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Rengar Build Guide by Ferocity Stacks

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ferocity Stacks

Season 5 FeroCITY Rengar Jungle - Way Of The Tiamat

Ferocity Stacks Last updated on March 7, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kha'Zix You will have this grasshopper's head anyway! No need for bug spray. Rengar is the portable bugspray!
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Introduction - Tooth Fairy Jungle

Hello, I am Ferocity Stacks and I want to share with you my Rengar Guide! I have played countless Rengar games and I can't really seem to get enough of League's favorite Tooth Fairy. Homicidal Tooth Fairy rather. In this guide I will teach you the more advanced mechanics and give away my secrets to shredding unexpecting prey to pieces. This jungle style will be very dependent on your ultimate, since Rengar loses gank potential without it. Do your best to make these ults count!

This guide will make you go:

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Scrub Forgot His Zhonyas

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And Then He Got #REKT

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Thoughts About Rengar

Rengar is a Jungler, Top Laner or even able to Bot Lane if you practice at it. His ability to pick off targets quickly is umatched compared most Champions in the game at the moment. He has incredible chase potential and good escape and will prove to be a solid pick in pretty much any situation.

Pros About Rengar:
Extreme burst, self heal, root, stealth, vision of enemies when ulting, gap closer when in brushes or stealth, interaction with Tiamat, slow, armor and magic resist increase.

Cons About Rengar:
Lowered threat when bushes are not available, enemies know when you are nearby when using ultimate, All-In champion, weak when low on Ferocity, have to choose between CC or burst or self heal when full Ferocity, some champions can completely shut him down.

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Starting Jungle Route

Golems (Smite) - Red Buff - Bird Camp - Wolves (Smite)- Base - Blue Buff - Gromp.
Clear camps from one end to another. Timers are a bit longer than before.
Preferably start will be the Krugs (golems), but this requires you to get a hard leash for about 10-20% remaining health on the camp. Smite the golems as soon as you can, you want the buff. Proceed to take Red Buff. It's now easier to take Red Buff since every 5th auto attack is stunning it, and Rengar's Enpowered Q gives alot of attack speed. Starting Red can be beneficial, but you will almost all the time start off with Golems or even Gromp if you start at the other side of the jungle.

Since you are running Armor Pen Runes you have a slightly slower start than some other junglers at this early stage of the game.

If your team cannot help you:

Start Red buff and do two more camps of choice (prefer Birds and Wolves. After that go back to base and buy Ranger's Trailblazer. As far I think this is the best early item on Rengar, since it gives incredible farming in the jungle. However, the improved dualist potential of Skrimisher's Sabre makes you wanna swap Ranger's for Skirmisher's once you can uppgrade to Warrior.
Go back to the jungle and take Blue Buff, followed by the rest of your jungle. If you now have enough health to attempt a gank do so, if not go back and buy a Long Sword. Keep the Long Sword and farm for Brutalizer. When you can afford the Warrior uppgrade, swap for Skirmisher's Sabre and build for Mobility Boots next. After that it's time for you to assemble your Tiamat!
Tiamat will be your most important item. Keep it on a button easily available! Follow Build Guide. You will just have to watch for gank potentials or be nearby in case of a gank by the enemy jungler. Every jungler is different. Be prepared for any situation.

Remember that bushes are your greates team mates. Remember to ult fram lane, since you can not afford getting spotted when ulting. Cooldown is too long for messing up. Mobility Boots will help catching up even when they get the ! above their head. Later in the game you have to be sure that you are not seen when ulting, as this will give the enemy team time to sweep you.

Another important thing when jungling Rengar is to keep your Ferocity high between camps in case of a fight. Rengar without 5 Ferocity is kinda weak, but Rengar with 5 Ferocity can pretty much wreck anything. Keep your Ferocity high by using 3-5 abilities in camps, even if you have to wait a few seconds to use an ability. This is most important if you have your Ultimate up, since you NEED to have 5 Ferocity when ulting.

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When and how to invade depends entierly on two things. You need to know where the jungler is and that you have a plan. In early stages of the game, an invade to kill the enemy jungler can be made easy by warding one of the buffs or by seeing movement near it. You can then judge by champion clear speed how long it will take for them to start their other buff. Once you are done with your Red Buff + one camp, you can start moving over there and contest.

