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Vladimir Build Guide by lola bunny

Middle season 10 vlad guide

Middle season 10 vlad guide

Updated on November 23, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lola bunny Build Guide By lola bunny 9 3 79,742 Views 0 Comments
9 3 79,742 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lola bunny Vladimir Build Guide By lola bunny Updated on November 23, 2019
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Runes: Conqueror #1

1 2 3 4 5
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
my favourite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost



starting items

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

season 10 vlad guide

By lola bunny
hello there.

I am lola bunny and I am a platinum oce vladimir main. I picked up vladimir mid 2019 and have grinded to plat with him.He is an incredible 1v9 raid boss styled champ with insane damage, survival ability and carry potential.
Why Vladimir?
Vladimir is an extremely powerful late game hyper carry, delivering both insane aoe damage, point and click damage aswell as damage utility. He has extremely high amounts of life steal allowing him to survive in fights for an extremely long time. He has the ability to aoe nuke the enemy team while be un-targetable in his pool. Vladimir is a weak early game champion due to long cooldowns, however he eventually scales into an absolute monster.

- Pros

Late game hypercarry
AoE damage
Increased damage ult
Insane teamfighting
Single target damage
Insane lategame healing
Multiple playstyles
One shot consume the ADC

- Cons

long cooldowns early
easily counterable
grevious wounds
may take a bit too long to scale
immobile without flash/ghost/phaserush
you'll get camped
everyone hates you for picking vlad
Conqueror was changed this patch(9.23) and can now be taken on ranged champs. Conqueror is incredible on vlad as it gives him damage in lane aswell as even more lifesteal during team fights. the only downside to the runepage is that you dont get 45% cdr and the movement speed for phaserush. Ghost is a must have to deal with the loss of phaserush.
The standard rune page for vladimir. Extremely good in lane for escaping ganks aswell as late game teamfighting. The rune page allows vladimir to go in and access the backline to deliver his 'explosive payload' to the enemy ad carry.
early game burst/damage keystone. pretty good if you want to have fun and snowball. also like conqueror, you dont have the phase rush movespeed to allow you to access the backline as easily. ghost is good with the runepage.
what more can i say about predator, you become the fast while also gaining a bit more damage on engage. great for roaming and snowballing other lanes.
How to play vlad


The early game is the weakest for vladimir. In this part of the game you will want to farm up and reach your 20% CDR powerspike. You do damage as vladimir early, its just that you have long cooldowns and are pretty squishy. Your pool is on a 20+ second cooldown lvl 1. Depending on the matchup, you can play aggressive and poke the enemy down. The good part about poking your enemy laner down is that if you get them low enough(literally below half hp) you can do the omega consume and do the e flash r q ignite combo onto your laner, destroying their mental.


mid game is when you start to shine as vladimir, by this time you should have your protobelt and deathcap. Deathcap is your main powerspike on vladimir and at this point does the champ become broken. At this point you will be able to one shot the ad carry aswell as destroy the enemys in teamfights. Make sure to farm the side lanes aswell as group whenever possible due to your insane teamfighting ability. Team fighting with vlad is very good. The only bad part about vlad is that it's pretty hard to engage without flash. However, you have very good clean up as vladimir. If you have flash up, you can do the e flash r q pool protobelt combo and try and hit as many people as possible. This is a really good engage as it deals damage and makes you un-targetable so your team can follow up and help you.


Late game vladimir is still incredibly strong. You are extremely tanky, deal lots of aoe nuke damage. Your pool is also on a much shorter cooldown, allowing you to play pretty aggresive. Farm the sidelanes and group whenever possible with your team mates.
Lvl 1 Combos

Auto - Q - Auto
Pretty standard combo, procs phaseruse/electrocute.

Lvl 2 Combos

E - Auto - Q - Auto
Standard Combo if they walk into your range
Lvl 2 Cheese Combo

E - Flash - Ignite - Auto - Q - Auto - Auto - Auto ~
Does alot of damage if you manage to poke them out. Only do it if you are certain yo u can kill them since its wastes your summoners

Lvl 3 Combos

E - Into W - If you didnt know this, now you know. You will release the E while in pool and being untargettable. balanced right? :)
You can also protobelt in the pool.

Lvl 6 All in

E - Flash - R - Red Q - Ignite - Auto - Pool whenever needed
Consume your enemy laner in your journey to win the game

My Full Combo

E - Flash - R - Red Q - Ignute - Pool - protobelt
League of Legends Build Guide Author lola bunny
lola bunny Vladimir Guide
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season 10 vlad guide

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