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Shaco Build Guide by Sunny Death

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sunny Death

Shaco,The Clown King (Split Push/Jungle Guide) - Season 4

Sunny Death Last updated on November 20, 2014
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Threats to Shaco with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lux My favorite mid-lane champion to go against. Camp mid if the enemy is a Lux,easy kills as long as you can dodge the snare and preferably the slow.
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The Clown King

So you want to play Shaco? In that case,you better be ready to laugh at the death of your enemies. Not because it's socially acceptable,but because it's fun. Welcome to the realm of the Clown King, Shaco.

Basically,this guide for Shaco Jungle is for heavy pressure mid and bot lane,mostly leaving top alone. Shaco will appeal to assassin-lovers,physcologic minds,and teams looking for a strong split pusher.

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Pros and Cons

1.Amazing split pusher.
2.Great ganking potential early and late game.
3.Fastest first Blue Buff clear solo.
4.Chance for early enemy jungle invade,securing 3 of the 4 map buffs(see The Clown King's Hidden Abilities).
5.Assassination late game that would make Ezio jealous.
6.Able to survive any situation with proper skills(see The Clown King's Hidden Abilities).

1.Your Shaco,your are the definition of a con.
2.Awful teamfights with bad positioning.
3.Squishy early game.
4.Weak to counter-ganks.

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Summoner Spells

I recommend taking Smite and Ignite(good album,btw) if your going for a early enemy jungle invade(see Abilities). If not,consider taking Flash if the enemy has 2+ skillshots that need to land(ex. Morgana's Q).

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The Clown King's Hidden Abilities

Early Enemy Jungle Invade:
If your going to do a early enemy jungle invade,I recommend taking Deceive first to Q over the blue buffs wall,as it takes too long to go around. Run straight to the enemy junglers second buff after this. Use your Warding Totem in the buffs bush,directly on top of the buff if the enemy jungler has shown that they have a Sweeping Lens,in which case place it near the buffs spawn. Place Jack In The Boxes in the most obvious escape path,normally toward the closest lane. Place one at first,then run to the buffs bush and wait until the cooldown is done,then place one more toward the direction you'll run if something goes wrong. Run toward top lanes tri-bush if on blue teams side at blue buff,golems if at blue teams sides red,golems if at purples teams red buff,bush to left across the wall of the blue buff if at purple teams blue buff. Q in once they get the buff to around 1,000 hp or start to recall if they didn't complete the buff. Auto attack their back and stick with them. Ignite if they have flash,and let your Jack In The Box fear them for a finish on the kill. Smite the buff if it's low enough,if not,get out of their jungle. Possibly plan for a gank since you now have 3 buffs(possibly 4),get more kills and carry.

Shaco's Unknown E Passive:
It really,really shocks me to see people always use Shaco's E( Two-Shiv Poison) active to engage,which renders the passive useless. NO NO NO. The passive on it applies the same slow,but doesn't have a cooldown!! Only use your Two-Shiv Poison's active once they Flash away or to secure a kill. Hold onto it for as long as possible,it's very useful for counter ganks and escaping.

Shaco's Overpowered Ultimate - Hallucinate:
Alot of people don't see the potential for outplays with Shaco's ultimate, Hallucinate.This leads to them underestimating you. Big mistake. Timed properly, Shaco's ultimate can allow you to dodge things such as: Karthus's Requiem, Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage, Lux's Final Spark,and almost any other projectile! This can lead to some awesome outplays. Shaco's clone can also distract enemies very well if you know how to work people's minds. I've gotten away by letting my clone run away while I stood still,then doing the exact opposite in the same game. Dodging Karthus's Requiem(old video):

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Split Pushing

I would never recommend split pushing alone before you put a point into Shaco's Hallucinate or buy a Tiamat/ Ravenous Hydra. The damage just isn't very substantial to towers,and clearing the waves will cost you ganking time in other lanes. As Shaco,you don't want to be seen if possible. Shaco's kit works very well with confusion and turmoil,and having you pop up at random intervals for a kill or two,then leaving,does wonders to the enemies behavior,often making them lose unnecessary CS or being overly cautious.

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Skill Order

I always recommend putting points into E( Two-Shiv Poison) unless you can't,in which case I recommend taking Q( Deceive). Always take his Ultimate( Hallucinate) whenever possible.

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Farming with Shaco is boring. And some of his quotes will scare you. You do NOT want to be alone with this guy. Blitz in and out of lane,which basically means strike fast them leave,preferably "securing" a kill,obviously. Once you have a Spirit of the Lizard Elder, stay in lane pressuring until you have at least 40 gold stacks to use.