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Sejuani Build Guide by PrawdziwySmok

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PrawdziwySmok

Sejuani - The Ruler of Freljord v4.18

PrawdziwySmok Last updated on October 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 21


Utility: 0

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Sup Summoners?
First off all i'd like to say sorry for my informal language and also if u'd think i rage to much on sth, but i have to say i decided to make this guide after seein' so many misguides, troll Sejuani junglers, callin' Sejuani names and sayin' she's the worst champion in the League(back in s2). As i had reeealy enough of it I'll do my best to show u why she is one of the best champions (bruiser - solotop, NOT A JUNGLER ), ultimate tank and how to use all her pros... and also why u should not use some popular items / playstyles which nerf her instead of boostin' ;). Funny thing is that i lost my first game ever as Sejuani the day I started writin' this guide after months of research xd

After s3 re-release horrible nerf (Northern Winds were changed so much it's damage dealt was bout 6 times lower than it used to) I had to close this guide as Sejuani was unusable and incredibly bad everywhere except Twisted Treeline and i'm not used to play there. Thanks God s4 changes to items, masteries and some other bruisers Sejuani can swipe enemies from all over the map again.

I will do my best to answer Your suggestions in PMs or Discussions, showin' pros (if there r any for Sejuani) and cons of them, but please do not troll like Devdevil did. Believe me or not, but i own this champion for way over half a year and devoted 2 months to play only Sejuani, so instead of trollin' to make ur Guides look better (rarely Sejuani guides doe) think, test builds and make use of my experience cause i made this Guide not to become popular but to help u guys and what's more important to make slowpokes stop makin' fun of her... as u can see some of those will do their best to not to let me. How to recognize a troll - most of my discussion - no REAL counter-points... just sayin' sth is that way or copyin' sth from net, not showin' ANY reasonin'. ;)

I'd start to love all those trollz in my discusion braggin' bout how bad is that guide aso cause it's not a jungle guide and bout how little i know bout this champ xd the truth is, Sejuani is so underplayd cause jungle one is played most of the time, while it works not, that's why no1 plays her in top ranked games - all people think she can only jungle (while she should not jungle at all) but her power seems so low. On the other side i'm not the only one that had so much success with Sejuani playd this way, so if u do not want to trust just me u can simply ignore trollz that show no reasonin' and just say sth that makes no sense or without any examples or proofs and look at all those happy "customers" and insane scores they had ;)

P.S. Keep in mind that Sejuani is NOT A JUNGLER

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Bruiser (SoloTop) 9/10 - Very tanky, meele champion with quite high late game overtime AoE dmg, nice CC and a bit of mobility. She also scale's better than most champions with HPs both offensively and defensively. Her only problem is lack of harass skill, so it's harder to zone opponent.

Jungler 4/10 - For pros there's only AoE dmg and engage skill, if that would be enough than Kassadin would be the best jungler ever added to the League, but he's not. For cons she's pretty weak early game, medium movement speed, and more importantly lack of any natural life steal or skill with dmg shield, which means u'r early game is incredibly enemy wards dependant as u can't even safely clear jungle camps cause u lose waay too much HPs while at it and r forced to keep gankin' but that leads to beein' very predictable and with enemy wards up (much more often found now with Trinkets) gives u nearly no chance to gank succesfully any skilled player. That also leads to destroyin' ur mid and late game as u r highly underfed and u'r only chance is extended game which most proly won't come.

AP carry (mid) 4.0/10 - All the skills scale with AP but those scaleings r mostly lower than one needs and she gets more from boostin' HPs and her burst dmg is quite low. Also lack of any ranged poke makes it nearly impossible for her to play mid lane early, she'd be able to hardcarry late game only against very teamfightin' focused teams.

AD carry (bot) 0/10 - Meele champ with no AD scalin'... worst possible idea.

