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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Omarowh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Omarowh

[SEASON 8] Desolation is Coming: Top lane Mordekaiser Guide

Omarowh Last updated on February 22, 2018
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Full AP Morde

Mordekaiser Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Summon Aery
Summon Aery
LoL Rune: The Ultimate Hat
The Ultimate Hat
LoL Rune: Celerity
LoL Rune: Scorch

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

+10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive and +9% attack speed

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Top Lane
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Win 50%
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Threats to Mordekaiser with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Riven Riven is one of those champions that likes to get in your face and attack you, well here's the thing, morde is a champion that excels in destroying squishy front liners like her. Poke her whenever you can with E. Max W> Q > E.
Diana Much like riven, she likes to get into your face and attack you, but you will show her who's boss. Max W > Q > E.
Fizz You just destroy this guy. Watch out for his mid-late game burst though and buy a zhonya's so you can use its active when he tries to use his ult combo. Max W > Q > E.
Katarina She tries to all in you, but you will burst her down with your combos. You out scale her at all phases of the game. Max W > Q > E.
Nasus His early game is so bad, take advantage of that. If he tries to farm, poke him and combo him down, Never let a nasus farm, deny him farm as much as you can so he wont turn into a mid-late game monster. Max W > Q > E.
Nautilus He cant do any serious damage to you and your passive shield will always be up, so keep poking him. Max W > Q > E.
Maokai Hes a tank he wont do serious damage to you, while you can do serious damage to him. Just watch out for ganks, he might cc you right before that. Max W > Q > E.
Poppy Shes a tank, wont do serious damage to you, not a threat at all. Max W > Q > E.
Sion No threat to you at all, he wont deal allot of damage to you, while you can combo him down. Max W > Q > E.
Talon He's a squishy assasin, his burst will be stopped by your passive and you just counter him. Rush an early ninja tabis and you will be fine. Max W > Q > E.
Yasuo One of the easiest matchups for morde. He will always all in you, pop on W and burst him down. Make sure to rush ninja tabis to snowball even harder. Max W > Q > E.
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Hello and welcome to my guide on mordekaiser, In the guide I will be covering mordekaiser's strengths and weaknesses, item builds, as well as his match ups and how to play against them.

Mordekaiser is a truly unique champion, being the only champion with no CC or a gap closer. Instead of questioning riot's decision in doing so, lets look at the bright side, he's a champion that can duel nearly every melee champions and win, destroys assassins, his ult can turn team fights into a 6v4, and not to mention he can get the ghost of all the drakes AND the elder dragon which he also gains some tankiness from, tricky sustain from W and maximum poke with E. He's truly an OP champion if you play him correctly.

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+High Damage.
+Can duel 90% of all melee champions and win.
+Very good into melee squishes like master yi and assassins like zed.
+Good lane sustain with W.
+Maximum lane poke with E.
+Can turn team fights into a 6v4 and can get drake ghost.
-No CC or gap closer.
-Gets kited easily.
-Vulnerable to CC.
-Prone to ganks.

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Flash is definitely the strongest and best spell on morde. Taken on nearly all champions, its useful in many situations like escaping ganks and securing a kill.

Teleport is one of the best spells on morde, you can get to lane quickly since morde has low ms, and make you tp to drake if your team is doing it.

Ignite if you need that early kill pressure or if you're up against a mundo or healing based champion since it applies grievous wounds.

Exhaust is a defensive option, mostly taken against champions that can 1v1 us and win, like Jax. It is also helpful if your getting kited.

Ghost can be taken in with flash if the enemy team has a full ranged team who can kite you easily. It helps with chasing, escaping ganks and dodging skill shots.

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Summon Aery is the best keystone for mordekaiser with this build. It gives you much needed poke and makes you strong early game threat. The Ultimate Hat Will let us cast our ult more. Scorch Will give us much needed poke early game. We take Celerity for that much needed extra move speed. Triumph will let us sustain more and combined with Coup de Grace will make pick us a few kills when needed.

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Mordekaiser's abilities cost health, but he converts 25% of the magic damage they deal into a temporary shield.
Maximum shield is 25% of Maximum Health.
The shield decays by 1.5 of Base Health per second when above 25% shield.
Shield conversion is halved against minions.

This skill is an extremely important skill to mordekaiser, lets him survive bursts from assassins and makes you tankier than normal.

Harvesters of Sorrow Passive: If Mordekaiser shares experience with an ally, his experience penalty for sharing a kill is only 50% of what it would normally be.

Active: Mordekaiser targets an allied minion, champion or himself. For the next 4 seconds, Mordekaiser and the target allied champion gain 75 bonus movement speed when moving towards each other. When near enough to each other, they also each deal 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 (+22.5% of ability power) magic damage per second to nearby enemies for the duration.

