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Shaco Build Guide by Tricky

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tricky

Shaco - Jungle clown

Tricky Last updated on March 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys!

This is my first guide, and i hope you will comment and say what i can do better. And what you guys like.

Shaco Q is a very funny way to play. You can come out from nothing, and just burst them down.

I created this guide, because i think it is the best way to play shaco. I love him my self. But it takes a lot of practice, to be good with him. He is hard to master, but when you can do it. It its gonna be fun ;)!!

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Pros/ Cons

- Shaco is a very funny champion.
- When you got boots of mobility, you can be anywhere on the map in no time.
- Very good ganker
- Good single target dmg
- If you are smart, you can trick your enemy.

- He is hard to master. Needs learning time.
- A bit squsihy.
- Can be hard to play late game, especially if enemy team got oracles.

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I play Shaco with Greater Mark of Attack Speed. And with Greater Seal of Armor ( Pretty standard) Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (to scale into late game). And then finaly i got Greater Quintessence of Desolation

I think personaly that it is the best rune setup. Becuase you clear jungler, a bit faster with attackspeed. You got good armor, for safe jungle. And magic resis to scale into late game. The armor pen, is to make more dmg mid game. When the enemy starts buying more armor.

but shaco with AD Quins is also a good thing. You got some nice dmg, early game. But late game i think that armor pen is better.

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Shaco skills

Shacos Passive is Backstab. When shaco goes behind a eneymy or a minion, he makes ektra dmg.

Shacos Q Deceive is the best ablity on shaco i think. It makes him go stealth, and gives him crit dmg. And 100 % crit chance. That is the spell, that makes shaco so a good ganker.

Shacos W Jack In The Box. Is were he places a box, that will go stealth and attack an enemy or a minions, that comes near it. Jack in the box, is the spell you jungle with. When you gank it is a good idea, to place the box were you think, your enemy will escape to. So Q gank place box. And kill. You can get so many kills in that way. I promise ;)

Shacos E Two-Shiv Poisen . It got a active spell and that is were shaco throws a knife at his enemy. And its passive spell, makes shacos passive spell slow the enemy. And minions get chance to miss attack.

Shacos Ultimate Hallucinate Activated shaco makes a clon of him selvf, and he can controll it ( Just hold shift). It is alive for a while, and when it is gonna die it explodes and deals dmg. To everyone around him. It is a good spell to trick the enemy.

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I just take pretty standard jungle masteries ( 21/0/9). A lot of offense to make good dmg. And then the utility tree for getting increased buff duration.

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Summoner Spells

I always play with Flash and Smite

I think that Flash is a must have to all champions.

I know that a lot of people, dont think is a good idea with Flash When you have your Q. But i like to get to extra escape tool. If you donĀ“t have mana, or your Q is on CD. Then you have Flash to save you.

Exhaust is also a good idea to have, it is great 1vs1.

And Smite just jungler more safe. And faster. And faster jungle, better Shaco.

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Skill Sequence

I max Q first because it is the most important spell on AD Shaco. It gives burst dmg, and escape and a way to catch up.

And i have learnd that Two-Shiv Poisen is just as importent to max first. Because then you can deal a lot of dmg.

And then i max Jack In The Box last. I think it is a good way to gank, and trap people. But i like to have E to make that last bit of dmg, to secure kill when they run away from me. But you can also take some points in W to make the fear last longer.

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I almst take the same items every game unless i am against a lot of ad, or mr. Then i buy mr or armor.

I start out with Cloth Armor and 5 health potions. Buying boots afterwards, then going for a wriggles lantern After lantern i finish boots. Then i buy Phage to get hp and dmg. And then Sheen to get more burst dmg. After Sheen i finish Trinity Force At that point i think i have a nice dmg. And thats why i buy defensive. So i buy Guardian Angel, to be more safe and more tough. After Guardian Angel i buy Infinity Edge for more dmg. Then i buy Phantom Dancer, and finish my build up with The Bloodthirster

if im against a AD team i buy Thornmail insted of Guardian Angel
And if im against MR i buy Wits end

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Jungle respawn time

dragon respawns 6 minutes after killed

baron respawns 7 minutes after killed

blue respawns 5 minutes after killed

red respawns 5 minutes after killed.


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You start up with cloth armor and 5 health potions.

You start out at blue, placing boxes. When blue is low smite it. When you got blue. Look for gank mid or a lane. If not keep on jungling. Take wolfes, wraiths and then red. Then you can go back and buy boots. And always look for a gank. Finish lantern before buying boots of mobility. You should be able, to get lantern and boots. In les than 12-13 minutes. After boots and lantern, buy phage and sheen.

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To sum up. I think you shall play shaco, and like this guide please.

This is my first guide. like this guide please.

And remember the only thing that can kill you when you are Shaco : Is your own stupidity