Support (bot) 7.5/10 - Sejuani brings in tons'o'CC to the table (passive slows, E stronger Slows, interrupt and knock airborne from Q plus this AoE stun from her ultimate) and can deal nice damages without goin' for offensive items (Q based on targets HPs and W based on her HPs). But there r some drawbacks as well - she has no range and struggles early game, so u need a realy, realy good coordination with ur carry to actualy make it work instead of feedin' their pusher - adc.

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I just found out people often forget that there are different tactics and skirmishes a champion can work with so here's her simple score for each of those:

Teamfight - 10/10 Tons'o'CC (knock up, stun, strong nd weak slow) and AoE damage plus the ability to interrupt enemies, fits just perfectly.

Siege - 6.5/10 Very tough, with AoE stun and some mobility but beein' magic damage focused meele champion means she can help others siege nicely but can't do much while on it herself - main purpose = tankin' turret hits and pokes.

Jungle Objectives - 8.5/10 Ability to deal constant low cost damages with her plus AoE stun of her ult and ability to interrupt enemies who jump in (but not to knock them away) means she helps securin' big ones nicely but not perfectly.

Split Push - 4/10 She can clear the lane of minions realy quickly and has improved chance to runaway if area is warded thx to her but she lacks the most important part - ability to take down turrets fast enough; so it's idea as bad as junglin' for her.

Assasination - 4/10 She can jump in quickly and make runaway tries very hard but she realy lacks burst damage which is the most important part here so again a bad idea.

Anti-Teamfight - 10/10 For the same reasons she is gr8 in teamfights she is gr8 against teamfightin' compositions and still has a chance to runaway (thx to all this CC and ) if jumped on by multiple enemies while a bit out of position and as she is tough she gives time for partners to join in.

Anti-Siege - 7/10 Ability to make enemies that get too close stick around for much longer than they'd wish to and beein' realy hard to kill makes her realy good in scarein' enemies siege's though she lack ranged pokes to stop them entirely.

Anti-Jungle Objectives - 6.5/10 She can jump through the wall without burnin' her and hard CC opponents that r inside baron or drake pit while she can also survive for quite some time, distractin' opponents and givin' allies time to join in but as she lacks burst damage she can rarely steal objectives just by herself.

Anti-Split Push - 6/10 Ability to survive pokes, chase down runnin' opponents and deal constant damages while makin' it harder for opponent to move away works realy fine against meele split pushers but she can't poke enemies that r ranged, so good but not gr8.

Anti-Assasination - 9/10 She can quickly jump back to interrupt assasinations with her "Q" and make opponent stay in place for much longer than he'd wish to also beein' unable to act with her ult plus the fact that slows will make it much more difficult for opponents to runaway after the assasination will make opponents think bout tryin' this more than twice while Sejuani is close even if she can't burst assasins down instantly herself, also she is so tough that no1 can instagib Sejuani herself.

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Summoner Spells

Just a basic runaway spell which nearly every champion should use. It should save ur "life" if ur team backs away from 4v3 aso vs high burst opponents, especially early game... yeah even tanks need it sometimes, and even tanks do not make it safe with it sometimes. Remember that ur burst damage is pretty low and u have ur own mobility skill Arctic Assault, so NEVER flash offensively, u'r just askin' for troubles if u try to ;/

Best possible summoner spell for every bruiser except Shen who just doesn't need it. But wastin' it to get back to ur lane faster to farm more or to split push in late game r unacceptable ways of usin' it. Teleport on champions like Sejuani is meant for gainin' map control as she has the potential to both stop enemies in tracks with all her cc and to chase down runnin' opponents with her mobility nd slows also works perfectly with Homeguards. In early and mid game u use it only to assist ur bot lane when it get's pushed or they try to stop enemy from takein' drake - u just teleport to a bot lane river ward and jump on ur enemies fearlessly... unless u didn't get to shop yet. In late game u jump onto ur enemies head 1st, back away while under 30% HPs, instantly regain HPs with Homeguards and Teleport back into the fight with speed boost to tear apart any enemy that would still want to try to fight.