At the end of Harvesters of Sorrow's duration (or when Mordekaiser reactivates it), he deals 50 / 85 / 120 / 155 / 190 (+30% of ability power) magic damage to all nearby enemies and heals both himself and his ally from up to 2 targets hit for the same amount (healing is reduced to 25% against minions).

Hands down the best skill to max early, gives us sustain, damage and healing. Excellent for farming and baiting the enemy into a free kill when low on health. Whenever you first cast this ability next to a minion or ally champion, it will deal damage over 4 seconds and then when it goes off will heal you a little bit. The healing is stronger when used on enemy champions. Note, the circles has to touch each other for it to deal damage. This will be our main farming ability.

Mace of Spades Mordekaiser main damage ability. He empowers his next 3 basic attack to deal bonus magic damage. The last hit is the damage of the previous 2 combined. Mace of Spades resets Mordekaiser's autoattack timer. This ability is what makes morde deadly to melee assassins and squishes. It deals tons of damage and you should max this second.

Siphon of Destruction Mordekaiser deals magic damage in a cone. For each champion hit, Siphon of Destruction also generates 15 / 17.5 / 20 / 22.5 / 25% of Iron Man's maximum shield. Mordekaiser main poking ability in lane. Since Mordekaiser does not have mana, he can poke his enemies all he wants. This ability deals allot of damage early on and will allow you to sometimes even win lane by poking them to low health which will also force the enemy to play passive from there onwards you can snowball even more.

Children of the Grave Passive: Mordekaiser's basic attacks and abilities curse the Dragon for 10 seconds. If Mordekaiser's team slays it, the Dragon's soul is enslaved and follows him around. Enslaving the Dragon disables Children of the Grave while it remains active and kills Mordekaiser's current ghost.

Active: Mordekaiser curses an enemy, dealing an initial 6.25 / 7.5 / 8.75% (+1% per 100 ability power) of the target's maximum Health as magic damage. For the next 10 seconds, an additional 1.875 / 2.25 / 2.625% (+0.3% per 100 ability power) of the target's maximum Health is dealt to the target as magic damage every second.

If the target dies while under the effect of the curse, their soul is enslaved and will follow Mordekaiser for 30 seconds. During this time, Mordekaiser gains 25% of their bonus Health and 30% of their Ability Power. Meanwhile, the spirit gains Mordekaiser's bonus attack damage and 15% of Mordekaiser's maximum Health.

Pets can be controlled by holding the alt key and using the right mouse button.

Mordekaiser's ability that can change a whole teamfight in your favor, we max this skill whenever we can. Note, you heal for all the damage dealt by this ability which makes it a great ability to sustain in lane more. You gain some of the health from the dragon and ghost which is also nice.

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Sorcerer's Shoes Most of the time you should buy this, as it gives him magic penetration on all of his abilities, however if its a hard match up you should consider ninja tabi and merc treads.

Ninja Tabi I buy this if am againts difficult AD matchups like quinn and jayce. Gives you armor and some basic attack damage reduction.

Mercury's Treads Like tabis, you should buy this against difficult AP matchups like swain. It also gives you some cc time reduction.

Morellonomicon This item is great on morde, it gives him ability power and health which is a must on morde combined with some grievous wounds which make your ultimate burn late game guarantee you a ghost if they are low on health since they wont be healing. It also has some magic penetration which is great on squishies.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter It gives morde some much needed CC that he lacks and some health to make your shield bigger. A must have item on morde.

Liandry's Torment This item is very good on morde, since morde has percent health damage with his ultimate, getting this item will make it burn for every tick of damage. It also provides morde with much needed extra magic penetration which will make all of his abilities pack an extra punch.

Zhonya's Hourglass I buy this item if am up against hard AD match ups like quinn, or if am up against AD heavy team. You can also buy this against bursty assassins like fizz and zed who use their combos in one go so you can use its active.

Banshee's Veil I Buy this if am up against a heavy AP team, it gives you some magic resists and spell block passive.

Void Staff I always buy this item, it will make tank shredding easier combined with your ult, you will melt tanks health bars with ease.
Rabadon's Deathcap Very good as a last item, never as a first item. Since you will go full ap, with this build you will be ending up with around 600+ AP late game.

Hextech Gunblade I buy this whenever i need massive damage increase, gives you both AD and AP which Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction use for scaling.

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Farming with morde is easy, You put w on yourself and a melee minion, walk up to the enemy minion wave and start dealing damage. You can also use Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction to help you finish off the remaining ones.

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Team Fights

In Team fights, your essential goal is to turn the battle in your favor with your ultimate. Whenever you see a low health enemy ADC or an auto attack based champion or any champion low on health, ult them. It's better to ult an auto attack based champion since they will be able to have their critical strike at time of death which will pack a punch in their ghost form. Make sure to secure the dragon with your team, it is very important for mordekaiser to get a dragon since its one of his ways to snowball the game. Once you get a dragon, dont waste it, go help your team with sieging a turret since its best at sieging turrets. You can also solo baron with lv2 dragon and if you have 2 damage items.