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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Larenthian

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Larenthian

[S5] Twisting Your Fate - Twisted Fate Guide

Larenthian Last updated on February 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Here is how I have set up the Builds

Standard: This is for those who may have never played TF before or are just picking up a blind pick. Its to give a sense of how he is played

Advanced: This is for those who are comfortable with TF or those who are on a premade team and can communicate with your team

Tanky: This is for purposes where for one reason or another you need to be beefy for your team, note, THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN, but sometimes **** hits the fan and you need health

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!REMOVED DOUBLE DORANS FOR Sheen! ADDED Twin Shadows, Thanks to Sacre For Bringing it to my attention! THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE

Back To working on my TF Guide, After quite a long break from Mobafire Im back. Msg me for any questions

Working On a Laneing Section for counters and other oponents, Bare with me.

Check out my Anook:

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Chapter 1: Intro

Hey Guys, This is Larenthian. I have been playing LoL for about 3 years now. And Ever since I bought Him Twisted Fate has been my favorite champion. In this Guide I will Explain How I choose to play Twisted Fate Mid Lane. He is also one of the highest skillcap champions in the game, he also has one of the highest rewards of skilled play. I have been playing him 3 years to get to where I am with him. Thanks for Reading!

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A Word Of Warning

This is a guide, a GUIDE!. This should not dictate your play. It is only a recommended build and play style to help people learn more about The champion. And If you do want to down vote this guide, Please at least leave a comment on why you are down voting so that I can fix it as soon as possible. Thanks :) And up Vote if you liked it!

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Coming Soon

Replays For the Replay Section.
Scores For the Score Section.
Videos For the Combos and Farming Guide.
More In Depth Explanation in the Future.
Fixing Those Damn Spelling Errors :)

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Chapter 2: Pros / Cons


  • A Great Ganker
  • Great at Farming
  • Great Sustain In lane
  • A team Player
  • Has Great Harass
  • Can teleport all over the place

  • Is Fairly squishy earlygame
  • Is Terrible if not played correctly
  • Gets hated on because players Jealous of GANGNAM STLYE!

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Chapter 3: Runes

You may ask Why I pick These runes. Here it is

Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration This is to give you some sustain in lane, Blue card holds up well early game, but late earlygame you begin to lose that sustain off of just Blue card, thats where these come in.

Greater Mark of Scaling Ability Power This is To give you an edge as you get farther into the earlygame and Beginning of the midgame. Again They add up once you grab a Rabadon's Deathcap

Greater Seal of Armor Twisted Fate is one of the squishier champions in the game. It Allows you to take some hits earlygame and beefs him up just enought to harass in lane.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power it gives you some serious AP early game and carries all the way to lategame.

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Chapter 4: Skill Sequence


This Has been changed, It changed from the global passive giving everyone money, to giving you a HUGE boost in gold, When I have around 200 Cs (About 20 mins) It gives about an extra 1000 gold, worth an entire giants belt or more than a blasting wand

This is your bread and butter spell. It has a long range, making it great for harass and farm.

This is what gives Twisted Fate His versatility. It gives him mana regen. Stun. And slow.

This Is a nice ability for Twisted Fate It gives him attack speed and Cool Down Reduction and also gives a boost on hit for AP.

This gives Twisted Fate his insane map control. It allows him to teleport within a certain radius and reveals all enemy champions.

Here is The range you get from Destiny
Here Is where I will explain Why I take what skills when.

Pick A Card I choose this first and max it second for a couple of reasons
Because Early game It gives you either A Mana Regen and Damage An AOE Slow and Damage A Stun and Damage All in one Ability

I dont level it until second because Wild Cards Is essential in Farming and harass in lane and is your bread and butter spell

Wild Cards I choose this Second Because Pick A Card Is much more usefull first, however Wild Cards Does much more damage and is a ranged AOE that is your bread and butter

Stacked Deck I choose this 3rd because It allows you to get some extra farm in, it also gives you some real Zoning advantage with your auto attack. It can many times lead to Level 3 Kills with Pick A Card

Loaded Dice This is a great Passive, You dont notice it a whole lot in game. But it can add up to some serious Money when you are hitting around 250 CS a game. As well as giving your team a money advantage in lane.