Ah, i can alredy feel all the trollhate for sayin that, but for a champion focused on teamfights so much, given the fact gives u some speed buff right now it actualy CAN be used instead of Flash in very teamfight focused team compositions ;)

Spells u do not want to take :

Sejuani's speed is a mid one so she does not gain from it so much when runnin' away, also she has her slows and her Arctic Assault to get mobility advantage over her opponents and Ghosts cooldown is longer than Flash's


Own slowin' opponent down possibilities + pretty low burst = nearly useless

No, this one is not realy usefull, with no harass Sejuani can't tire opponent down much before goin' for kill and her dmg is high but slow so ignite will NOT kill ur opponent most of the time 1v1 plus she can easily dive so no need to try to "ensure" kills this way even if she'd be able to instantly take down big pieces of HPs. When Jungler comes to gank ignite is useless once again as 2v1 with tons of CC (many junglers have their own) means u will take opponent down before he/she gets a chance to hide behind turret. Some might say u want to take it to counter Mundos ultimate but... even without his ult he will be able to 1v1 u anyway as he hard counters Sejuani and u lose map control without Teleport, so if u fear enemy Mundo it's better to ask support to take ignite.

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Offense = 9 First of all ur job is to tank through teamfights so u have to save more masteries for defence than offence. What u take here is CDR and AP to deal a bit more damages urself, to give ur enemies even less chances to run away combined with ur tons'o'slows and AoE stun.

Defence = 21 Main thing Sejuani players should care bout is amount of her Health, so and r must haves. She is a meele champ, a real tank and her dmg output is realy based on her max HPs as well. After that u take sm armor, resist and rememberin' her early game is bad and , the 1st one will also scale nicely into the late game when u have absurdally high amounts fo HPs and cause ur power lays in controllin' teamfights, other defensive stuff that helps her in those like and , also Sejuani constantly slows down enemies so works perfectly too.

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Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration To make farmin' a little easier for her as without harass skill it's realy hard for Sejuani to zone opponent early game and to boost her overtime dmg. Much more usefull Early than Late in the game, also Hybrid Pens r much better than Magic Pens, as it's 6 damages per autoattack difference for early farmin' and magic pens would only give u 2 additional magic damages in comparison to Hybrid Pens per spell for later game and Sejuani can't take nor build much AP early.

Ur job is to tank through teamfights and control those so to stay longer in those instead of dealin' slightly more damages this is absolutely the best choice, while also right now, flat resist runes r much more efficient than scalein' ones (unless all top, jungle and mid in opposin' team deal phisical damages only)

To make her more tanky and boost her main pain delivery source - Northern Winds ^^

Used to run %Health but actualy, these would give her bout 100 bonus HPs total. While it's not completely useless, given the fact she deals nice DPS and nearly only magic damages, the Spell Vamp ones of course will not provide bonus damages for u, but will surely increase ur sustain, especially in teamfights, when there r so many targets to leech HPs from.

OTHER VIABLE RUNES (based on matchups)

ONLY viable when all top, jungle and mid of the enemy team deal only phisical damages. While all her spells scale with APs, these scaleings r actualy not that high so normally u'd prefer Resist just to stay alive longer and hit more spells thx to it.

/ once again ONLY viable if all top, jungle and mid of the opposing team deal phisical damages cause normally u'd pref to get more HPs which give u both offensive and defensive bonuses.

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Skill Sequence

No matter what u do - go straight to the lane, help ur jungler, protect buff or invade u ALWAYS start with it. Sejuani has a pretty weak early game and this skill provides her with more mobility, knock airborne and AoE slow as well as a little bit of AoE damages. One should also up it as the last one though as Sejuani gets much more from just havein' it than uppin' it unlike the other skills.

First point should be spent on it lv3 and even though one picks it up as the last skill u'd still prefer to max it out as the 1st one! Surprised? Even though it's main damages r still focused over Sejuani's HPs and r overtimes, unlike the old one it deals some instant bonus burst damage as well and as this is the cheapest of spells and has the shortest cooldown it's the best harass tool in her pocket ... though it's still useless vs guys that won't have to walk up to u. Why not up it 1st then? cause it's also the only spell she has that brings no bonus CC and no tactical advantage with it (i still miss the ability to deal 1.8k overtimes with the old W).