This is the easiest invade, but keep an eye out for mid-lane leaving. They might have seen you move into their jungle. Remember that their mid-laneer is closer to the enemy jungle than what your mid-laner is, so be careful when moving in for the invade.

You can always invade if you know where the enemy jungler started. If unwarded, you can move into the bush by the buff get a better view. Also you can jump from it. This makes the invade alot easier, since you can apply red buff to slow the enemy jungler, and he can't really get away because of the bushes in the jungle. Unless he can fight you, or his mid-laner is moving in for you, you shouldn't loose the invade.

Small jungle creep gives even more XP now, so leave only 1 when taking camps in the enemy jungle. It's also great to smite enemy wolves to get the moving ward inside the jungle.

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Smite Targets

Season 5 introduced alot of new things to the jungle, including Smite changes and camp changes. The jungle itself is alot harder now. Smiting camps also gives a bonus effect, of those the most beneficial to you will be Bird Camp, Wolves, Red Buff and Gromp:

Smiting the big Bird will give you an aura that will detect any wards in the area, giving you true sight when near it. You can then find the ward and dispose of it.

Smiting Wolves spawns a ward that will travel next to the bush at the Blue buff, giving vision over the area. If it detects an enemy champion, it will follow them for a short time.

Smiting Red Buff gives you a lot of health back. Smite it as late as you can since it is % Missing Health it heals for.

Smiting Gromp will apply a dot when attacked. This is really good early game when your ArmPen runes hasn't scaled up enough to compare itself to AD runes.

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Item Consideration

It may not the best idea to follow the build every time. It comes down to how you play, and what you need to be effective. However I strongly recommend Tiamat and Last Whisper + Youmuu's Ghostblade at all times. This is because Rengar scales so well with Armor Penetration.

You should know what items you need by looking at the enemy's scores and items. This is something that comes with experience.

If you happen to get CC'ed alot after jumping onto someone, consider a fast Banshee's Veil after or even before your Youmuu's.

If you're having a bad time sticking onto your target after jumping, Randuin's Omen is your best choice. This item is alot better than Frozen Mallet wich would do the same favor, since it gives Armor and Health + a short range AOE slow.

These should be your only early tanky items, since you are playing assassin Rengar.

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Tiamat Combo - Max Burst - Skill Sequence

Now that you have your main items, let's get to the fun part!

Warning: The following combo is considered unnecessary force. I do not encourage the use of it unless you absolutely, 100% positively need a motherf*cker dead.

Rengar has a special interaction with Tiamat. Using Tiamat when jumping with your passive will not interfere with your auto attack animation when landing, meaning you can jump, use Tiamat activate, and still get your Q proc off as soon as you land on your target. This opens up a nasty combo with Tiamat, Bola (E), Roar (W) and Savagery (Q).

The following Skill Order can be REALLY difficult to perform, and even the slightest mess-up can result in you having to wait an entire auto attack animation, if not even more, meaning you will be quickly disposed of unless your opponents are bread crumbs.

You will start off with 5 Ferocity, use your Ultimate (Thrill Of the Hunt) and find your target. Use Youmuu's Ghostblade to gain move speed (so you won't be spotted too early). Use Enpowered Q a moment before jumping. While your are in your jump animation you have to throw your Bola (E) at your target (recommend smart casting). After that use Roar (W) and Tiamat BEFORE LANDING.
You will then land to finish off your target with the Enpowered Savagery (Q).
Your Bola will hit somewhat close to when you land on your target.
(Ult, Youmuu's, Q, Jump, Bola, W, Tiamat, Very Dead.
You have very little time to perform these actions while in jump animation, and you have to get the order right. Focus.
Kill them until they die to death.

Root Combo:
This combo is used when you need to root the target instead of dealing pure damage. This is best when you know that you can't one-shot the target straight up, and know that you can survive while the target is rooted. Probably best against carries who have instant escape that you can't afford them using.

You follow standard combo, but drop out Savagery (Q) Enpowered version and swap it with Enpowered E.
Also you'll to press Q mid jump as well.
The combo goes like this: (5 Fercoity) Ult, Youmuu's, Jump, Q E, W, Tiamat.
Biggest difference is the difficulty of performing this combo, since there are alot of controlled "faceroll" during a small time span.

