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Shaco General Guide by Espressogrimpe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Espressogrimpe

Shaco; the bot lane jester

Espressogrimpe Last updated on October 9, 2015
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Threat Champion Notes
Zilean Does timebomb damage and can save allies. has a speedsteroid as well as a slow. Very squishy old man though.
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Hi Summoner,

Welcome to my Shaco Support guide. Although it might seem a bit like a troll pick, Shaco can control a lane really well while setting up a lot of kill potential for both you and the ADC. I've been testing and working on this build for a couple of months now'winning' the laning phase most games in terms of farm, kills and objectives. If you and your team can build effectively on this head start, you can win the game.

And most importantly, Shaco is a lot of fun to support with. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a message.

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Pros / Cons


+ Abillity to overextend in relative safety
+ Hard to gank / good outplay ability.
+ Boxes can turn a fight around.
+ Random kill potential with boxes.
+ Once you are ahead, snowballing is easy.
+ Great zoning and poking abilities.
+ Clones himself into a bomb strapped suicide terrorist.


The Brush Jester


- Boxes are your only hard CC.
- Mana hungry and item dependent.
- Your shiv sometimes does very little damage early game.
- You can easily get more kills then your ADC.
- It's hard to recover from a bad start.
- Pink wards and Lee Sin's are deadly.
- Really bad wave clear

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Since Shaco needs to 'hurt' in order to be effective, the idea here is to set the masteries up to get as much damage as possible early game.


Sorcery; 5% CDR in combination with the rune setup means you will start the game with ~10% CDR and have and extra 10% by lvl 18. Combine this with an early Morellonomicon and you have 34-40% CDR during the game. A must for spamming all your skills.

Mental Force ; Arcane Mastery; Archmage . You are AP Shaco. You need AP.

Brute Force ; [Martial Mastery]]. This proc's with your AA, Q and your E. All the little bits help.

Executioner You are an assassin... YES.

Dangerous Game This makes the game less dangerous.

Arcane Blade The occasional AA you will pull of will benefit from the 5% AP bonus damage.

Devastating Strikes Penetration is great. Especially for creating

Havoc .


Expanded Mind ; Strength of Spirit As I said, Mana dependent and Mana hungry early game.

Scout Supports ward. Plus you need a point here to get:

Alchemist I usually buy a TON of potions early game. This makes them worth the gold in the long run.

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I prefer this over support items, since it gives you that extra early harass and health. The passive is actually a bit lost on Shaco.

I tested this support item a couple of times and it can give you a little extra gold. You wont be AA'ing much, so basically hitting your shiv gives you +5 gold. Boxes also sometimes kill minions and this disables the passive for a couple of seconds. 5 AP isn't anyhting to wrote home about, though 25% mana regen is quite ok. I'd say it is viable if you plan on playing really agressive.

80 AP, 20% CDR and 100% mana regen. Plus a passive that prevents healing (what a lot of supports tend to do.) Great item. Rush the CDR parts Fiendish Codex Forbidden Idol at least

Gat this item ASAP with some mana potions if you don't have Forbidden Idol yet. You want to be stacking this fast. A couple of minutes after this item you will be spamming boxes and not have Mana problems at all.

After testing quite some starting items, like 2x Needlessly Large Rod and Luden's Echo I found that Void Staff Probably has the best damage output for the cost. The Magic Penetration is great.

You are slow and at some point in the game you need the extra movement speed or else you'll still get caught after deceiving away. With the extra Magic Penetration this is the shoe you need.

Good supports ward. Buy vision and stealth wards pre level 9. Post level 9, this and the occasional vision ward is all you need. Every one of these wards is worth 75 gold. Your fourth ward already makes it cost efficient. Get this, or Oracle's Lens every game with any champion. Vision wins games.

If you have the cash, this item is never a bad idea. It builds into many great items. The first one we will build into Archangel's staff.

This item gives you a good 80 AP. Plus around the time you can afford it, it is probably around 25-30 minutes in the game. Your Tear of the Goddess should be almost fully stacked, giving you an extra 30- 50 AP. Fully stacked it gives you around 50-60 extra AP, in other words, this is a HUGE damage spike, giving you 110- 140 AP. Once it turns into Seraph's Embrace you will get a shield, and as good as unlimited mana. This is a happy Shaco.

Since you already have a decent ~300 AP, Rabadon's is your best option to further spike your damage output. The passive 35% increase in AP + a bonus 120 AP should bring your total AP between 500-600AP. Without Magic resist and Magic penetration taken into account your Shiv will do around 800-900 Damage(!).

get this as a last item if the enemy team deals a lot of Magic damage or if they run a lot of MR.