Start givin' it points at Lvl 2 and max it out as the second one. 50% bonus slow is realy decent, but uppin' it only gives u 5%points per level, while W does give u some additional burst damage right now as well.

Just like every Ulti, one should max it out as fast as possible. Btw, even though it's her only ranged skill please do not use it to harass opponent (yes i have seen even such trollz), nor clear lanes before backin' like people do with Lux or Ziggs ult, like most Ulties it is meant to be used for kill engages, plus this one can be used to save ur teammates when opponents think they trapped u ;)

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+ + Pros of this combo r ability to regenerate both HPs and Mana much much faster than ur opponent and chance to buy a bonus ward. This one helps u keep tradin' damages with opponents that would like to spam spells at u from safe distance and try to push u away from farmin', while also givin' u a chance to ward more of a terrain or keep additional ward up while ur trinket ward expires and is unavailable for next 90s. Con of this combination is a fact that u won't get any flat early defences out of it.


+ Pros of this startin' combination r flat defences and aa damage reduction, but on the other paw u get no mana regeneration nor bonus vision. Helps against enemies that can harass u from distance with their autoattacks and guys that would like to keep all inning u.


+ Take this one only if u r very, very confident in ur early matchup and ability to farm as this one gives u absolutely no health regen (except for 1 pot) and no bonus vision, while most early damages and some magic regeneration.


Sejuani's fave item, tons of hps means tankiness and dmg for Northern Winds plus Health Regen that is so essential in early and mid game as it let's u stay on a lane for much much longer than anythin' else early as u still take damages from everythin' minions included.

+ These fit her perfectly. As a meele, defensive champ u want to stay in the fights as long as possible. Additional armor and Tabis Passive let u do that just right. Also nearly all junglers r AD and many top laners as well so that early armor helps u again. Some might doubt rushin' Homeguards but speed boost lets u not only get back to the lane a bit faster but also works perfectly with Teleport as u can always rescue ur bot lane "from base" as u will instantly get close to the enemies with it and later in the game u can jump into the fight, back of while under 20-30% HPs, B and instantly teleport back to ward into the action to wipe out all the surprised enemies.


vs BV has additional 50HPs and it's passive spell shield every 45s but with lowered HP procs on Sejuani and with how tough she is herself u'd pretty much prefer SV as with tons of additional Regens scalein' with Warmogs and 10% CDR it gives u same defensive capacity and additional offensive boost that lets u cast u'r spells more often to deal more damages with it. One might also build SV before Warmogs vs 4+ AP compositions.

One of the items i said were surely worse for Sejuani than others like in s2 and begginin' of s3, but right now after Randuins was slightly nerfed and with lowered HP procs on Sejuani (damn that re-release) additional 50HPs and 25Armor give her less in mid game than passive 25+Lv magic damages per second from SC. So i hate to do it, but i must admit, right now > .

vs That's the right time to spend a little of ur gold to upgrade Trinket. Decision is pretty easy as GVT gives u better control of non-lane objectives u take it nearly always, the only time u get GST is when one of ur carries took GVT before u.

And here comes the 2nd one of items i said much bout beein' useless for Sejuani in s3 begginin'. Right now though after stat boosts 200->300HPs it works pretty nicely on her. U get 300HPs for defense and "W" procs, 50AP for all her skills damage and +15 Flat Magic Pens that work perfectly with her "W" again, but do not let those who brag about Passive greatness fool u... it SUX - it deals damages OVER 3 SECONDS (not per second for 3 seconds), scalein' with only 1% of targets CURRENT (not max) HPs so it deals any noticable damages only in the very 1st second of the fight and later on u can't just hit u'r low HPs target with one last spell and back of lettin' Passive kill him as it scales with CURRENT HPs, has no lower limit and deals MAGIC (not true) damages so it get's lowerd even more by Magic Resist, the only way that passive would work would be if riot would give it 40/s minimum damage.