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Chapter 5: Summoner Spells

Here is my explanation on summoner spells:

This is a must take for almost any champion. It is a engagement tool, as well as gank and Escape. It can give you kills and escape from them. Almost always a must take

This can really help earlygame. It will secure you kills and with out masteries, when it is on CD it will you give a boost to AP and AD.

Other Viable Spells:

This can be helpfull if you are in good communication with your team (IE Premade) This can give you some serios pushing advantages with Teleport and Destiny. It can also give you some nice ganking advantage.

Anything Else isnt Really worth it on AP Twisted Fate. I dont feel that they give as much of a bonus as these three do.

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Chapter 6: Farming

Farming Is Super important to any Champion. But especially Twisted Fate.
You can win games without getting any kills within the first 10 mins but having 150 CS

This is a Very important Farming tool For Twisted Fate. After Needlessly Large Rod You can 1 shot the caster creeps. As they are in the line walking to meet your creeps, throw a Q down the line and you will pick up all the Caster creeps and you can either Pick A Card the melee creeps or auto attack them down.

This is essential to Twisted Fate Lane. You Should be using you Q to harass alot and be constantly taking chunks out of your oponents health. While doing this you will run out of mana fast. Use your Pick A Card to switch to blue card and regain your mana. You can also use your Pick A Card and switch to red card to pick up some extra farm.

This ability many people overlook for farming. This increases your attack Speed, which lets you farm Much easier as well as once you hit Four Stacks you can take down half of a minions health most of the time.

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Chapter 7: Items, Why?

Here I will explain why I get the items I do.

and 3 Health Potions - This is the best opener for any solo lane hands down. It will let you stay in lane longer and survive harass with your Health Potions and can give you the ability to dodge skill shots from champions like Anivia fairly easily.

x2 - These give you some early game survivability and some serious AP to help you secure early game kills. As well as passive mana regen so you can use Red Pick A Card more than Blue Pick A Card Giving you more farm

- Your standard Tier 2 Boots, they also let you overcome alot of your opponent's Magic Resist. Great for any AP Caster

- This is one of if not the best AP item in the game. It give you 140 Ability Power and increases your Total Ability power by 30%. A must have on any AP caster.

- This is maybe the third best item for AP caster's. This gives Twisted Fate some much needed beefyness as well as giving him an AP boost. The passive is also very nice, it allows you to secure your kills and severely helps in teamfights

- One of the most powerful Items that can be taken on Twisted Fate. With this you can 3 shot turrets and deal major damage to champions. This gives a nice AP boost as well as some really helpful movement speed. The Passive is amazing on TF. After you use an ability, your next auto attack will deal damage equal to you ability power.

- This is a fairly simple item, however it is fairly helpful. It gives some nice AP and gives 40% Magic Penetration, this will help to bring down the tanks and some of the beefier champions.

- This item can be exchanged for any sort of defensive item depending on the enemy team. I prefer Banshee's Veil because it give base Mana and Health as well as giving a nice passive.

Enchantment: - I used to run Captain, however I have found Homeguard far more useful because it allows me to get into the fight far quicker, anywhere on the map. It is also beyond helpful as you can be in your base defense exceptionaly quickly

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Chapter 8: Twisted Fate Combos

Stacked Deck + Pick A Card

Blue Card - If you Have 4 stacks of Stacked Deck You can pick your Blue Card And throw it at a creep or minion, this will increase the amount of mana you get from Pick A Card because you will deal additional damage from Stacked Deck.

Destiny + Pick A Card

This is More of a Tip than a combo, What it means is when you go to gank with Destiny, hit Pick A Card and grab Gold Card so that when you land from Destiny You have have a Stun all ready as you appear.