Nice damage, an OK passive and some movement speed. If this is what you need... go for it!

If you have a hard time escaping or if there is some hard AD involved, this might be just what you need.

If yo uget insta-bursted often, then this is the way to go. It will save your life once every five minutes and could decide the game.

If you tend to not die with Shaco, this is a great first item to spike your damage. At 5 stacks and up this is cost efficient. The flip side is that the enemy team might focus you because of Mejai's. Use with caution, this is the summum of a high risk- high reward item.

Might be viable as a last item to survive against their main AD damage dealer.

If the enemy deals a lot of AP damage, this can save you as well.

This will give your Q and AA some extra damage, ergo more burst potential. Think in the lines of Deceive'in, AA, Jack In The Box, (AA) Hallucinate AA, Two-Shiv Poison. If you can pull something like this off without insta-dying, this is a great item. Plus theoretically your clone benefits as well from the Lich Bane passive. I should test this though.

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Laning Phase.

Pre- laning phase.

Before any of the fighting starts, you have to decide what you want to do. There are basically two options: 1) You walk into lane level 2. 2) You can set a trap in the bush.

Option 1) If you take the first option you should check where your Jungler starts. If (s)he starts close to bot lane, give him one box at this starting camp around 0.56 seconds. Then run to the nearest second camp. Usually this means chickens or wolves. Spam boxes in this camp as if you are about to jungle. Tell the jungler you think his wolves/chickens have connection problems. Solo the camp in a couple of seconds with your boxes and run to bot lane being with a nice level 2 Shaco.

Option 2) Again run into the jungle and help your jungler leash if you have too, by planting a box in his starting camp around 0.56 seconds in game. Then run to the lane brush closest to the enemy turret and start spamming boxes right on the lower edge of the top brush on top of each other. You can stand on the edge of the lower bush. Wait until the enemy support checks the brush. Once they hit the Jack pot, ignite and AA them. With the help of your ADC it should be first blood.

During laning:

Place boxes in the bush and in lane. It is a great idea to place a couple of boxes in the Illuminati triangle form. Check out Pink Ward's method. The main idea is to make sure ganking your lane is hard and playing agressive is next to impossible for the enemy team. Set up traps in the bush, on the river side, behind your minion wave and if the lane is pushed to the enemy tower, next to the minion wave. (so the box is not triggered, but the enemy can't walk past it without triggering the box.)

Most important rule of box placement is not to let the minions trigger it. If you set up a trap make sure you are not standing in it the whole time. The minions will start to attack you and thus trigger your trap.

Better is to wait for the enemy to attack you, and bait them into following you in a trap. This usually leads to kills.

When you don't have a trap ready and you or your ADC is attacked, don't hesitate to jump in, auto attack and place a box at the feet of the enemy. This will help you and your ADC escape a bit. The fear is short, but your only form of hard CC.

Lastly, make sure you poke with your knife a lot, and use Deceive to cheat death. If hooked by tresh, nautilus or Blitzcrank, just Deceive away and Two-Shiv Poison for harass.

Keep an eye on where the enemy jungler is. Try to set up some boxes if you think he might comes to say hello in your lane.

Use boxes not merely as a safety net and trapping device, use it to zone the enemy from walking up to minions, drop it as soon as you go into a fight. Typical fight will have you auto attack, E, (Q), W, auto attacks, and E them again. Q out when things get nasty. you can also Q in, and use R really quickly to make the enemy think you screwed up your deceive. Clone is attacked a lot in this case (since you are still invisible).

Use the all in technique immediately when they start attacking the carry. This is the only way you could save your ADC, by hoping the enemy will focus you and let him/her run to safer fighting position. Your entire kit can help you outplay them and survive a lot of the time.

Use your ult for mind games. Your clone is an extension of yourself and a suicide bomber at the same time. Use it to trick enemies into traps, or run your clone under their turret for a kill. Your clone can also tank a turret dive.

A tip is to make sure your R is not on quickcast. Usually your clone will be harder to control on quickcast.

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Team Fights

How to be useful as AP shaco in Team fights.

Create escape routes with your boxes.

Sneak to their backline and start poking the adc. hopefully they will focus you so your team has an opening to attack enemies out of position.

wait for the fight to start. Deceive in range, ult (you will stay stealthed.) move clone into chaos, place a box. Shiv the ADC/APC/ any champion with low health/ anyone and walk out. Deceive if you have too.

Double box placement on the anticipated enemy route. 2 boxes stacked on each other can take 1/3 of an enemies health away. A Triangle can kill a squishy and a Quadrant ( if someone walks into all four boxes) is super deadly.


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