LAST ITEM (most of the time u will not have any chance to use it)

Option #1 Definitely the go to item in most games, which is when enemy team has balanced damages. Of course u will not get all it's perks instantly as it starts with only 75% of it's potential and u will not get those passive regens now but still it gives more HPs than any other AP based item and some additional mana that might come in handy if teamfights or position plays get longer and longer. So focus on what u get not what u "waste" as u just have to wait a bit for it to unleash it's full potential. Also startin' off of RoA is NOT a good idea, cause Sejuani is not a lane bully and (most of the time) will avoid brawlin' early on, so she won't use those catalyst regens anyway.

Option #2 Welllllll... after it got boosted it actualy might be as good as RoA, cause it's 400HP and 100AP right now so it should gives the power much faster than late RoA, though less of it and u still won't use this slow at all (30% of 15% = 4% ... so op).

Option #3 or Go to items if enemy has 4+ AD based champs, which happens more often now that people r tryin' those AD mids. gives u additional HPs and Armor both high in numbers and it's passive works perfectly against burst team. gives u insanely high armor and with how much HPs Sejuani has and the fact Thornmails reflect-like passive damages r calculated before beein' lowered by Armor of the one who's wearin' it works perfectly gainst DPS carries like that trust their auto attacks most.

Option #4 Go to item if ur enemies have 4+ AP based champs, what might happen sometimes as there still r such junglers as , , , and . After last changes Locket is a realy decent item with whole 400 HPs and 40 Resist and with how teamfight focused Sejuani is both Passive and Active of Locket work just as fine as possible for her even late in the game.

Option #5 Another Surprise! See the points is that Sejuani is focused on teamfights, deals nearly only magaic damages and her highest threat is AoE DPS, so there r many situations in which spell vamp and it's aura will help u nicely, but as it gives u n flat defences it'd save it for games in which ur enemies as well deal nearly only DPS so u can outsustain them and games in which u have some teammates which just like u deal magaic damages and can't hit enemies from a safe distance.


It gives no HPs, AP boost is lower than this of RoA, just Armor and CDR r not enough to spend ur gold for this item, her main dmg skill Northern Winds has fairly low cost so no additional mana boost needed so early, and it's Passive slow will not boost Sejuani's slow high enough, while SpellBlade Passive will give u just bout nth with how low AD Sejuani has.

NOT A JUNGLER plus it gives fairly low HPs and double regens r as low as Aegis' and won't be much higher as early in the game even Sejuani's "W" deals low damages and 10% CDR from is already enough to let it be up nearly non-stop.

Ur job as Sejuani is to stay in the fight and control it and as these give u completely no defence they make it much more difficult for u. Also the only way these boots could be used the way they give u enough is on champions that can instantly turn a 5v5 fight into 5v1 and 5v4 after, like and r worth it only if ur team is already waaay ahead of ur enemy... these shoes r just one of the items that r highly overused due to the fact no1 realy thinks bout what r they doin' ... so sad.

Compared to the new 400HPs , AS is completely useless as it gives u those Flat Pens for "W" and AP for all skills, but to boost damages SV gives u CDR that gives u nearly the same amount of damages and helps u control teamfights better with lower CD on and it's AoE stun, also Sejuani prefers to boost HPs than APs as it gives both damages and more teamfight control as u can stay longer in those.

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How To Play

EARLY GAME - lanein' & helpin' aka map control

Sejuani has a very bad early game so ur lane phase is pretty much based on what ur opponent does. Perfect situation is when u'r opponent just wants to farm the lane instead of takein' advantage of ur cons. IF that happens just stay behind minions to not let ur opponent poke u and last hit minions if possible and after u hit Lv3 u can try to harass ur lane opponent with W+E combo and back of before he or his minions get a chance to poke u back, then come back to kill a few minions for more gold, and so on as long as u have 150+ mana and wards in the river, unless ur jungler is on the top side of the jungle and might come to gank as then u do not want him to find u with ur spells on cooldown. If he ganks, u hard engage 2-3s before he get's into enemies vision and drop Q+E+W to stop enemy in place long enough and deal some early burst damages, then follow him and throw ur ult right BEFORE he escapes both ur ranges or gets to hug a turret.