Flash + Pick A Card + Wild Cards

What this is may seem self evident, but what I mean is that once very Scary Combo is getting a Gold Card, then Flashing In to get the damage and stun, then using Wild Cards To get a Chunk outa their health.

Flash + Pick A Card + Wild Cards + Ignite + Stacked Deck

What I mean by this is, When you have 4 Stacks of Stacked Deck and you have both Flash and Ignite up, You can do just as the Combo before, however you will deal alot more damage because of Stacked Deck and the Ignite should finish them off. This should secure almost any Level 3 Kill, especially if you have been harassing.

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Chapter 9: Pick A Card!

This is A section dedicated to the most difficult Ability to master on Twisted Fate. Pick A Card

There a few things you need to know about this ability.

First Is the Sequence

The Sequence Goes Like this Gold Card -- Blue Card -- Red Card

This means that when you hit the Pick A Card There will be A Gold card after the Red then A blue after the gold And a Red after the Blue.

Then There is Once you Have the Card

Now that you know the sequence of the cards, there is one more thing to know. Once you pick the card it will pulse when it is above your head. Every time it pulses it will go down 1 more in the order of the cards (Gold Blue Red) when you use it next. So if I have a Blue card and I hold it for 2 Pulses, when Next I use it the first card that will appear is gold.

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Chapter 10: Lane Opponents

Here are some of the standard mid champions that have Given me a problem in the past, Again this is from MY PERSPECTIVE, if you feel differently you can comment or email me your reasons.

Fizz: Fizz has one of the strongest level 2 all ins out of all of the midlanes. After level 6 he can drop you from 100% to 0% with one rotation. You have to be very careful against him. I have 2 ways of dealing with him, You can either Harass like its all you got, or just farm and play extremely passive. The first way is very depending on the fizz, if he likes to just farm then you can harass with blue and red cards and try to zone him, I dont recommend this as it requires a lot of skill and knowing your card rotation. The second one is fairly straight forward, dont go far from tower and just farm, if he trys to engage just get your *** out of there. then just gank other lanes with ult or roam.

Diana: She is just a problem. You will have no trouble pre level six. She wont have that much pressure and wont really be able to engage. So either grab a kill or two pre 6 or farm really hard and try to zone her. After 6 she can engage and you and there is little you can do. She has her E to slow you and unless you have a quick Gold card then she will do a ton of damage, and since she can have no CD on her ult she will keep doing so until youre dead.

Ahri: Her lane is not your problem typically. The real problem is that she can push FAST, not quite as fast as you, but fast. Her ult can be a problem because of the mobility, but if you can land some good goldcards then you should be all set. WORD OF WARNING: She can cancel your ult with her charm, so only teleport when you know she is not going to be able to charm you

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Chapter 10: Replays

I will soon add replays here for anyone to see and watch TF being played.

Feel Free to send me any of your own TF Replays.

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Chapter 11: Scores And Achievements

Feel free to send me any of your scores with TF from this guide and I will Gladly add them.

The Person who sent me these didnt add their summoner name!

SOME of my Scores

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Chapter 12: Contact

If you would like to ask a question or request something on this guide or just tell me what you think, then please post a comment and I will read it as soon as I can.

If you have replays that you would like to send of you Using this guide I will gladly Put it up.

Or If you would like to Send me a Picture of you doing well with this guide I would also love to put it up on this guide

Send all Replay and Pictures Or just questions to

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Thanks and Recognition

I would like to thank all of the Guys over at XoGaming ( for all of their help in league of legends and being Great people.

I would Also like to give a shout out to RisingEdge and Penguin918 and Mr Buk Layu and Themanwithnoface For helping a bunch with my Twisted Fate Practice.

I would Also Like To Thank Razormaul and Nighthawk For helping with the Code.

Check out my Anook at "" or my Profile