4 Ferocity Combo:
The 4 Ferocity Combo is greatest when you need even more damage, but over a longer time span. Reason is there's a short cooldown between 5 Fercoity Q to enable the use of a normal Q after auto attacking with Enpowered Q. Using the 4 Ferocity combo makes the impact not as strong, but is followed by an Enpowered Q to finish off the target. In a 5 Ferocity combo you will have to wait a short time to use a normal Q after landing, however the 4 Ferocity combo make both Q's a little quicker. Only to be used if you know you won't be CC'ed or otherwise stopped after landing. Really good when landing inside a bush to enable a jump when using the Enpowered Q (auto attack reset from Q makes you able to jump again instantly).

All of this might be REALLY hard to perform correctly and I recommend practicing with friends or in custom games if you are unexperienced with it. I have managed to burst down carries in 0,10 seconds. As a comparison the average human reaction time is 0.25-0.3 seconds.

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Have A Rengar Kitty!

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Preferable Targets

As always, aiming for carries will be your best bet. However some items can make you want to change targets. Most AP carries are loving the **** out of Zhonya's Hourglass. This item is basically Rengar Insurance. Most AD carries however lack items to protect themselves other than the reaction of their team. As I said in the section above, they might not get the time to react if you do the combo perectly. Speed will be your greatest weapon against carries. Carries without good escapes in their kit will be the easiest prey. Ezreal, Caitlyn, Lucian and Tristana have natural escape and have to be killed quickly!

There might be situations when Top, Jungler or Support will be most important, but you have to judge this in-game.

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There is some Champions that work really well with Rengar. These are usually champions that can follow up on a initiate either by Rengar himself or just being able to keep up with Rengar as the fight breaks loose. Malphite, Braum or anyone who can follow up with CC can cover Rengar enough for him to wreck the enemy team. The best Champion however to combo Rengar with is Orianna. Orianna's E (shield) makes the ball invisible when Rengar is invisible, and Rengar can jump into the entire enemy team followed by Orianna's ultimate.
Morgana can also work really well with Rengar. Her spell-shield makes it hard to CC Rengar in the moment he jumps onto someone.

This is just a small analyzis of what works with Rengar. Remember that you shouldn't force someone to play something they're not comfortable with, even if it suits you.

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Explanation And Math For Rune Choices

Some quick math for explaining the Runes.
Last Whisper + Masteries = 39% Armor Pen.
Runes = 19 Armor Pen
Full Build = 40 Armor Pen

In the likely scenario that your target has 100 Armor:
Full Build = 39% + 49 Flat Armor Pen.
(100*0.61)- 49 = 12 Armor Remaining

In the scenario of your target having 200 Armor:
Full Build = 39% + 49 Flat Armor Pen
(200*0.61) - 49 = 73 Armor Remaining

Now that there's a new jungle item that also gives ArmPen we have a new equation

(100*0.61) - 59 = 2 Remaining Armor
(200*0.61) - 59 = 63 Remaining Armor

Without the 19 Armor Pen from your runes, you will have 40 Flat Armor Pen from build.

(100*0.61) - 40 = 21 Armor compared to 2
(200*0.61) - 40 = 82 Armor compared to 63

With Armor Pen Runes you will deal TRUE DAMAGE to opponents with less than 99 Armor.
Without Armor Pen Runes you will deal TRUE DAMAGE to opponents with less than 70 Armor.

You can now see how well Armor Penetration is scaling!

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Bushes To Your Advantage

Rengar's power when fighting inside the jungle is extraordinary if you use your surroundings. You can use bushes to stick onto your target like a true hunter should. Also yo can do some awesome jukes. This makes Rengar a powerful counterjungler, but also a threat when moving into his jungle. Since only a handful of champions can fight him at any stage of the game, being in places with bushes around makes Rengar at least twice the threat he was. You might even have to move away from your target in order to jump to them. This is called thinking outside the box, or bush in this case.

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Video - Way Of The Tiamat

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End Of The Hunt

Have Fun one-shotting enemies! But keep it to a moderate level. Wouldn't want Riot to nerf Rango anymore.

Hope you have learned anything here today!
This has been Ferocity Stacks's Rengar Guide.
See you in the Rift!