If ur enemy hard counters u early, like , , or all u can do is stayin' outa their skills range but close enough to still get exp from dyin' minions and let the lane get pushed, harass him with Q+E+W if he gets in the tower range as he/she might auto attack u by mistake to get additional poke from the turret and farm under it with help of ur "W" so turret won't get tired down so fast.

Ur 2nd job in early game is helpin' ur bot lane with startin' lv5 when u already have a very strong slow and some (little but still) DPS, if they r the ones gettin' pushed back or ganked from behind; and/or helpin' ur mid lane "by foot" if ur lane is pushed safely, ur lane opponent is mia and mid laner can't cope with his opponent.

MID GAME - objectives control

Some turrets, proly on both sides, r already down and now u need to work out some way to get ahead of ur enemies before u will be able to take more turrets safely. That means u need Drake and Baron control.

U'r job right now is keepin' wards between Barons pit and blue team blue buff entry up all the time and roamin' between top and mid lane as u need to protect those from gettin' hard pushed. While enemy jungler and highest AoE damage enemy champion r dead or bot lane, u call ur team to ward enemy jungle close to Baron to have early vision on them and jungler to clear the area with his lens. If u'r jungler is not underfed u can most of the time start Baron succesfully with just the 2 or 3 of u while AD carry is still on his way, as with ur AoE damage and stun u will be able to easily scare off most enemies from interruptin' u while they can't smite-steal.

If ur enemies try to start Baron before u, all u do is workin' ur way around their wards and as soon as there r at least 2 allies nearby and baron hits ~30% HPs u hard engage enemy in the pit with ur Ult and Q+E+W combo as this should be enough to make them try to run or if they try to fight inside Barons Pit just kill them all with his help.

LATE GAME - to the inhibs

Now u r so tanky nearly noone can make u back off and it's a teamfights all day time ^^ All u need to do right now is protectin' ur carries when they poke ur enemies.

If u'r defendin' run as close to the turret as possible and taunt ur enemies so they let ur carries do their job from a safe distance or punish ur enemies with hard engage with again ult and Q+E+W combo as soon as they r in the range and any of them tries to split push while ur allies r close by.

While in the offensive, do not split push, Sejuani is pretty bad at it. Ur job is to let ur carries hide behind u and poke ur enemies and hard engage with everyday combo as soon as 1 or 2 of them (preferably ones with CC) r forced to back to fountain' or some arguably squishy target steps to close to u and to far from his own turret. After such (most proly successfull) engage and takein' down turret and inhib u do not want to risk it and try to get nexus turrets instantly, instead of it, it's much better to move to the other lane and do exactly the same thing as with 2 or 3 inhibs down and lanes pushin' themselves, u'r enemy needs a miracle or 4 trolls in ur team to make a comeback. After u took 2 enemy inhibs down u go back to Baron (after carefully wardin' the area and shoppin') and with it's buff u ram into u'r oponents base to get 1 or 2 of them down and finally destroy the nexus.

DO NOT SPLIT PUSH, U R THE TANKIEST OF TANKS BUT UR DMG IS HIGH ENOUGH AGAINST EVERYTHIN' EXCEPT TURRETS / INHIBITORS so it's a double waste A. ur team is much more fragile without u B. U work much slower than u could.

