Nimbus Strike to get close to the enemy and immediately follow up with Crushing Blow now you can use your Cyclone to go for a kill. If you're not sure if the enemy got his escape ready, use Nimbus Strike first and follow immediately up with Cyclone to knock him up. If you already got your Randuin's Omen you can use Nimbus Strike to get close and use the active of Randuin's Omen to slow your target, follow up with Cyclone.

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Now i will show you how to gank with the Monkey King. Wukongs ganks are extremely strong and end most of the time up with a kill. At first make sure the bush you're standing in isn't warded. You can use your Sweeping Lens to disable the ward and/or destroy it. Use your Decoy when you're walking out of the bush to be sure the enemy can't react early enough to escape, follow up with your Nimbus Strike to get close to your target, use any kind of slow like your Randuin's Omen to make sure the enemy doesn't come early enough to his tower, knock the enemy up with your Cyclone and follow with the Crushing Blow to reduce the armor of the target and increase the damage of your mates. You can use any combination i've shown you in the Skill Order chapter for a gank but make always sure you're using your Decoy while you're walking out of a bush to not being seen before.

Blue Team LVL3 Gank Top

Purple Team LVL3 Gank Top

Blue Team Ganking Routes

Purple Team Ganking Routes

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Basically you don't have to ward different with wukong, just use the typical spots which prevent you from getting counter jungeled:

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Well guys this was my guide for Wukong jungle! I hope you enjoyed and i was able to help you getting better with him in the jungle! :) Thank you really much for reading my guide, i know it's not much but it was really some hours of hard work. ^^ Of course i will keep this guide updated and i'll improve some things! Would be nice to read some feedback! :)

Thank you! :)

- Plux

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01.10.14 - Updated masteries

21.08.14 - Added banner

19.08.14 - Changed item code (submitted by "Foxy Riven")