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+ Tankiest Of Tanks
+ No need to go for offensive items to deal serious damages
+ Strong-like-Ulti normal skill (Flail of the Northern Winds)
+ Tons of CC
+ Mobility Advantage against many champs (thx to Arctic Assault and slows)
+ Counters stealth champions (no need to see a target, u just need to know more or less where it should be)

- Fairy low burst damage
- Very weak Early Game
- Lack of ranged harass
- Every lane can find counter champ (need to pick her late in ranked)

SYNERGIES - pretty much every high AoE damage/CC champ

x - combo gives him enough time to channel his awesome AoE damage but hard to use Ult and fear + drain tankiest one to cut him off of carries.
x - his "W" Zone serves a gr8 support for teamfights and with it and both ults u can survive and crush pretty much every team fight.
x - his AoE damage and Ult that wants to stay there for a little while works perfectly in teamfights and let's ur team dive turrets fearlessly.
x - His ult deals absurdally high damage but combined with Sejuani engage and Ult gives him enough time to channel it most of the time.

x - her Wall, and stun gives enemies even less chances to find a runaway route combined with ur Ult Engage and her Ults AoE damage can melt enemies like that.
x - When she follows ur engage with stun-Tibbers it's pretty much insta-won teamfight.
x - His AoE damage and additional stun let u engage more safely and Ult can do wonders as soon as u deal with minions.
x - Most of her damages r AoE DPS spells but with u'r AoE stun and slows she gets much more time than she needs to melt enemies
x - with his AoE damage and Wall of Pain combined with ur slows and stuns he can kill nearly everytin' before it gets a chance to counter engage and if enemies try to run they r pretty much low enough alredy for him to secure kills with his Ult if that even happens.
x - She deals insanely high AoE damages but is meele so realy needs some AoE CC allies to help her, and with Sejuani combo it's just what makes teamfights won.
x - After u engage he drops E+W combo for first damages, burns ult to make enemies stay in the same place u set with ur Ult and Q stops any runnaway so u can go after him and secure a kill.
x - Her Spells r AoE and very strong but have insanely high cooldowns, but all ur CC should let her drop those before enemies have any chance to react.
x - Insane range AoE damage, Sejuani makes him as safe as possible and let's him land his damages very easily.
x - simply insane AoE damage, both ur full comboes will tear apart everythin' but heavy tanks which won't win against u in DPS
x - Those Bombs set on u with speed boost let u instantly crush into enemy team and slay every careless guy and if they have enough burst damage to kill u in the mid game he can still ult u.
x - Sejuani combo let's her land her ult and tons'o'damages by plants easily everywhere away from turrets.

x - If Ashe drops her Ult into 3-4 enemies and u follow it with ur combo it turns into happy slaughter with helpless enemis that can't even move.
x - This underused strange Carry makes perfect use of all Sejuani's CC to land his AoE damages.
x - He wants to stay inside a fights nearly as bad as Sejuani and with his AoE damages and Sejuani's CC, that can be done even though he has low range when his skills r on cooldown.
x - Her slow + u'r Slow and stun make it a perfect Ult-Fest for her.
x - if he takes Runnan's Hurricane he can turn ur engage into a happy slaughter usin' his ult as he should be able to hit every1 at the same time.
x - Sejuani full combo engage followed by his ult make enemies unable to react early and with his range and u'r slows he can finish them off from safe distance.

x - Sejuani can land her ulti on multiple enemies easily that stun time let's Leona land her Solar Flare to hold them in place even longer and double engage of those 2 tanks let's carries make a kill fest of such a teamfight.
x - Low Cooldowns on all basic skills mean Sona can boost u'r Speed to make ur engage even easier and team to follow faster, stun enemies to hold them in place even longer after u stunned them and after that keep healin' everybody to let u stay in the fight till the very end plus with low cooldowns on all her basic skills and her passives u can duo follow any runaway.



With this tanky / high range, high CC team composition, no matter where the teamfight starts if can engage usin' her ult on at least 3 opponents and both and can follow up with theirs, enemy team gets stunned for ages and that means can AoE burst enemies while others cut them of and drop their DPS on enemies, this time u want to kill tankier enemies with high regens / life steals / spell vamps 1st as except for Ziggs ur team has more DPS than burst so if those that can steal up HPs fast will survive though all CC it might be sad if they somehow manage to kill one of ur carries.

+ - u don't have to see her to kill her, so her shroud serves her only as defensive skill and just her q is not enough to poke u outa the lane most of the time.
+ - his early game strength is not that big most of the time and he actualy has to walk up to u to hit u.
+ - his early game strength is nearly non-existant and he burns his mana insanely fast if he tries to go ham, as long as u can destroy his shield before he blows it u can punish him for tryin' to farm his E stacks.
+ - he can't steal ur AD casue u have nearly no AD and has to walk up to u to fight u while he h*** no cc, just punish him with ur W+E combo every time he tries to come up close.

- - nearly free defences and range advantage make it nearly impossible to lane vs her as Sejuani.
- - with all his CC and passive + free damages from E he should be able to outsustain u early on.
- - as most Dariuses go full AD early on (which unfortunately is legit) he deals wait too much damages till u get ur HP items.
- - ranged poke + shield = Sejuani's not gonna do much vs her.
- - the fact his Q deals damages based on ur HPs and that he's resourceles means he can bully u very hard.
- - way too much ranged poke to even farm early on.
- - ranged poke + sustain too much for Sejuani early on, and he can cleans ur cc.
- - damn that mobility and shield.
- - ranged champion with a couple of shields against ur DPS ... not fun.
- - his passive work insanely well against the fact Sejuani has little burst.
- - cc for cc, dps for dps, but he uses a shield to stop enough of this dps most of the time.
- NIDALEE escpeially after latest changes absolutely the worst possible lane opponent u can meet, she always had early sustain, range and poke advantage and now she can also go ham under ur turret... Riot please.
- just another lane bully u won't enjoy fightin' early on.
- even with this lower health regen she should be able to outsustain u early on with shield, mobility and stun.
- range advantage and shield sustain very dangerous early on.
- shields plus damage based on targets helth plus hard cc quite storng vs Sejuani.
- just a strong early game lane bully, bullies even more weak early champs like Sejuani.

^ Sejuani outscales her late game and couldn't care less bout invisible targets
^ Pull me please :D i'm a cc tank :D
^ Not like he can do anythin' to her, with how much HPs she has now.
^ Who cares bout true damages while u have so much HP?
^ Invisible? so what? burst? so what?
^ Not that Sejuani cares bout true damages with all those HPs (unless she goes BotrK)
^ Hello mister assasin', u can't instagib me, but i won't let u runaway.
^ Another champion that would love to deal true damages, but as a real tank Sejuani doesn't have to care bout those.
^ Even he hates to get slowed, and Seajuni can't care less bout his medium dps and high armor.
^ U can't envenom us all while u'r so slow mister alchemist, and i can regen up enough of what u land.
^ The later the game goes, the less Sejuani cares bout shrooms, blinds and she'd never care bout his movement speed bonus.
^ This poor plaguerat can't either assasinate Sejuani nor wreck her with true damages... not even runaway while stealthed (most of the time)

* It's passive is just way too strong against HP based champions.
* When AP Amumu cries, tanks cry even more (damage based on targets max HPs)
* His passive melts tanks in no time (after each spell additional 8% of targets max HPs total)
* Those cleavers deal way too much damage based on target's max HP's and his ult makes him outsustain any DPS tank.
* His passive deals damages based on targets max HPs ... so mean.
* He'd proly get BotrK, but even without it, his costless autoattack boost melts tanks like Sejuani nearly instantly.
* Zone (which deals more damages the more HPs has it's target) + Visions + Voidling + Ult suppression = even tanks like Sejuani r dead most of the time.
* His passive is still too strong against Sejuani and now his ult deals some serious damages based on target's max HPs.
* Even if his Q is not stacked oh so high, he still has tons'o'sustain and when he ults any1 that is close to him get's damaged for a % of max HPs.
* As long as her mark is on u, she'll melt u with her auto attacks (2% max health per hit)
* He's the master when it comes to turnin' tanks into squishies.
* Silly shields, damage based on target's max HPs, cc for cc and cc immunity ... stay away from me Vi D: